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  1. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    Are you entertaining...I mean can I come over? Celebration and Jubes...can't be all bad.
  2. they callz'em pros cuz they get paid money....
  3. we had a company wide product improvement program at an Aerospace co. that I worked at back in the day. CMI they called it. Continuous Measurable Improvement. My friends and I there called it Can't Measure It.
  4. expectation bias..it IS a real thing..not saying it happened to you but it DOES happen.
  5. Ok Iz befuddled...what are you willing to pay?
  6. @Div where do you have the level controls on the back of the 1206 set? And what do you mean the speakers are clipping? Do you mean the current overload LEDs on the front of the 1206 are illuminating?
  7. museum has 2 u s ......first email bounced back
  8. is it the speakers breaking in or your auditory cortex?
  9. If you go external amp route you will have to have a way to do the LP filtering. And ideally a HP filter as well. Phase inversion is easy just swap the wires. You'll need volume control as well.
  10. Specs, schmecs...no current Klipsch offering sub sounds as good as a properly functioning RSW-15. And no I'm not talking about Chief's new Heritage subs, they are not available as of yet.
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