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  1. its interesting - many of the 1200 Mkii turntables were under $300 when new and some used ones can be bought for that same amount today but there are people trying to sell them used for almost $1000 on ebay. Some of the brand new 1200s are only $900 but some models are almost $4000. People are crazy in the used market and figuring out value is very difficult on many items and the 1200 MKII is all over the map. Bottom line is if you have it sitting collecting dust and don't plan to ever use it you might as well sell it. I still have and OLD NAD Amp and preamp sitting in the rafters in my garage - I'm never going to incorporate them back into my system or the phono preamp I had before my integrated Mcintosh. I just hate dealing with Ebay but I should just give those electronics away since I will never use them again.
  2. I have a classic Dual 1229 totally refurbished that I love but was wondering what you thought would be a fair price for your Technics? Just for a backup? I know thats crazy but I do lots of crazy shit - lol
  3. seller must have changed his mind
  4. any more info on these?????
  5. Fido

    Wife's Mom passed away

    Sorry for your family loss
  6. that sounds totally cool - i need to check one of those out
  7. The Color Organ is such a fun novelty. When people come to our house and see the vintage speakers, the Mcintosh Integrated, the Dual Turntable, all the records and the Color Organ they are always fascinated. And for those of you that have Klipsche Forte speakers you know the music is an immersive experience so its an out and out assault to the senses being in that room and listening to music.
  8. Thats not really a very old thread for this forum!!! lol - Wonder if he ever found veneer for those K- horns?
  9. My original dual 1229 broke down years ago but when i wanted to listen to records I realized I had thrown it out because I didn't know it could have been fixed -- had to find one on EBAy and have it refurbished - I still have a lot of vintage gear that I don't think is worth fixing - lol - I love the memories of the gear but there is a lot of nice stuff out there today
  10. looks like a very nice setup and awesome to have fun with the hobby
  11. the wooden box is an old fashioned Color Organ I got when I was a teen - I like visual and audio art forms - so equipment has to look cool and sound good and visually stimulate as mush as the audio does
  12. I thought of building an isolated shelf before i got the Iso Acoustics - if I'm wrong I guess I'll be replacing the tubes on the MA252 sooner rather than later - Only time will tell
  13. yes - I have a large collection of Vinyl - about 300 plus albums - love spinning my records on my Dual 1229 and sounds AMAZING thru the MA252and speaker setup -- mind blowing analog feel
  14. I actually have my MA252 on these iso acoustic vibration feet and I cant feel vibration thru the Integrated amp - at least no more than the vibration in my living room just from the music playing loud
  15. I bought the cane from a rattan shop in LA and they installed it on some extra grill frames I bought on ebay
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