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  1. I just picked up an Anthem AVM 60 processor. I have run the ARC and was wondering if anyone has compared this to REW. Is REW more detailed?
  2. New unit is coming from Anthem. I was in on the phone call with the Anthem rep. The Anthem people tried everything to fix the issue. Once they concluded they could notify it, the rep said they would send me a new unit. I was impressed with the matter of fact approach and quick decision. I like the Anthem Support.
  3. yup only1. I took it home tried to setup the ARC room correction SW and failed. HiFi Sound sent out their tech guy and he together with Anthem support couldn't fix the issue. Sooo...they are sending me a new one. Still waiting on that. Maybe you could get the one I returned, I know they have that one!
  4. Lucked into an open box 1/2 price on an Anthem AVM 60. Picked it up on the spot!
  5. The Cornwall IV and Heresy IV combination is powerful and dynamic. I have heard the Cornwall IVs and loved them. Don't underwhelm the setup with a modest center speaker, you will regret it. I run 2 SW 115s for subs and regularly pick up items that I knocked off shelves when the blu rays get cookin'. I run Khorns for mains with a Lascala II ctr and Heresy surrounds. I constantly read stories from people who buy less than they really want and end up paying twice to get what really fills their desire. If you don't plan on buying again, err on the more side not the less side. I have been on the less side myself and ended up buying twice. Just my thoughts, and I don't know your space limitations. If you settle on the Cornwall IVs and Heresys, you might try several ctr speakers to get the perfect fit. Let us know how your search goes.
  6. I found reviews for the MX170 and the MX123 at Home Theater Review. The MX123 would work better with the rest of my gear. I like them both...a lot! The MX123 has 2 fewer channels and other "reductions". Price decrease for fewer channels $7K. That is what I am finding, more channels moves the price up quickly. I have found a number of product lines that move from 11.1 down to 5.1. I am looking for someone that loads up a 7 or 9 channel processor. The price reduction for 4-8 fewer channels seems to be > 50% of total cost. I could use the savings for tri-amping. Yes I am getting a little greedy.
  7. I will not need more than a 7.2 processor. I have a 6'11" ceiling. I have noticed prices go way up with more channels. I have been looking around and found a couple of close candidates. I will be using the processor for HT and 2 channel use. Pass through and XLR outputs for mains are 2 items I am looking for. I just picked up a Sony Bravia X950H 65" tv. I would like to take advantage of the 4k features. Picture upgrades take place with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X. I believe IMAX capabilities require DTS-X. I am not sure when new models are coming out for the major players. Marantz and Denon just announced new products. Any new information would help.
  8. I have been away from my audio/video projects for most of the summer. But it looks like I should jump in again. If you are still mulling over your room treatments, try putting pillows on top of your Khorns. Have them extend a couple of inches over the front edge. Play around a little with distances 1"- 3" etc. Listen from your usual listening position after making changes. I did that after someone gave the suggestion. Then go find some 2x4s or in my case modified golf clubs used for practice and place them on the side walls by your Khorns. Just hang a blanket over the 2x4s or whatever you find. It is an easy and interesting experiment to hear what a difference room treatments can make. It is easy to remove the pillows to listen to what the sonic changes side wall treatments make by themselves. I found the pillows on top made the most noticeable improvement in my situation. I experimented to find out if everything the forum members were talking about was real. Yup, trust these guys. I'm a plug and play guy usually. But reading what Chris A. writes and seeing artto's room treatments, I am in the slow process of finishing my room treatments AND am working towards adding a DSP unit and bi or triamping my Khorns. After you finish your room treatments, there is the time alignment opportunity just waiting for you to address and ...
  9. My Khorns were purchased new, circa 2013 with new McIntosh C50 and MC302 amps. The sales rep helping me with the setup said I really should use the 4 Ohm taps to get the best sound. I went with what the sales rep recommended...for 7 years! This year I switched to 8 Ohms. I can't believe the significant improvement. Everything, low end to high end, more and better. It was one of those jaw dropping improvements that does not happen often enough. I did an air punch when I read about you changing from 4 to 8 Ohm settings. I also added Aurelex sound absorbing panels to the walls and ceilings around the Khorns. That addition also made a significant improvement in sound. I tend to listen at lower levels now because of increased clarity. My tinnitus that would set in during sharp high pitch attacks happens less frequently now. I was so impressed with the improvement, I pulled out all of my sharp high pitch recordings that gave me problems for years and played them again. No ringing!! The sound is very clear and crisp now with better bass as well. I have lowered the Sub settings and still have MORE bass than before adding the sound absorbing panels. You may want to experiment with blankets and rugs to see if you find improvements. If you like what you hear, you can get "real" treatments. Good Luck and enjoy the journey!
