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  1. LOL - I know you love the chorus but I dont have extra 2 inches in my living room - wish I did but my Fortes sound amazing with Dave A,s new LMAHL Tweeters - zero extra inches - its tight and Lascals would never fit in my space
  2. you need room for bigger speakers - something I do not have and many people lack
  3. $1800 is a great price for Forte 111s - they sell for close to $4,000 a pair new
  4. they look pretty good from the email the seller sent me
  5. I got a relpy from the seller and the speaker cabinets have a few nicks and an odd black tint but look very clean otherwise - I want them but my wife said -'No Way' she likes my Heresy 1s I fixed up that perfectly match my fortes - so WAF is zero on the Forte 111s - Damn
  6. Never got a reply from my inquiry - I probably would have bought them if they were in decent condition cabinet wise
  7. I sent a text asking about the cabinet condition - I don't need more speakers but I could probably get $700 to $800 for my refurbished Heresy 1s and to have four Fortes in my living room would be awesome.
  8. I use my HSU subwoofer hooked to my PL instead of my Yamaha AVR for both music and Home Theater
  9. I bet those sound incredible - too bad I have nowhere to put them in my small house and listening room - GLWS
  10. I had the MA252 and traded it in on the Primaluna EVO 400 and I think the PL was night and day better than the MA252. I love the Primaluna as do many people that own one.
  11. that Yamaha is a very nice Integrated amp - Beautiful with a great build
  12. I had one - traded it in on a Primaluna all tube amp you can pm me if you have any questions about the MA252
  13. I had an MA252 for over a year. It was beautiful and very well built and sounded very good playing thru my Forte 1s. 7 months ago I traded the MA252 in for a Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated after hearing how great that all Tube integrated sounded. As nice as the MA252 is it did not sound in the same league as the Primaluna. Not even close imho. Could just be the synergy of my system but it sounds so good now I cant stop listening
  14. I have been listening to a lot of music this past week since I installed Daves LMAHLs and i think they are pretty well broken in now. When first installed they seemed just slightly hot. I had prepared Lpads to install if I thought they broke in and remained too loud. Dave had told me that his Tweeters had higher sensitivity than the original Forte one drivers so he had me wire up some Lpads to drop if I thought they were too loud. Fortunately after the initial break-in I think my speakers now sound amazing. In my office I use some KEF LS wireless speakers and they are very accurate and have amazing highs. I feel my fortes tweeters now sound accurate similar to the sounds the KEFs make. Very clear and guitar strings sound amazing. Vocals have never been as concise or nuanced and cymbals and piano are so much more alive - all in all I am a very happy camper.
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