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  1. put up some ceiling clouds...first reflection points are pretty much covered now i think.
  2. FYI If one buys the new Celestion driver for the 402 on their UG Jube they are not getting the whole package of the HF part of the Heritage Jube. They will still need Roy's phase plug/diffraction grate. It is my understanding these are not available for separate purchase. Also who knows what is going on in the DSP box that comes with the Heritage. As far as the LF is concerned its a whole 'nother animal. If it were me I'd get some horn loaded subs to go with my UGs and call it a day. Perhaps a 1802 or a 1502 if you could find one. Of course if money is no object go for the Heritage, they certainly are more handsome. And I don't think you will have trouble finding a buyer for the UGs.
  3. Sorry I did not notice that fact....its a plain shame. I am currently acquiring panels with the standard Rockwool inside. I figure as long as the backs are covered also it should not be an issue.
  4. So no Rookwool either? They make stuff out of recycled blue jean material. https://www.lowes.com/pd/UltraTouch-R-13-Recycled-Denim-Batt-Insulation-with-Sound-Barrier-15-in-W-x-93-in-L/3731875
  5. So I think JWC built the snails before my tenure here...but basically they are a non bifurcated Jub. bass bin?
  6. Man-o-man would love to have those snails. GLWYS.
  7. Thanks but I can wait for the kit and let them do the matching
  8. Enjoy @MMurg......they're SWEET...and unobtanium
  9. Fast but not a record I don't think...I picked up bhendrix's Crown K2s within a 1/2 hour after he posted them for sale.
  10. Yes that's part of the kit I think. or equivalents.So they have the PCBs but no parts, I'm on the "we'll notify you" list.
  11. Are they ever going to have the semis for these again?
  12. email it to yourself using the resolution reduction feature when sending picture attachment(s). Copy it from the email to a temp. location then post it. Or use any of several programs that allow you to reduce resolution.
  13. Thanks for this Shakey.... I believe one Stones record even said "Play This Loud"---to cover up the bad recording?
  14. Highly revealing speakers reveal bad recordings highly. Some EQ'ing MIGHT help or room acoustic treatments MIGHT help. But bad recordings are just that--bad. Are you saying something that was unlistenable on Forte IVs sounded good on the Fabers, or just marginally OK. Was this in the same room, same acoustics?
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