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  1. How can you have truly blue skies with 6000 aircraft flights per day creating contrails? JJK
  2. I placed the order today for three A55G's. JJK
  3. Just as well. The city right of way usually extends even with the telephone poles and if you erect something there that is not to code (Steel posts, concrete posts, huge rocks) you can be sued if a vehicle hits it and the operator is injured or dies. Consider it lucky the owner of the mailbox did not get sued yet. JJK
  4. Lately I have been intensely listening for what is not supposed to be there and avoiding the music. I am having great success. Growly reversed air voices mixed with confused cymbal hits. It's now very difficult to just listen to music. JJK
  5. This humidity thing is really noticeable on my system, noticeable for me to say wow!, what is going on?. JJK
  6. Do you mean 4 wood carved pieces or old K55v's? JJK
  7. I have noticed and correlated that when the weather gets really humid my mid-range gets crispy clear so wondering if the 1965 KEEV'S are in need of replacement on the K-horns and Cornwall. JJK
  8. On the wheat grass are those regular shots or Montana shots? JJK
  9. They just said on the news that caffine lengthens your cardiovascular life span. Get another doctors opinion. JJK
  10. I learned down South that when the speed limit is 15mph they really mean 5mph and lower. JJK
  11. I am really not convinced on your record vinyl data. Why would a cutter head designer create a cutter head to to record 3000% higher (60 KHZ) than required, higher than 17KHZ the average limit of human hearing capability? JJK
  12. She also did a jamo-jamo job on the drain plug which is always a hand held threading job. JJK
  13. I didn't like her voice. JJK
  14. Gee and I thought I was on the gravy train making $18.60 per hour when I retired. JJK
  15. Well OK now how do we do the WARP drive stuff? JJK