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    Living room: 75 La Scala or 79 Cornwall powered with Onkyo M504. Theater: RP 8000F, 504c, ksw15. Basement: Chorus, LSI, Heresy all depending on mood.

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  1. Ha! I have. Problem is by the time they start to sound really good my ears wanna bleed.
  2. 2 receivers, and 2 media players in under 10 years.
  3. Samsung, but don’t recall model. I gave up on Sony.
  4. Just not sure the weight won’t cause the pole to shift. I’m not sure how deep it is and it’s held at the top by weight on on it. I have had to knock one back in place.
  5. I have dedicated listening areas. This room also serves as my “what I wanna watch” space.
  6. I have considered that. Just not sure I should hang a 55” tv from it.
  7. My tv is directly in front of a support pole in my basement. I don’t think it’d be good to mount anything to the pole. I am considering adding to the beam and removing it. Just need someone with more knowledge to look at it. Or I just use a ceiling mount.
  8. Did you get to “not hear” the hum at the tech’s shop?
  9. I’m considering mounting my tv from the ceiling. Im trying to have a Heresy center and trying to have a turntable too. Oh. And I have a huge Aragon amp…..
  10. The best stands for Heresy are subwoofers. 😉
  11. I do not, but am curious to hear the results. Good luck.
  12. I’ve brought home speakers that dripped once. Hosed them down in the driveway. Sold them the next day. Probably the only pair of AR3’s I’ll ever own.
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