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  1. Shakeydeal


    Why do people delete the ad and/ or the price when an item is sold? This can be helpful when someone peruses the archives. Please don’t turn this section into Audiogon……..
  2. Excellent work @SoundHound you should be very proud of those babies! Shakey
  3. We are not neanderthals. Crank up the AC and live like a king! Shakey
  4. A few years ago I rented a Dodge Caravan to make an 8 hour round trip to pick up Khorns. Sure it cost me some $$$ to rent the van. But let's look at it this way. You've already said you are having a difficult time finding heritage speakers in your area. A month from now when you are sitting back enjoying your lascalas, are you going to still be sweating that hundred bucks? OTOH, a month from now when those lascalas are in someone else's listening room and you are wishing you had bought them, that hundred dollars won't seem so significant. Just MHO..... Shakey
  5. A better amp will certainly make your speakers sound better, no doubt about that. But with KG3s you will quickly "run out of speaker" as you climb the amp ladder. That said, 6.5 watts isn't a lot of power for 94 db sensitive speakers. Normally I would say upgrade the speakers first. But you may not be getting all the performance of the KG3s with that amp. So yes, buy a better amp. But do this keeping in mind what your next speakers might be so you don't have to do it again. BTW, post your location. Sometimes forum members run across deals local to you that you might be overlooking. Shakey
  6. I had a Line Magnetic 518i a few years ago and it was a great amp. That’s some high quality chi-fi fer sure. Shakey
  7. Understood. Most people aren't using McIntosh receivers............😁
  8. Let's dissect the receiver. A preamplifier A tuner An amplifier Usually some gimmicky signal processing All in a package of, oh let's say 40 lbs. or so. (I'm being generous) That's an awful lot of stuff crammed in a box and designed to meet a certain price point. Corners will be cut, you can bet your azz on that. Not saying it doesn't sound good to you. But you can't compare other systems in other rooms to what you hear in your room. You have to hear YOUR receiver against other equipment in the same room with the same supporting cast. Anything else is just shooting in the dark. The take away here? A high quality integrated amp, or better yet, separate amp/preamp combo will outperform a receiver in the vast majority of scenarios. Receivers are like bagging groceries. You do it when you are starting out until you can get a real job. 😆
  9. Shakeydeal

    What I Got Today!

    Congrats. Those are the amps I aspire to. I have Aric's Super KT88/150 SE and I can tell you it's something special. Please let us know what you think about that amp. The only negative thing I can say is that those blue meters are piercing in a dark room. I even tinted mine and although it knocked them down quite a bit, they are still too much. I just prop an album cover in front of the amp when I'm listening at night. Shakey
  10. If I were going to ditch anything it would be the receiver. A high quality preamp can be a great addition to a system. A receiver does nothing but drag the whole show down. The only way to know if passive is a good option is knowing the rest of his system. He needs an amp with high input sensitivity and impedance and a robust output stage in his source(s). Most dacs can’t cut it. Maybe yours can and if you prefer it that’s good. But source direct doesn’t work for most.
  11. If it's a receiver then it has speaker level outputs, so connect directly. That will be fine till you can get something better. Try pulling them off the wall a little, ten inches to a ft. or so. Keep playing with position, a little change can make a big difference. Shakey
  12. Wow, September came early! Yes you can remove those. They are there for shipping only. Keep us posted on what you think. Shakey
  13. No tone controls or other gee gaws for me, thank you.........
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