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  1. I'm on the fence on this one. No, it is not as polished and well produced as BIA, but that might be it's best virtue. Some tracks are magical, others, not so much. But I still enjoy it. Shakey
  2. Well to me, you can tell the LP is a digital master. Sounds impressive at first, but extended listening bears out that it's very processed, not very natural.
  3. Name one that doesn't sound better. Shakey
  4. It's not that it's terrible, it's not. But it can't touch Love Over Gold (vinyl), which is much better than it's digital version. To me, the "Brothers In Arms" album is no better or worse than the seedee. No argument from me about the Dan. And their solo albums are just as good. Shakey
  5. Sadly, that Dire Straits LP is the worst sounding one they ever produced. Love Over Gold, Making Movies, and Communique are far better IMHO. The self titled LP is not that great, but bad in a different way than BIA..... Shakey
  6. Shakeydeal

    CL: Klipsch corner Speakers - $500 (Mendota IL)

    You did good. Real good.........
  7. Shakeydeal

    Miller & Kreisel MX-125 - $150

    Looks like TX from here.........
  8. Shakeydeal

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    No shame at all, if you can get past the "suckage"....... In any event, as stated above, I think what he's hearing is the squawker, not the tweeter. Shakey
  9. Shakeydeal

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    What are your front end components? Speaker cables/interconnects? Shakey
  10. My setup is Allo Digione Raspberry Pi player running Picoreplayer through Logitech Media Server Synology two bay NAS with two Western Digital 3.5" drives MHDT Pagoda DAC This is all hard wired to a router which is hard wired to my network upstairs. I use a Samsung Tab A running Squeezectrl to control my music loaded on the NAS, stream internet radio and stream Tidal (lossless FLAC account). The sound quality I get is very good in my opinion. Shakey
  11. I have been a die hard vinyl addict for many years. That said, digital has closed the gap nicely. Especially when listening to digital files streamed from a hard drive. This beats a cd player all day long in my system. Even using a transport to my DAC, the digital file sounds better than the disc 100% of the time. I have also been streaming Tidal lossless for about a month now. Very, very good. For 20 bucks a month, the SQ is excellent and so is the library. It's money well spent for me. Still spinning rekkids though......... Shakey
  12. Shakeydeal

    How much toe-in do you use

    The distance from the speaker to your listening position is only relational to toe in if you want to sit directly "on axis". I would recommend not doing this with Forte IIIs. In my experience they sound best when only slightly toed in. Much more than that and they can get a little "hot" in the midrange. When you get it right, it will be very obvious. The usual disclaimers apply, JMHO and YMMV, etc., etc............ Shakey
  13. Shakeydeal

    Tuba HT Subs, Matching Pair IN North Carolina

    More info on these please. Passive i assume? Shakey
  14. I use a PS Audio Power Plant Premiere. Not in production anymore but there’s usually one hanging out on audiogon. Shakey
  15. Shakeydeal

    Eye Opening Experience

    I'm sure you can't, since you are another one of those with a quite narrow view on the subject. I've heard amps with similar power ratings and topologies that sounded so dissimilar that you would have to be hearing impaired not to notice the difference from outside the listening room. A system is just that. It is comprised of many more facets than just a pair of speakers cobbled together with whatever might be available. Please don't be so obtuse as to disagree with that..........