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  1. Are you saying you can’t hear a difference, or you can? Not sure……
  2. I guess they couldn't sell em as LB100, so now the new and improved LB200 should be just the ticket.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive........ https://www.crutchfield.com/S-PX4nXDqNDIx/p_958LB100/McIntosh-LB100.html?XVINQ=GW3&XVVer=S81&awcr=348117586953&awdv=c&awkw=mcintosh lb100&awmt=p&awnw=g&awug=9008885&gclid=Cj0KCQjwntCVBhDdARIsAMEwAClhrh_hDaJuqs3JvqEj-yDjOtLfYn9Z7kOq7MM-gUUH7EHE5PQg5yIaAs4IEALw_wcB
  4. I'm no "audiophile expert", don't own any B&W speakers, and I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn last night, but every time I've heard a Bryston amp I wanted to run from the room.
  5. Further reading says you are supposed to put ugly non McIntosh electronics inside the box to hide them. So your RACK will be all MAC.
  6. Well it will have zero distortion. You know this works well with the "measurement is king" crowd..... Oh and in a DBT, it will sound exactly like your coffee table.
  7. It's the latest and greatest. You know you'll have to add this to your rack..... A MAC must have
  8. and considerable extra cost for no apparent practical benefit. YMMV. Unless you count that pesky sound quality. But it’s not just about stepped attenuators only, it’s about constant impedance which is very important and very easy to hear the improvement.
  9. Not true. The big stick in the mud with any preamp, receiver or integrated is the potentiometer. Some better integrated amps and preamps have constant impedance attenuators, but I guarantee that no receiver has anything other than a cheap ALPS pot. The attenuator is the heart and soul of any preamp and you can clearly hear the difference when you go with something better. Receivers are built to a price point and cannot feasibly include the better parts of higher quality separates or integrated amps. It's just the economy of scale. They are mass produced and designed to be feature rich for the non discerning buyer. That's ok, there is a demographic for that. But high performance audio it ain't....
  10. Pretty sure these will be gone by the end of the day. My son reached out early this morning and there were already two in line in front of him.
  11. Don't put words in my mouth. I never said you don't have a great system or that you don't care how things sound. As a matter of fact, impressive systems like yours are exactly the candidates for better front end components, tweaks, and cables. A good system can sound good with zip cord. Attention to detail will make it sound even better. Some people don't care about incremental improvements and that may be you. I don't know.
  12. Very serious. I didn't say you said that. I'm asking you if that is your opinion, as it is of some others on this forum. Amp = amp.
  13. Well he was spot on about the preamp. Couldn't agree more.
  14. Ok, you like the way McIntosh sounds. I get it. No problem for me. But like I said earlier, I don't think he meant that about every Mac owner. On the flip side, most people who say wire = wire condemn ALL enthusiasts who believe otherwise.
  15. Some McIntosh owners are getting butt hurt about @Rolox comments. Maybe I'm wrong, and I don't want to put words in his mouth. But I don't think he meant ALL Mac owners. Sure there are some that really like the way their gear sounds. But you have to admit there are a lot of posers that buy McIntosh, B&W, Wilson, etc. because: 1) It's expensive, so it must be good or 2) It's a brand that people recognize, so it's a status symbol I don't think his remarks were meant to be all encompassing, but it's a pretty good representation of buyers of these brands. Hell, most people say that horn lovers have tin ears. We know better, but that's the conventional wisdom among many.
  16. No more than you are accusing me of having "golden ears". You can go to Audiogon and get your abuse. I get mine here.
  17. Snarky. Is that what you meant to be? So people who are more attentive listeners (active listener, if you will) are "golden ears" to you? And casual listeners are "mere mortals"? Ok, got it. I just wanted to be clear on yet another "us vs. them" attitude. I suppose we don't have enough if that shoved down our throats by the mainstream media already? We can come here and get it too. Awesome!
  18. I agree that everyone is free to believe what they want. That said, I wouldn't call hearing differences in cables anything "extraordinary". I'd actually label it rather mundane.
  19. Ok, but dos it sound the same as a Crown amp? How about a Sony receiver? Any difference?
  20. Exactly. I have never berated anyone who says they can't hear a difference in cables. I only take issue with the ones who say no difference exists. If you can't hear the improvement, that's $$ in your pocket and good for you. But don't paint with a broad brush and think everyone should be like you. We have a member here (who will certainly be along shortly) who says all modern amplifiers sound the same. And yet he chooses to own a multi thousand dollar McIntosh amp when a 500.00 receiver should sound the same. It sounds like I'm making that up, but it's true...
  21. High quality systems deserve high quality cables. Govern yourself accordingly…
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