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  1. Well looks like we ran another new member off the forum. Let’s all collectively pat ourselves on the back.
  2. I prefer a passive pre on the front end of a good tube amp. We all like what we like.......
  3. Price isn’t always the arbiter of the best sound, but a good percentage of the time it is. But as in your case, it’s mostly about what one prefers over what is “best”.
  4. I'm sorry, but I am dismissing receivers out of hand. They are fine for car crashes and dinosaur stomps, but have no place in a high fidelity system. Before anyone gets too worked up, the usual disclaimers apply; YMMV, IMHO, etc., etc.........
  5. I don't use a "processor". But it doesn't matter. Whatever preamp you put in front of any two amps will "color" them equally. As long as the preamp stays the same, the difference you hear is in the amplifier.
  6. OP, see above post for example of amp=amp thinking. I know, I know, it’s comical, but I say let ‘em have their fun…..
  7. I've commented on this topic before, so the regulars can keep scrolling if they like....😄 Islander made some good points about the dirty little secrets of AVRs. He is right that the power supply in a receiver isn't capable of supplying rated power to all channels at once. Then look at physics. You stuff 7 channels of power, a processer, a preamp, and a tuner in a box that weighs on average about 40-50 lbs. Compromises can and do get made. If you compare a good integrated amp or a preamp/amp combo to your receiver and you don't hear an appreciable difference, consider yourself money ahead. I won't go so far as to say "consider yourself lucky". Because not hearing a difference is a detriment IMHO. As you move up the food chain with your system, all things can an do make a difference. You just have to determine if it's important to you or not.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Those Cornwall IVs have made a believer out of quite a few.
  9. No, you’re not one of the ones I “didn’t” miss……….
  10. I missed y’all. Well not all of you……😄
  11. I agree with Schu. Doing it by ear is the best way. I think 60 hz is a bit high for cornwalls. Unless you have a bass dip or some other anomaly at your listening position, the CW should be pretty strong down to the upper 30s or at least to 40 hz. Even with my LS II, I low pass at 50 hz because they have really good presence down to the upper 40 hz range, the CW IV should be even better.
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