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  1. A budding audiophile!

    Your speakers and amps hope you have the cat declawed. JJK
  2. NFL 2017

    The Browns are a more dynamic organization---owner possibly going to jail, passing up great draft picks, and selecting athletes that constantly break. JJK
  3. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Your right. It's dead. Can't get it to play. JJK
  4. K-55X Drivers

    Kind of wondering why they went to soldering terminals when the old style worked so well, especially as hard as it is to screw those drivers on the horns with wires flopping around. JJK
  5. Led Zeppelin 2!

    Electric or regular? JJK
  6. A budding audiophile!

    Audio purrfection sometimes results in purrfect purrformance. JJK
  7. Led Zeppelin 2!

    It sounds good but I don't think the drums are quite there yet. JJK
  8. Anyone do one of those DNA tests?

    I wonder how long it will be before the DNA data base will be hacked. JJK
  9. Damn Kids, Think They're So Coooooel

    Looks like Stevie Ray really did get reincarnated. JJK
  10. So, what do you know? (audio expertise)

    I thought I knew everything until I was exposed from all the other people that knew everything. B.S. Can be a good communicator in these situations. JJK
  11. Record Rant &$#*&!

    Has anyone tried excessive weight on the stylus to sort of clean stuff out of the way? JJK
  12. Soundbar Ratings — where’s Klipsch?

    Having listened to a generic skinny sound bar I came away very unimpressed with the lack of bass. JJK
  13. NCAAF

    I can't figure out OSU unless the game plans are atrocious some times. Or maybe the opposing teams found out that the OSU quarterback is looking down his receivers. JJK
  14. Very rarely I will pick up listening to slow jazz a long bass note causing the lower saxophone notes to rattle or sync to the bass. This happens on the FM HD tuner only. What causes this? It does seem to be consistent with a particular clip. JJK
  15. FS Three K55V Drivers

    I have for sale three (3)1965 Klipsch K55V drivers, two from K-horns and one from a Cornwall for $100.00 which includes shipping in USA. I will ship in A55G Crites boxes and packing. There are no gaskets but the original wires are included. All were working upon removal. Check only prior to shipping. JJK