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  1. Emotiva or Yamaha for RF-82 II

    Emotiva or Yamaha? Hmmm, how about nails on chalkboard or spike through ear? JK, are those really your only choices? You couldn't slip a nice tube integrated into the budget somehow?
  2. Belle Review

    Kudos for going the extra mile to get these to work for you. Most ( me included ) probably would have already given up. Shakey
  3. Belle Review

    Wow, brutal review. Hopefully you can unload them to someone. Shakey
  4. What's an audiophile?

    Good post!
  5. The Latest in High End Audio

    I heard the Grand Slamms at the Stereophile Show in NY in 1996. I thought they were pretty good, but not by any means the best sound at the show. What a production Dave Wilson put on. Controlled listening environment with a limited audience each "showing". The foyer was reserved for static displays of speakers and Transparent cables. All of it way beyond my means. I also briefly owned a pair of the original Wilson Sophias a few years ago. Nice speakers, but lacking in midrange detail. I didn't keep them long. I'm sure the latest offerings are better but I haven't heard any of them. I think the bottom line is that there is equal or better sound to be had for far less $$. Shakey
  6. I haven't adjusted a TV's settings in years. Not since the last time I had a CRT. Haven't adjusted tone controls since I was a teenager. Most issues people have with the sound they hear is because of room acoustics and system set up. Get that right and voila! No need for band aids......., er, tone controls. Shakey
  7. I don't own RF82s, but this amp sounds delicious with Forte IIIs http://www.turned-onaudio.co.nz/valve-amplifiers/line-magnetic-audio/
  8. No tone controls and no equalizers for me. I have very few recordings that are unlistenable. Sure some are better than others, but that's the beauty of it. If it weren't for the sow's ears, you wouldn't know what a silk purse is like. I like the signal path (at least what I can control) to be as simple as possible, adding gizmos and doo dads are not something I want to do.
  9. Not to be contrary, but I wouldn't consider one that did have them. Shakey
  10. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    Brand new forte IIIs
  11. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    Thanks! Good to be back. Shakey
  12. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    Thanks for the replies. They don't appear to have a clear coat on them, but I could be wrong. If so, it's a light coat of satin, not glossy at all. Shakey
  13. Cornwall owners question

    I had cornwalls a few years ago. Against conventional wisdom, mine were pulled out into the room about 5 ft. I had them spread very wide apart and toe directly at the listening seat. This was the way they sounded best in my room and I had no lack of bass response. Putting them against the wall made it more obvious you were listening to speakers. Shakey
  14. Should these things be oiled? They look awfully dry, but before I wipe them down with lemon oil, thought I'd ask. Thx. Shakey
  15. Forte III in the house

    Bass traps, homemade. Shakey