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  1. Oh, ok. One of them I see. Things are gaining perspective with your last post. The best reason to power Klipsch, or any other speaker for that matter, with tubes is that they just sound better. Oops, that 's a subjective statement and I know "you guys" frown on that. Doesn't matter, I'll stand by it anyway. Preference notwithstanding, modern tube amplifiers do NOT sound like their 1950s counterparts. I have a 22 watt SET amplifier that I would not be afraid to pair with low 90 db efficient speakers. And I would not have to make any excuses about the sound. Although there are some nice sounding SS amplifiers (Plinius, Coda and McCormack come to mind), I still prefer tubes for their natural tonality and ability to draw me into the music. Something SS amps, no matter how good, are unable to achieve. So you stay with your charts, graphs and sterile SS sound. I will stay with my bloated, thick, rolled off, old school tubes. We'll both be tickled....... Shakey
  2. Shakeydeal

    Inherited a set of La Scalas

    Welcome aboard. Lots of good knowledge here. Shakey
  3. Shakeydeal

    Will Fortes sound better if...?

    Yeah, I know what that's like too........
  4. Shakeydeal

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Yeah, that's been my struggle for years. Although I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.............. Naw, that's just crazy talk.
  5. Shakeydeal

    400k on khorn upgrade

    So no one has been able to answer the question about the Ellipitrac. Is it about the same as seeing a sasquatch? Shakey
  6. Shakeydeal


    Oh, I'm sure they're sold. Surprised it took that long........ Shakey
  7. Shakeydeal

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Tell he you're willing to compromise and only order ONE PAIR. That should do it............
  8. Shakeydeal

    Leaving Amp On.....

    Don't some of the Mac SS amps have output trannies? If so, I would not power one of those up w/o a load.
  9. Shakeydeal

    New caps and break in

    You'll never get me to say it's a waste of money. Just not money I wanted to spend on speakers I only just bought. Maybe in time. Shakey
  10. Shakeydeal

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Just curious Tom. What do you have now?
  11. Shakeydeal

    400k on khorn upgrade

    I would choose the Eliptrac 400 And where does one find this unicorn?
  12. Shakeydeal

    New caps and break in

    I don't have enough length to reach up to the xover. And my cables are Zu Audio Libtec, I really don't want to hack off the spade connectors to find out what's underneath. And also render them useless for anyone else if I have to sell.
  13. There is one of those on Agon right now. I thought it looked very interesting. Shakey
  14. Shakeydeal

    New caps and break in

    Thanks to everyone for the comments and advice. I have acquired a pair of Volti Audio VX crossovers and have been tuning them all weekend. I ended up at -5.4db on the midrange and this sounds very, very good. Next project will be adding some binding posts somewhere so I can use my good speaker cable and get rid of this Crutchfield special. Shakey
  15. Shakeydeal

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Well when I contacted Dave Harris through the email link on Al's site, his reply was that he no longer makes horns.