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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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  1. JJkizak


    Chemicals? Your modern house is an entire chemical factory at the present time. Even the chemicals on the wood floors. JJK
  2. JJkizak

    Need help buying new TV, old one died

    When I bought my Sony XBR in 2006 on Black Friday (I think it was black) they knocked off 300 dollars of off $3,300.00. Such a deal. JJK
  3. JJkizak

    It's not done yet, but this just got put up today! :D

    I noticed that your into the color black looking at your house decor. JJK
  4. JJkizak

    Need help buying new TV, old one died

    I never have distress and confusion. I put into my mind what I want then buy it. Done deal. Example 1965 K-horns and Cornwall. I said "How much are they and how long do I have to wait" They said The price and wait 3 months. Then I said "The check is in the mail". JJK
  5. JJkizak

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    It's probably the addition of green rocks on the tone arm. JJK
  6. I find that some of the language in evaluations is touching into the quantum world of entanglement theory. JJK
  7. JJkizak

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    Then in my opinion I do not believe your gas mileage figures. JJK
  8. JJkizak

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I assume you bumped up the timing about 6 degrees also which would account for the largest increase in gas mileage. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Your tone arm has the measles. JJK
  10. JJkizak

    Windows Activation?

    Open up Control Panel, View performance, and on the bottom it shows if Windows is activated. JJK
  11. JJkizak

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I do remember Slick 50. JJK
  12. JJkizak

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I thought the 45's had to have bigger grooves and more space between the grooves. JJK
  13. JJkizak

    Facebook on PBS Frontline

    They did leave out a key group---ambidextrous. JJK
  14. JJkizak

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    What's with the 45 rpm on a 33 rpm record? JJK
  15. JJkizak

    Vaping and your optics....

    Since Vaping stuff contains nicotine how can it not be smoking? JJK