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  1. I love the fact that its a fully automatic turntable and that idler slam plays all my classic rock and modern dance music like the artists are in my living room playing live! I have no idea why people would pay thousands of dollars on a fully manual turntable
  2. The artisan that built my custom Teac plinth ordered the beautiful dustcover for me - check him out on Vintage Analog Restoration - I love my refurbished Dual 1229 -- Records sound great on it
  3. As a teen I had a 1229 and loved it. Over the years it needed repairs and before the internet started cranking I couldn’t find anywhere to get it repaired and must have tossed it- like an idiot. I had a lot of vinyl and some music that was not available anywhere else so I decided to search Ebay and get another 1229. Found a local vintage repair place that was not honest and wasted $$$ having them attempt to restore. Fortunately there was a guy in LA area that was a vintage repair guru with great yelp reviews so I got it to him and he made it like brand new for not much $. I found a shure v15 type 3 and ordered a highly rated stylus from Japan and had a new plinth made and this turntable sounds really great playing thru the phono stage of my ma252- besides sounding awesome anyone that comes to our house wants to know about vinyl and that turntable.
  4. My KEF LS50 Wireless are so much better once you use the KEF App to choose wether they are wall mounted, desk mounted or stand mounted and the differences between a life room and a fairly dead room and setting up crossover frequencies. Without those setting being right I think they sound mediocre. Setup correctly the music they reproduce is stunning.They punch well above their wight.
  5. The KEF LS50W speakers have built in DACs and DSP and adjusting them is required to get them to perform up to the hype. On my desk in my office playing Tidal or Spotify and dialed in with the KEF IOS app they sound fantastic. I have my large floor standing Fortes in my living room and have a large HSU sub I use with them hooked to a nice hybrid Mcintosh amp and that setup is also fantastic in a more whole house music kind of way. There really is no comparison and I use more sources downstairs where my Dual Turntable is and my record collection. Totally different settings and goals. Im just trying to get the best sound of the equipment and medium I'm using. Thanks everyone for the input. There are so many ways to go with this hifi hobby.
  6. I LOVE the KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. They give me goose bumps. In my living room I have Modified Forte1s and for surrounds Heresys and I high end Klipsch center chanel speaker. I play these speakers usually running them straight from my MA252 Integrated - When I want to stream or watch TV in surround I use my Yamaha AVR and the preouts into the McIntosh. I play a lot of Vinyl and play CDs and stream a lot. I love the sound of those Fortes. Hanging out in that room with all that great music playing thru that amp and watching TV the sound blows my mind. its a very different sound than the near field of my KEF setup but I am very happy with the KEFS - LIKE VERY!!!! Like WOW!
  7. What does 'Mask the music" mean? I use the KEF LS50 W as near field speakers and they along with my HSU Subwoofer they sound amazing. They don't have the volume of my Fortes but for my intended purpose they sound really good.
  8. Ok so I ran a usb cable from my MacBook Pro to the KEFs and played the same songs back to back and the Tidal files sounded much fuller and richer than the Spotify files. Obviously bluetooth is not the way to go - I will get these speakers on my wifi network and do the same for my living room setup and test the Tidal versus Spotify quality and see how my Klipsch system sounds with the different streaming services.
  9. I use my MacBook pro over bluetooth - The KEF LS50 Ws have a high end DAC built in - maybe I could hear a difference going thru USB. It sounds amazing the way its hooked up but I cant hear a difference between Tidal and Spotify
  10. Listening to spotify premium and Tidal High on my KEF LS50Ws I cant really tell a difference - they both sound very good as I toggle from one to another. What amI missing?
  11. I think my ears are still pretty good but I cant really hear the difference between Tidal and Spotify Premium? How many of you can hear a discernible difference? and how?
  12. My favorite thing about online communities is the judgements people make about how people spend their $$$$$ - LMAO - I just wanted a fun project since I am retired and love to try things I have never done before. The project started out as an excuse to learn how to veneer a set of speakers. After people suggested the woofers would look much better if I used shoe polish on them I had no choice but to replace the woofers as the polish disintegrated the one I tried the polish on. I had no desire to build my own custom designed speakers and I am quite happy with the final results of this project. I do not think I wasted $$$ installing the new crossovers even if it wasn't required because the speakers now look great and sound great. They are still Klipsch Heresy speakers - I have less then $700 into them and they are exactly the way I want them.
  13. my 252 sounds amazing and has plenty of power for my setup so I'm not in the market but if I was the 352 would be at the top of my list. Yes I have been tempted by all tube amps like Primaluna but my TINY Puppy Dog sounds damn nice
  14. This looks perfect for so many people that would rather tinker with audio gear than actually listen to music. I'm sure it will be an awesome value when they get the Beta testing all done and its upgraded to reflect that feedback. I love listening to vinyl thru my old school Dual 1229 Automatic.
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