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  1. Thanks for the comments. I didn't feel you would be interested in an install under these circumstances. Locating a local piano mover has been a challenge... You are making this difficult for sure
  2. How did you know where to align the voice coils? If you think the sound origination point on a driver is very obvious - it isn't. It can take specialized instruments to determine, and I have read a number of scientific articles that debated / measured where that point is, varying with driver. And I did A/B/C experiments electronically varying the delay between drivers simulating alignment / misalignment. Until the delay was significant, equating to many inches / feet depending on frequency, before any change was noticeable. Wasn't only my ears listening But one can convince themselves of anything, usually varies with the amount money spent. Re-read my previous post
  3. If you are referring to time alignment of the voice coil sound origination point between drivers only separated by a mere inches the answer is an emphatic NO. I only believe in facts, data, scientific principles, and most importantly what I hear after careful analytical A/B and sometimes C comparisons of 50+ years of listening. I don't rely or care about the opinions and writings in magazine articles and websites by self-appointed golden ears
  4. I agree with getting closer to the "truth" if it has proven scientific basis, has reasonable cost, and most importantly, can actually be heard. I would even do it if it can't be heard but is low to no cost. If I had a confirmed measurement of the woofer pathway distance, it is only a matter of changing a few DSP settings. I don't spend money on nonsense (very expensive wire, connectors, amplifiers, etc.). 500 microseconds time alignment equates to 9/16" difference in the sound origination point between two voice coils. A temperature gradient of a few degrees could have a 10-15% effect on the time delay, as well as room obstacles or anything else that effects air density. I'd suggest the superb imaging you heard is due to other reasons.
  5. I can't imagine who can hear that difference either. I did it because I was going active anyway as I was dissatisfied with the stock AK3 crossover (and the Al Klappenberger replacement crossover I bought) and the capability existed in my DSP. I was finally happy when I went active. I have AK4 crossovers in another set of Khorns and I really like those, no active needed. You can really hear the difference of time alignment when you have multiple speakers in a system that are at various distances from the listening position (say 4 - 3 way speakers or 12 individual motor drivers). The sound become very focused, clearer, sharper, and very uniform (versus muddier, echoee. etc.). Even I could hear the difference lol
  6. I wasn't challenging the 2 ms, I just took an edjumacated guess at 1.75 ft, and don't really remember how I arrived at that 20 years ago. Since I didn't cut the bass bin in half I'm sure I just looked at the pictures of sectional views and with external measurements made that guess. 2ms equates to 2.25 ft, or a 6 in difference which is nothing really.
  7. Thanks for the detailed write-up, explained very well and clearly. I will remember this if I decide to pull the trigger on a set of HJubes. My room is 20 x 20 so I don't know if I would have the off-axis issues you describe. However, I would engineer and fabricate a new front support system that would work with the rear driver moveable support to allow easy tilting of the horn and clearance of the front edge veneered sections. Per your pictures, I think I could use the factory mounting holes so no new ones would need to be drilled (I hate permanently changing something like these). I would also post the plans for any HJube owners to do the same. I did a similar concept for a design/build to allow two horns per cabinet to be tilted independently on a modified Altec VOTT project. Haven't mounted them yet but it does work as designed.
  8. I estimated the delay at about 1.5 ms at 70F, or around 1.7 ft of additional travel of the sound wave from the woofer compared to the midrange. I almost rationalized that PWK took that into account and designed the bass bin travel to align about with the mid (not the tweeter of course). It's a little ambiguous how to compare the woofer wave horn exit to the midranges'...
  9. I just may take you up on that offer, not easy anymore being able to listen to potential purchase. At one time I considered buying a pair of JBL 67000 Everests (for the same reason as buying the HJubes), but I would have needed to travel to NYC to the JBL store to listen. And at twice the price of the Jubes, I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. Then the HJubes come along and world is upended again... I tell you what, if purchased I'll leave them to you in my will, as I know my wife wouldn't want to keep them...but YOU will have to remove them lol.
  10. Yes, I am concerned the left or right edge could not support the weight (or even be stable) on a dolly of some sort, in order for the 30.25" depth (back to front) to clear the 42" wide stairs and 31" doorway. If those edges can support the weight, it can be made stable on a dolly even if a holding jig has to be made. However, making a 180 degree turn on that 81" x 45" landing on a dolly would be a good trick. It would need to be removed, moved/slid into position on the second stairs, then re-loaded on the dolly while it's leaning the wrong way and sitting partially on the second stairs - the landing is only 45" wide while the Jubes are 50.25" wide, so it would need to be partially on the first step of the second stairs to make the turn. Manhandling for the second stair trip is the only way I can see will work. Also, anyone that has dealt with freight companies knows these guys will not deliver to your door or into your house. So if they are only shipped via freight, it will be up to the buyer to receive them from the freight company and transport home. Another reason to work with a dealer that will deliver and setup. That stairclimbing dolly is neat, I will remember that for any future use. I do massively analyze these things and will have a realistic plan before telling them to please take my money. Especially one that will cost me $35K. I will make the phone calls to determine if a path exists.
