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  1. Excellent for subwoofers, or some such.........
  2. We could spend all day (and countless posts) on subjective vs objective opinions. I am clearly in the subjectivist camp, and that seems to be the minority. I find it best to just focus on discussions that don't involve those types of mudslinging contests. Shakey
  3. Oh no, not the "A" word......... There are some members here with what you might call "audiophile approved" gear. There are also many more here who will tell you that all amps, preamps, cables, etc. sound the same. You just have to separate the wheat from the chaff. So this might not be your typical audiophile forum. But there is plenty of experience and knowledge available if you are patient (not a virtue inherent in my personality). Some here are even open minded enough to accept that there are other speakers as good as (better?) than Klipsch........😮 Shakey
  4. Can't believe these haven't sold yet. There's some idiot on Audio Circle trying to unload a pair for 3600.00. I know Klipsch had a price increase since I bought my pair, but I got mine brand new for 2900.00 including shipping. His asking price is just nuts. Shakey
  5. Sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on your room's acoustics and limitations. That's a good place to be. Most people never fully understand how the room contributes to the final result, or what to do to improve it. Shakey
  6. That picture does put things in perspective and the Lascalas could work. I am less enamored of the opening to the right of the room. That's never a good thing. But sometimes you have to make do. My upstairs is an open floor plan and the acoustics absolutely suck. I'm so glad I don't have to set up a serious music system in that room. Shakey
  7. That's fine if all you listen to is chamber music and "girl with guitar" music. But big speakers exciting room nodes when the volume is cranked to a realistic level is not a fun thing. Not every speaker works in every instance. Just the way it is.......
  8. Shakeydeal

    What I Got Today!

    Congrats. I have often wondered about the Focus. And now the prices have come down enough that they are relatively inexpensive. Which version did you get? Shakey
  9. I agree with most of what you are saying. However, I would rather have a speaker that is designed for the room dimensions I have to work with. I have heard systems where the owners have tried to shoehorn a "large" speaker (10 lbs of s*^t in a 5 lb bag?) in a space that's too small. The OPs room just doesn't seem "big speaker friendly". JMHO...... Shakey
  10. Glad you're ok. But that was a tough read. Paragraphs are your friend.........🤔
  11. That is definitely not a room for khorns. You will have a difficult time with lascalas imho. I really think the Forte III is your speaker. Shakey
  12. I would suggest the khorns only if you can put them on the long wall. 13 ft is going to be a little crowded for them. Shakey
  13. Shakeydeal


    Ok, I guess I missed that.
  14. Shakeydeal


    So are you going to tell us what these special "non klipsch" speakers are? Shakey
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