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  1. I own a PL Evo 400 Integrated and I am totally blown away by how good it sounds in my system. Worth every penny I paid for it and then some. I have found my forever Amp.
  2. I actually think the DACS in the Node2i sound pretty damned good playing mostly Tidal. I had a Mcintosh Hybrid Integrated amp the MA252 and it sounded very good but the Primaluna EVO 400 is in another world. My Klipsch Fortes have never sounded anywhere near this AMAZING!!!!
  3. I have a Primaluna evo 400 - very high end integrated tube Amp. It sounds amazing. I have a Micromega External Mydac I'm hooking the Node2i up to.
  4. I just added a Bluesound Node Streamer to my setup and think for the $$$ it sounds damn good. I love my vinyl collection and my Cds but its so obvious that streaming Tidal and Spotify etc... are NOW and the FUTURE. Endless amounts of music at your fingertips and the Node 2i sounds very good streaming MQA via Tidal.
  5. A week later and all I can say is that I am even more blown away after listening to much of my music library thru the Primaluna EVO 400. This was a great reason to buy high end gear - because the sound draws you in and makes you want to listen to more and more music than ever before. The depth of sound from low to highs is so rich compared to my previous integrated amp that words can't describe it.
  6. Its silver and I am so STOKED!!!!!! Freaking sounds amazing - Klipsch and tubes are like peanut butter and jelly
  7. Picked up the EVO 400 yesterday and got it up and running late last night. The Fortes i have were my fathers and he bought them in 1986. My dad passed away 15 plus years ago and I inherited them and upgraded the crossovers and the tweeters. They have been run by an NAD separate amp and various AVRs and my last amp the MA252 Mcintosh integrated. All i can say is until last night I had no clue how amazing those speakers could sound with a great tube amp and the Primaluna fits that bill. Nirvana for my ears! WOW!!!!!!!!! - Totally different listening experience - really really quite amazing.
  8. I could not resist and traded my MA252 in today at Upscale Audio for the EVO 400 Integrated and I just got it up and running and threw on some CDs just to check it out in my living room setup. Without a doubt the best my Forte ever sounded this good until today - of course the EVO 400 is not broken in at all but holy mother of God does this setup sound amazing! Tomorrow I'll get my Vincent Phono Stage setup and listen to some of my all time favorite vinyl and then stream some Tidal to put it thru its paces - I'm a very happy camper - I had no idea that my 1986 Fortes could sound this amazing.
  9. Thanks for the feedback - its actually very helpful to me in deciding what I should do
  10. My only experience hearing a Primaluna Integrated Tube Amp was at Upscale Audio. All the sales people I talked to there were very approachable and very personable. They didn't actually feel like they were even sales people - more like audio enthusiasts that loved the bad *** equipment they carry at Upscale. Kevin Deal is very passionate about the hifi equipment they sell in his store and spent a fair amount of time getting me setup in a room with a streamer so I could listen to any type of music I like listening to in both Triode and Ultralinear modes. There was no hard sell attempts and nobody talking down to me just because I'm not the typical Audiophile nerd. I just like kick *** stereos! Yes the Evo 400 costs more $$$ than my Mcintosh but it seriously felt like it was in another world and yes - I want one.
  11. The EVO 400 Integrated sounded amazing! I'm sure the Preamp has that wonderful Primaluna Tube sound. All I can say is WOW!!!! Blew my mind, really
  12. thats why I keep thinking I should just go all out with the EVO 400 and just relax as I get my lifetime amp, finally
  13. thanks Dave for the feedback. Are you running a Dialogue Premium hp?
  14. the best amp I have ever owned is the MA252 - I'd say its mid fi very well executed.
  15. I recently heard a Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated amp and was very impressed with how it performed. I currently am using an MA252 Hybrid Mcintosh Integrated. Now that I have listened to the Primaluna my very good sounding Mcintosh seems lacking to me. Im looking for any and all feedback on the Primaluna Integrated amps and particularly the Evo Line??? Does anyone have experience with their products as its pretty expensive to upgrade to the Primaluna but I was blown away how strong the bass was and how sweet the midrange sounded. Ive asked on the 2 channel section of this Klipsch forum and as usual people rarely answer the questions I'm most interested in - lol - any input will be greatly appreciated
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