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  1. Yeah, that’ll work…..
  2. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649925663-klipsch-cornwall-iv-speakers/ This is another example of someone who should have opted for a sound bar. What are these people thinking?
  3. My stance on cables is well known in this forum. I do believe they are important and can be the icing on the cake in a system that is well sorted. All things being relative, I wouldn’t buy a 1k interconnect for a 2k system. So yes, a thousand dollars can be spent different ways depending on where you are with everything else. If you can’t hear an improvement with dacs, then amps, preamps and room treatment could be addressed. I am just of the mind that everything is important, just some things are more important than others.
  4. Wow. Someone saying all cables sound the same. What a revelation….
  5. If you don’t hear the difference, consider yourself money ahead. But some do and are willing to pay for that difference. It’s that last five per cent that costs you and you may not be the guy that cares about it. It’s ok.
  6. like an extra set of different speakers, etc. Or some better speaker cables?
  7. Yeah, it’s the entry level drug. People get hooked and want to move up right away.
  8. Well they hold their value pretty good, so a used one is only going to save you a couple hundred bucks. If you feel that strongly about it, buy one directly from Alvin at Vinshine. He is great to deal with. I bought mine new.
  9. I have not heard the Ares, but you’ll want to upgrade eventually so why not get the better dac out of the gate? I have thought about the Venus a couple of times, but even people who have owned both say the Pontus is the sweet spot and the Venus is only a marginal step up.
  10. Look to Lumin, Auralic, or Aurender for streamers.
  11. I think both streamer and dac are important. I went from a Node to a Lumin and it was a noticeable improvement. As @Fido mentioned, the dac in the node is decent, but a Pontus II will be much better and worth the $$.
  12. I’d pay a premium for a veneer that I absolutely loved. You are going to be looking at the speakers for a long time …….maybe…….
  13. Cables do make a difference. That said, your biggest improvement would come from ditching the computer in favor of a dedicated streamer.
  14. Those Djangos have been on my radar for years. If a pair came around close enough to pick them up, I'd definitely give 'em a listen.
  15. Now it's a bargain.........
  16. I doubt that. Many people know nothing about setting up a decent sounding two channel system. I bet that photo is true to the real conditions. And might even be the reason for the sale.
  17. Can you only imagine how bad those sound in that room?
  18. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb1fc3-klipsch-cornwall-birch-full-range Another dreamer…….
  19. “I know what I’ve got”….. 🤪
  20. I've been using an iphone app for measurement. I need to break out my trusty Radio Shack analog meter to compare.
  21. If someone wants an EV for the sake of having an EV it’s one thing. But don’t fool yourself that you are “saving the planet” or some such nonsense. There’s nothing “green” about it.
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