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  1. I'm sorry but I'm waiting for the ketchup thread. JJK
  2. What kind of antenna do you have? If it is a log periodic you might have it pointed backwards. Just suggesting the simple things. We went through the repac here a few weeks ago and everything has settled down as there were some antenna changes also at some TV stations. All of the same channels come through fine as before. The frequency changes may be a factor as your antenna now may not be able to pass them. And 65 miles is a far piece as all of the stations here are about 20 miles. JJK
  3. Cleveland had them then banned them after pandemonium set in then reinstated them with new rules. JJK
  4. JJkizak

    Never Forget

    One interesting measurement made with all of the planes grounded the temperature changed 1 degree without any contrails. JJK
  5. Sometimes a big rack is a pain in the neck. JJK
  6. JJkizak

    NFL 2019

    I didn't know that Antonio Brown was fighting a rape case. I thought he just talked a lot. JJK
  7. JJkizak

    NFL 2019

    The Browns sure have potential---------------------------------------------------------------------------------. JJK
  8. I like smart phones as long as somebody else is using them when I am 1 mile away from them. JJK
  9. Did you check the wood condition inside the woofer bin? Remove the woofer? JJK
  10. Accurate consistent kickers are not easy to find. JJK
  11. JJkizak

    NFL 2019

    Antonio Brown to New England? What's with that guy. JJK
  12. How could you possibly ship that unit without it getting broke? JJK
  13. The money doesn't want to go there. JJK
  14. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    You tube guys kill me. We used to throw these things away by the bushel basket. JJK
  15. This sure is better than my weather girl. JJK
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