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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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    1965 Decorator K-horns & Cornwall, all with Dean crossovers, CT-125 tweeters, and A55G midrange drivers.

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  1. JJkizak


    I had the process with a big long name. The short version is "ream job". The doctor said don't worry about sex as there is always Viagra. JJK
  2. JJkizak

    What I Got Today!

    OK, I gotta ask---what is the drain pipe for? JJK
  3. Try this out for echo about half way through the video.
  4. I didn't get any of those accessories with my grill. JJK
  5. Mine works great. However I only use it about once every 3 years. JJK
  6. Interesting. Seems like you have a lot of other slab stuff hanging around the shop. I was shocked after pricing some burl buckeye and redwood slabs. JJK
  7. I thought furniture makers always used hot glue for speed. JJK
  8. I sure miss my LP records. 1...No pops 2...No clicks. 3...No scratches. 4...No undersize center holes. 5...No oversize center holes. 6...No warpage. 7...No out of round pressings related to center holes. 8...No growling before a song plays. 9...The bass being 12 db down to prevent damage to adjacent grooves. 10.The treble being reduced from a boosted levels because of plastic high frequency noise. 11.The wow and flutter from the turntable. 12.The hum from the turntable motor. 13.The tone arm bouncing during rigorous dancing. 14.The next door neighbors shortwave conversation picked up by the cartridge. 15. Selecting a song when you are under the influence. 16. Intensely watching the turntable to prevent anyone from touching it or changing a song destroying your very expensive stylus. 17. I only touch or change the records under pain of death. 18..Never play a song over and over so that the grooves information can reset to 98% of their original shape. 19. Looking for hours trying to find a particular LP. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    Car Thread

    I believe your green US is made in Japan. JJK
  10. JJkizak


    What did it cost you? Dinner? Vacation? Clean the house? JJK
  11. With two tube amps and 4 SS amps and standard interconnects in 4 different houses I have never had any trouble with Cornwall base response. JJK
  12. 60 minutes had a program about a year ago that showed the latest treatment with several shots into the neck nerves that was very effective. Some people were ecstatic about the results. JJK
  13. I wonder why no one has figured out how to tag an amount inserted into Bitcoin to see where it winds up. JJK
  14. Same here. It busted my butt something fierce. One day away from heading to emergency. JJK
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