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  1. After all the first day of autumn was just two days ago.
  2. Yes it had been getting nice and cool through the night out here...but Indian summer ALWAYS comes out here. I've seen 90 on Thanksgiving. Not always but it has happened.
  3. Indian summer here as predicted. It was 106 yesterday. We'll see what today brings.
  4. babadono


    ^no animals were harmed in the taking of this picture....people? well that's a horse of a different color.
  5. babadono


    and for you that's like what?...... a week
  6. Beer that doesn't taste like beer? Is this part of the new world order? Some days I'm so confused...what's next?
  7. A 3 way horn loudspeaker i.e. the KHorn will reveal poor quality recordings amazingly well.
  8. Want some whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea...what's all these crazy questions they askin' me?
  9. SRL causes TIM. Yes, so I see this is in fact Mr. Otala. I have heard the name, read some of his work but never knew what he looked like.
  10. Careful now...we're getting close to ketchup on steak
  11. BTW it is possible to get all the dust out, ask me how I know
  12. @w30bob My raw birch La Scalas came raw. No anything on the birch veneered plywood. This was back in 1977. They got oiled with "Swedish Oil" which was like the present day Watco Danish oil. They have been re oiled a few times in the 40+ years. Still look Ok @Westcoastdrums ?
  13. 275k and that fugliness can be yours. Yuck.
  14. Relentless aye that's the microbrewery I frequent sometimes.
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