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  1. Ok, since it seems the gloves are off and the ad is too..... You were (are) never going to sell those speakers here or on any other venue for that price. Yeah, you may have gotten some snarky comments, but you gave some too. Contrary to what you believe, there is a vast knowledge of all things Klipsch in this forum and when you play that card you can expect to ruffle some feathers. Good luck with your sale. In reality you have a nice pair of 1500.00 speakers and I'm sure the market will bear that out.
  2. So the OP is offering these for 400.00 less on US Audio Mart. That’s kind of the opposite of the norm around here. I know I always give a price break for forum members.
  3. I had to use my Google Fu on this one and this is what I found.
  4. If you heard a good implementation of an OB, you’d get it.
  5. I know you didn’t ask me, but I’ve owned two different EL84 amps and both were excellent. A Music Reference RM10 II and an Aric Audio custom. I have also had many EL34 amps, also which were good. But if you don’t need the extra power, there is something special about the EL84 tube. That would be my choice.
  6. @RickD Why do you need a digital input? Doesn’t your dac have analog outputs?
  7. A pair of these extend the bottom end of the lascala quite nicely. That said, I too am looking forward to the heritage subs.
  8. Another BBA fan. I have his rack and an amp stand. Good stuff.
  9. Which brings us back to the old saying "just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should"...
  10. My first experience with Klipsch was back in the early 90s when I bought a pair of KG 3.2s. I wasn't really crazy about them and didn't keep them long. Fast forward to 2013 when a buddy let me borrow a pair of original Heresys. I was smitten. And even though I had a much more expensive pair of full range floor standing speakers, I thought "this is the sound for me". I found a pair of Cornwall IIs on craigslist and the rest as they say, is history. And no, I can't remember the first thing I played on any of the above speakers.
  11. This is a screaming deal for someone. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/650090031-klipsch-lascala-2-mismatch-pair/
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