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  1. We have one that we use at our ski resort condo. I think it sounds very good for what it is.
  2. I don’t think 12’ apart is nearly enough. My room is 15.5’ wide and that didn’t seem ideal to me. To get good imaging you had to sit way too close.
  3. I heard 70s Lascalas a few years ago without subs and was not very impressed. Now this was in a large room that’s known to have bass issues, so it may not have been an ideal setup. That said, as much as I loved my Cornwall IVs, I’m very glad I bought the LS II, they are indeed an upgrade to my ears. I was very surprised at the amount of bass they have on their own. And it’s certainly a very pitch accurate bass that is easy to follow in the mix. Adding a pair of subs certainly fills in what’s missing and the complete package gives me better performance than khorns did. I second the suggestion to hold out for a pair of the IIs. If I run across a good deal on AL5s, my LS IIs will hit the market….😀
  4. I think they will work in your room. And I agree, you might not think a sub is necessary.
  5. I know DIY speakers can sound great, I've heard a few and I have a lot of respect for people that can do it right. The problems I had with Bob's cornscala were these: Bob's crossover left a lot to be desired. Replacing them with ALK Universals made a nice improvement. The cabinets would sing along with any music with strong midbass content. I know many here love the removable back panels, but I'd rather have an enclosure without them. More/better bracing would have helped, but I doubt it would have completely cured the problem. The midrange horn rang quite a bit, but Dynamat took care of most of that issue. Shakey
  6. Looks can be deceiving. A CW IV is light years ahead of a stock Crites Cornscala. I admit that some reviewers from Sixmoons seem to be on another planet (Srajean in particular), but I get the gist of what most are saying and most of it makes sense. My one request would be for every review to include pics of the speakers set up in the room. Some do, some don’t. That goes a long way to helping me understand why someone hears what they do.
  7. Remember, that when the arm is free floating there are ZERO skating forces applied. You can only measure this with the needle in the groove. As per Peter Ledermann (Soundsmith) the arm should gently pull towards the spindle in the lead out groove. Too erratic or no pull at all means your anti-skate is incorrect.
  8. I went to audition some Zu speakers a few years ago and a guy had a pair in the room. I asked to hear them and was fairly disappointed. All midrange, very little extension top or bottom. Kind of muddy too, even with an 8K Line Magnetic amp pushing them.
  9. I'd rather have a 200.00 cartridge on a 5000.00 table instead of the reverse. Unless the stylus is worn past the point of no return, look at a better table first. I'd go for a VPI Prime Scout @ 2200.00 from Music Direct.
  10. Here's a thought. If it doesn't measure up (you don't like the evidence), don't buy it. I'll continue to listen to equipment and decide if I buy or not.
  11. Read back what you just wrote. It's a hobby. It's not rocket surgery. It's not a college course that I need to study for. No one's life depends on it. It's a HOBBY! I listen to music for enjoyment. The only "evidence" I need to tell me how much I enjoy it is how much my foot is tappin. I don't need charts, graphs, double blind whatsohooey. Let's save complicated things for complicated matters. This should be simple........
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