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  1. Shakeydeal

    Palladium P-38F

  2. Shakeydeal

    Palladium P-38F

    Not to hijack this thread. But for those of you have heard both, would you pick a Palladium over a Khorn? All things being equal of course, and if you had the proper room for klipschorns.
  3. How many speaker manufacturers do you think are going to spend the time and effort to break in speakers before shipping them out? It might seem like a small thing to you, but the big boys have a schedule to adhere to, and it doesn't include this. Now I have heard of small outfits that will do it. Sometimes it's a free service, others charge for it.
  4. Whatever happened to the premise of listening and deciding for yourself? Do you need an oscilloscope and tone generator to tell you whether or not you like an amplifier? How about just hooking it up and listening to some music? I don't need your validation, or that of any "golden ear". I buy what I like. And when I want to try something different, I buy that too. So if I'm not nose deep in scientific measurements I am practicing "blind consumerism"? BTW, if all you guys really care about is specs, you would never end up with Klipsch speakers in the first place. Sensitivity aside, there are plenty of other contenders that "measure" better. Did you actually listen and buy what sounded best to you, measurements be damned? Or are you a hypocrite? Shakey
  5. Herein lies the problem. They really don't want to know anything beyond what they already "know".
  6. What you fail to understand is that I don't need an electrical engineer to tell me what I hear. They can stick to designing the equipment, and I'll do the job of listening to it. Works just fine for me, thank you very much.
  7. You and ODS should start your own audio club. Two minds with but a single thought....... I don't need to read about something to make it real. Unlike you, I trust my own judgement. Shakey
  8. That's really absurd. The Forte III was the second most obvious speaker in my lifetime that benefitted from break in. The Von Schweikert VR4 Silver takes number one for that honor. Shakey
  9. Yet again you are comparing utilitarian objects to something that was designed to create the illusion of live (albeit reproduced) music in your home. Task based equipment vs. equipment designed for the sole purpose of your enjoyment of music. You couldn't possibly find a comparison that was more objective vs. subjective if you tried (maybe you could). How does a baseball bat compare to an egg salad sandwich? Why can't I have the bat with mustard and pickles? Why can't I hit a double with the sandwich? It's so confusing......... Shakey
  10. Shakeydeal

    Klipsch Forte III Initial Impressions

    Aiming straight ahead, or only slight toe in. Also move them farther apart. 8-9 ft. is pretty good. Shakey
  11. Better bass response and an overall more refined sound. More modern without giving up the forte magic. This is not to take anything away from the original speaker, it is very good. Especially when modded. Shakey
  12. Shakeydeal

    Klipschorns with Fortes?

    Sonic bliss? Sonic mush is the phrase you were desperately grasping for.......
  13. I borrowed a pair of modded forte Is for a couple weeks before I bought a pair of forte IIIs. Without a doubt, the newer version is better. Shakey
  14. Shakeydeal

    Shelf life of lubricants

    I clicked on this thread expecting something else and now am slightly embarrassed.........
  15. Shakeydeal

    khorn bass bin solution??

    From what others have said, it should do no harm. And in your situation, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Shakey