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  1. Patience. Something better will come along.
  2. @AndreG. Valid points. @erikcave Either way it'll be leaps and bounds better than the Sony system. Good thing here is that the Klipsch will hold value long enough to determine if you like them and to sell off when a "better" set comes along.
  3. I’m on the wrong coast, but they go quick around here.
  4. Bargain! Well if the bass mod can be reversed....
  5. I'd say it depends on why they are "not working". A lot of the older maggies tend to need repairs. I'd recommend looking up repair/replacement costs and go from there.
  6. Certainly an upgrade. Price doesn’t seem too bad. Although with some patience something better may come along. Maybe sell the Sonys and save some money then trade/sell up. RF-3 or RF-35 with matching RC-3 or 35 centers tend to be in the 300-400 range. All just from my experience building up my system. Good luck!
  7. Someone here get them???
  8. Sold first thing this morning. $1500…. oh well got some vinyl.
  9. Well I got off work early to go to the sale. Wish me luck!
  10. It's on CL now too......
  11. Surely cheaper on Sunday if they last that long. Stairs will deter most people.
  12. I sent a message. Have not heard back. They typically won't give out pricing. I don't "need" them, but I'd sure like a second pair and they are only a few miles from home. Trouble is I work 6a-3p and the sale closes at 3 on Friday.
  13. 76 LS BB. Look like they are on second floor.
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