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  1. I love all the cables I have purchased from BJC - they are awesome
  2. Stopped shooting glamor and commercial fashion a few years ago. I do not miss it http://www.davidhickeyphotography.com - —- now my work is mostly shot on my iPhone and just fun over saturated and not for sale with no bikini or glam - I occasionally take my 5Dmkiii out with my 300mm f 2.8 just to mess around but its rare these days
  3. Fido

    GSG Devastator

    That sounds like an incredible bang for the buck.
  4. Fido

    GSG Devastator

    Can you pm the price? I saw nothing on their website about them selling a finished product
  5. Fido

    GSG Devastator

    So what is priced right mean? I would be interested in picking up a finished version if I could swing it within my 2021 audio budget.
  6. I bet that PL Dialgue Premium sounds amazing driving those Khorns. Glws
  7. I made a software adjustment on my Node 2i and it appears I no longer have the static problems anymore. By disabling Clock Timing in the BluOS software there are no longer glitches between my Node and my Denefrips Pontus DAC- hope this is a permanent fix and not recurring. Playing directly from the Node using it’s built in dacs the static is not present but the Pontus sounds much better than the dacs in the Node. BluOS even says that the clock timing button may need to be turned off when using an external DAC. Saves me $2100 plus tax and having to try another streaming service.
  8. I don’t think it does - that answers my question. So little amount of information on all the streaming devices and services.
  9. I have dozens of Amazon HD Playlists and thousand of songs saved on my Amazon accounts. I love the ability to access so much music so for now I will stick with streamers that can support Amazon and Spotify. Thanks for your suggestions! For now I am going to stick with my Node 2i
  10. RPIs look very interesting and the price seems right but they are not as convenient as a Node or Lumin and I can't see that they support running Amazon Music which is my streaming app of choice. Building a Raspberry could be fun, though and with coaxial out probably sounds pretty darned good
  11. Thanks _ I will contact him and see what he can do for me
  12. U1 $6000 versus u1 mini $2100 I can probably do $2100 but $6 k is a bit of a stretch and I’m not sure I could actually hear the $4000 difference
  13. Does anyone have any experience with a LUMIN U1 MINI DIGITAL TRANSPORT/STREAMER? I listen to a lot of music and its either from my vinyl collection or streamed. My first Blusound Node2i developed a lot of static and I could not get rid of it. While still under warranty I took it back to Magnolia and got a new one about 10 months ago but now the new one has developed the same static as the old one had. Thinking of upgrading my streamer to a Lumin but am looking for anyone who has had experience with the product referenced above?
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