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  1. Every time I read one of your posts Chris I learn a ton of stuff of course (thanks 👍).... And I’m also reminded of just how little I know (thanks 😉).
  2. This is true... But for bass in my experience in a home setting (with those rooms being much smaller then a venue). Bass IMO is humongous pain in the ***. The Cornwalls that I had on concrete (even in corners) compared to the living room 1 floor up on wood framed floors (not even in corners) was extremely different. Others can chime in but it would be my guess that a room in a home setting might have more acoustic overall affect than a large space like a venue where the walls, ceilings and floors are normally a large distance away from the speakers?
  3. Reference line versus the Klipsch Pro Cinema line 🤔. Theres another member on here that awhile back in describing the difference between a certain musician and another (can’t remember who he/she was) but his quote was something like (of course using speakers in this analogy). the reference line would be like someone painting a portrait using watercolor paint.... compared to that of the Mona Lisa (which would be the pro cinema line) IMHO There’s a lot of things to consider. Where do the speakers go? How much does size and visual appeal based on one’s personal preference matter? Etc etc, But performance comparison... it’s water paint versus Mona Lisa. But ignorance is bliss. If someone’s coming from something nowhere near what a top end reference line will give. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed. Even coming from something better I still actually can’t imagine anyone being disappointed. Even though one is worlds better. 7s are no joke!
  4. Ahh.. well played old friend...The Klipsch one is on the other speaker 👍.
  5. A La Scala one next maybe $28 bucks pretty cheap....😁
  6. The guy on eBay that sells the plaques (Klipsch and others). I sent him a message and asked him if he could make me one that said “effortless”..... to my surprise he sent me back a picture back “ like this?” 👍👍
  7. Billy that went over my head 🤪.
  8. Yamaha advantage rx-A820
  9. Found replacement thanks for the help
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