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  1. some people claim that several streamers, including the Node2i actually perform better thru wifi than hard wired - all I know is that i stream everyday thru the node 2i with no drops and the songs sound fantastic
  2. If all you need is just a music streamer the Bluesound node 2i is excellent and with a good dac the sound can be amazing. I live in a small townhouse so I don't use Sonos or Musicast etc to have different setups in different rooms. In my office I use my computer and KEF LS50 Wireless setup running Tidal. The Bluesound in my listening room is so easy to use that it works seamlessly and you can be up and running within minutes.
  3. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/365781-REG/Ebtech_HUM_X_Hum_X_Ground_Loop.html/?ap=y&ap=y&smp=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=Cj0KCQjwybD0BRDyARIsACyS8mtVGdxi3Q55M4KzEdXGfk9SbVT1qNoEB6VCvt2lkXP0v_QihBS4qbMaAobQEALw_wcB
  4. I just got my Denefrips Pontus DAC and now have that hooked up to my Bluesound Node2i playing into my Primaluna Evo 400 into my fathers old Forte speakers and HSU subwoofer and damn doesn't it sound Spectacular!!!! So fun building these systems and merging yourself into the music
  5. My Vincent had a hum problem which many people claimed was a common occurrence. I think I could have trouble shooted it more with a NULL plug perhaps but didn't want to deal with troubleshooting it so I traded it in for a MUSICAL FIDELITY MX-VYNL PHONOSTAGE and it sounds fantastic with no hum at all - best phonstage I have ever owned and at Upscale Audio it was only $150 more than the Vincent
  6. I love my Bluesound Node2i and use it to stream mostly thru Tidal - I have made many playlists and have more music from my favorite artists than I have ever had thru all my other media options. To me it sounds fantastic but most of the music I listen to is CD quality. There isn't as much MQA content out there. Between my records and my Playlists i am so much more involved in music every day more than ever. I have an old DAC I hooked up and it still sounded great but I couldn't tell the difference between my Older DAC and the built in DACs of the Node2i. Sometime this week my Denefrips Pontus DAC arrives and I'm excited to hear it with my Node2i. one thing though - I control the Bluesound software thru my iPhone or pad - I dont know if you can use the Node2i without a smartphone or Ipad??????????? Stuck in the house not being able to do my professional photography work I have loaded up over 160 playlists so far.
  7. cant be You cant be that poor if you can buy a $5000 Streamer/Dac - but that looks brand new and reviews very highly - GLWS - Wish I didn't have a new DAC on order and had already bought the Bluesound Node2i
  8. that Veneer job is fantastic - Kudos! - great looking transformation and I'm a big fan of Cane grills - did cane grills on my Fortes and my HIPs
  9. Every time I play music thru my EVO 400 I am completely amazed how good it sounds and how "Nothing I have ever heard in any of my friends home systems" even comes close to comparing. I freaking love this integrated AMP!!! WOW!!!!!
  10. Near field is a totally different animal than conventional room filling speaker setups. I am a professional photographer and spend hours working in Photoshop and my KEF monitors are very accurate and sound amazing in the near field. Staging is excellent and it feels like you are in a studio setting sitting between the KEF LS 50 Ws. - Downstairs I have my Fortes and a larger sub and my Primaluna Amp and that setup can fill the downstairs with music. Much BIGGER sound and great sound but not as accurate as the KEF Monitors surrounding me in my computer space. I still prefer the sound downstairs Primaluna and Klipsch Fortes but the near field setup rocks my world in different ways.
  11. I own the KEF LS50 W and pair those with an HSU Sub - They sound AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Mind BLOWING!!!!!
  12. Thanks Marvel - I had missed that post - I get very busy sometimes and am not up here that often
  13. Hi Marvel -are you talking to me?
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