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  1. I love everything about the Forte IVs but lately have spent a lot of time listening at very low volume levels. They are very dynamic no matter the volume but the way they scale up and down as volume changes is superb. To me it’s critical that low volume level listening retains all the dynamics of louder volume. Of course cranked they ROCK! They blend incredibly well with my REL s812s and the Primaluna EVO 400 is a great match with them. Synergy!
  2. My PG rated model website! http://www.davidhickeyphotography.com/models
  3. Fido


    Those are beautiful and that is a great price for a gorgeous pair of Heresy iiis. They would make a great base to convert to Super Heresys.
  4. Gorgeous Speakers and looks to be a great deal! GLWS!
  5. I shot the legendary Buck Owens and Billy Gibbons for a magazine I used to shoot for! Rock on! Both great guys!
  6. http://www.davidhickeyphotography.com/
  7. I am passionate about beauty but I see that everywhere. My specialty was shooting with beautiful women but I am just as passionate about shooting landscape or anything that pleases my warped brain. See my website davidhickeyphotography.com — not a picture of a model anywhere there
  8. I agree with you. I welcome constructive critiques. Bring it. Plenty of clients were willing to pay me real $$$$ for the images they sought. That was nice. At the same time it wasn’t just about the $$$ for me. It was about capturing beauty and that can come from almost anywhere if you just open your eyes
  9. Thanks for the kind words. It took me years to get the level of my work that was consistent enough to actually leave me happy with my own work.
  10. Too funny. But- if someone doesn’t like my work they can ignore it instead of talking sh-t about it. I am very proud of my accomplishments. I think the negative attitude by some members of this forum takes away from an otherwise great place to share with like minded enthusiasts.
  11. It iwasnt easy making models 100% comfortable while so scantily clad. Tough work but someone has to do it. Thanks for understanding how hard my job has been all these years.
  12. I was a professional glam photographer for many years! One of my many passions!
  13. Glad you enjoyed the images. Many straight men enjoy seeing pictures of beautiful women.
  14. Fido

    Car Thread

    If it doesn’t have JEM engineered crossovers and Randy’s blessing it probably won’t be road worthy. In Randy we trust. Lmfao
  15. sorry for your loss!!!! They are never here long enough and the love is pure!!!! My pups give me endless joy!!!!
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