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  1. Sweet deal. QS makes some nice sounding amps for sure. GLWS....... Shakey
  2. Maybe they have gotten better. They kept saying they were adding new titles all the time. But a lot of the stuff I would search for I couldn't find. Even Tidal doesn't have everything, but their interface is better. I might have to give Quobuz another try. I'm too cheap to have them both 😁
  3. I had it a few months ago. The only way to sort the recordings was by date added.
  4. Not the case anymore. I just shipped a 125 lb subwoofer from the east coast to the west coast and it cost me 345.00. I was floored at the price. 70 lb amplifier shipped in state, about 120 miles away, ninety bucks. And both of those are with a FedEx account discount.
  5. The mistake you’ll make isn’t having enough power, but of sound quality. I had a Parasound HCA 2200 II back in the mid 90s. It was an ok amp, plenty powerful enough for sure. But when I bought a McCormack DNA 1 to replace it, the improvement was astounding. So much so that when the potential buyer for the parasound came to pick it up, I almost lost the sale when he asked to hear the dna. All he could do was shake his head. As a side bar, I know a lot of people use SS amps with cornwalls. But it’s with tubes that they really shine. That would be my advice. Shakey
  6. Shakeydeal

    What I Got Today!

    That looks very similar to my three shelf Rigid Rack
  7. I think Quobuz sounds slightly better than Tidal too. However, their catalog is lacking in depth and there is no provision to sort titles by artist. If they ever resolve these two issues, I'll come back.
  8. Oh, ok. Well check out the Denafrips Terminator. That's the big boy.
  9. Interesting but not surprising. The D2 is basically the same streamer as the U1-mini, but the mini doesn't have a DAC. So 300.00 more gets you a DAC with the D2. I'm not surprised that the quality is sub par. You'd be better off buying the U1 and an outboard DAC. Shakey
  10. Not sure what streamed audio you are talking about. But Tidal and Quobuz offer lossless and hi rez streaming that is pretty much indistinguishable from the CD variant or original files. I am at about 50/50 my music/Tidal for al of my digital listening. Both offer exceptional SQ. Shakey
  11. I opened this thread with a little anticipation until I remembered that this forum consists mostly of middle aged to senior men. Then my anticipation quickly turned to trepidation.........
  12. Hard to believe around here, but there just might be better sounding speakers than klipsch out there. And yes, some of them are rather expensive. If not better sounding, then at least different enough to be attractive to well heeled buyers. How boring it would be if there were only one speaker technology. Now I’m not, nor ever likely to be, a buyer of fifty thousand dollar speakers. But I’m glad that market exists for whomever those customers are. A brand new pair of khorns may sound better than a lot of these speakers to you or I at a fraction of the price. But sound quality is not an objective thing. High performance (read: expensive) audio exists for a reason. Shakey
  13. Oh where to start............ Your first paragraph reinforces my point. I remember that sh*t from when we were kids. It was fun, but I grew up. Like I said, it's all about priorities and a rig like that doesn't even blip on my radar. Second paragraph. Yes, I've been to many live concerts. You are confusing sound "reinforcement" with sound "reproduction". PA speakers at concerts are in the "making music" business. Home stereo speakers are in the "recreation of the event" business. Two totally different things. Again, if having a boatload of speakers in your room trips your trigger, it's no sweat to me. Shakey
  14. You will have to remove the passive radiator or the woofer to access the inside of the cabinet. The original Forte with those upgrades (I prefer the ALK crossovers) is much improved, but still falls short of the mark set by the FIII. Shakey
  15. If all you want is a "room full of sound", then by all means, use two sets of speakers (why not three pair? Four?) But if you want a semblance of accuracy and quality music reproduction, you probably want to go a different way. Sometimes less really is more......
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