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  1. You gave a martini to the dog?
  2. Yep, nowadays that makes you smarter than about 90% of the population.
  3. Yep its got to be a really HOT day to wanna go jump into 69 degree water w/o a wet suit. Well at least for me. The Pacific ocean in So Cal is cold.
  4. babadono


    Hey, I must be a New Yawker too.
  5. Why did I open my big fat yapper? Why? Not a very good friend, eh?
  6. Yea no kidding. How's your hearing @Rudy81 Rudy? I had sinus infection and had a fever of 105. Hearing has not been the same since. Certainly pleased you are getting better day by day. Take care and God Bless you.
  7. Listening to 'stock' LaScalas at moderate to high volume levels for any length of time causes listening fatigue. Too bad it took me 30 years to figure that out. And its the squawker(apropos name) This is type I I'm talking about, I have no experience with type II expect a couple minutes during factory tours at pilgrimages. This all IMHO.
  8. @thebes Marty I believe it is, man I almost forgot about this. Give me a shout @babadono So you built some dummies, basically 1K center contact to shield and plugged them into a line level input, then selected that input. And you have observed that you have a hum but only in the right channel. Is this correct? Not a "startling" revelation but it determines that in fact the problem is in the integrated itself not further upstream in your system. So you are going to or did what with a dental pick? Tighten points? Do you mean the tube socket contacts.
  9. Yes the lawyers will survive.
  10. We love build demolition threads with pictures
  11. No nowhere near as crazy as SF. I built this house myself and was therefore able to spread costs out over several years. Buy land... wait, grade.... wait, do plans,permits..wait. You get the idea. I built the "plainest" house in very nice neighborhood.
  12. Good thing they weren't married, it makes breaking up easier.
  13. sorry too obscure I guess. It was an old skit on the Tonight Show with........remember....way back.......Johnny Carson
  14. Just a wrong setting? Those are the best kind of problems
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