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  1. On most recordings it's about as difficult as picking out which song was recorded by Celine Dion on a CD that is otherwise full of Slipknot songs.
  2. That's actually not even the normal distressed oak. Notice the huge knots, that's not on the other speakers. It's more rustic than the typical finish. Totally different supplier and costs more. Would be cool if this was on the other speakers, or some custom Cornwalls, but whether you get a big knot in a cool spot is probably hit or miss. But yes there is actually two different versions of distressed oak available.
  3. Literally your entire thread was in regards to trying to buy speakers that were in an ad of mine. Don't act like I'm twisting and doing shady stuff. I'm just answering questions that you and others asked. You're just zero'ing in on one line that was a lame attempt at humor. I don't really want to sell the demo ones. They are set up in my showroom and look great in there, and if I sell these at a discount I'd just end up buying more new ones and barely break even which doesn't make much sense. I was obviously hoping that somebody would just order new ones if they want them but these are available. I have literally turned down a $7,500 offer in the past when I first got them.
  4. You guys should see the other distressed stuff I've been doing.
  5. LOL, I'm just happy that my ads are getting other dealers some sales. SMH. Yes that would be me who has them. They are not going to be part of the regular lineup. Those were personally owned by Klipsch CEO Paul Jacobs, are flawless, have an actual serial number, and have brand new grills. I don't really want to give them away for cheap considering they're the only ones that exist and I don't really want to custom order new ones right now if they're just going to sit there. They had trouble with the grills at first, the early lambswool were not very uniform plus they have to be stretched pretty good and due to the width of the Cornwall grills it wasn't the best combination. The new fabric is better but they still need to stay on the speakers or they will warp. I can easily order them.
  6. Cary SLI-80 HS works very well with Cornwall 4. Klipsch even used them in their marketing materials. Klipsch even had a hand in voicing them. Klipsch even makes the matching side panels. Easy choice.
  7. They are my favorite outside, mainly because most other speakers can't pull it off at all so these just sound so much superior to most everything else in that environment that I'm not sure how you can't like it. They work fine inside as well of course. Only thing I've ran across that may be specific to room size is that I heard some songs in the lab that sounded a little bloated. Gillian Welch for example. Miss Ohio doesn't exactly have a ton of low bass and probably shouldn't sound like it does. I have always assumed it was due to cabin gain. May have just been some weird room modes, IDK.
  8. It's a $1,000 premium so like $5995. apparently the pictures are broken? I can't see them anymore.
  9. Parasound works great. Sold many A23+ to go with these. The metal heads that are half deaf really enjoy the A21+. However, that's not necessary for most people. The impedance dip at the tuning frequency on rf-7's is the biggest issue with amps, some don't like that too much at higher volume.
  10. 1. Local piano mover is the only way to fly. They are trained, in shape, have the proper equipment, and have proper insurance. We even reimburse this expense up to $500. Your typical freight company who offers white glove can’t do it. Dealers aren’t typically going to send an army of four people to move them unless the installation is very easy. Liability and risk of moving these things where stairs or other obstacles are involved is just too high. Letting us pay you to hire a local piano mover is the best solution. 2. last I checked they are still making 75th on demand. They did not fill up all the allocated spots. That may have changed very recently but I doubt it. Most of my guys are on a budget and the special editions are harder to move or else I would have stocked some. I do have the walnuts in stock. Zero wait. But I think I can still get some 75th.
  11. We don't have to have the same market penetration. All we need to do is know how to attract the cool kids.
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