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  1. So you're going to charge the batteries with some kind of charger off the power coming into the house then convert(invert) the battery power back to AC with an inverter with the desired result that the voltage from the inverter wiil be constant?
  2. Just a WAG....perhaps it's vacation time? For Michael that is.
  3. Caught some quail fillin' their gullets with pebbles yesterday(sorry for the quality,shooting through window screen)
  4. birds made a nest on the patio this spring. All the youngin's and parents have gone. Time to clean up the mess
  5. Sorry, my bad. But yes there are as @Islander has pointed out.
  6. @TexDrone I went(still go) direct laptop to Xilica via ethernet. So USB? sorry no experience with that. @Westcoastdrums probably has the best suggestion.
  7. I need to review all this but......what are we talking about? A 1" driver (k55) on a K400 horn? Really I mean who gives a sheet? Now a bms 4592 on a tractrix horn, now we're talkin Ever heard Jubilees?
  8. Hmmmmm.......what have you tried so far? I think i just gave it an I.P. address via the front panel then hooked up my laptop and BOOM. It was there.
  9. Well 1/4 inch plugs are too small.......next up 5/16
  10. With talk like that this he met his future wife..pay attention Does this make it funnier...I'm trying to make a joke. Peace.
  11. No. The K-402 horn itself is good down to 172 Hz before the axial length begins to approach 1/4 wavelength. The horn mouth itself is good down to ~40 Hz for directivity control. At that point, the wavelengths are 78 inches long, and the small mouth flange itself isn't significant. The Celestion Axi2050 can be used down to ~225 Hz. Roy's preliminary data sheet shows that he's crossing at 340 Hz, so you're in good shape without any tapers or "baffle step" considerations. All righty then...wasn't really expecting an answer hence the smiley face...more just goofing on everybody....it's all good ...carry on
  12. Does the veneered front panel frame for the 402 need a modified tractrix bevel?
  13. @Khornukopia I'll bet you know the size of the holes in the 402
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