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  1. Western Electric...

    Well Western Electric didn't believe in any down time for their equipment so if one of there amps required two 300's they would install 8 300's just in case one tube would be bit down. So if it was rated a t 50 watts it would do 500 watts at full power 24/7 for 20 years. Then if all the tubes died it would still work well enough to let you know there was a problem with a major alarm chime. I worked with and loved their stuff. JJK
  2. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    The last episode was our troops attacking a hill and getting butchered with 2/3rds casualties. The enemy troops pulled out and our troops were told to return to base after about an hour on top of the hill. All of our troops are standing around and saying to themselves---"What the ----?" JJK
  3. Legal Round Up

    One of my friends years ago bought a Bose system with the little cubes on the wall and messed up the CD player somehow. He asked me to fix it then which was about 10 years ago and he recently asked me to fix it again because it wasn't fixed 10 years ago. So he moved to Florida. (This story is somewhat embellished) JJK
  4. Klipsch YouTube ad

    That's called "P.R." and of course the Czech-A-Whatevers should take them to court for slander.
  5. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    I had no idea how complex this issue was. Getting this information and sorting it out is an issue in itself. JJK
  6. NFL 2017

    Stafford supposedly throws the hardest ball in football. And what is this about Kizer getting migraines? The curse of the Browns. JJK
  7. NFL 2017

    Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Lewis are the darlings of football, Oh, I mean Jerry Jones. JJK
  8. Favorite pop rivet tool?

    They make one operated by a small electric drill which is a bit complicated but it works well with stainless steel rivets. JJK
  9. Friday Update

    That's a lot of glue. I recalled when a home was being built near me a huge pile of empty glue tubes about 4 ft. high. JJK
  10. Equifax

    Additional information I just received from Equifax states that previous freeze pinn numbers have not been hacked because they were on a different system. But everything else was. JJK
  11. Friday Update

    Are you gluing all of the tong and grove floor coverings? JJK
  12. Equifax

    The quantum systems will also be in the hands of the good guys and they are totally unhackable, well unless you exist in the quantum energy field that is in the entire universe.
  13. Satellite internet and ***** question (not racist!)

    Then there is always "the run a small piece of decorative wood to match the wall to cover up the wire" routine. JJK
  14. NFL 2017

    He might have thought they were playing the Browns. Looks like the Browns finally found a quarterback. JJK
  15. Doesn't matter which models you buy you will love them. After I read the Bell Labs article testing the K-horns and Cornwall in the 1960's I just put my order in and sent the money. If Bell Labs says they are good you can take that to the bank. JJK