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  1. So what if I ask really good questions and you all change something in your model or production?? What’s the understanding to come from that? I’m all four supporting the things of my interest with good effort.. So I must ask… What happens to really really good questions that are impactful and noteworthy. I asked because it is in my nature to want to try to do the very best that I can. Assuming that the navy taught me anything on the submarines that I worked on and were assigned to, just to ensure the different ships could pass, evaluations and tests and other performance reviews. What kind of silver bullets doesKLIPSCH have for such questions?
  2. That is pretty good. But, no I don’t: drink coffee smoke smoke* drink alcohol High Sugar intake Do many Added sugars 👍🏽
  3. Oh, to my shame. I’ve researched KLIPSCH systems and not until @mookiej put the ad up for his Klipsch KI-396 SMA-II For Sale St. Louis. I did not know KLIPSCH made live sound gear. My criticism is undeserved. My research which, is usually, pretty good, did not come up with any of the Commercial/Pro Audio items listed. Today I found the PRO AUDIO website page. Thus, I am happily eating my own words. If KLIPSCH has live sound….That is DEALER LICENSE I choose. @Travis In Austin.
  4. @MookieStl what are those? Where are those? I’ve looked for items of this type. I found nothing in (stage) battle ready speakers. That is what I’m looking for! hmmm.
  5. My branches wil go left first near cash register and door zone 1 RC52C (Right wall), CROSSOVER 2.7khz, Tweeter K-110A TRACCKTRIX and eventual Midrange. (Left wall) zone two going right Second (eventual) RC-52C (Back wall Bass) *(almost 50 ft.) zone 3 (Left wall middle of store from the right longest path almost 70ft.) - CROSSOVER 2.7khz K-110A tweeter, TrackTrix and eventual Mid
  6. O.K. I get to assemble a system using the ROCKVILLE - RCS80-1 a 70Volt 60 Watt system at 8 ohms. The space is commercial for garments and polished rocks, etc. The system will consist of Two K-101 Horn Tweeters, One K-110A TRACKTRIC Horn Tweeter, Two 2.7 kHz KLIPSCH Crossovers., and an RC-52C Speaker. what is not present is what will be required to round out the space and complete the 70Volt chain. That would be at least one Midrange Horn and one more center console type. space is maybe 40 x 15. Or 600sq. Ft. Anticipating 12 Gauge speaker cable. Anticipate connections on rear of Rockville RCS80 as being too thick a cable. Will use ‘U’ shape connectors for rear panel connections. 3 zones zone 1 - RC-52C with a second similar system zone 2 Tweeters zone 3 Midrange alternate set-up zone 1 front store (RC-52C and 1 tweeter zone 2 back of store Tweeter and eventually a second Similar RC-52C and midrange zone 3 middle, which includes dressing rooms, Tweeter and eventual midrange issue being. If Crossovers ar set on the line there will require junctions separating the tweeter crossover to midrange. Perhaps, I’m viewing this incorrectly. I’ve worked with crossovers before MUSYSIC MU-CO4W PROFESSIONAL 2/3/4-WAY AUDIO STEREO SOUND PROCESSING CROSSOVER. Different type. but, the speaker cable must be formed to a connection. That connection inserted into the crossover port. The connections exiting the crossover are then the connections that scale down to 16 or 18 gauge speaker cable going to the tweeter, or midrange units. Basically, left an righ wall ion top display shelves. Opposing eachother with an eventual and final KLIPSCH RC-52C on back wall to cut the middle providing bass. as I understand it. The crossovers will continue the series as it is jumped in at the first tweeter in a series that connects the second. With no disruption from the midrange connected simultaneously to the same crossover from the appropriate connection for mid.
  7. Oh. You just joined. @Schlechtj7 to get your items.Sold? Right place, thanks. tell us about yourself and the horns. More details for horn, though.
  8. I’ll make an offer if you give me a few more details. How many volts usage per unit? ROCKVILLE RCS801 70V system 60Watt 8ohm unit if you tell me this system can push sound. I need more units to absorb more of the 70V. ill need shipping costs. I’ll buy them.My friend is allowing me to redo her space. I just got a R-52C Center speaker (refurbished). these can sit around well in her niche store.
  9. Oh wow two for the price of one. Nice
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