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  1. My response to you had nothing to do with how much $$ you spent. It was my disdain for comments about "this time we are living in". All I can say is that that is mostly self inflicted and if I hear "these uncertain times" much more, I might lose it........ Shakey
  2. but Icouldn't justify spending $300+ in a soundbar in the times we're living. You lost me right here........
  3. I ordered my pair from Cory. He shipped them out same day. Shipped on Thursday and arrived the following Tuesday. Couldn’t be happier with his (and Steven) customer service. Shakey
  4. Well I can heartily recommend the CW IV. You won't be sorry. Shakey
  5. It was not too many years ago I drove an hour and a half to pick up some Cornwall IIs that were almost mint. Got em' for 600.00. The lady's husband had passed. She had cornwalls, two pair of heresys and a beautiful pair of Khorns, all for sale. Things have certainly changed. Shakey
  6. But surely you aren't saying that two amplifiers from different manufacturers with identical power ratings that measure the same will sound the same? How about two preamplifiers? Or two cd players? I'm not even going to bring up cables, that's a discussion for another day. Shakey
  7. When you think about it, whether measurements would confirm the theory of break in or negate it, it really doesn't matter. Just like two amplifiers measuring the same doesn't mean they will sound the same. I'm not saying measurements aren't important, but everything that can be heard cannot be measured. I just sold a pair of speakers that exhibited changes all the way up to the 300 hour mark. I'm pretty sure my ears didn't become acclimated to the sound, they just gradually improved over time. Shakey
  8. I’m going to bump this up and offer it for 175.00 to anyone who wants to pick it up. It’s brand new! Shakey
  9. Well I did notice lol. Cory got them to send me the correct one, so we good.
  10. I received the wrong manual with my Cornwalls so I have a Heresy IV manual if anyone needs it. Just let me know and I’ll mail it out. Shakey
  11. Abso-friggin-lutely......... Tubes just push my buttons, in a good way. Shakey
  12. I can't say they'd be any less a bargain than the plethora of original CWs at 1500.00. Shakey
  13. Understood. Horns more than any speaker I have experienced are very sensitive to front end and amplification components. That's why I always tell newbies not to cheap out when it comes to what you pair with horn speakers. Mass market receivers, cheap digital amps, processors used as preamps, etc... have no place with a speaker that can potentially take your head off. Careful matching is in order. I wouldn't say my Music Reference RM9 II/Don Sachs preamp are world class, but they are very capable. Especially the RM9. Just try to find one of these if you can. When you do, expect to pay a premium. My point is that I don't think my associated equipment is a bottleneck for CW IVs. Shakey
  14. If either of you is interested in selling, there needs to be an asking price listed. Shakey
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