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  1. Try California, they only have earthquakes, forest fires, mudslides, and high prices. JJK
  2. Car Thread

    No just used the same GM Vette sensors, well not sure anymore it's been a few years. The tach was electric and used one of those motor mount kits. I also used the buick 5 speed manual overdrive tranny . JJK
  3. NFL 2017

    That cornerback on New Orleans that missed the tackle will probably be better off if he moves to Siberia. JJK
  4. That means forcing older car owners to pay 100K for a license? That will never get through the courts. JJK
  5. NFL 2017

    There was 10 seconds on the clock when that last play began. JJK
  6. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Windows 10 would launch the missiles just for the heck of it if it got past the blue screen. JJK
  7. Crypto Currency

    I'm glad you cleared that up but who is manipulating the price of bitcoin? JJK
  8. Soldering Question

    A tig weld would make a terrific solder joint until the component would have to be removed. Oh, I forgot about the potential x-rays. JJK
  9. Temperature

    Well my K-horns and Cornwall survived temperatures of 51F inside the house during a 4 day power failure. I used 5 blankets to get a nights sleep. JJK
  10. This is it Guys

    Now that your retired you will find that you don't have enough time to relax. Sort pills for pill box every Sunday, write checks for kids, doctors appointments continuously, cut the grass, pick up leaves, take care of grandkids, on and on and on and on and on. JJK
  11. Crypto Currency

    There was an article in the paper that Bitcoin is a huge power drain on the electric grid because of the data mining. Users are installing buildings full of computers to data mine and the estimation at the present time that Bitcoin itself is drawing enough power to run a whole small country. JJK
  12. Knowing how Western Electric/Bell Labs design and create things that driver would work under two miles of water, outer space, sledge hammering, and inside a volcano and if it didn't a spare would pop out so you wouldn't lose service. JJK
  13. Three networks, two for 1965 K-horns and one for 1965 Cornwall. That position centers up the dialog for movie viewing but I like it because it's not so tiring and directionally complicated. I think it might be the "Z" instead of "X". There are so many of them I can't remember for sure. There are also a couple more of those settings that center up the sound. JJK
  14. Mine are definitely smoother and I listen mostly in the PLC IIX position. My old K55v's had some peeks in them. This is with Dean networks cut for the standard setup in the 1965 K-horns and Cornwall 1. JJK
  15. I am happy with mine. JJK