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  1. Shakeydeal


    That room is about the same size as I've seen on this forum. And many here will tell you that no room is too small for Jubilees...😱
  2. I am pretty sure you can only bi-wire the AL5, but not biamp. As for subs, don't cheap out here. And don't go small. Two will give you a flatter in room frequency response and will be easier to dial in than one. I'd say 15" driver at a minimum. Whatever you go with, save room in your budget for one of these: https://www.powersoundaudio.com/products/anti-mode-8033s-ii-new I will not ever own subwoofers again without it.
  3. One cable doesn't have to be louder than another cable for there to be a difference in sound quality. I would expect both to perform at the same SPL. If not, one of them is surely broken.
  4. I'm not offended in the least. The last thing that offends me is anything that an anonymous person on the internet might have to say. I'm not talking about you specifically, but anyone. I will just postulate this. It is possible that not everything that can be heard can be measured. How do you measure the physical enjoyment one amplifier gives the listener over another amplifier? Pretty sure THD isn't going to tell you that story. Anyway. We all listen differently and have different priorities. So, to each his own.
  5. If you can't hear the difference, it really doesn't matter what measurements reveal. If A sounds the same as B, then buy the one that's the cheapest. In a way I envy you. I can hear a difference and it usually (but not always) costs me more $$.
  6. So you measure, acquire, and analyze your data. Then you sit down and listen and prefer the thing that actually measures worse than the other thing. What have you learned?
  7. 1500.00 is still a good deal. Congrats to you and the buyer.
  8. I saw that a while back. The guy is a doofus. Watch his other content and you’ll see.
  9. I am just waiting on the call to play 001…
  10. I haven’t heard AL5s, but I own LS IIs and have owned CW IVs. Here is the pecking order in my mind. CW IV > CW I LS II > CW IV So I assume the AL5 is better than better than all of them. It’s true that the Cornwall has deeper bass, but the LS has truer bass. The bass quality is much improved in the IV, but still bested by the LS. Bottom line, AL5 gets my vote. And some would say, paired with subs, even over a khorn.
  11. This is an amp that needs no introduction. One of Mr. Modjeskis finest efforts. It sounds just as good as you’ve always heard, a real gem of an amp. Willing to entertain reasonable offers but these don’t come around often. It’s more like a solid 8, but rating it a 7 to be conservative. Forum price of 1800.00
  12. Check uShip. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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