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  1. I am pretty sure the retail for the III was 4400.00. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. True. And I doubt anyone is willing to spend 600.00 more than the original MSRP to own a pair of CW IIIs. Best to sell local, IMHO......... Shakey
  3. It's not just about having enough volume. Some DACs don't have a robust enough output stage to properly drive an amp. You end up with lifeless sound. And you might not recognize it for what it is until you insert a good active preamp. If a system is passive friendly, low source output impedance coupled with high amp input impedance and sufficient input sensitivity, an active preamp might not be necessary. But remember that the attenuator used on any preamp, active or passive, is the heart of that device. Shakey
  4. Resistor based passives are inferior to a transformer/autoformer type or an LDR. If your system is passive friendly, these devices can kick some high $$ preamps to the curb. Think Tortuga, Sonic Euphoria, or anything with a Stevens & Billington transformer. Shakey
  5. One. You can buy ONE cd every month with that subscription money. How many albums a month can you stream? About 730 if you listened for 24 hours a day. You do the rest of the math. BTW Rip your cds using dB poweramp. Then put them on a 3.5” drive in a NAS. My bet is that they will sound better now than the actual cd. Shakey
  6. I have listened to some internet jazz radio stations that I thought sounded great. Play the same track in FLAC and the difference makes itself known. Shakey
  7. Not sure I'd want them w/o the original passive radiators. Not at that price.
  8. But your OP made it appear that 15k speaker cables and such were all one could find on US Audio Mart. You paint with a very broad brush. BTW, your "tolerance" for expensive items, audio related and otherwise, have no bearing on the market value of said items. The market will dictate that. I'm not a buyer of 15k speaker cables, but if someone is convinced they make an improvement in their enjoyment of music, who are we to judge? Keep in mind there are many out there who would call you foolish for the amount of money you have spent for the sole enjoyment of listening to music. It's all relative. Shakey
  9. It's a site for buying and selling used audio gear. What's the problem? So if you don't agree with what someone chooses to spend their $$ on, they are fools? There is a whole other world of audio out there that doesn't include "pro" amps, five channel receivers, equalizers and zip cord. Some might think that stuff foolish......
  10. Personally I think it’s a little high, but prices on heritage speakers have really crept up in the last year. They do appear to be in excellent condition so the right buyer may be out there. Good luck whatever you decide. Shakey
  11. I have a friend who is demoing an AHB2 right now with a pair of focals. Says he loves it. I might have to give it a spin. Shakey
  12. Well good on ya. But have you ever heard them with tubes? Shakey
  13. Shakeydeal


    Amazon is quite immune from any government mandated shutdowns. Unlike Joe's Pizza Parlor down the street......... Shakey
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