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  1. Sorry man I like taking up half the page.. Makes me feel important.
  2. The more I brainstorm on what might be klipschs thinking. The biggest question first would be what would the advantage be? I cant see them selling more speakers by adding 4-6 to a stat line that an average consumer almost certainly does not understand (or care). The only thing I can think of. Being that they only add extra numbers to the speaker lines that have gone the most away in design from the pro/heritage stuff. But they release new models of heritage, extended, and pro stuff as currently as now. Yet they don't add any best guess extra room spl numbers. Why??? If adding that extra room spl is now the standard way of measuring at klipsch then wtf? Why aren't Khorns listed at 112db? So with that said. My guess based on no facts . I think they want desperately the appearance that they still build speakers close to what klipschs brand was built on. When I see them measuring an rf-7 differently and then claiming 102. But then not giving the new la scala the same extra room spl bump you just gave the new rf7.... that screams conspiracy. I cant see any other strategy or advantage to this. Other than an attempt to my above guess. Now if they added the extra spl bump to everything . It wouldn't appear as a conspiracy. It would just be the new way they did that part now.
  3. Right... I 'll send them to you man!... Your way more convincing than me lol.
  4. If somehow all of a sudden like a light switch... Boom rooms now almost always take away spl instead of add to it. I wonder would klipsch then lower all the current stats... But then still use the same room gain formula of highest most likely % outcome? And then take -3-6db off every measured speaker? Im guessing they would definitely stay clear of ever using high probability room spl loss in measuring speaker performance. Knowing it would always lower performance numbers. But it would be just as true and useful. Just not conveniently. I know its sales so no need for the of course thats why... any business would lol. I know.... 👀. But It rubs me wrong lol. The stats are freaking great already . They don't need any of that crap. And people know man. They look like the white van speaker salesmen, Pushing the retail for 5k each speakers with a story like they also wash and dry dishes and clothes. Oh and I'm leaving the country to join the peace corps in a few hours so these gotta go now.! So...... For you..👉..... only $99.00. "Buy now.. save later"!
  5. Klipsch claims that but its not true. The ki-396 and chorus speakers are measured differently. The 7s come in around 94-96 area. Current lines available only the pro line, heritage, and H/extended speakers have statistics that aren't.... (whatever you want to call it). Some people on here have suggested that klipsch is adding best guess room gain spl bumps. Rooms do normally add spl but it seems premature to me to add something thats not there yet. and might not be depending were the speakers are being used. Like if a football player with all his gear on running and being timed. 17mph with all his gear. You cant then say the average person running without pads and gear runs 3mpl faster in shorts, and then just add that to the 17 and claim it as a true statistic. Different but same. Adding something based on the largest most likely % chance isn't a real measurement. Its a best guess.
  6. The iPhone Spotify App in settings has a digital eq. After researching this it seems that only two apps have the eq. Both are phone brands. But the rest don't! Like lap tops, councils, tv apps and on and on.......no eq Being that almost all my music listening comes from the spotify app on my laptop (with toslink optical connection to my avr.) The more I thought about it the more I could see the advantages. Even better would be something large (20-20k range with 31 bands is what I found). My search for answers about the missing eqs. I found a bunch of different apps that would solve this. Sadly most were free trial garbage. But I did manage to find some older apps that are completely free. AU lab app is the program. But To get everything set up you need the sound flower app also. I should note: these aren't easy instal set ups (not for me anyways). Really I probably would have given up if I didn't watch or was able to watch a video. And then after getting everything installed and working. The EQ changes didn't work though the headphone/toslink (optical) output. The only part that had the EQ was the laptop speakers. I couldn't find any answers on the headphone issue. But luckily I did manage to get it all figured it out. 👍 Lots of great stuff here like different EQ types (parametric eq, graphic eq, full control bands eq). low pass/high pass filters. If anyone of you have lots of time on this APP. Any tips would be most welcome. AU Lab https://images.apple.com/itunes/mastered-for-itunes/docs/au_lab.zip sound flower http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/14067/soundflower
  7. Heritage_Head


    Nicotines physical addiction withdraws can be brutal. At work I started drinking double shot express-os (3 or 4 a day) so I didn't nod off at my desk. My mom when she quit a 40 year smoking habit cold turkey. She would experience nodding off while driving. But not all of that is from the physical withdrawals....... The activity part of smoking is in it self life changing. This might sound pathetic (and maybe it is) but it can give real purpose to what could other wise be a boring empty daily grind. Looking forward to something in a persons daily routine can be the very thing that keeps a person on the happy side of the line. The line between happy and sad can be razor thin indeed. Vaping replaces both of these parts. Patches and gum will help with the first part but they don't replace the activity. IMHO the activity part in drugs and smoking is the main reason for failing to quit, or using again. Addicts are almost certain to use again if they don't replace the activity side. Addicts don't stay sober long living board and unhappy. Addicts have a chance if they care. They have none if they don't.
  8. Heritage_Head


    Yea but I did. ...It just didn't all get posted 😁
  9. Heritage_Head


    I wish you would have responded to the post your quoting here before I did. I sounded mad. .......You sounded right.
  10. Heritage_Head


    Sorry man didn't mean to seem testy. Your right with what you said. I over reacted a little.
  11. Heritage_Head


    Agreed. If you would have quoted my whole post. I actually said that I believe I said " As of right now with what we know" Dude guys come on.... I'm not defending it as good and great thing. Seriously lol. Im saying it doesn't share any of the health hazards cigs have. That so far zero sick zero dead. Cigs are killing 1 person every 6 secs. This isn't a debate. If anyone here thinks it is please don't quote any more of my posts in this thread. Cigarettes are the greatest killing invention of man kind. They kill more people than every other killing thing combined ever. I mean sure 50 years from now we might all be zombies because of e juice. I don't know. No one does. But we are way smarter today then they ever were when big tobacco sprung up from hell. Paying people off covering stuff up way harder now too. If big Tobacco invented themselves right now. They would never get them in stores today.
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