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  1. Just wanted to say the XConsole app will not let you change the threshold of the noise gate (Internal System Optimizer) ISO. Only accessible through the front panel. Unless of course I'm wrong and somebody has found the hidden button in XConsole.
  2. babadono

    NFL 2019

    Can I hear an AMEN. I think this match up has the potential to be a SB that I can stay awake through.
  3. Coytee, Durp........ What rplace said....
  4. OK sorry I'm a little confused. Everything is good until you use the wire that goes up into the attic?
  5. Spec says input impedance is 8k ohms or greater over audio bandwidth. I would think your Yamaha AVR should drive this no problem. If you try to drive more than one input with one output you might start to have drive issues. @Ron E You are driving these from the Xilica? Should be no problem driving from the Xilica either.
  6. babadono

    Klipsch Parts

    I was thinking the same thing but isn't the Chief Bodcaw Boy?
  7. babadono

    Klipsch Parts

    1-2-3-4-5 He Haw didn't catch that at first,good one @richieb
  8. Sorry I missed this thread until now.... so are you all good @Emile ?
  9. babadono

    Klipsch Parts

    $12,345? How does one come up with a number like that? Looks like the Klipsch warehouse in Hope is short some parts.
  10. So have you tackled RSW-15s? For selfish future reference.
  11. Thanks @Marvel Question remains is this what OP is talking about? Or some other magic sauce. Or is it a prank?
  12. German fluid used by NASA? Ok I'm sure they use stuff from all over the world, like Russian launch vehicles They would still demand data(paperwork).
  13. If it is used by NASA there should be data, like an MSDS report. The government runs on paperwork. Please post the name and a link to this fluid you are using. Thank you.
  14. Interesting. You may enjoy @Youthman 's rebuld of the crossover: Or is it @Deang's rebuild of youthman's crossovers?
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