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  1. Yep. usually if it doesn’t recognize it at all it just means you have some UEFI or SATA compatibility settings set incorrectly.
  2. If it does have some mechanical hum, it’s not an issue out in the shop. I ran this on my desk for a while with the Monitor One’s and don’t recall any hum. I seem to recall that only one of the RA -100’s had that issue and you kept the one that didn’t. I’ve got some little Fostex pm0.4d on my desk now and the Monitor One’s are on the shelf although the Alesis sound better.
  3. Correct. Although apparently some Fender style necks have a flat bottom for the nut slot. oddly enough the radius on the bottom of the nut was around 12” so it wasn’t the same as the fretboard.
  4. Life is too short to not play your favorite guitar.
  5. Microsoft says the retirement date for the final release of windows 10 is Oct 14, 2025.
  6. Totally worth it to me. I enjoy the fettling aspect of this sort of thing and I like the results I’m getting.
  7. That’s why I don’t do anything that I’m going to mess up.
  8. A lot of those came equipped with an Nvidia quadro video card of some sort with a DMS-59 connector.
  9. If you go to dell.com/support enter the express service code on the sticker. it should tell you the specs as shipped. if you choose to download and run the dell assist program or whatever it’s called nowadays, it will scan and give you a list of drivers that can be updated to the latest version. A lot of the T series have a sealed cooling system that does have some heat tubes with some coolant of some sort that passively circulates through the heat sink and then uses the onboard fan to exhaust the heat. Not as quiet or efficient as a real water cooling setup with the separate radiator but it gets the job done and I’ve not seen a T series have issues with overheating.
  10. Dell’s T series Precision workstations are their high end professional series. Depending on how it was spec’d out it might not hang with the latest and greatest but they tend to be really solid machines.
  11. This is nuts! This is probably cow bone although the advertisement didn’t actually specify 🤔 The gold box is a set of nut files recommended to me by my good friend Brad who is an amazing luthier and guitar tech(Brian Setzer, Prince, Sturgill Simpson, etc.) but is currently volunteering in the Ukraine helping to evacuate the elderly and infirm from areas under attack. the radius was matched to the bottom of the nut slot. Lots of sanding. Before and after showing how much bone was removed. And all fitted in place.
  12. I finally got my shop speakers sorted out this past weekend. I made some racks for longer lumber as well. and then we had a picnic by the lake Sunday afternoon and stopped by our favorite overlook on the way home.
  13. For a number of years the string sets all featured a a wound 3rd string which had less output than the 1st and 2nd strings. The magnet height was an attempt to get a more balanced output across all the strings. Most contemporary strat players use string sets with an unwound 3rd and a lot of modern strat pickups have even length pole pieces. Im probably going to draw the whole thing up in a CAD program to get some precise numbers about how much closer the 3rd string got with the radius change.
  14. The stainless frets went in without much trouble. I got it all back together and confirmed that the tall magnets on the 3rd and 4th string(G and D) were too close to the strings when the outer E and e strings were set to the recommended distance from the strings. it wasn’t a problem with the old 7.25” radius to the fretboard but the new 16”r was just too flat for the vintage style stagger to these magnets. I proceeded to get into an argument with a guy who is a former R&D manager for Fender or something and he tried to tell me I was wrong because Fender had tested and there was no difference between the guitars with the even length magnets and the staggered ones. However he couldn’t point to a single factory Fender guitar with a 16”r fretboard and the vintage stagger to the pickup’s magnet height. Luckily for me the pickups I have are potted in a simple paraffin wax solution so with a little bit of warmth it was super easy to tap the high pole pieces back down a little bit. the fretboard soaked up a bunch of oil and it’s been getting used to the new radius as well as darkening up bit.
  15. Another news story also said there were three involved. Two came into the store and a third waited by the door. 3:1 isn’t very good odds. I’ve had 4:1 before and it’s amazing how quickly a bunch of guys with Bowie knives decide to rethink their plans for the evening when you draw a pistol before they can get within striking range.
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