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  1. I wouldn't hesitate to use uship if you have a buyer that really wants them. I shipped lascalas recently using this site and had excellent results.
  2. It shouldn’t be taboo to mention other speaker choices in a forum dedicated to a single brand. If one is doing it the right way, they will cross shop other speakers and make the choice that is right for them. It very well might be klipsch heritage because they are so competitive in and above their price range. But it might be something totally different. I’ve chosen a different path for now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and respect klipsch.
  3. I have a pair of these incoming next week.
  4. KPT-535/4-T THX Speakers PAIR: $2700 FIRM for woofer section $2000 FIRM for upper section (SOLD) Located in Los Angeles County, CA Up for sale I have a complete pair of KPT-535/4 speakers. Speakers have been cleaned since initial photo. KPT-535/4-T THX 3-WAY EXTENDED BASS SYSTEM FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE AUDITORIUMS This THX®-Certified system is an enhanced version of the KPT-535-T with a KPT-415-LF quad 15-inch direct-radiating bass unit for greater output in large auditoriums. Yet it retains the smaller system's 24-inch depth minimizing the valuable theater space consumed by the area behind the screen. The dialogue range is superbly handled by a KPT-402-MF Tractrix® Horn fronting a K-1133 two-inch exit titanium compression driver. And a KPT-Grand-HF-T Tractrix® Horn ensures smooth effortless treble reproduction. The KPT-535/4-T is also available with a passive mid/high crossover to operate in either a bi-amp configuration (KPT-535/4-B) or mono-amp configuration (KPT-535/4-M). Quad 15-inch direct-radiating bass unit 24-inch depth Two-inch exit titanium compression driver Tractrix® Horn Tri-amp configuration Klipsch KPT-684-SW Subwoofer. Subs are in excellent condition and the drivers are perfect. Subs work perfectly and have no issues. SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY RESPONSE1 (+/- 3 dB) 34Hz-800Hz +/- 3dB (-10dB @ 25Hz) POWER HANDLING2 600 watts (65V) per woofer 2400 watts peak per woofer MAXIMUM SPL3 132 dB Continuous 138 dB Peak SENSITIVITY4 105dB NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 ohms (3.6 min. @ 22Hz) woofers wired in parallel COMPONENTS Two K-47-EP2 18” woofers INPUT CONNECTION Four point barrier strip ENCLOSURE MATERIAL 3/4" 7-ply plywood cabinet 1” MDF motorboard HEIGHT 48.75” (123.8cm) WIDTH 23.5” (59.7cm) DEPTH 30.5” (77.5cm) WEIGHT 128 lbs. (58.2kg) 650.00 each (firm) Posting for a friend. Contact me if interested and I will give you his number.
  5. It wasn’t my intention to be insulting to anyone.
  6. Do you disagree with what I said? Don’t be cute, just say it.
  7. Anybody who puts LaScalas in an 11x11 room (closet?) deserve exactly what they get….
  8. Yes you can sit as close as you like. And if that’s the kind of presentation you prefer, so be it. It’s not for me. I always clearly heard the improvement in soundstage development, imaging and tonal balance when moving further back. As I’ve said before, most things will “work”. Doesn’t mean they are ideal.
  9. I don’t give any sh*ts about surround sound, so I can’t speak to how they would work in that capacity. But I know when facing them, it’s best to sit a little further away. Now this is subjective and I understand that small details don’t matter to some listeners and that’s ok. But I’m more about quality than quantity, so I sweat the small things. And although LaScalas will “work” in small spaces, I’m of the opinion you don’t get what you paid for. As usual YMMV…….
  10. I think you need to sit around 12-13 ft away from the lascalas for the drivers to integrate. Near field monitors they are NOT.
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