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  1. @Schu Congrats! I wanna be your neighbor!
  2. CWOReilly

    Blown tweeters

    Just to make sure. Are the jumpers installed correctly on the back? I've had that happen where one may be slightly loose.
  3. Found. Thank you everyone!
  4. Maybe outside?? Call your friends across town and see if they can name that tune?
  5. If there comes a bigger room there will be La Scala or Khorns.
  6. I have the RP-8000f and 504c in a 12x13 room. I can say it's plenty with the KSW-15 sub. I am of the "go bigger rather than smaller" group. Think of it like this. You'll never know what was missing if you just go for the top.
  7. Judging from what I've been told by others and what I find online. Provided the cabinet is still sealed, it's fully functional, and you can accept/repair cosmetics. Yes. Yes it is.
  8. Looks to me that whatever made the ring removed the finish that whoever/whenever applied. Light sanding with fine sandpaper (220 or so) and work your way finer (400-600) and refinish. Maybe even go a little darker with the finish.
  9. Looks like a price reduction. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/chattanooga-klipsch-shorthorn-speakers/7382112664.html
  10. Compare a 100 watt Class D to a 100 watt Class A/B. Drastic difference. For example I tested some KG4s with a 60w Dayton and it sounded ok enough to purchase them, but lacked some oomph. Sounded way better off a Denon 2 channel receiver.
  11. Yet there will still be folks that wanna argue that your price is too high. Despite it being totally on par with most everyone elses price. Things like "you'll eventually find an uninformed buyer". Well guess what. I'm not an uninformed seller.
  12. That's the understatement of the week.
  13. Not quite where I wanna be. Thank you though.
  14. Cheap as possible. I know you’re close by. Got one?
  15. Glad you found a great deal! As for surrounds. I'd just wait for another good deal. They are so much less important than the front 3 for matching.
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