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  1. Don’t change your budget. Be patient. It took me 2 years and I’m outside Atlanta GA. The right pair will come along. Happy Hunting!
  2. It will increase in value if box is sealed. I keep saying myself. Just no where to display them or build them. Need a bigger house.
  3. At my other house my nearest neighbor is over a quarter mile away. I can’t wait. 😉
  4. I just don’t personally know a sign shop anymore. I’m sure I’ll find something.
  5. Inclined to agree. I happen to have a pair slated for a pair of HI, but the splits appeared…… Currently using the SMAHL in CW and LS in the living room. I can’t say enough good things.
  6. I’ve at times in my life considered myself an artist, but I don’t think it’d look right. I even thought of masking them up, but that wouldn’t look right either.
  7. @nickyboy6100 That’s why I haven’t tried to open mine. I would think that as long as it seals it doesn’t matter what you use to replace the old seal(s). I’d prefer something easier to remove. Just in case. As for the stencils if we can’t find someone to make them for us I guess we’ll have to cut our own. Frisket film and an xacto knife.
  8. I don’t know. Probably not difficult to make if you have a vinyl cutter. I don’t know anyone right now.
  9. Minus the caps they are AA. Probably just a recap by some random guy. Only had them open to address immediately known issues (broken binding post and a mud dobber in the horn). When I open them again soon I’ll send out pics. In the space I have them in which is crazy small I’m not sure about raising them up. But. Once in their more permanent home I’ll be sure to experiment. Thanks for tip.
  10. @Islander @geoff. What confused me with the crossover was the 4 caps rather than 3. Then I realized the neon green zip ties and hot glue. Not exactly what I would have expected from Hope, Bob (RIP), or from JEM. My 75 LS AAs didn’t have big oil cans and were surely built in Hope with what they could get. As for the cabinets they are fiberglass. Which I really like. I’m considering some minor restoration such as painting the HF face and the tops since they show the most wear. I wanna keep the stenciled sides. Need a new stencil for the small Klipsch on the front. Also want to clean up the trim. I know it’s anodized, but its way worn and I’m not sure what route I’ll take. Probably just light sanding to make it more “even” on the faces. All in all it’s how they sound and I’m pleased. Hard to say if they sound better than my 75 LS though. Different room, different amp, etc.
  11. Kenwood M2a mentioned above. Onkyo M-50x. I have the 504 with LaScala! Also in the house: Carver TFM, HK Citation 16, 22, and a recently acquired Son of Ampzilla!
  12. I was thinking late 70s. Thanks!
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