  10. My order has been placed for Auralex Panels. They should arrive in a week. This latest round of changes to my system began after I listened to the new Corwall IVs. The mids and highs were so impressive I felt a need to improve them in my home system. I have been to the Xilca website. I have also read other posts about using Xilica in the Klipsch forums. If I bi amp I would using 2 Xilica inputs and 4 outputs. 3 inputs and 6 outputs for tri amping. I run a separate amp for the center channel. It looks like I could run another in and output for this center channel. I am thinking this would be used for surround audio and video, not a summed center between the main speakers. Correct? It appears to me, I would not be able to use the Xilica for the remainder of the surround speakers as I would not have enough outputs. I am also starting my search for tube amps. Has anyone had outstanding results with any particular tube amps for bi/tri amping? I have several irons in the fire here. Due to the Covid-19 situation, I have been able to spend significant time on my audio/video passion lately. I would like to thank you all again for your help. You are pulling (helping) me along. So far the WAF has been good. We will see how that goes when I bring up the subject of more hardware! 😇 Dean
  11. Outstanding response Chris! I feel much more comfortable about the situation. It may be a false sense of security but it is there anyway. I was compelled to revisit the Corner-Horn imaging FAQ write up and proceeded to cover my LaScala II and SW115x2 subs between the Khorns with towels. I also put pillows on top of the Khorn top hats, extending 2-3" from the front edge. This experiment made very significant positive improvements. I plan on purchasing Auralex SonoFlat absorbing panels for the front and side walls as well as for the 6'11" ceiling above the Khorns. It seems this would be the best 1st step before hardware purchases and measurement taking. Next would be purchase of calibration mic and related software. A Xilica unit seems to be next on the to do list. Is there a preferred unit for a 7.2 system vs 2.0 system? Does this sequence sound right? Thanks for the help!
  12. I have read your thoughtful responses and done some research. Now my brain is spinning with thoughts beyond my initial question. In order of responses. babadono-My 2012 Khorns have connections on the bass bin for bi amping. I am not sure how I would tri amp and keep things stock? Claude J1-The write up that you included from Chris A was only about "room correction" EQ when bi amping, yes? When in 7.2, I have my Marantz AV 7005 setup using Audyssey. This also controls 2.2 listening. When 2.0 listening with Mac C50 and Mac MC302 there is no room correction being applied. Would the mini DSP be used for 7.2 and 2.0? Right now I connect the TT directly to the C50. All other sources connect to the Marantz AV7005. My brain is thinking Audyssey would force the DSP to be used only between any source and the C50. Claude J1-2nd post-Xilica as a PEQ device. I have an old SAE Parametric EQ. If I pic a mic and software, Will I be able to achieve similar results for my 2 channel system? Chris A-I would love to improve the overall sound from the 7.2 setup. Would this be a 2 setting arrangement? One for 7.2 and one for 2.0? I am fuzzy on how this might work. Conclusion-It helps my brain if I can visualize where hardware is in the connection chain. Now, cost benefit analysis. Dollars will not be an issue, I think. How much time would be involved for a novice like me? Would I have resources to contact when I had questions? This sounds like a fun and rewarding project. Through all of the comments, none of this will actually get me to time alignment as I understand things. Is it even possible to get time alignment changes with a passive setup? I will be retiring this fall and will have more time for projects like this. Also, any thoughts on a tube amp for the bi amping? Thank You for your time responding to my situation. Do I need to include more specifics about my system?
  13. I am very interested in this subject. At the same time I am a plug and play guy. A lot of what I just read doesn't help me with my lack of education in this field. I purchased Khorns new in 2012. I drove from Minneapolis, MN to Indianapolis, IN to audition them. Jim Hunter and Trey Cannon ran the audition, I had no idea who they were at the time. I digress. I would like to keep my Khorns stock. The following is my thought. Buy a tube amp for the mid and tweeter cabinet and a Xilica type unit. Plug sources to Xilica and from Xilica to my Mac C50 preamp. C50 to tube amp and my Mac MC302 for the base bin. Will the Xilica do the time aligning for me or not? I use my system for 7.2 video as well as 2-channel listening. This is what my noodling through your and other threads has boiled things down to. Be kind please.
  14. I recently auditioned CW IVs at HiFi Sound in Minneapolis, MN. The CW IVs were running with an MC 275 amp. I am running Khorns with a Mac C50/MC302 at home. I purchased the Khorns new in 2012. This was not an apples to apples comparison by any means. I will say 3 things about the experience. The highs were wonderful to listen to. The high end bite I get from the Khorns on occasion, never happened with the CW IVs while playing music I was very familiar with. The mids left me as satisfied as I am with my Khorns. The bass was awesome, no sub woofer was used. There was some base heavy material played and I got more than I was expecting from the CW IVs. Here we go, At the end of my 15 minute session,. I was thinking I might prefer theCW IVs over my Khorns! I will be auditioning the CW IVs again. Also, I would like to know if the tube amp would make the large difference in the high end I experienced over my SS gear? Is the new CW IV tweeter significantly better than the 2012 Khorns? I know this was a small sample, but I was very impressed. This is my first post - ever. The impressiveness of the CW IVs pushed me to write about them.
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