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  1. There is a train that goes from Chicago to Carbondale IL. Take it and I'll pick you up and bring you to the shop in Paducah, you can even spend the night there. There is an apartment upstairs. Axpona didn't have Jubilees this year though.
  2. Cornwalls specifically, yes. Can't really go wrong with them. The idea that you're holding out for better at that price point isn't based in reality.
  3. yes they yanked pricing rules on these to get rid of them so we can do whatever we want. McLaren licensing deal is expiring, had to do something.
  4. Deleting the KV-2 and having dialogue coming out of the extreme corners of the room isn't exactly a huge improvement. Both are weird.
  5. If we're going to show some pics then we might as well show one with some clothes on.
  6. It's called "stuff ain't selling well at all so let's have a big sale". I wouldn't read into the situation any further.
  7. I use many PowerNodes at home and at the shop. It's great to create groups then be able to stream multiple rooms plus you don't have to turn them on and off, so I love it for background music. However they have a very sterile sound. The streamer is great, but the amp is just very sterile especially at higher volumes. Basically what audiophiles describe as a "wet" sounding amp, this is the opposite. Personally I would not be a fan of that combination at any decent volume, however it will be more than fine for background music.
  8. Don't have much choice other than the rp-500sa ii. However, two doesn't do much with upfiring. If you want to do four and are able to position them right, they can work. If you can use them as elevation speakers high up on the wall it would be better.
  9. Goodness. Look, throw all the other stuff away, get a third identical Tekton, get them all on the same plane, and just never use your fireplace again. Only then will this be a useful conversation. Like somebody here mentioned... yer doin it wrong.
  10. Consider the following situations: 1. all three fronts are playing the same material 2. only the center channel is playing 3. only the mains are playing 4. the center is playing one thing but the mains are playing something else All of these will sound exactly the same with a phantom center, plus if you're sitting off-axis, nothing is anchored to the screen at all, voices will always come out of whatever speaker is closest to you. It's not a good thing. Center channels are important.
  11. no. well... the problem is that what he's trying to do will sound like garbage. But sending a proper signal to both RCA cables from the same source is perfectly fine and often times actually recommended.
  12. It's my understanding that most are going into showrooms, not necessarily homes for personal use. But that may be incorrect.
  13. While I'm sure the seller greatly appreciates your friend's business, he forgot to ask for permission to "borrow" the seller's pictures of the products and his showroom. I hear that the seller has had several weird comments and questions and alerts about this ad since it's, like, you know, copyright issues and stuff. I'm sure that the seller would have preferred that your friend take the initiative to unbox them and use his own pictures at his own place if he is going to demand such a high markup over what he paid for them, then put said pictures in an environment that has such a high exposure, shown to people who largely know good and well where the pictures came from.
  14. On most recordings it's about as difficult as picking out which song was recorded by Celine Dion on a CD that is otherwise full of Slipknot songs.
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