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    Living Room - Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Amp, Klipsch Forte IVs, Yamaha RX- V880 Receiver, Mofi Fender Turntable, Dual 1229 Turntable with Shure V15 III, Technics 1200 MK 2 with Denon DL-110 MC Cartridge, Puffin dsp phono preamp, Klipsch Forte IVs, Klipsch Forte I's with Bob Crites cross overs, Dave A,s LMAHL TWEETER upgrades, Rel S812 subwoofer, Klipsch RP-450 CA, Bluesound Node 2i, Denefrips Pontus Dac, - Office - MacBook Pro Feeding KEF LS50 Wireless Near Field Speakers and an HSU Subwoofer

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  1. Glad you are digging your new 300B. How fun! Listening to new gear is just another something in the hobby I like especially if the new gear connects you closer to the music.
  2. You need to post almost constantly to get to over 71,000 posts. And now we know the motivation - @oo1 wants to have 20 million posts with thousands of videos having nothing to do with Klipsch or audio.
  3. Der if I only learned how to read? Ha ha
  4. GLWS - you might want to post an asking price. I have the Evo 400 and I absolutely love it
  5. A 300B amp should sound fantastic with your LaScalas. I’d love to hear one with my Forte IVs congrats and hope it sounds great.
  6. I have a node 2i with an external power supply and run it into a Denefrips Venus DAC and it sounds great. I hear the newest Node X with its internal dacs sounds fantastic.
  7. Much of the music I listen to doesn't need speakers to go down to 20 Hz but I listen to Lady Gaga, Rhianon, Arianna Grande, David Gueitta and many other genres like EDM. The deep bass the REL Subwoofer supplies below the bass the Fortes can't possibly deliver make the sound very life and extremely dynamic. Yes the Forte IVs have very punchy bass but they dont have the deep bass that many genres of music thrive with. I am always baffled with people that enjoy music and great sound systems and yet so many here bad mouth Subwoofers.
  8. I bet you will love the Infinity alongside your new mclaren Fortes
  9. As good as the Forte IVs are at generating punchy bass they still can’t play below 35 hz. In my mind a properly setup sub that easily digs down below 20 hz adds that bottom octave that takes the Forte IVs to another level. I can’t imagine any main speakers that couldn’t benefit from a well integrated subwoofer. In my room the REL S812 was a great addition to my Fortes and I wouldn’t want to live without it.
  10. As good as the bass is with the Forte IVs the addition of the REL S812 fills in the lower registers the Forte IVs can’t reach. In addition the REL helps the Fortes mid bass sound even stronger. I have never heard any of my friends systems sound better or as good as my setup.
  11. I purchased my Forte IVs from https://paducahhometheater.com/ and saved over $2,000 off list. Speakers arrived within a couple of days in perfect condition reflecting great customer service. I also purchased lambswool grills to complete the look I desired. If I was in the market for any heritage speaker I would look no farther than https://paducahhometheater.com/. The deal you got on those mclaren fortes is incredible. 👏
  12. This is an interesting conversation. I can’t articulate what is the most important single component in my audio equipment setup. Is it the amp, turntable, speakers, streamer, DAC, subwoofer or?? When my father passed away I inherited his Forte 1s and they were my main speakers for over 20 years. I Love these speakers but eventually replaced them as my mains a couple of years ago with Forte IVs. Moved the Forte 1s to my back surrounds. Along the way I changed out my amps from a Yamaha AVR to a McIntosh hybrid integrated and then replaced the McIntosh with my current amp a 100% tube Integrated Primaluna EVO 400. I have no clue if the PL sounds better than the McIntosh or better than my Yamaha AVR or if the REL Sub is better than my HSU Sub or my Venus DAC better than the DAC in my Node 2i. Bottom line is I enjoy the journey and I can enjoy system tweaks over time without over analyzing the life out of it. Does the music sound good? Hell yes it does. for me that’s what matters most. It’s ok to enjoy cool electronic gear which I do.
  13. I love music and also enjoy the pursuit of hearing it in the comfort of my own home with my highly resolving and engaging audio gear. For me its not just the music or some awesome sounding speakers or great sounding amp etc etc... Synergy and personal taste are most important for me. Years of having Klipsch speakers from my Forte 1s to my Forte IVs I am used to their sound signature and love them. I likely will never be done changing out gear but I don't need to AB every component ever made to enjoy them. I am very happy with the music playing in our home.
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