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  1. I vote for a 3rd Belle for the TV to sit on.
  2. I have mine in a 13x20 about 8 feet apart.
  3. Sad. He and his knowledge have been a great gift to the audiophile world. May he rest in peace.....
  4. Well I now have them. Waiting on a friend to help me unload them. The veneer is the only real issue. I can live with it till warm weather. Thanks all!
  5. I’m going to look in a bit. If the structure is damaged I’m going to pass on them. The veneer issues don’t concern me too much. There is a bad tweeter, but I have spares.
  6. Well I was outbid. I hope they enjoy them. The hunt continues.
  7. A pair has appeared near me. If I just don't get overbid........
  8. I’ve been on the hunt for quite a while myself.
  9. I have some friends coming across from California this week. Not sure of their route yet but if anyone has something on the way.
  10. The price still has to be right and people need to reply to inquiries. Thank you!
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