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  1. Didn't you just buy that Amp back? Sorry you have to sell such a fine piece of Audio equipment - GWS - wish I could buy that from you
  2. Very Sorry for your loss. Makes one realize that stereo stuff is just not worth being the top priority.
  3. I have this same sub to go along with my Forte 1s and my Heresy surrounds. It seems to be very musical with my Fortes and filling in that lower frequency range makes the music FEEL so much more alive
  4. Thanks for that great review. It was exactly what I have been trying to learn since I watched Kevin Deal and his PL Utube Videos. There is so much hype when it comes to audio gear and camera gear and autos etc. its hard to get a real feel for what is important. I am very happy with the sound of my MA252 playing thru my modified Forte 1s but its difficult for me to ignore that I might prefer the PrimaLuna even more. I listen to my stereo many hours a day but people say tubes can last thousands of hours so I don't know if using the PL would make me go thru tubes too fast. Maybe I can go to Upscale and hear the PL??? PS - The MA252 doesn't have an HT passthru.
  5. What made you decide to buy the PL over the MA252? Is it a totally different listening experience with the PL?
  6. thanks for throwing out another option and one I may look into in the near future. Still curious about feedback about the Primaluna Integrated
  7. Oh no!!!! You give me an 'F"!!!!!!! Sorry I'm such a failure. LOL - Of course I knew it was a hybrid amp but what I was not aware of was the rave reviews of the Primaluna line of products. I watched a review on UTUBE with Kevin Deal where he took an a MA252 in trade at his store and basically said that changing the tubes in the Mcintosh preamp section do next to nothing to change or improve the sound of the Mcintosh. I love the sound of my system as is but that doesn't mean I'm not curious about how much better the Primaluna Dialogue HP might sound.
  8. A year ago I bought a Mcintosh ma252 Integrated amp having never heard of Prima Luna. I love the MA 252 and its phono stage sounds amazing and just rocks. I have never owned any real tube gear and I soon figured out that my Mcintosh Integrated wasn't really made for tube rolling and would never have the sound of a tube integrated amp. Saying that, as much as I love my MA252 I'm still very curious what a Primaluna Dialogue HP would sound like with the rest of my system? I will probably never know because the PrimaLuna is almost $4500 without a phono preamp and then there would be the cost of tubes if I decided to roll them and I play my system for hours every day and I'd worry about the cost of replacing tubes - stillllllll - how much better would the PrimaLuna possibly sound??????? looking forward to hearing peoples opinions on the Primaluna versus the Mcintosh Hybrid-- someone besides Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio who seems very knowledgeable about anything Tubes but is also deeply invested in PrimaLuna
  9. My recently purchased 1979 Heresy's only had 4 screws attaching each woofer.
  10. I used contact cement and a roller on the cabinets and veneer on the heresy speakers I just refinished -- it probably took me about 2 hours to venneer both speakers once the underlying peeling veneer was removed and all irregularities were filled in. Much easier to do than I thought it would be. I used a very inexpensive red oak solid wood veneer and edging of the same tile except the edging was iron on, Matches up quite nicely with my existing Oak Forte 1s
  11. Done - thanks for all the help and advice - moving on to my next project
  12. Looking back I have no idea what made me think these were EVER clean????? You are right - this needs a new thread title - lol
  13. Its OK - Glad they are up to original spec. This was just a project I thought would be fun and I'm glad I made them look and sound as good as they do now. My wife loves them so thats another positive for both of us. They looked really bad when we picked them up and she had no idea I was thinking of putting them in our living room as possibly our new surrounds. When I started the project she asked me what i was planning on doing with them and I could tell she had no desire to have those delaminating and badly stained speakers with the the ugly worn looking woofers and old grill cloth gracing our beautiful living room.
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