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    Well Tempered Labs Amadeus TT + DPS outboard power supply
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  1. Shakeydeal

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    Looks good. That VTI stuff is definitely nice. I used to have the lowboy rack, but now have the mapleshade samson. I do still have a VTI amp stand. Nicely done. Shakey
  2. I use a Synology DS218j. It's a two bay drive and pretty easy to set up.
  3. Shakeydeal

    Streaming better sounding than hi-end CD ??

    I would accept this before I would consider that the laptop has a better DAC than the cd player. And even if the DAC was better, lossless will sound better than lossy every time. Shakey
  4. Shakeydeal

    Streaming better sounding than hi-end CD ??

    As long as the seedee is standard redbook, (16/44) not much chance of a 128kb stream sounding better. I can't explain what you hear, but that's my take on it. Tidal is the only streaming source that can possibly sound as good as or better than cd. Qobuz is lossles too, but not available in the U.S. yet. Shakey
  5. Shakeydeal

    Decware amps with K402

    Where do you find these 6P3S tubes? And just to be safe, they are definitely a drop in replacement for an EL34? I don't want any fireworks.......😬 BTW, how about these? https://tubes-store.com/product_info.php?products_id=23&osCsid=qe76u7tu29otjdcssn62ha2rs1
  6. Shakeydeal

    Decware amps with K402

    I have definitely thought about trying the 6L6. Do you have a favorite? Shakey
  7. Shakeydeal

    Decware amps with K402

    My amp arrived yesterday. I'm really digging this thing.
  8. Shakeydeal

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    I tried my hand with a single driver speaker a few years ago with Bob Brines FTA-2000, using the Foxtex F 200A driver. It was pretty good, but ultimately I missed the top end response and it wouldn't play as loudly as I liked. On simple acoustic music it was very good. But didn't hold together as well when things got complex.
  9. Shakeydeal

    New Rack for the Cary 45SE and a lot more :)

    Very nice. Me like! 😊
  10. Shakeydeal

    Sold-1976 Klipschorns

    Congrats on the speakers. I drove from lynchburg va. to asheville nc to buy mine. It was a long day, but well worth it. Keep listening and report back. I predict you will like what you hear. Shakey
  11. rplace, How far is your seating position from the plane of the khorns? Shakey
  12. Especially true because there is a pair right here for 3K. Shakey
  13. Shakeydeal

    Decware amps with K402

    My Torii is supposed to be here tomorrow. I am looking forward to comparing it to my Line Magnetic amplifier. Should be interesting. Shakey
  14. That is a beautiful room and system. The problem is getting good sound in an open floor plan. No matter what you do, it will still only be a shadow of what it could be in a traditional room. But one does what one must do. Shakey
  15. That's good. Because when you mix the two, compromises will be made. But you already knew that.....😑