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    Corvettes, jeeps, sound, woodcarving, and sometimes video editing.
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  1. Fires can be extinguished and stuff replaced, fried brains cannot be fixed. JJK
  2. JJkizak

    USPS slow

    Sometimes USPS delivers on Sunday in my area. JJK
  3. JJkizak

    USPS slow

    I haven't had any problems with USPS or Fedex or UPS. JJK
  4. I would have needed a 60 year warranty. JJK
  5. I assume you hit the reset buttons? Pushed them all the way in? JJK
  6. In my area the city does not allow light switches on kitchen outlets. Also when you make a change the wiring has to be brought up to code and for a kitchen it's a minimum of four number 10 outlets. Each outlet can be a GFI plug or each circuit can be a GFI circuit breaker. Well anyway I don't know what the codes are now with all the electronic baloney involved. A plug behind the refrigerator should have one circuit with a GFI breaker. JJK
  7. Our scientists have said a modified Lab DNA is immediately identifiable and that this covid 19 was not manufactured in a lab. So I guess it's who you believe. JJK
  8. JJkizak

    The Other Discs

    I always had this fetish that I wanted to be her guitar. JJK
  9. JJkizak


    OK. I don't think Quantum Mechanics could have figured that one out. JJK
  10. JJkizak


    I still don't get it. JJK
  11. I think the Bell Labs test in the early 1960's was 25 feet by 35 feet with a Cornwall center. JJK
  12. JJkizak


    I must be old because I don't get it. JJK
  13. Now all we need is a couple of billion to build one. Where is Elon Musk when you need him. JJK
  14. IMOP you are mathematically delirious. JJK
  15. The dingus makes dead video come in as fast as live video. Of course some of the "bits" stray off. JJK
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