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  1. I can’t really hear a big difference between NOS and OS and also don’t hear much of a difference between phase on or off but perhaps the positive phase setting presents a deeper soundstage - it’s very subtle. All I know for me is that the Pontus sounds much more analogue than other dacs I have heard. Far less sheen and electronic sounding glare.
  2. I have played tidal mqa files and side by side cd quality files and I can’t hear the difference. Therefore I didn’t require an mqa enabled DAC when I was DAC shopping.
  3. Fido

    Tube Rolling?

    thanks Rich for the feeback
  4. Fido

    Tube Rolling?

    Last year I bought a Primaluna EVO 400 and love it. It came with EL34 tubes and they sound great. I recently changed the two preamp tubes to Brimars and those sound awesome. I am now considering rolling some power tubes as I have never tube rolled. So many choices and so many opinions but my wife wants a Christmas list so here is what I am considering. Tung Sol KT-150s or Gold Lion K77s or Primaluna KT 88s? have any of you tried these tubes in your Primaluna Integrated amps? Since the EVO 400 has 8 power tubes I'd like to get it right the first time.
  5. bump - tweeters still available Pair of Klipsch K75 with Crite titanium diaphragms - From My Forte 1s - $100 plus buyer pays shipping - will include original k75 diaphragms if buyer wants them too Pair of K77 Tweeters from Heresy 1s - $100 plus buyer pays shipping
  6. my Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated tube amp - love it - yes its on a shelf screwed into studs and is not sitting on the subwoofer - I use the isolation feet to make sure there is ZERO vibration to the amp in case people feel the need to chastise me for what looks like the amp is sitting on the sub - lol
  7. Been there done that lol - I’ll try and call you tomorrow - my wife and I were riding our bikes to the beach when you called now sitting down to thanksgiving dinner - happy thanksgiving
  8. the yamaha avenge series of AVRs are very very nice - I have an RX 880 and it sounds very good and is quite capable - I use it for all my TV sound and home theatre setup $415 sounds like a great deal to me
  9. One of my all time favorite records is the soundtrack to the movie Goin Surfing by the late Bud Browne. Back in the 70s they used to show surf movies in various cities at civic auditoriums. The only place to buy this record was at the movie event. I searched the world for this one - paid $50 for it and a year later found a copy of it at a neighboring garage/record sale for $2 - one of my favorite all time records
  10. No gloves for my record handling. i just handle the records outside the grooved surfaces and run my record cleaning brush over it before i do a needle drop it looks dusty.
  11. Those are some of the ugliest speakers I have ever seen. Hurt my eyes!
  12. sub woofer disease on "your scale" requires a lot of REAL ESTATE - my car has a nice home in my bad *** garage - and yes - lenses are cheap compared to my ride but thats what $$$ is for since i don't have room for subs half the size of my living space
  13. I had a Node 2i and it had a static problem that I tried to trouble shoot fix with changing settings but the static would just come back. Very frustrating. Went back to Best Buy and they ordered me a new Node and even though its the same model the new one sounds so much better than the old static producing one. Playing thru the Denefrips DAC I just love how my system sounds streaming. ---- I have a lot of Vinyl and my turntables sound good to me but these days streaming sounds almost as good and its so convenient I could never go back to CDs and only vinyl since there is still a lot of great music that was never available on vinyl. To me a really good sounding Dac is a game changer.
  14. I use a Node2i as my streamer playing into a Denefrips R2r Pontus Dac playing into my primaluna evo Tube amp playing into my Fortes and HSU sub and it sounds freaking awesome - very close to my analog vinyl setup -- cant explain what makes the Pontus sound so good but the synergy works in my simple setup
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