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Hz so good.

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    • Yes bought up all the Carol silver ETP I could find when it was disappearing.  Have rolls of it.  A significant uncongested sound compared to many expensive pure copper wires.  Highs are much better.
    • Most diving masks don’t cover the mouth, so the diver can use a snorkel, a SCUBA regulator, or just hold his/her breath to get breathing air.  The ones pictured have integral snorkels, so it would be relatively easy to arrange for filtered air to be supplied to the user, and allow for nose breathing.  With typical masks, the user would have to be breathing with his/her mouth all day, which would cause a very dry mouth, at the least.  They could be set up in a short-term (hours long at the most) emergency situation, but at present there are better solutions.  I may be wrong, so you could call up the clInic and ask if a typical diving mask would be useful to them.
    • I’ve seen pictures of an Asian food market stall with live iguanas restrained for sale.  With their hands tied behind their backs, they really gave me the impression of being (non-terrestrial) alien hostages or prisoners of war.  I didn’t even want to imagine how they were killed, gutted, and eaten...
    • In Belgium, panic buying ('hamstering') has stopped now. All discounts were forbidden (buy 2 for the price of one etc.). Some supermarkets sell only one pack of toiletpaper per customer per day, this is their own initiative and they legally can do this. Now that panic buying is over, the government is at the point of allowing discounts and promotions again, because they saw a substantial price increase (for instance crisps saw a 30 per cent increase when promotions were not allowed).   My son got a diving mask from his aunt last summer. If asked, I will happily bring it to the local clinic. It may save lives or protect the healthcare workers.
    • Very cool masks.  Also, 20 Euros seems like a great deal for a good-quality diving mask.  However, sales of diving masks, especially unusual ones like that, are pretty low most of the time, so a typical dive shop might have a few dozen at most in stock, so they could get cleaned out in a single day.   In related news, last week I was in my local drugstore and noticed that they had lots of toilet paper.  I thought, “That’s fine.  If Costco keeps getting sold out by mid-day, I can still get some here.”  Today, I was in the drugstore, and I thought, “Maybe I should pick up an 8-pack while I’m here, in case I don’t make it to Costco this week.”  Uh-oh!  Too late.  The shelves were bare, and there were only a few packs  of paper towel left.  Hmm...   At the cash registers, staff were discussing the new limit on purchasing even paper towel with a customer who had 2 packs in his arms.  Apparently the limit is 1.  I left, and headed to the grocery store next door, which is usually open until 11 pm.  No luck there, because they closed at 6 pm.  No bargain-priced Powerade for me tonight.  Many shops are closing earlier.  Instead of 10 pm, the drugstore closes ar 7.  Okay, but then the Customer Service person on the phone earlier in the afternoon mentioned that while the store closes at 7, the pharmacy section closes at 6.  Okay, good to know, I’m getting my boots on right now!   I had been thinking that by now, the panic buyers would have finally settled down, and their storage areas and kids’ bedrooms would be full by now, so TP shopping might be nearly normal at this point, but apparently it’s not.  On the bright side, a buddy mentioned the other day that at Costco, the first hour after the store opens is now reserved for seniors, 65+.  Hmm, maybe to pick up the 30-pack that lasts me for months, I should get up at the crack of dawn and head over there to beat the many-packs-more-than-they-need gang.   Still, if that’s my worst problem, it’s a pretty minor affair.  First World problems, am I right?   Normally, I wouldn’t bore you with such mundane and trivial stuff, but in this case, I thought it might be helpful and informative to see what life is like in someone else’s city during The Time of COVID-19.
    • https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-97#post-615725 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Belgian robotics professor Albert De Beir turns €20 Decathlon diving mask into approved medical mask.    EDIT: There is a note now (see encircled area) stating that the mask is of now only available for medical purposes.  
    • Haha!  I can't remember why I didn't refute that when it was posted!   As I'd said, the potential energy at all frequencies ends up at both (separate, and separately fed) crossover input terminals.  The impedance is so high for the unused portion (either way) that the energy merely goes unused for all intent and purposes.  So it does effectively "just go away."   As to the "common-wire IM," well, what about the internal wiring in the amplifier?  I've seen probably the same "look at the IM" graphs you've seen, and I merely shrugged my shoulders at the author's inability to understand why they appear that way (hopefully he wasn't merely being dishonest).  If there's IM being generated in a common wire (or transistor lead), it's already been introduced within the amplifier and no amount of separate external wire will make it go away!
    • So I did a little research and there are 2 different component values for these boards. If the board has C1 C2 472 capacitors the resistor values are 1.1K 1% BROWN BROWN BLACK BROWN BROWN for R2 R3 R5 R6. If the C1 C2 capacitors are 332 the resistor values are  750R PURPLE GREEN BLACK BLACK BROWN for R2 R3 R5 R6.   The RPW-10 that I have on the shelf uses the 1.1K resistors on the PDC. All of the SUB-10 PDC boards that I have use the 1.1K resistors and all of the SUB-12 PDC boards use the 750R. My testing board is made from the guts of a SUB-12 and it powers on no problems with either board, that doesn't mean that it is supposed to be that way.
    • PWK once said that all recorded music is  a 'caricature' of live music. I've been reading a lot of reviews lately, esp. of DACs. It struck me how often reviewers would mention their 'reference system', sometimes a high-end system they've had for 15 years or longer, sometimes a 200K topnotch up to date system they like to boast with. Then they would compare the system under review with it.   My personal reference system is my wife playing her 113 year old cello. Last night there was a bit of a panic in the house because due to the dry cold air, the strings had loosened completely. Panic! So my wife went to the procedure of putting them on again, and then extensive tuning, and then playing through some music. All this was done in our anechoic chamber (our home office). The way this instrument is filling the room with music is unequaled by any speaker system I have when it comes to detail, dynamic range, resolution, low frequencies etc. I admit, none of my gear is high end so the cello here is the easy winner. Still I wonder why so few reviewers have 'live music' as their reference system.   So, what is your 'reference system', whether it is gear, an instrument, or even the human voice!    
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