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  1. Lacquer is a surface sealing(film) finish. Watco is penetrating oil finish. Just from my experience Tung oil touches up lacquer finishes better then a penetrating oil that is not easily going to penetrate the lacquer anyway.
  2. oh OK thanks, it took longer than that last year for them to even acknowledge they received it. Took so long I thought it got lost in the mail, I called them and asked if they wanted me to send it again
  3. yea that's what I'm saying and asking? It is strange. And I mean on my tax return REFUND, of course.
  4. So I get a notice from the IRS that they paid me interest on my tax return refund last year. So I think 'oh that's why it was a little more than I thought it was going to be'. They were delightfully informing me I owe taxes on this interest..... OK....... I've been a taxpayer for almost 50 years now, never got interest before. Anybody else experience this?
  5. Point I was trying to make is I would not use Watco Oil on lacquer...use Tung oil.
  6. Curious about this Jimbo. I searched Klipsch. com, read through all the Heresy IV data/brochures I could find...how are these finished from the factory? Could not find any info oil or lacquer. Are they all lacquered? Or can you get them oiled or lacquered?
  7. HeHe...natural cherry will do 90% of its darkening in 1 to 2 years. The last 10 % takes until we are all long gone.
  8. I don't know much about this but I'm still sure that the port has a baffle. How long? I don't know. Others will come along with all kinds of advice and info. There are free programs available to help with the design of speaker cabinets. Have fun. BTW the RSW-15 has a passive radiator and no port.
  9. do love me that cherry patina Glad you like it too. The darkening is a logarithmic function meaning it darkens a lot on first exposure to UV then slows down with time.
  10. @Chris A for clarification, are you saying on your system there was/is NO real (or otherwise) difference in hiss level coming out of your K402/TAD horns with the ISO bypass off/on? I tested it again last night and mine is definitely noisier(more hiss) with it bypassed.
  11. Reading on this Gents website, he shows how one can turn a regular voltage source amp into current source amp. Looks pretty darn easy. I think I'll try it with one of my Crown d75s.
  12. I'm dreaming of a lot of money.......
  13. https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/monthly_2021_01/P1010915.jpg.217c3607b683010f6cc0c0ca537a2551.jpg yea that's better
  14. https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/monthly_2021_01/P1010921.thumb.jpg.de4c7c67c10de6b1a66e69fc691f28bc.jpg Well shucks, i thought it would link all the pics from the post not just one. try again.....
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