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    Cooking, Car stuff, Audio, Film, Frisbee, Darts, Chicago Cubs, Dogs, Cats, & whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.
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    Music Room: La Scalas - usually for 2.1 Stereo, Heresys for 5.1, subwoofers are a Table Tuba and 15” DIY Sub.
    Control & power by Yamaha RX-A1070, and a Carver A400X Amp.
    Music Hall turntable plays the vinyl.
    Family Room: RP280Fs L/R, RC62ii C, RP502S Surr., T18 subwoofer Powered by
    Denon AVR-X3500H.

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  1. I’ve seen a few but, it seems the norm was near the top. Maybe there wasn’t a spec location? My ‘80s are near the top, as are most of the others I’ve seen from around that time. Interesting, ya gotta love handmade things.
  2. These are my second pair of H1s. I bought them to put together a 5.1 set up in my “Music Room” for movie & gaming duty. They are HBRs from 1983. One thing that has always struck me as odd about these, and many other ‘83 Heresys (maybe all?) is the location of the connection posts. You’ll notice they are near the bottom, on previous models they are located near the top. I’m sure there have been more than a few H1s who’ve simply had the back panel removed, and re-installed upside down, obviously the label indicates these & other ‘83s came this way. Possibly this was just Klipsch switching to the modern approach of attaching cables near the bottom? When I bought them the cabinets were in decent shape, with only a couple of veneer chips. A little veneer patchwork, a light cleaning with mineral spirits & 000 steel wool; then a few coats of tung oil varnish’s had them looking nice. The grill covers were (are) warped, cracked, & missing the original cloth and badges. I replaced the cloth with the cheap stuff from P. Exp. I still need to locate used. original grills, or make some, and use nicer cloth. From the first time I hooked them up I thought they sounded better than my 1980 H1s. More bass, just an all around smoother, balanced sound. As such, I never bothered opening them up. After a couple of years I finally decided to open them up, to clean and tighten the connections, and install gasket material around the rear panel. That’s when I saw the squawker & woofer were different than my other H1s. the print on the drivers is faint and at first I thought they’d been replaced with aftermarket parts. Then I saw the E2 network and realized these were the H1.5s, and they really are different. I reconfigured things a bit during 2020, and they now serve as 2ch speakers, powered by an Onix SP3 tube amp. Mostly a vinyl system, just to recall the old days. Although my old Kenwood receiver & turntable were not this good.
  3. The Yamaha Aventage Receivers will do exactly what you want. Sure they may have more channels than you want, but just don’t use them if you only want 2.1. I do use an external amp with mine, but probably 85% of listening is 2.1. But if I want to do more, it’s 5.1.2 with a button push on the remote, or my phone.
  4. I wanted to see how they sounded with all three Heresys up front being essentially the same height as each other. Sounds better now as sounds pan across the front stage. Midrange and treble are smoother now. Gotcha. That makes sense.
  5. I’m glad to see they are turning out nicely. Also that glad that you saved them from the elements.
  6. Good thread idea, Wuzzer. I’ll add a couple of my Heresys to the mix. My 1980s were my first pair of Heritage speakers, I got them back around ‘02. After twenty years of lusting for La Scalas, I finally “settled” for a rough pair of HBRs. They’d apparently hung on the wall of a school music room, for most of their existence. They’d been painted white and had been hanging by aluminum French cleats, (they still have half attached to the backs). The guy I got them from intended to strip them, but gave up & painted them black. I decided I couldn’t make them look any worse so I started sanding through three laters of paint, (& a bit of veneer as well). I stained & polyurethaned them, if had had it to do over, I’d do things differently. They turned out ok though. They were built by @HDBRbuilder, my apologies for the refinish, but they look better than they did. I know that. I said, “settled” for Heresys but I realized, after finally getting La Scalas (coincidentally also 1980s), that Heresys are damn fine speakers on their own, just a bit smaller.
  7. I used my H1s as L/R “bookshelf” speakers in a cabinet, they sounded just fine. Maybe a slightly diminished bass response, maybe just enhanced mids & highs from the elevation. They were mounted a bit higher than the ones in your photo. I’d think the rear port on HIVs would cause issues, maybe not?
  8. Nice! Those look like walnut? Be careful with the sanding I’d recommend 0000 steel wool at first maybe a little light mineral spirits just to clear the top layer. Honestly, go easy, that veneer is thin. The tubes & vinyl for me, honestly, are just a “purist thing” as you say. It’s how music used to be heard. Hell, back in the early eighties, to me, a decent turntable, 35W/Ch Tube Amp & Heresys would have been a dream set up. (Ok, it was La Scalas & a 100 W/Ch Yamaha pre-Amp & Power Amp, but still…) Good luck with those Heresys, don’t let others talk you into changing them too much, at least not for a while. Listen to em for a bit. here is a pic of my HBR ‘83s, yours are a nicer finish than mine.
  9. Congratulations! Heresys are awesome, we are all glad that you saved them from the carport. I own five Heresys. One pair is from ‘83 like yours. I Use that pair for a two channel, mostly vinyl, tube amp set up. We are still waiting for pictures of yours, and most of us will only be too happy to share cleaning & finishing ideas. Oh, and you are correct, the K is the builder’s initial. I’m sure someone will know who that was.
  10. Excellent. Your speakers were made in 1980. If that letter in the corner could be an “A”, then like my 1980s they were built by fellow forum member #hdbrbuilder. If it’s an “H” I’m sure he’d know who built them. I hope I’m not taking too much focus from Rowan611’s potential sale. Then again, I suppose a thread bump only helps.
  11. Those components sound like the ‘70s through early ‘80s Heresys. Pics might help. But the serial numbers would be the best info. Maybe start a thread with detailed pictures would yield some answers. Obviously components can be swapped, cabinets can be built/rebuilt. One thing, you use the word illegible for the serial numbers. Maybe try to take a piece of paper and pencil or charcoal and try to take a rubbing that might reveal the mystery. Another place to look is the upper left side, look for an initial or two there. Those are the builder’s initials. That could narrow the time frame. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  12. Mine, internally are the same as Rowan611’s. Honestly when I bought my ‘83s I had no idea there was any internal difference between those and the pair of 1980 H1s that I’d owned for years. I just thought they sounded better, more bass, a smoother and more balanced sound. Honestly, I thought it was in my head. I owned them for a couple of years before I opened them up, and saw they had different parts. Then I remembered hearing about the “H1.5”, and I realized, that must be these.
  13. To my ears the H1.5 are the best sounding Heresys. Whoever isn’t buying these is missing out. If I didn’t already have five Heresys, two of which are ‘83 “1.5”s… Good luck with your sale, or keeping them, whichever is best for you.
  14. Similar to mine then. That’s crazy. I know what my single TT is capable of in that space, I can barely imagine what two, even larger subs are capable of. Chasing & deadening room vibrations must be a never ending task. One thing, you’ll likely have no trouble keeping up with any speakers, you’d ever put in the room. What are you powering them with?
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