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  1. Does it come with JATO bottles?
  2. Godspeed Simon Templar. May you be in heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead.
  3. I flew from California. Into Dallas then over to Tekarkana. I think that is the closest you can get commercially. It's about 30 miles to Hope from there.
  4. Is this for fronts, surround or heights? I think for fronts you want them aimed at main listening position, not so important for surrounds or heights.
  5. MM, It was warm down here yesterday but not no 111. Supposed to get into the 90s today. Yea but it's a dry heat. And yea it's too dang hot for May, I think we're in for a hot summer.
  6. Dang, Wardsweb that looks S-W-E-E-T
  7. Can't count the number of times I've wanted to do this in my life. But in the past I always thought first I'm gonna have to make or get a recording of dogs barking. But Youtube, yea now that's the ticket. Thanks @richieb
  8. Me too. Back in Michigan where I grew up they were fun cuz they actually stuck in the ground. Where I live now they would go thud and fall over. "Dirt, whataya mean dirt, more like natural concrete".
  9. "In their eyes there's something lacking, what they need's a damn good whacking" --- George Harrison
  10. You want fries with that?
  11. A small piece of some type of insulating material on the inside of the bottom cover where the cover and that capacitor come in contact intermittently seems in order. Or a nylon screw?
  12. Of course, what else would pole snakes eat?
  13. Yea it wasn't a whole lotta happy when I disturbed it, and said "Oh no no no you gotta go"