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  1. Lol oldtime im guessing your part of The glorious club as well...?.....?
  2. Claude seemed confident the 15kappa c was la scalas best upgrade behind fresh caps of course. ( comparing to other low budget upgrades). You agree?
  3. Man what a nerd! 😉
  4. What’s all in the alk 5 kit? Model of drivers and such....
  5. https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-kappa-15c-15-driver-4-ohm--290-459
  6. Thanks for the info.... Yea Claude talked me into it. I’m sure he will chime in as well. Is parts express the only known place to buy new? Anyone know....
  7. .I’ve been using this free eq app for over a month now. It’s free (no trial then pay). I toslink from an Mac book pro lap top Spotify to my avr (toslinks cable has optical on other end). This set up is 95% of what I use for basic music listening...Anyways.. this app is incredible! When you start digging into everything it’s mid boggling that it’s free. 31 bands completely adjustable frequencies from a20hz band, up to a 20k band, and anything and everything in between to what ever frequency you want. You can add multiple closeness of same eq as many times as you want all running at the same time. Meaning you could have theoretical like 10 (or more) separate 31band eqs all adjustable to different frequency bands and running in sync. Having bands that go that low gives you lots of eq for the sub. Performance it’s a huge jump in quality from running Spotify with no adjustments. I have a iPad also that has the Spotify app that’s in the iphones. This app has eq in settings. 60hz is the lowest And it’s only 6 band. iPad out gives hdmi ability (how I run it). And I’ve a/ b the two. It’s laughable how much better it is with this eq
  8. Probably should have pm that sorry Dave...
  9. Want to-make a few bucks and make me a few?
  10. So I’m going to try these in my la scalas. Two main questions.... 1.are these the ones I should order https://www.eminence.com/pdf/Kappa_15C.pdf ? 2. I’ve read on some replacement woofs for the la scala that a spacer of some kind?....Can’t remember if these were part of that conversation. If so please explain what I’m looking at doing. I know there’s threads on these but got lazy looking ☺️
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