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    Living room: 75 La Scala or 79 Cornwall powered with Onkyo M504. Theater: RP 8000F, 504c, ksw15. Basement: Chorus, LSI, Heresy all depending on mood.

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  1. I’m with ^. Swap tweeters around and see, but only if they actually match. I’ve had Quartets and the top end was great. Otherwise it could be damaged diaphragm or aging crossovers. Do the Quartets sound equal from one to another? I have a tone generator app for just such occasions.
  2. Sounds like something else went bad. Probably a resistor, transistor, or a bad solder joint.
  3. CWOReilly


    Or better a whole *** than a half ***?
  4. I have a Velodyne 18. It’s not the THX, but was a much better bargain than that. It would certainly be hard to replace for the money.
  5. eBay is probably the best option. Good luck!
  6. I always say the best stands for Heresy are subwoofers.
  7. 100 watts or better is what I suggest.
  8. No. You have the correct tweeters for that style crossover. To sound “right” you need to replace them with Klipsch parts.
  9. I’m sure you’ll get lots of opinions on this. My setup isn’t quite that, but close. I have a Marantz that’s a few years old and it serves me well. I tried a Yamaha last year and hated it. 2 Sonys before that. I won’t buy another Sony…..
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