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  1. Is it just one of the speakers?…. I would return it personally.
  2. Just a tip.. for best results….you want that fan blowing the the other direction (blowing the heat away, pushing it into the room). The way you have it the heat will just spin around. If you look at any electronics that have fans, the air is always going out not in. Sweet amp btw.
  3. What’s in the 396 box (is that a full speaker or did you take the drivers out)?
  4. I don’t know if I would say the word hardest, but I definitely feel like I can keep turning it up, and the speakers never really show any signs of complaining… like if I turned the RF7 way up (for example) that I used to own….at a certain point you could definitely start hearing something would start complaining…..whether it was the speakers, the amplifier, or my ears. (I don’t know)… but with the 396 I never really feel like anything is reaching a critical point. Almost like a car that you don’t even realize you’re going 110mph until you look at the speedometer.
  5. The Rotel is the only amp I’ve run on them so far. They definitely suck more power than the La Scalas did (for example). When I run Odyssey on my Denon AVR, it sets the La Scalas at around -12 and sets the 396 at around -5… definitely a big drop in sensitivity compared to the LS.
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