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  1. You haven't even mentioned a gain knob. The perfect integrated amp would have a separate gain knob for the amplifier but none exist that I am aware of. Sounds stupid but strap a HINT6 to some Klipschorns and you can hear the noise floor pretty obviously. If you get that same setup but in separates form you have a gain knob, yet it's almost the same thing, the preamp is literally identical.
  2. We have more trouble with shipping these things than anything else. It's not just our carriers, we've had them damaged from Klipsch to us more than once. Just very fragile with literally zero internal stuffing of any kind. The box just collapses and that's that. Even if they don't stack stuff, other customers tend to try to ship tall items and don't strap them down or whatever so stuff tends to fall. Doesn't take much and you get a shattered 402 horn. All we can do is deal with the fallout afterwards. Either that or spend like $700 a shipment to rent an actual crate and pay for the extra weight. Unfortunately it's just one of those things where you have to risk it, there's no good answer.
  3. Impromptu photoshoot with my videographer. I mean, Klipsch's videographer. I mean... we share him.
  4. As a salesman I'm going to of course go along with the idea that the new ones make the old ones sound cheap but I mean, I'm in sales lol. The old ones are no slouch so I wouldn't be quick to be embarassed or whatever about only having those. Of course the low extension is obvious and expected but the old ones can still take your breath away in some scenarious, like literally, it feels funny to breathe if you're really spanking them. I did notice that the new ones sounded quite a bit bigger especially with certain instruments like snare drums. The new ones are the most realistic snare drums I have ever heard. So there's that. The blending is the biggest improvement in my opinion. The 402 effortlessly meshes up with the bass bin in a way that the old ones struggled to do. There are other differences but those are the biggest things I can notice.
  5. I thought it was super cool watching him just enjoy them. That room sounded surprisingly good, basically the entire room had foam acoustic panels all the way around plus was very large. That's not at Hope, that's at the Hotel Carmichael ballroom in Carmel Indiana during the national sales meeting last week.
  6. regular edition. they won't even talk to us about the 75th at this point. I don't know what's going on but 35K for the regular walnut and black.
  7. That entire 45 minute video was done based on a half page outline, I mostly just talked. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what else I could have included from a technical standpoint. Not sure what the confusion is on the bass bin either. It was one woofer that was ported, they realized they could fit another woofer and do so without the tuning changing, so they did. I'm pretty sure the ports are on the bottom if I remember correctly. I'm assuming it's the honeycomb design like the 1502/1802. Xmax? it's 5/8". it's a 19.6 hz horn. 3 db down point is 18 hz. Seriously like what else is there to wonder about. You have to remember that these events are like, well you pretty much better be a sponge or have a tape recorder or video rolling which was prohibited, or take hella good notes. Roy doesn't exactly give a lecture where everything is laid out either, you have to follow him around like a creep and hang on to any tidbids of information that he happens to release. That's the best I can do given the situation.
  8. $35K. Universal pricing. I've seen 28, 30, 35, 38... both Vlad and my rep is saying 35 at this point.
  9. they won’t say. It was supposedly designed from the ground up, they didn’t just grab one off the shelf. All I know is that both a Xilica and I think a nicer rack mount minidsp was given to the engineer at Klipsch and told that it has to at least be on par with these.
  10. All you can do is flip the switch from balanced to unbalanced, and turn the gain knobs on the front. However there is nothing stopping somebody from also running the signal through a xilica if they so desire.
  11. sorry bro. I’m sure you could do much better. As for me, I’m tapped out, that’s the best I can do. If you guys are debating where the ports are, I’m pretty sure Roy specifically told us in the class that the ports are on the bottom so it can couple with the ground.
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