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  1. I pass right by the cemetery where Semie Moseley is buried on my way home from work.
  2. Still a bunch of snow on the ground from last weekend with temperatures creeping up just above freezing. I took the kids sledding on the “big hill” behind my office yesterday. A five minute hike to the top and if we steered right we could get about a 30 second run out of it.
  3. Boss intends for there to be three compact pedals in this case. A little thought with placement and cabling fits five.
  4. Serving up Bourbon Old Fashioned @ Daddy’s Late Nite Diner.
  5. It seems as though Shiro Kiboto made a number of classical style guitars. I would have said off the top of my head that it was similar to a Martin OOO body style but it does look flatter at the lower bout.
  6. I made this pick holder a while back.
  7. Packed up a strat, some pedals, and the Turbo Twin amp and headed down the street to jam with my buddy this afternoon.
  8. I always played SS bass amps. I really liked Gallien-Krueger stuff, easy to dial in a bit of growl without getting flubby.
  9. Some previous basses. Godin A4 fretless, chambered maple body with a western red cedar top. L.R. Baggs under saddle pickup. Very nice but I never quite gelled with it. It’s moved on to a good home. 1977 Fender Jazz Bass. Active Seymour Duncan pickups. the absolute best fret job I’ve ever played on a bass courtesy of Bruce Bennett. Even though I tripled my money on this one, I still kick myself for letting it go.
  10. I bet they sound great! Ill own some more tube amps at some point. My old favorite was this Mesa/Boogie MkIII combo with the EVM-12L speaker. Seen here with a couple of Ibanez RG’s I used to own.
  11. Mine was originally a TE Commando 100 combo amp. The amplifier section would toast itself every couple years and the green carpet cab was getting kinda shaggy so I built a new cab for the Celestion 12” and run it with the little Orange amp.
  12. I tend to ignore those skinny strings when playing guitar 😂
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