  11. Good thoughts. My wife has a Steinway piano and I did have it moved into the new house via piano movers... however it was a straight level move into its final location with great clearance in the pathway. This is why I'm hesitant - the audio room is 8 steps to a landing (81" x 45"), 180 degree turn, and 9 steps to a doorway. The steps are one obstacle - maneuvering space is the other. The stairway is rather wide (42") so probably manageable, but the doorway at the top is 31" wide, door removed. The dimensions I found on the Jubes (30.25" wide) suggest this would be a tight squeeze (twisting notwithstanding). Only two people can carry the LF section up the stairs, and at 330 lbs means 165 lbs each if manhandled. Perhaps a special dolly could be rigged up to hold the LF on edge to fit through the door, if the LF left or right edge is suitable to support its weight. Is that how you moved your Jubes (Coytee)? Hey I'm in Bristol perhaps you can help (haha). It would be a rather embarrassing (and a major disappointment) if it were impossible to move these into the room... I by no means am intimidated by a challenge - in the past 4 months I moved Khorns 220 miles into my home by myself .... and engineered the placement of a one ton milling machine directly from a pallet on the freight delivery truck, into a customed designed and built (by me) wheeled cart, then moved into my workshop all with one helper. It just would be nice to have someone else do it this time. Ok next steps seem clear, start making some calls to the dealers and movers and see what is feasible. Oh and the most important step, break the news to the boss I'm investigating this option...
  12. Thanks for the thoughts. Ok so there are more standard versions, not just the 75th models (I was thinking the Heritage was the only model). I wouldn't need the "bling" although those teak finishes are sweet... I previously did check out Paducah, they are about 6 hours from me. I thought they probably would not deliver that far away (and I really don't want to try and manhandle 300 lb+ speakers up two flights of stairs). That most likely would be a deal breaker for me. There is a Heritage dealer about 1.5 hours away, and a non-Heritage dealer about 20 minutes. Do you think the non-Heritage dealer is authorized to sell the non-Heritage Jubilees? So Roy D himself is Chief Bonehead! That is cool he is active on this forum - most manufacturers would not bother.
  13. These truly are serious questions - assuming the 75th Jubilees can still be had at the present time: How would I go about ordering a set? How would they be delivered, and is it possible to have a white glove service to deliver and set up? How long are deliveries running these days? I can figure this out for myself, but I would like knowledgeable opinions from the forum! I have the perfect room for speakers of this size, however the location is on the second floor (two flights of steps). I built my retirement house, and a dedicated designed audio room (well dimensioned, floating floors and walls, well insulated, structurally beefy, lots of electrical power and with consideration for all services and wiring needed, etc. etc.). This in order to install my current 32 amplifier channel Klipshorn / JBL / Altec Lansing super system (2 Khorns, 2 custom JBL columns, 2 Altec VOTT, 8-18" subwoofers). This system resides in my old house 200 miles away and to dismantle and move it will be a mammoth undertaking. Gives me pause... With the introduction of the Heritage Jubilees, I am having second thoughts - why not simplify my life? I have been working on finishing my house since I retired (almost 5 years now) and I am 64 wishing to move on to other retirement activities, rather than spend the better part of the next year completing this little project. So if this is a realistic possibility, I could see myself pulling the trigger!
  14. Thought I would pass this find along... I have a 1998 Khorn set I bought new and came from the factory with a sealing strip that attaches to the tailboard, and to seal the bass section to the wall. Fast forward to this year, I bought a second set of Khorns (used 1980 vintage) but it had no tailboard sealing strip. I did some research and found this item that attaches perfectly to the tailboard and IMHO is better than the factory strip I had as the rubber sealing bulb is bigger and I think makes a better seal to the wall. It took two 10 foot lengths for two speakers (about $100 + shipping). You'll need to cut and fit the sections to the tailboard but is otherwise a simple push on install. I used an abrasive chop saw to make the cuts, however a hacksaw (for the metal part) and rubber scissors may work as well (with some effort). Water- and Weather-Resistant Rubber Push-on Seal, with Bulb on Side, Hollow, for 1/2" Edge | McMaster-CarrTailboard Seal.url
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