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  1. Ok, you had output from the mid at the green circles,correct? Not the tweeter. And the 2 uF on the right is what you replaced? I meant place your jumper right across the suspect 2 uF with a very limited input so you would not blow the tweeter. It's all good you found the problem.
  2. $12k for the whole kit and kaboodle. $9k for the front 3.
  3. Edwards Electronics on EBAY maybe? Email them and see if they will fix for you. Or @ngen33r ?
  4. ? then your jumper is not a zero ohm short.....
  5. I don't think you would want to un couple the bass bin from the floor. If you have subs already doing low end duty it might be ok.
  6. The only thing that does not come apart is the bass bin itself. Without a crowbar and sledgehammer
  7. Easy-peasy. The whole squawker/tweeter grill assembly comes out in one piece as well after removing 4 screws(and wires from crossover of course).
  8. With very low level signal at say 5kHz put your jumper across the 2uf cap. What happens?
  9. 1/4 watt +10dB peak=2.5W.......1/4 watt +20db peak=25W...it ain't rocket science but it is mathematics.
  10. Now let me blow your face off....Mom
  11. So the sub makes audible but over 60 Hz hum or buzz with just 50 ohm dummy plugged into its input? If so it sounds like the power supply/amp in the sub itself.
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