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  1. CWOReilly

    Chorus in VA

    Well they’ll be listed here first. I’m just north of Atlanta.
  2. You may be able to spread them open slightly with a precision screwdriver. Just a thought. I’ve had issue with binding posts being irregular. ymmv.
  3. That is way high for 601s. At least they are black.
  4. CWOReilly

    Chorus in VA

    They are just too nice to be hanging around by my work bench. I keep putting things on top of them and it’s hard not to bump them. Don’t wanna scuff the walnut!
  5. CWOReilly

    Chorus in VA

    I was considering listing mine at $1500.
  6. 73 sounds about right. From seeing your pics in another post first thought is they are HBR that someone “finished” and lost the labels. IIRC the extra stamping means military import/export.
  7. Sounds like you need to open the doghouse then. I’d get genuine replacements and none of the “generic” replacements. If they had Dayton caps who knows what maybe in the doghouse.
  8. How do your LSI sound compared to the LS? My personal experience with LSI that were in service tend to have loose connectors, loose screws, loose mid drivers, maybe dry gaskets. I’d go through and disassemble and clean everything before replacing drivers. Could be debris in the doghouse. Could be crossover.
  9. All lubed up and ready to play!
  10. Can we get the payment info and report them?
  11. I have 5 Heresy II and an Aragon 3005 that I’m hoping to get set up soon.
  12. Mmmm. Too far and no corners to put them in.
  13. Right now 80-85db. Nazareth-Please Don’t Judas Me. RIP
  14. What? I can’t hear you over the La Scalas! I tried going low wattage to help prevent going deaf. Too loud is my answer. Probably 70db average.
  15. I saw it while at work in Atlanta when the ad was 15 minutes old and almost replied. I talked myself out of it and posted the link here. Since then it keeps popping up. I flag it almost everyday since. CL needs a better way to screen ads that get flagged from being reposted.
  16. Looks like that same scammer with the $300 Heresys
  17. They are supposed to have the barrier strip on Heresy I. They may have cut out the area for the cups.
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