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  1. That was a fantastic deal.
  2. Knock $700 off that.
  3. They need a little attention but they were actually the cheapest set of Heresy family that I’ve ever bought.
  4. I picked up a pair of KP-250 yesterday.
  5. I’m still happy with my 4.75% fixed rate and a payment I can afford.
  6. I’m confused, I thought you were the first to mention Jazz Master and I thought you were saying that Marvel’s bass might be one.
  7. Jazz Master is a six string guitar with a tremolo bridge and two pickups.
  8. My squier bronco bass had a single coil Strat pickup in it, a cheap ceramic bar magnet with 6 pole pieces and a solid plastic cover. i routed the body and pickguard a little bit and fitted a jazz bass pickup. the pole piece spacing on the pickup is a little wider than it needs to be but it sounds miles better than the original pickup.
  9. I think the Music Master bass was the budget version of the Mustang bass and had the straight single coil Strat type pickup.
  10. The short scale basses are fun and easy to play but I can’t get myself to completely leave the full size Jazz Bass.
  11. I think the Mustangs had the small split pickup like that.
  12. Rat fur sounds like a good way to hide speakers made out of sawdust.
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