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  1. F that. I don’t need measurements to tell me what pleases me. If you care that much about data, you should just curl up with an oscilloscope and some test tones. Leave the enjoyment of music to the rest of us.
  2. I doubt it. I was so disappointed with the speakers on first listen right out of the box that I called the dealer to ask for my old speakers back that I traded in. He said if I felt the same way after some hours on them he would comply. I went from dismay to complete bliss with those VR4s. I’ve never heard such a drastic change. And I could have just given them back.
  3. How cute. You think anyone setting up sound reinforcement for a rock concert cares about or knows about speaker break in? Ridiculous premise that is not remotely relevant.
  4. Explain this one. New speakers don’t sound good. Leave them in a room playing 24/7 for weeks. During this time they aren’t listened to. Come back after several hundred hours and they sound very different. How did you acclimate to the speakers if you weren’t even in the same room all this time? This isn’t a hypothetical, it happened to me with Von Schweikert speakers in the mid 90s.
  5. Break in is real. As long as you take the time to use your ears and that thing between them.
  6. You come across as someone who’s never even heard this speaker.
  7. If you don’t believe lascalas have bass I can show you different in a minute. Now if you want to listen to pipe organ, keep looking. But to say that LS has no bass is an ignorant statement.
  8. Except for that bottom feeder that was used as a PA speaker. That one is pure sh*t....
  9. I've had speakers that image better, with better soundstage depth. Not a huge deal breaker for me though. And a couple had deeper and more controlled bass. But none of these speakers could be driven with a handful of watts.
  10. Ok, makes sense. I point the finger at break in time.
  11. I never did get the confirmation that these are AL5s. In his OP, he says "new lascalas". Well that could be "new to him". So if indeed they are brand spanking, out of the box new, then more break in time will most likely cure his issues.
  12. I've owned over 30 different speakers in the last 25 years. These were probably the last ten I've had that weren't Klipsch. Spatial Audio X3 Reference 3a Grand Veena Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3 Wilson Audio Sophia Piega P10 Von Schweikert VR4 Gen III HSE PBN Montana EPS3 PBN Montana SP2 Magnepan 3.5r Silverline Sonata II Most of these were very good and brought some things to the table that horns don't. But at the end of the day, the immediacy and dynamics of horns win. For now.....
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