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  1. It’s a joke. I know it’s not popular in our society to say funny things these days, but I still act out from time to time, cancel culture be damned.
  2. YMMV… Does that suit you? He did post this in the “two channel forum”. I don’t go in the home theatre forum and trash surround sound. I know my place.
  3. Just play two speakers at a time. It’s all you need to enjoy music. Leave hokey surround sound for home theater where quality really isn’t as important…
  4. So you bought a pool on the internet? You will surely be crowned “King of the Trailer Park”…..
  5. Shakeydeal


    Did you zig when you should have zagged?
  6. You are treading choppy water when you mention in this forum that one cable sounds better than another…😬
  7. GLWS and your potential purchase.
  8. I agree with the above wholeheartedly. Even the best systems can sound mediocre when playing back lossy material.
  9. Dacmagic and streaming from a computer are two weak links I see. Better DAC and dedicated streamer or a DDC of some kind as a bridge will reap huge benefits. Shakey
  10. Sounds like someone is on candid camera.........
  11. That's actually not a bad deal with the shipping included.
  12. Well there is no doubt about which one is the best sounding speaker.
  13. I’m surprised with that much internal damage that there was no external damage? You must have had them packed pretty good. The last time I moved, my speakers were large magnepans but I moved them myself. I would never trust movers with any of my equipment. Glad you got it sorted out.
  14. Both are three way horns. The folded horn of the Khorn is bigger, so goes deeper.
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