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  1. When I rode Harleys I loved the sound of loud pipes. Even now, I appreciate the sound of a well tuned big twin. I tried to be considerate of others and not be the obnoxious guy at the stop light revving my engine. But oh, the sound of that 2-1 exhaust on my (highly modified) fatboy was very nice. No electric cars or motorcycles for me, thank you very much. Shakey
  2. Good price and very nice looking. GLWS........ Shakey
  3. You'll be happy with that preamp. It sounds good with any cartridge, but especially good with dynavector cartridges in "PE" mode.
  4. This is for sale right here in the garage. If still available, this is a very good option. I am familiar with this phono pre and it sounds extremely good. And not just for the money. Shakey
  5. I don't use eq or tone controls. Never have.
  6. Can't believe these are still around........... Shakey
  7. My cornwalls and cornscalas sounded great that far into the room. Shoving a cornwall into the corner made it sound like a good speaker. Get it away from room boundaries and it sounds like musicians in the room. Shakey
  8. There is no way I would listen to khorns in that space. Your head would have to be almost where that backpack is. Now that I see it, no Lascalas either. Now before I get bashed let me say this. Yes, Lascalas and Khorns will "work" in that space. But they will be FAR from optimized. You are better off with a small pair of monitors. Or better yet, a high quality pair of cans and amp. Always chose the right speaker for the room. And sometimes a smaller, less expensive alternative will sound far better. Shakey
  9. I haven't heard RF-7s of any iteration. But the Pendragons I had (which are NOT like these) were respectable speakers. I wouldn't call them giant killers, but better than a lot I have heard. Shakey
  10. This reminds me of when I brought my klipschorns home they were wired out of phase. It was hard to tell when I listened to them at the seller's house because he had them in a small bedroom, with only one of them in the corner. I can't believe he had been listening to them all that time and never noticed. So essentially I had no bass either at first until I figured out the problem. Shakey
  11. Good luck with your modification. Shakey
  12. We can argue about interfaces, search engines, libraries, etc. of different streaming services. But if SQ is what drives you (it does me), then Tidal or Quobuz are your only real choices. I haven't tried Quobuz, but the word on the street is that for the time being, their catalog (with the exception of classical, which is supposedly better) is lagging behind Tidal. So when that service catches up, I may give it a try. But I think 20.00/month for a service that I can access anything I can think of is a pretty good bargain. And it's indistinguishable from my seedees. I've been a subscriber for almost six months now and have yet to look for and not find a particular album. And yes, if you are a serious listener, you'll hear the difference over compressed audio. That said, if you are only looking for background music, or streaming to your desktop, Spotify should be fine. The usual YMMV qualifier applies.......... Shakey
  13. I'm just curious. If you have the room for Klipschorns, why were you looking to replace them with Lascalas? Doesn't seem like a logical move? Shakey
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