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    Music Room: La Scalas - usually for 2.1 Stereo, Heresys for 5.1, subwoofers are a Table Tuba and 15” DIY Sub.
    Control & power by Yamaha RX-A1070, and a Carver A400X Amp.
    Music Hall turntable plays the vinyl.
    Family Room: RP280Fs L/R, RC62ii C, RP502S Surr., T18 subwoofer Powered by
    Denon AVR-X3500H.

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  1. I’m willing to risk strangulation. It’s the “pop” as the wire catches on the mower handle, or tree branches and simultaneously rips both earbuds from my ears. That I couldn’t take. 😂
  2. We are in the same boat, albeit with different sides. My scenario literally mirrors yours, except this is my first pair. Klipsch has agreed that as mine were still under warranty, and are going to replace them. They spent no time offering any solution, at least beyond replacement. I’m guessing there is no “solution”. I had heard nothing from them since they agreed to replace them, I sent an email asking for an update. They finally responded this morning with basically “ They’ve been busy”. Possibly busy replacing earphones that were damaged by the update? I hope they will replace yours as well. Especially as it is a Klipsch “update” that caused the failure. I doubt I’d be convinced to try another “firmware update”. Keep me posted on your situation, and I’ll do the same. This does not seem like an isolated incident. I’m confident it will be sorted. My wife has the T5 Neckband model and they have been flawless, and she loves them. Obviously they can build wireless earphones.
  3. Good choices on both. I’ve got the older version of your speakers in our family room system. They are really good all around speakers. That system for us is mostly TV and movies. But it will certainly rock the music as well. I think you’ll be pleased.
  4. Just to add information to the thread. I was tired of fighting the cable on my beats while push mowing, And wanted to go wireless. So I ordered a pair of the T5s, and received them last week. Got them charged, paired up, and the right tips installed. They fit well and sounded good, although I’m going to give the audio nod to the beats, for both volume and bass response. But they do sound good and no wires. After a day of listening, they’ve got good battery life, no issues with pairing or connection. Controls are a little fussy, it’s a bit uncomfortable to shove them into your ear to operate them. Once you get the hang of it, though it’s all good. I then, unable to leave well enough alone, downloaded the Klipsch Connect App and saw there was a firmware update, one of the things it addressed was bass response. After several failed update attempts, pairings and re-pairings; the left earphone shut down completely and was bricked. Klipsch customer service responded quickly and said they would send a replacement. I sure I’ll have better luck with a new pair, just not sure I’ll be doing a firmware update on the next pair. Has anyone else enjoyed the firmware update procedure? Hopefully with better results than I had.
  5. No way to evaluate the damage without a pic. But I’d guess it’s probably repairable.
  6. I’ll post a pic of the RP280Fs that I redid with oak veneer. It was my first try at veneer and they turned out pretty good. If your wife already likes the way they sound , she will really like them if they look a little nicer. A bit pricier than a repaint but they could look so nice.
  7. Nice! I’ve always wanted to hear, Cornwalls but never had the chance.Quick thinking on increasing their WAF, with a band she likes. If the scratches aren’t too bad, I’ve heard many have had good luck with Kiwi Black shoe polish. I’ve had good luck with crayons. It might be worth a try before a full repaint. Then again those could be beautiful with new veneer. I veneered brand new Walnut RP280Fs to Oak veneer to make my wife happy. They turned out really nice. Your Cornwalls are “Decorator” models (CDB = Cornwall Decorator Black) and didn’t come with Grills. so you’ll be on your own to fabricate them. Many will say you should renew the capacitors, as the old ones may be out of spec after 46 years. I’d say listen for a while then maybe open the backs and at least make sure the old ones aren’t leaking. I’ve recapped Heresys and had it make a big difference; I’ve done on La Scalas and I personally Couldn’t hear any difference. So YMMV.
  8. I’ve got several Miyabi knives. They are fantastic knives. Razor sharp, durable. Their knives come in different quality levels. The ones that have the Damascus blades are the best. But even their lower end knives are great. Shun are good too, most not as pricey. Sur La Tablé stores let you try them out. Warning: you’ll be ruined, for lesser knives.
  9. Update, Found it! https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipsch-promedia-2-1-computer-speakers?model=control-pod
  10. I just had a look on the web site. They used to sell a replacement. I’m not seeing it listed now. It may still be available, but you’ll probably need to contact customer support. I’ve also heard of repair videos on YouTube, but haven’t checked them out. Good luck these are great computer speakers, except for this issue. I find it surprising that they haven’t fixed it, or at least continued to make a replacement easily available.
  11. The sub/volume pod in mine became scratchy. I bought a replacement from Klipsch for $20. Mine didn’t make a “thunder” noise so, maybe a different issue? Could be worth a try though.
  12. I’ve been considering options to ”hang a Heresy”, for a Center Channel. Specifically an HII. I’m glad I found this thread, as one of my ideas was to use eyebolts through the back. Good to know that it is a bad idea to do it that way. The reason for eyebolts is that the location is in front of a window, and as such, hanging it on the wall wouldn’t be possible. I was thinking of using eyebolts and cables, or chain and hanging it from the rafter. Now I’m thinking that eyebolts, through the side or top might work? I’d normally be completely against defacing a Heritage speaker this way. However, this is a single speaker, of indeterminate age & finish, probably WO (tag is missing), it was coated with a film of tobacco smoke it looked rough & smelled worse, when I bought it. It looks & smells fine now but hardly a pristine example. At the moment it’s on the entertainment center on its side, with the TV sitting on top of it. This makes theTV just too high. If anyone has thoughts on hanging, or other options feel free to chime in.
  13. The “keyhole” mounts in the back of the speaker. I just used a wall anchor rated for 60#, you fit the head of the bolt into the “keyhole”. Mine have been have been up this way for well over a year now, with no problems. Just make sure you use an appropriate wall anchor, and install it properly.
  14. I’m calling it finished. I can’t say that I’m ecstatic about the results, but it’s not that obvious. The big take away is that the difference between $25.00/can guitar lacquer, and $7.00/can Rustoleum lacquer is, huge. But it does dress it up a little, and if I get sick of looking at it there’s always a grill to cover up the horn, which was sort of the original plan anyway.
  15. Nice! The BFM designs are impressive. I’ve built two, a T18, and just (mostly) finished a TT. The TT worried me at first, as it took a little tweaking to my system and maybe a little break-in time to get it to sound right. But once I got it to play nice with my La Scalas, I can’t imagine ever going back. Good luck on the finishing. You are fortunate to still have the option to finish it to suit your room, and system.
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