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    Twinsburg, Ohio
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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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    1965 Decorator K-horns & Cornwall, all with Dean crossovers, CT-125 tweeters, and A55G midrange drivers.

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    http://www.jjkizart.com (art portfolio only) "E" mail--jjkizak@windstream.net

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  1. JJkizak

    NFL 2021

    I'm happy with the way the Browns are playing. They keep slugging away play after play even if the score is not in their favor. JJK
  2. WCLV classical because of it's distortion free broadcasts and the announcer is in the dead middle speaker. JJK
  3. Well I do not agree with that list. A lot of those songs are structured poorly. JJK
  4. JJkizak

    Slow Forum

    This forum is slower than slow at this time. JJK
  5. I always wondered who is financing this stuff. They can't be making any money. JJK
  6. I thought cats were "Unherdable" JJK
  7. JJkizak

    Death Clock

    Being dead isn't the problem, getting there is. JJK
  8. My Cornwall decorator was something like $450.00 in 1965. JJK
  9. JJkizak

    Thanks Chad

    Just wondering what was the cause of the problem. JJK
  10. I don't trust Facebook with 100 10 foot poles. JJK
  11. JJkizak

    Price of steel

    Hmmmm, scrap steel is going for 7 cents per pound. JJK
  12. My experience with Western Electric tube constructed test equipment in the 1960's was mystifyingly incredible with jaw dropping performance and reliability. JJK
  13. JJkizak

    crypto currency

    The names of the people that police Bitcoin. JJK
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