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  1. Glad to hear you're getting this nailed down. Gain structure and adjustments can be tricky, especially without an oscilloscope. I did not know the mini dsp was so finicky. My "how much?" post earlier was in jest, I knew between Chris and you you would get it dialed in. Some people are too serious Perhaps I'll go back and edit my post with a smiley face.
  2. Don't care who you are...that there is funny
  3. babadono

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Re Sudden Impact Coffee with sugar in it. Makes me wanna kill people too
  4. babadono

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The Strolling Bones back again?
  5. babadono

    Need mattress choice help

    I like a super firm mattress, due to back injuries in the past. But hey that's just me. Given that I can't fathom buying a mattress without trying it first in a showroom. Or I suppose a written statement that if I don't like it the seller comes and picks it up no questions asked or expense to me.
  6. babadono

    I really want to like B better...but

    BTW in that room Cane IMHO. But cool that you have the inter changeability(is that a word?).
  7. babadono

    I really want to like B better...but

    You know..like the stuff that usta be in Coca-Cola
  8. 5 hours for a 1-1/2 trip, sounds like LA i feel yur pain.
  9. babadono

    Sub connection

    Not with both channels. You can try what JFHSQT suggested and see if it is sufficient.
  10. babadono

    Sub connection

    Yea but...and there is always a but.....it does it properly. It does not just short the two together. It uses an active combining network by utilizing the summing junction of an operational amplifier.
  11. babadono

    Sub connection

    It will tie the 2 pre amp outputs together.
  12. babadono

    Sub connection

    Added to my first post.
  13. babadono

    Sub connection

    Yes connect the sub via the pre outs in #11 above using two rca cables. If you hook just one of the pre outs to the wireless transmitter you won't get the other channel's low freq info. The sub has a combiner at the two inputs to make a mono signal for the sub amp. Use the freq control "low pass" knob to cut the high freq info to the sub. Page 8 of sub manual. You will have low freq coming out of both your mains and the sub, adjust level of sub to taste. Do not use a Y cable to tie your 2 pre outs together.
  14. babadono

    How you cooking your bird for Thanksgiving

    I heard that, that's why I like cooking the bird outside on the Kamado. And of course it tastes splendid also.