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  1. Anyone that can post a little sweetie such as yours in your avatar can't be all bad, haha
  2. My God, after reading from the start of this thread till the end, I wanted to start weighing in about 8 pages ago on the discussion of SS vs. tubes. Not to support one side of the argument or the other, but to call out those self-appointed "experts" that vehemently argue that their position (equipment choices, or equipment philosophy) are the only correct path, and ridicule and belittle others who disagree with them. That actually pisses me off especially in such a subjective forum as audio. Everyone has their own experiences, opinions and tastes, and minds will not be changed by anything posted here - nor should they as personal tastes and how one wants to spend their money on audio is their right. NO ONE has the knowledge or credibility to scrutinize and criticize other's choices and preferences in audio equipment. When you start belittling and name calling you have lost the argument ... and all credibility. As a person who has had a lifetime, and made a successful career of, designing test protocols, obtain the relative test data, analyzing that data, develop relevant predictive models, and prove those models with rigorous statistical methods ... I can firmly and without hesitation say there is NOTHING in this thread that offers ANY true proof supporting one side or the other...period. And it never will because audio satisfaction is purely a subjective, human taste. Anyone who has been around this hobby for any length of time and listened to many other's systems and listen to other's personal tastes cannot reach any other real conclusion. If that were not true there would only be a handful of amplifier, speaker, etc. manufacturers and music format providers.
  3. No, cabinets were a bit rough, wasn't the OEM woofer (an obsolete Fostex 18" with no specs to be found), large cabinet mods to fit the Fostex, and no crossover. Hardly a good match for a 2230 as is...
  4. These may help you make up your mind (or reassure your decision) I bought this new in 1976 and just had a ground up premium restoration. The speakers weren't mine, just auditioning them with my 2230.
  5. I never commented about your knowledge or experience of audio other than to say you should listen to other's systems and setup’s before you publicly ridicule them. But since you opened the door, I will say that you have just exposed your lack of experience and diminished credibility of audio knowledge by making that nonsensical comment of using a single 18” sub to “blow you out of this world if built and setup properly”. I can throw many rooms at you and dare you to make one 18” sub do that – I’ll even give you two subs and show you the folly of your attempts with REW measurements and listening tests. (Oh and why do you have 4 – 10” subs and not one 18”?) Making that statement without tempering it with the realities of room interactions, multiple subwoofer coupling effects, and adjusting crossover points/gain/time delay, etc. for response smoothing, just exposes your lack of technical and testing experience. If you seek an audio system that satisfies your budget and gives you a sound you like (albeit in your 2 x 2 sweet spot), knock yourself out. But thinking you can get maximum effect with a cheapskate skimpy system, well you are only fooling yourself and those that believe your hype. It only takes eyes and ears (look at many professionally done systems and experience many listening tests) to recognize that as nonsense. As for me, I seek a life like, dynamic, realistic, smooth, even response - even if I have to overkill the solution. No compromises. I never knew a DJ that did not self-appoint themselves as an audio expert. And in obtaining advanced engineering degrees, I never knew, or had an engineering professor that could engineer successfully in the real world. That’s why they teach after all. Ridiculing other systems without having heard them is arrogant. Save your future pompous, self-inflating comments for your students.
  6. I'm guessing 769.091 mph ... @ 70F and at sea level ... approximately
  7. Here you go, your eyes should be spinning like propellers now. I have great hearing, seek a balanced frequency response in my sound systems, know how to tune a system and possess all the tools to do so. Not 4 but 8 18" subs in 10 cf ported boxes, plus 2 10" subs, all driven by amplifiers capable of perhaps ten thousand watts, and strategically dispersed around the room. Each selected to provide a certain sound character (albeit, not a small bedroom but 26' by 20'). The low frequency response is so smooth, evenly dispersed, effortless, and realistic (as in a small club venue) ... you just can't imagine it until it is heard. And I never listen to music very loud, at low volumes the impact is so large and striking, but never loud and boomy. People write of having either very low response or crisp, snappy not so low frequency response - I have both simultaneously. I could reduce amp wattage and take 2 subs out and not see much of a noticeable difference, but any less than that and there is something missing. I never play it without the entire system running - it's like audio crack. You shouldn't ridicule things that you haven't experienced.
  8. I'd pull a gold tooth and put it under my pillow for a visit - or a Klipschorn
  9. I hope any future pictures also include the Hi-Fi Fairy
  10. Typical range of many bluetooth adapters is 100 feet. As an option, if wifi is available, there are many wifi adapters that can do the same thing. I have used both and I can live with either. There are so many options out there its hard to recommend just a few. My personal experience has been with Audioengine bFi, Auris bluMe pro, Yamaha WXC-50, Yamaha WX-021 (speaker). These are about middle of the road receivers, there are many cheaper and many more expensive. I have read good things about Blue Dento HD, WIIM Pro and Yamaha WXA-50 (also has a built-in amp). Keep in mind that interference can effect the transmission quality of any of these.
  11. Let me relate my knee problem experiences. I was a 30 year medium distance (7 miles) runner. Had a knee problem at 37 and saw an orthopedic surgeon and got an MRI. Was told I had stress fractures in the connecting bones to my knees, but to stay off it for an extended period of time and would eventually heal. However the MRI supposedly showed I had arthritis in both knees and in the distant future will degrade and knee replacements would be the likely treatment. After an extended period of healing (about 1 year) I pushed myself to run again and even though it was a bit painful, within a about 1 month, I built myself back to the point prior to the injury. I continued to run middle distances (only on indoor cushioned treadmills) until at 61 I experienced a second knee injury that felt similar to the first injury years earlier. I never saw a doctor and thought this may finally be the arthritic injury I was warned about. I had to stop running and rested for a month or so, then took up slow walking, mainly short distances, as much as the pain would allow. Repeatedly, it seemed to heal to about 60% then I would have a relapse. This pattern repeated about 4 or 5 times and I started to resign myself that I needed to see a doctor and accept the inevitable. After about 8 months I got a wild hair and started taking a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement once a day. After 2 weeks I miraculously improved to 90%. I upped the dosage to 3 times a day and I was back to 100% in about 3 more weeks. Coincidence? Who knows. Perhaps my knees weren't that bad? Don't know but it sure felt bad all the time and was swollen for months. After soul searching, I decided to not start running again and continued the fast hill walking. To this day I take the same supplement dosage and walk 7 miles a day, all hill work. I am now 66 and my knees feel perfect, and I am tempted to run again (I won't though). I wonder at the time what a doctor would have said had I seen one. Certainly, no signs of arthritis knock on wood... I have seen similar results with several dogs with joint problems after putting them on G/C/MSM doggie supplements. I don't think they know what a placebo is. I am not claiming this will work for any of you, but others may find this information useful, perhaps if their problem is soft tissue / joint based.
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