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  1. Horn speakers require higher values (uf)? why?
  2. Thanks Chris. These types of answers are very helpful. I won't pretend to understand all of it, but..... good stuff.
  3. I like those. Nicer than what I use. These are .90c each
  4. Big rooms on concrete would be the only time in a home I could see this as a possible need. I think in some cases people are as obsessed with bass like some of us on here are with horns (402 anyone 😉).
  5. You would have to run a ton of big subs all day every day to even notice an amount that some might say mattered. I ran 3 150+lbs each svs subs. Nothing ever flickered.
  6. Please start a thread and give us your thoughts sir.
  7. +1 +1 I love a clean look. When I saw the pic you pretty much said word for word my thinking. I turn all my gears lights off. One little blue light on the avr and thats it (that would be off too if it could). The rest I hide (like ps4.....). Hate clutter. Except for klipsch speakers of course 😊. Those are the guests of honor obviously...
  8. Good point. It was more sarcasm than anything. Its just a bit strange being so green/confused at something I've been this into for over 30 years lol.
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