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  1. If I put them in the corner of the wall and ceiling it’s still 14ft up. This room is center of the house with rooms on both sides. So my walls go up 14 then there’s a 4ft incline to the peak of 18ft. So if I mounted the speaker it would be 14ft up and 14 foot or so to the wall. So distance is actually probably 20+feet away. I didn’t think the speaker would be so directional that I’d need to aim it at the listening position that would complicate things. If it’s off axis response is horrible I may just repurpose it. The Yamaha seemed to have two layouts one with Atmos speakers down firing and one more as height.
  2. Im going to do some AB comparison is pure direct mode once I get them broke in. It’ll be subjective and subject to room dynamics but I’ll probably share my findings.
  3. I paid for the order yesterday. I should be receiving the following speakers: RF-7 iii x2 RC-64 iii RP-8000F x2 RP600M x2 Can you explain why I shouldn’t use the 600M as a Atmos speaker? It should have enough dispersion with its distance but maybe I’m wrong. RF7-L RC64-C. RF7-R RP8000-SL. RP8000-SR R28F R28F The above is my plan currently for the 7 channel part of my soon to be 7.2.4 system. My plan was to use the 600M as front Atmos channels. They’ll be 14 or so feet away. I’m not completely against using them as rear surrounds though if that makes more sense.
  4. Hello I’ve enjoyed bargain Klipsch speakers for a long time. I’ve finally come into a few extra dollars that I can invest in better fronts. I have 5-6k$ to spend. Im debating either buying 4 RP8000f, 2 pairs of RP 600m (for Atmos) and a RP 504c or the RF-7 iii and the RC-64 iii i really want to get the RF-7 iii and the RC-64 iii but I’m having a hard time finding measurements. The RP 8000f review at Audioholics shows they have great on and off axis response but the only chart I’ve found on the RF-7 iii was measured at one meter and that poor methodology makes it unreliable. Does anyone know of measurements on the RF-7 iii or RC-64 iii? any advice is appreciated. My current gear is as follows: Current gear: Yamaha 3080 receiver Sony x800 uhd and sacd player Panamax 5300 power conditioner Apple TV latest 4K version Samsung 65in NU8000f Epson 5030ub projector Pro-ject RPM 5 with BP2 cart turntable PlayStation 4 Computer Speakers: 5.2.4 layout Fronts and surrounds: Klipsch R-28f Center: Elac uni-fi UC5 Front presence: old cerwin Vegas 12in woofer Rear presence: old KLH floorstanders with dual 10in woofers Subwoofers: SVS PB-13 ultra + Martin Logan dynamo 700. I also have a old MTX 12 in powered sub that I don’t usually use. It’s muddled compared to my other subs. Room is 25x23 with 18 foot cathedral ceilings walls go up to 14 feet and it opens to the kitchen and living room. Rediculous amount of air to move.
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