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  1. Not disagreeing with either of you. Just interjecting my way of thinking. Where did the OP go? What exactly is he trying to accomplish?
  2. Hence my original post: What the? A stereo amp run bridged into 6 speakers? Why?
  3. A stereo amp that can be bridged and run a 4 ohm load implies that in stereo it should be able to run 2 - 2 ohm loads. But no mention of it in the specs. That's all I'm saying. Peace my brothers.
  4. Strange specs on that amp...1100w bridged into 4 ohms but nothing about how many watts 2 channel into 2 ohms.
  5. I dunno how hot does the cord to your 1500W hair dryer get?
  6. What the? A stereo amp run bridged into 6 speakers? Why?
  7. yep me neither. But whatever it is its ordered. And yep no BS button option either.
  8. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    that was after too many cookies?
  9. Well it has a nice sturdy form factor to it. But $40 is a little steep. If you can make something for a couple bucks that does the same thing and is sturdy enough that you don't have to F' with it all the time I so go for it.
  10. At least they have the Bose at the bottom of the speaker list
  11. Ok who couldn't keep their big yapper shut!
  12. so @jimjimbo did you get yours from the same guy at the pilgrimage? Do you remember his name/avatar?
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