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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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    1965 Decorator K-horns & Cornwall, all with Dean crossovers, CT-125 tweeters, and A55G midrange drivers.

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  1. Give it away---I am not a huge fan of HIpHOp? but the Red Hots did a very good job with it and shows their creativity and talent. JJK
  2. I was at St. Johns for about a week. Very nice, very quiet, no crime, no guns, and the stores sold hockey sticks and hockey stuff. The highlight of the week was on TV about chasing a moose off the main road. JJK
  3. Who is the drummer with Johnny Winter? JJK
  4. Wouldn't it better to use that money to buy a couple of K-horns and listen to the concerts in your man cave? JJK
  5. Sorry about that. My Bosch hot water heaters were made in China. Just going by that. JJK
  6. JJkizak


    Went on a self imposed diet in 2013 because my Doctor (very beautiful) said loose 30 pounds, quit the sugar and salt, and exercise every day or I will put you on a pail full of pills. I did what she said and I am only on Lasartan for blood pressure (hasn't changed since 1990) and vitamin D3 2000. All my buddies have those 7-day 3 times a day trays for taking pills and fat guts with bypass scars. JJK
  7. JJkizak

    British Whodunits

    Well if the Americans added stuff to the British stuff you would have massive foul language, car chases, guns firing 100 rounds with out reloading, wild sexual encounters, women doing what they can't do, men doing what they can't do, and massive killing. Kind of like "Pulp Fiction". JJK
  8. Fixing the wow and flutter in the cassette players is a pretty big deal. Everything else was next. JJK
  9. Not a Joe fan but that's the best thing I ever heard from him. JJK
  10. I had a Pentax 6 x 7 for a while and had some pictures blown up to 30 x 40 with excellent results. Everyone in the picture knew when the picture was actually taken because of the very loud "ker-chunk" of the shutter. JJK
  11. That is really good. JJK
  12. The only stable Windows I have had is Windows 3.1. All the rest have had multiple flaws. Including updates that made the system unusable. JJK
  13. It would be nice if Microsoft would create a Windows for old people that was as reliable as a fork and knife. JJK
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