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  1. I haven’t done anything yet. Been super busy. I have had them on for watching normal tv, but other than the day they came last week I haven’t done much with them.
  2. When I had the 904s it was in a different room than I’m in now, but in that same room I had a ton of different speakers that i messed with..like Cornwalls, RF7ii, and a bunch of lesser models in the reference line and even the extended heritage line. There were a lot of differences, but the main difference was the voice (size and sound)…. as much as I enjoyed the other speakers (all of them really) in terms of the voice they were all toys…… The room itself is such a big part of the sound. So I hesitate to compare anything I heard from another room, but that giant voice is definitely back with the 396s.
  3. I’ve been flipping though a bunch, but Lindsey Stirling crystallize was the first one I went too.
  4. That’s hilarious….. it actually worked out pretty good for me (I work four 10 hour days and don’t work Mondays) …. But I have absolutely taken plenty of days off when I have speakers on the way.
  5. Brand new speakers being delivered is the adult version of Christmas.
  6. Generally, most of these can be technically upgraded in every way. Depending on how old they are the crossovers might be the best move first.. (replacing old caps).
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