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  1. Wow that has to be really loud. If I go past 12 o clock with my Forte IVs with the EVO 400 I’d be risking serious hearing loss. I think that your phone stage is causing the noise you are hearing thru your PL. I only use my Node 2i, turntable and ht bypass with my system but have had a Yamaha CD player in another aux input none of the inputs add snowy noise at any volume I have listened to. I rolled in a full set of Brimar preamp tubes and after about a year I heard a snow like noice at any volume. When I put the original PL tubes back in the noise completely disappeared. I am planning on putting the Brimar tubes back in the two center positions when I get around to it because I love the way the amp sounded with them installed in that position. If the snowy noise returns I will just stick with the PL stock tubes.
  2. I use a puffin phono stage and before that I used a musical fidelity phono stage plugged into aux 1 and I never had any snowy static sound or anything but silence. Have you tried plugging your phono stage into another aux input?
  3. If you think something sounds better it doesn’t matter if it IS actually better or even worse as long as you think it sounds better. How does anyone really know what someone else hears and how they hear it? And why does it matter? I had an NAD amp and preamp for years and then had numerous AVRs from Sony, pioneer and yamaha. When I went back to separates I bought a McIntosh hybrid integrated and to me that sounded better to my ears then any of the other amps I had ever owned to that point. Wondering about Klipsch and tubes I went to a store and listened to a Primaluna 100% tube integrated and I was hooked on the sound. I just liked it. Is it the greatest amp ever? Who knows if it really sounds good at all. The only thing I know is I like the way it sounds in my room with my gear and the music I love. Many people prefer ss for the power and some people think that valves are warmer and present the music like the artist is actually in your listening room. For me I hear music thru my tube amp with great bass and warm midrange. Could a pure class A amp sound better? Could a class d sound better? Could an ss amp sound better? I don’t care. I like the music in my room. I’d probably like many amps in my setup regardless of architecture.
  4. Claude just pony up the $$$ and gas up the Trailblazer and hit the road - you know you want them and its a great deal.
  5. I have a Jico stylus on my Dual 1229 in a V15Type III cartridge and it has lasted hundreds of hours so far and sounds just as good as the original Shure Cartridge Stylus.
  6. I don't think the Node is the end all be all. It is just one alternative besides a PC, Mac or a host of other streaming options. Yes it has built in Dacs but I didn't think the Dacs in my Node 2I sounded as good as my stand alone Dac. But you can easily connect straight from the Node to a preamp if you prefer. The convenience of the Nodes are that they are fairly small and wirelessly connect to the Internet. Bluos has an easy to use interface and mine never has any dropouts. I stream from my MacBookPro computer to my KEF LS500 Ws all the time and I think that works great too but the MacBook is much larger than the Node and the LS50 Ws have built in amps, a Dac and DSP. Many ways to access music. The Node is just one way that sounds pretty good to my ears. But... I still like vinyl so wtf do I know???
  7. If I didn’t have a great R2R Pontus DAC I would be trading in my node 2i for a Node because the upgrades look great- my streaming setup sounds fantastic - a bargain in the audiophile world
  8. I bypass the dacs built into the Node 2i and plug my Node into my Denefrips Hermès ddc and then out via hdmi going into my Denefrips R2R Pontus DAC. I prefer Amazon Hd streams but Spotify sound great too. Spotify has a lot of great playlist possibilities. I am totally hooked on streaming now.
  9. My Forte IVs are 12 feet apart center to center and 10” off the back wall pointed straight ahead. That is where they sound best to me and no hole in the middle. I tried 10 feet apart and farther from the wall and closer to the wall. I sit about 12 feet back from front of the speakers.
  10. The cherry color on the Forte IVs is unlike I have ever seen. I like a lot of woods. Teak is my favorite but the Fortes in cherry are gorgeous. So rich looking and it’s a warm feel.
  11. I want to be the president of that Smartazz club. Sounds like fun to me and I know you are not slumming it with those Danley subs and all that high end camera gear and i still enjoy my Forte 1s with Dave As lmahl tweeters. so far in first two years no problems with the PL except one tube that blew. Upscale had a replacement the next day and now I have extras just in case.
  12. Even if it’s just in your mind if you think something sounds better to you then it does. I thought my McIntosh hybrid integrated sounded better than my Yamaha AVR. When I traded my MA 252 for my Primaluna pure tube integrated I thought it sounded much better to me. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. My wife can’t tell the difference. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s real or not because it’s real to me.
  13. Yes - Saying something sounds analog is STUPID but then again you get the idea. Records are physical grooves with a cartridge that transmits the sound via a preamp and that is not digital. Therefor its safe to say it is probably more analog than digital. To be more accurate I should have said that my system with my streamer and DAC sound less DIGITAL than most I have heard and remind me of a turntable setup that is more of an analog source than a CD player or most streamers that are from sourced from a digital signal. Don't make me humiliate you again Claude!!!! lmao
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