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  1. I didn't even audition the 300 when I auditioned my EVO 400 because I wanted this Integrated Amp purchase to be my last amp purchase if possible. But - having 8 power amp tubes makes rolling a lot more expensive - I love the sound of my EVO 400
  2. How do you like the KT 120s compared to the EL 34? - I have only heard my 400 with the EL 34s that it came with
  3. I have lived in San Juan Capistrano for over 40 years - Before that I lived in Dana Point. My family had a house on the beach in Laguna when I was growing up. Im a water baby for sure. Surfed, body surfed, scuba dived etc etc etc - this is the hottest I have ever felt it in all my years here. 98 degrees at 5:30 PM - dang! My wife and I ride our bikes to Kiiller Dana almost every day - and it gives us our fix and we love the beauty of it all. The Dana Point Marina
  4. Actually we have a number of cities adjacent to each other here in Orange County. Directly next door to our house is the City of Dana Point with Doheny State Beach and the Dana Point Marina - a block the opposite direction is Laguna Niguel so for those people that live here we often just call it the oc. Many people might think I live inland in San Juan Capistrano but I am much closer to San Clemente ----- but - I dont live in San Clemente. Shiva just says he lives in Southern California lol
  5. we live right next door to San Clemente in San Juan Capistrano - just went body surfing at T Street and the water was about 64 degrees - very cold but refreshing - we ride our Bikes to San Clemente almost every other day down to Pier Bowl, T Street and sometimes all the way to Trestles.
  6. Someone on the AVForum responded that the latest bluOS software update gave the option of disabling Audio Clock Trim and by doing that it appears to have fixed my static problem. It was driving me crazy. I had contacted the BluOS people but due to Covid they are all working remotely currently and have not responded as of yet.
  7. My Node 2i just started having some static coming thru it. Nothing in my setup has changed. I checked to make sure it was not static thru my Dac by plugging in my CD player to my Dac via the coaxial cable. Ran the RCA cable from the Dac and zero static. Plugging the Node 2i bypassing the Dac and going RCA outs to my amp and no static. By process of elimination it appears the static is coming from the Coax out from the Node 2i to the coax in of my Dac. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing the stati in my scenario?
  8. I love your LMAHL tweeters and they have raised the sound quality of my Forte 1s to a level I never imagined. I am thinking the mid range of the fortes could also be substantially improved,. I'd love to be the first to buy a pair of your Aluminum Midrange drivers and think that these improvements would easily match or better the Forte 3s.
  9. Can these possibly fit in a Forte?
  10. Most of my musical tastes are aligned with Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, Foreigner, Styx, Jackson Browne, James Taylor and many more classic rock groups along with Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga etc etc etc --- I find 90% of what I like to listen to on Tidal but when I cant find it there I log on to Spotify - Been very happy with the quality of Tidal more than Spotify but lower res is OK when you cant find it in hi res on Tidal
  11. I have no clue what you are talking about???????????
  12. My entertainment center has cane grills on them and sometimes my remote cant clearly see my Yamaha AVR - I bought a remote sensor that I could mount with much better line of sight and it was approx $10 on Amazon and it works great - now I can mount the remote sensor anywhere I want https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014EDRJB6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I used to use Spotify and it was free to me on the family membership we had but once I got Tidal I have pretty much switched over. I have made so many playlists of music I love now and most of them are not MQA but they are hifi or CD Quality and they sound damned good. I can not hear the difference between CD quality and MQA making buying an MQA Dac not a requirement for me. I think MQA might be a tad bit of hype but again I just could not hear the difference with the Blueos Node2 in MQA or the files in CD quality. I also have Tidal on my computer and play it thru my KEF LS50 Wirless speakers I have in my office and cant hear the difference on that system either. I found much more music I like on Tidal than I could find on Spotify but if I cant find it on Tidal I will head over to spotify. I have almost 300 vinyl records and thought that was great but I now have over 200 playlists probably the equivalent of over 600 albums. I pulled my cd player out of my stack.i dont have to skip songs etc and there are many playlists that have music that were never released on vinyl. For me the Denefrips Dac made everything less grainy or electronic sounding and I dont mind listening to streamed music now. Before the Denefrips Dac I totally preferred vinyl.
  14. I love my Forte speakers but I realize the system sounds so much better because of the HSU Subwoofer I have playing along with them. Even though people say the the Fortes have good bass I find that those lower two octaves make everything sound so much better. My HSU sub sounds fantastic but its really what feeling the music and the increase in mid base clarity and punch that having a subwoofer adds to the entire equation. Feeling the music is so important because at a live musical event you feel the music.Its awesome to have a similar experience in your home listening space and I could never imagine having a stereo without the lower octaves shining thru. Shakey is right when he said adding depth to some material but add to that that almost all music sounds better to me when you have a sub to underly everything.
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