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  1. Brings to memory that in high school I could throw a baseball very fast and a long way from the outfield direct to the catcher. Never messed with the cutoff guy. Now I can't throw functionally overhand or sidearm but I push it like a girl. Good grief. On top of that the other shoulder is the one that hurts some of the time. JJK
  2. I had the second Pfizer shot on Tuesday at one of the Cleveland Clinic hospitals. They set the whole thing up in a vacant building about 10,000 square feet for appointments only. There was a huge parking lot with no problem finding a space with people giving directions. All the inside stuff went like clockwork. The whole operation was brilliantly organized from MyChart information to appointment times and choice of 5 hospitals. In fact it was organized so well I still can't believe it. They even told people (MyChart) to wear short sleeved shirts so they would not have to wait while you disrobed. After the shot (jab for British people) you sat in a chair area with a fifteen minute timer. If you had a partner with you there were two chair areas set up special. There was a multitude of nurses to help disabled people in wheelchairs, etc. The check in had two computers and one nurse at a table for people that could not use a computer. There were two other nurses to help people use the computer. Another nurse was the traffic director to tell you which booth to get your shot. There was a doctor and a nurse in each booth and the doctor gave the shot while the nurse did the computer. There were about 10 booths. When you left the booth you walked to the end of the booth area and another nurse gave you a timer and took you to your chair. Before you sat down there were another nurse that wiped the chair before you sat down. This was duplicated in two columns. When the timer dinged off you handed the timer to the nurse who wiped it off again and then you washed your hands and left the building. So about 10 minutes getting the shot and 15 minutes sitting time. Like Cole Younger used to say, "It's a wonderment". JJK
  3. My landscaper neighbor used Stihls exclusively and went through a lot of them because of their inability to handle over-revving and destroying electronic circuit chips. He switched to Husqvarna.
  4. Well he did eliminate the famous fluorescent green cast. JJK
  5. I guess you have to apply fire retardant to the ball to prevent the net from burning up. JJK
  6. Pepperoni is at least 50% of the pizza taste for me. I wouldn't have one without it. JJK
  7. They sounded pretty awful. JJK
  8. She's dam good. A lot of talent floating around the world. JJK
  9. One of the issues with owning dogs is they attain the status of your children. Did you ever take your dog to a vet to be euthanized? And seeing the look on the dog's face as he is being led away from you? JJK
  10. All I know is don't get Labrodoodles. My neighbor has two of them and they constantly bark. JJK
  11. JJkizak


    I wonder what kind of a statement he was trying to make. JJK
  12. You can get top of the line finished one side cabinet grade 3/4" plywood (Cherry, Walnut) for about $250 to $450 bucks per 4 x 8 sheet. That was in 1970. So I am a bit behind the times. It might be $1000 now. JJK
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