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  1. In all honesty, if one can use something for 4 years and get ALL their $$ back, that 's a pretty damn good deal. Unless Scrappy sold to you for pennies on the dollar, I think you would do well to accept his offer. Shakey
  2. You guys don't run over each other to get to these. We don't want anyone getting hurt.........🙂
  3. As much as I liked the LM amp, the Decware was a better match for horns. I had the 518i. It is gone now. Shakey
  4. I think maybe it's time to ditch cd players completely and go with a file management system and stream your digital music. Convenience aside, it will sound better than most cd players or transport/DAC combos. Shakey
  5. You can buy the two way Jubilee for a lot less than that from Klipsch.
  6. Well at least two out of three people in this thread can spell skeptical...............
  7. As always, those are beautiful. Unfortunately, not everyone has your skills.......... Shakey
  8. Let's steer this one back on course a bit, shall we? Any more testimonials to Volti upgrades, or other 2" horn/driver combos? Shakey
  9. First questions. Has anyone ever tried removing the passive radiators and sealing the back of Forte II's? Don't do it is my advice. Second question. Should I buy ALK Engineering Crossovers or Bob Crites Crossovers for my Forte II's? ALK
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'm torn between upgrading the khorns and just going for a set of jubilees from Cory. I really don't want to biamp, that's one of the negatives for me. Shakey
  11. Thanks for the reply. Can you share what specific improvements you heard? Thx
  12. Who here have replaced drivers and horns from Greg? Looking for some opinions. Or are there other drop in options? I already have his crossovers. Shakey
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