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  1. Shakeydeal

    MHDT Havana nos DAC

  2. Shakeydeal

    Recommendations For Affordable DAC

    Check out my Havana for sale. It is an excellent sounding DAC.
  3. Shakeydeal

    MHDT Havana nos DAC

    Bump! Let's get this sold. 400.00 including shipping and paypal
  4. Shakeydeal

    forte 1 with tube amp

    IMHO, Fortes are going to sound their best with good tube amplification. 1000.00 is going to be pushing it. but there are a few tube integrateds on Agon around that price range. You can always go the Chinese route, just for a taste. Shakey
  5. Shakeydeal

    ‘82 Belles (were) available

    Good move. I hope this works out for you. Shakey
  6. Shakeydeal

    2 K-Horns and Belle for sale

    So these went from "free" to "highest bidder" in 24 hours? Hmmmm......😕
  7. Shakeydeal

    MHDT Havana nos DAC

    MHDT Havana non oversampling dac for sale. This is a very natural and organic sounding dac that never fails to involve you in the music. I am the original owner and it has been a strong performer in my system for seven years now. I'm only selling because I upgraded to the pagoda.The tube has been upgraded per the designer. No power cord included 425.00 + shipping
  8. Shakeydeal

    New member... just joined!

    Very nice. I had a pair of these in 1994. My first foray into klipsch which turned out to be very brief. I returned to the fold almost 20 years later. Enjoy! Shakey
  9. Shakeydeal

    What I Got Today!

    Congrats on the find! Shakey
  10. Shakeydeal

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    That's a very small collection, you must be young and getting started? As for your cdp, I say ditch it completely. Rip your music to a hard drive and buy a good dac and some sort of streamer. A raspberry pi or bluesound node 2 are two good choices. This will sound better than most cd players.
  11. Shakeydeal

    Heresy III vs Forte III

    I was one of the owners who mentioned not toeing in the Forte III. Just a very slight toe in made the tonal balance much more linear. Shakey
  12. Shakeydeal

    Heresy III vs Forte III

    Welcome to the forum Tom. You already have my opinion, but you should be able to get some good feedback here from members who have spent some quality time with both. Shakey
  13. Shakeydeal

    Whammerdyne amps

    Some of the amps are affordably priced. I would not be a buyer at 13k, but the ones under 5k lòok very interesting. Shakey
  14. Shakeydeal

    Klipschhorns in a pretty nice room.

    Very impressive, and beautiful room. However, way too many reflective surfaces are wreaking havoc with the sound. Obvious even from the video. Shakey
  15. Shakeydeal

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    I can tell any potential buyer on the fence that this is a very good sounding DAC. Shakey