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  1. You can call AI “boutique” if you like, but they have been around for almost 30 years. And Tortuga has some of the best customer service out there. If one cares for sonics, the choice becomes easier. If not, go for the midfi stuff.
  2. There is an Audible Illusions preamp on US Audiomart if you need phono and don’t have to have a remote. Not many better values out there than that. If you just want a Line Stage, there are two Tortuga LDR preamps on audiomart, excellent piece as well.
  3. Not sure what that means, so I guess you don’t want my input.
  4. What is your budget? And do you need phono? If so, MM and MC? Remote a must? The NAD should be pretty easy to beat sonically.
  5. Congrats to seller and buyer. Shakey
  6. I wouldn’t call that a “small” room. That said, I really think you need to get them on the short wall so you can sit further away. It might be a hassle, it in the end you’ll think it was worth the trouble. Shakey
  7. One little tidbit you are forgetting. The 1st Amendment does not apply to a privately owned forum. If you disagree, start your own discussion forum where anyone can post anything they like and see how quickly that devolves into chaos. As a side note, I am a member of the Corvette Forum and they have an off topic section for politics. It is what I would call "controlled chaos". Actually pretty entertaining at times. Not something I would recommend around here. Shakey
  8. Yep, looks much better now. And horns like being pretty spread out. I'm sure it sounds so much better. Shakey
  9. If you pick the right subwoofer(s) and pay attention to setup, there won’t be any “thump, thump, thump, thump”. I don’t care for that either.
  10. Line Magnetic makes some good stuff.
  11. The first question we should ask is how big is your room (width). That will help you decide if the AL5 or khorn will work better for you. As a side note, I am truly sorry for what you and your countrymen are going through with your government right now. It’s really heartbreaking. Shakey
  12. Hey don't shoot the messenger. But I bet if you've ever heard a really good system (at a trade show, dealer demo, etc.) that made your socks leave your feet, you heard one with NO tone controls or equalization. There's a reason why the high dollar systems don't employ such things. You get the front end and amplification right, treat the room as needed, pick the right speakers, and you are done. I understand it's not the popular opinion around these parts. So I am fully prepared for what comes next.
  13. @Racer X, no need to be confused. If you'd ditch the Technics receiver for a good two channel preamp and buy some speakers with decent bass extension (or add subs), you would probably walk away from tone controls. You are using a band aid to correct deficiencies elsewhere in your system. If you like it, that's all that matters. I get that. Just so you understand there's a better way. Shakey
  14. If you sweat the details, you’ll have no need for tone controls or equalizers.
  15. Oh I agree the rates are good. But I just couldn't get around the insurance thing. I know most of the time nothing will go wrong, but it's my luck that if it does, it will happen to me. Good luck, I hope you can get em.
  16. I tried to use uship to ship my Spatial Audio X3s last year. The only insurance that I could buy was by the pound, not per the item's worth. I wasn't going to ship 6K speakers with only 200.00 of insurance. I passed. YMMV
  17. That’s cool. My daughter lives a couple of hours away, I’m have to let her know about it.
  18. And Qobuz recently had a price decrease. You read that right, a decrease. The only thing I don't like about Qobuz is their mobile app. It's quite buggy and will just quit sometimes or not go to the next track until you tell it to. No problems using the service with a streamer. Shakey
  19. I have tried many different sub settings with my LS II and I've settled on 40 Hz. My room has always supported low bass very well with any speaker I've had here and the LS is no exception. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a solid 50 Hz from the lascalas and on a lot of music the subs never even make their presence known. But when needed, the low end is ample and accurate. Good luck with your table tuba, I'm sure that will do the trick.
  20. Nice looking room, bet that sounds nice. BTW, where are you crossing your sub? Shakey
  21. Sound quality is the main thing I like about Qobuz. And I'd say about 60-70% of their content is hi rez, which sounds better than MQA to my ears. I tried Amazon HD when it first came out, but I didn't like the user interface.
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