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  1. People on some audio forums are speculating these may run close to $20,000 each. Yikes! I assume they will sound amazing but will they have the PA look that most other Danley Speakers.
  2. Since my last posting on this thread on my EVO 400 I have changed all my power tubes to kt 150s, replaced the rest of my preamp tubes with more Brimars and bought new Forte IVs. As much as I loved my system before I am even enjoying it more now than ever. The Brimars and kt150s created more low bass and mid bass punch than the el34s and standard pl tubes. That was my impression with my vintage Forte 1s. When I setup my new Forte IVs everything changed for the better to my ears. First off that punchy bass from the kt150s became much more punchy and clear. The second thing I noticed immediately was that the soundstage was much more centered while at the same time wider and deeper with a much greater soundstage where vocals and instruments were less muddied together. My system sounds much more dynamic anywhere in the house now. The other major benefits are that low volume listening is much more dynamic and I find I often enjoy listening at much lower volume levels than before. I think the kt150s help the pl create a more ss sounding low end ooooomth without effecting the very warm tube sound of the amp. The EVO 400 is a perfect match for the new Forte IVs.
  3. I can understand that. Until last year I never owned a tube component and preferred the reliability of a SS system. As soon as i heard a tube integrated amp I had to try it even though I knew there would be possibly more maintenance. So far so good but its early for me. GLWS!!
  4. If I had heard a difference I would have stayed with Tidal but most of the music i love was not available as MQA files. Maybe if I was more into Rap, Hip Hop or EDM I would have found more titles. I love classic rock and acoustic covers etc. Regular Tidal CD quality sounded great but no better than Amazon HD. Glad you found the music you like on Tidal and that you can hear a noticeable difference.Sometimes I can not hear a difference in systems or cables or amps etc etc and I am aware that other people can. If I could I would buy the more expensive cables and subscribe to Tidal and buy more expensive amps and turntables etc. It is never about the $$$ for me - I just want things to sound as good as possible in my house with my system and the music I like to listen to.
  5. What are you replacing them with?
  6. I do not think it is AWD - the engine on the C8 does not drive the front wheels - hooked to only the rear wheels. This is my Grand Sport and it is a fun car to own and drive
  7. OK but it is no longer front engine rear wheel drive - it is mid engine rear wheel drive - I had one on order but decided I wanted to keep my C7 Crand Sport because I love it and its almost totally paid for.
  8. In this day and age many products have upgrades yearly so just because Klipsch went over 20 years between Forte2s snd Forte 3s they were not wrong to update the 3s 3 years later to the IVs. If people love the way the 3s sound there is no reason to update to the IVs but if they find the IVs correct whatever they find wrong or missing in the 3s they might have to just buy new IVs. I do not think Klipsch has to come out with a kit so people can upgrade 3s to IVs but if they do I can understand the owners of 3s wanting to do those upgrades. I have modified 1s and I thought they sounded very good but there were several things I did not love about my 1s so I popped for the new IVs and after reading about the 3s decided I would pay extra to get the IVs. I am glad I did - I love the IVs - NOTHING that people can not remedy with Klipsch if they are willing to spend some $$$$$$$$. People want audiophile equipment that is state of the art and made like $100,000 speakers and they cry when Klipsch wants to charge them $4500. I love reading these mod threads and the people acting like manufactures should be using the most expensive materials and electronics and cabinets and bracing and cast woofer baskets and the best ever Capacitors and the best and most expensive grill cloth and best speaker terminals and and and............. I have a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport and it is awesome. It cost a lot of $$$ and it has depreciated quite a bit in 4 years. Then GM stopped making rear wheel drive Corvettes and only offer mid engine Corvettes. I love the looks of the new mid engine Corvette but I understood when I went to the Chevy dealership and told them I wanted one and asked them to give me a new one for free or make my rear wheel drive car into a mid engine exotic. They told me no problem except for the free part. Sure Sir - for $85,000 we will give you the latest greatest - Damn GM!!!!! lol
  9. The Forte IV is an amazing speaker. I think the mid and lower bass is much deeper and more punchy than the IIIs They feel much bigger than their size because the soundstage is more centered and wider and deeper.This might be mostly because of the steeper slope crossover makes the entire speaker more balanced. I hope they come out with a kit very soon for all the Forte III owners out there.
  10. I think my forte IVs sound amazing and will not be modifying them
  11. I think MQA is lame hype only available on Tidal!. There are only a Limited amount of MQA tracks available and I did not hear any difference between MQA files and CD Quality files. Amazon HD music files sound better to me and you do not need an MQA Dac to unfold the files. I switched from Tidal to Amazon HD Music and will not be going back.
  12. I am retired now but like any industry doing work for people is always open to negotiation. I gladly gave away my rights to the images to get a higher day rate. That way I didn't have to keep track of what or where the clients were using the images. I shot for swimwear companies, fashion companies, casinos, magazines etc. Companies pay a lot of $$$ in many places to market themselves so photographers have to advocate for themselves. Unfortunately there is almost no $$$$$ in photography anymore.
  13. Almost everything today is digital. Clients want to own the images now and take the card directly from my camera, have their graphic arts department download the card and reformat it before sending it back empty. Back in the day shooting film photographers always owned the images unless agreed to with the clients before hand.
  14. I shot these shots on my Canon 5D mkiii I went digital many years ago when my commercial clients started wanting digital files and local commercial labs dried up and you couldn’t find technicians that could provide high quality drum scans anymore.
  15. I used to teach photography seminars and I wold always tell the attendees the way to make your photography look much better was to hire more beautiful models!!!!!
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