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  1. How's about a good old fashioned Jube bass bin?
  2. Yes I concur I think @Ziggurat is going to be mucho happy. The 402s are amazing horns. Horn if you're honky
  3. Stacks well. I never knew the horizontal vs vertical terminology but to me it only makes sense if you have two different stereo amps to do stereo biamping you would want to match the 2 bass bins with one amp and the HF horns with the other. Vertical only makes sense to me if you have 4 identical amp channels.
  4. A forth C for the 3 Cs thread?
  5. Yea cash..its's just like money.
  6. @MisterVego Are you trying to get the 1502 to dig a little deeper? @AHall has been doing port plugging tests on his 1802 to try and get it to go a little lower. Don't know if you've seen his thread.
  7. Whoa... that's a load. Maybe your getting the LaScalas and the Ks
  8. Of course you should use test tones for tests. I think using music for tests will only yield what Sir Duke said " if it sounds good it is good".
  9. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    He cracks me up too sometimes. Wish he would come to the pilgrimage one of these years. @Emile hint, hint
  10. Just for clarification "Jubes full range" do you mean no hi pass filter at 50 Hz where the 1502 should be taking over? Looks like you have some output below 30HZ, its just dropping off. I think you need @Chris A. BTW I wish I had your problem
  11. How many innies do you need? Seems a shame to degrade the MAC equipment with some cheezeball mixer.
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