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  1. So speakers that go lower are adding distortion. But adding a subwoofer to get to those frequencies is NOT adding distortion?
  2. I have upgraded the crossovers on khorns and cornscalas in the past. But I don't feel any desire to monkey with the CW IV. I think Roy nailed this one down pretty good.
  3. I have used both but settled in with Qobuz. I think the SQ is better than Tidal. Shakey
  4. That’s a good amp. But it has a lot of age on it. There is a common issue with them that when it happens, it’s a boat anchor. Most people that buy them now send them to Steve for restoration. You can google this and see what I mean. I wouldn’t take the chance unless I wanted to invest more on top of the cost of the amp. Shakey
  5. Two things. Jolida makes good budget tube amps. The key word is budget. Not saying they don’t sound good, but your expectations might have been too high. I would definitely upgrade the small signal tubes. This usually makes a significant difference in any tube amp. 12ax7s are pretty common, if you don’t keep the jolida you can use them in something else down the road. It’s hard to imagine a world in which a tube amp doesn’t sound better than a Parasound amp. Don’t give up yet. Shakey
  6. I don't come in the lounge very often so I just saw this. Thoughts and prayers for his family and RIP sancho. His posts were always thoughtful and helpful. Shakey
  7. I've heard 70s era La Scalas and I wouldn't take a pair + cash for my cornwalls. The AL5 is probably a different story. But the improvements made on the CW IV make it a much more enjoyable speaker than ealier La Scalas. To each his own...........
  8. It's all subjective. I have heard a 10K amp that didn't sound twice as good as a 5K amp. But it sounded good enough to pay the extra money. That decision is based on how important what component A does better than component B is to the end user. The rule of diminishing returns is real, but sometimes to get that extra 5% improvement, one has to spend far more than 2 or 3X the $$. Just the way it is, I suppose. Shakey
  9. Cornwall IV over original lascalas any day of the week. It’s really not even a fair contest. Shakey
  10. I opened this thread hoping to see a truck..........
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