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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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    1965 Decorator K-horns & Cornwall, all with Dean crossovers, CT-125 tweeters, and A55G midrange drivers.

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    http://www.jjkizart.com (art portfolio only) "E" mail--jjkizak@windstream.net

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  1. The only new song out recently that is very well done is "Black Velvet". JJK
  2. I remember a video of Linda Ronstat doing a concert at Fulsom Prison with guards standing around the audience with double barrel shotguns. JJK
  3. Ohio, Micheal Stanley, Cone Heads, Pretenders. JJK
  4. It does work well once you get it set properly. I use it a lot. JJK
  5. I understand that it takes about 3 months to program a new car shape so that the paint thickness is exact at every spot. JJK
  6. JJkizak

    The Pet Corner

    My girlfriends pet:
  7. I haven't had any trouble with the 80's and 90's but I can't say anything about the 100's. Maybe run a test on something of low value or a piece of scrap wood. JJK
  8. JJkizak

    crypto currency

    I understand gold and silver, but cash is nothing more than a ponzy scheme based on population growth.. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    crypto currency

    How do you regulate something that no one understands? JJK
  10. Be careful about using too little amounts of powder which will not be enough to propel the projectile out of the barrel. Then the cannon blows up. JJK.
  11. JJkizak


    Not bad. JJK
  12. JJkizak


    You have created another problem. If you turn sideways no one will see you and they will walk right over you. Now you must add warning lights to your clothing. JJK
  13. Geez, kids and cannonballs. What have I been missing. JJK
  14. The best schools in the world are US Navy Electronics and Electrical. You could come into class hung over and still know how to fix a fire control radar system. JJK
  15. WD40 is the last thing I would use. It creates rust after about three weeks just like brake fluid. JJK
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