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    Living Room - Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Amp, Klipsch Forte IVs, Yamaha RX- V880 Receiver, Dual 1229 Turntable with Shure V15 III, Technics 1200 MK 2 with Denon DL-110 MC Cartridge, Puffin dsp phono preamp, Klipsch Forte I's with Bob Crites cross overs, Dave A,s LMAHL TWEETER upgrades, HSU VTF-3 MK5 HP subwoofer, Klipsch RP-450 CA, Bluesound Node 2i, Denefrips Pontus Dac, - Office - MacBook Pro Feeding KEF LS50 Wireless Near Field Speakers and an HSU Subwoofer

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  1. Your work is always impeccable. Just WOW!
  2. not worn out yet!!!!! thanks for the heads up
  3. I love my parks audio Puffin
  4. I don't find the 400 on the bright side with my Forte IVs but perhaps the Hereseys are brighter than the Forte IVs.
  5. That Mofi/Fender Precision Deck drew me in - just beautiful in person and the TT with the 10" tone arm, Cardas wiring and Ultratracker cartridge sounds fantastic. I am enjoying dropping Needle often!
  6. I already had the the First Yes album and I also have 90125 on CD but did not have Fragile or Close to the Edge. I also have Emerson Lake and Palmer. For whatever reason I was just very light on my Yes Vinyl but that is being remedied now! Close to the Edge has Roundabout and thats a great classic Yes song!
  7. I totally agree. I played a lot of Yes back in the 70s but somehow did not realize how incredible they truly are. The Yes albums bring me so much joy and sound incredible on my current system. Just WOW!
  8. just picked up Close to the Edge and Fragile to play on my new MOFI TT!!!
  9. I have had a pair of CERWIN VEGA 380 SE speakers for over 40 years now. They still look and sound great. I listened to them daily until I inherited my fathers 1986 Forte 1s. My nephew is enjoying them now. As much as I like the Cerwin Vegas the Fortes always sounded better to me in every way. The very deep over powering bass the 380 YEs provide are fun, though. - I do not miss them in my system.
  10. Those Forte 1s look beautiful and someone should enjoy them very much! GLWS!
  11. Have you tried a balanced isolated transformer? I have a Panamax line conditioner but am curious if the transformer might provide cleaner power that I could actually hear?
  12. Does anyone have any experiences using balanced Isolated Transformers to power streamers, dacs, tt, etc? Do they lower the noice floor for these devices significantly.
  13. we always think we are just about "DONE" - lol but I love my Forte IVs, too 🥰
  14. I’ll fire it up and drop needle soon and record it 😻😻😻😻 happy New Year!
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