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  1. Need info

    Yea but the sub does not. But its all good, I understand a lot of hum problems in HT systems come in through the ground of the TV cable/Sat/Ant. i just wondered how we got onto the video feed being the problem. i missed something.
  2. Need info

    What am i missing? How did we go from a hum in a subwoofer that has no power ground connection to a video isolator?
  3. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Don't call'em foxes for nothin'
  4. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Mike, another one of my favorite "kid" jokes for Gia. Courtesy of Ray Romano. "if you're American in the living room what are ya in the bathroom? Ur-a -peein' ".
  5. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    Is there a ding in the front edge? Or is it the photo? Or my computer monitor? I does love cherry
  6. Speaker Cable Symmetry

    Ah... electricity is not traveling at the speed of sound. No, cable length differences make no difference unless we're talking like 10' for one and to the moon and back for the other.
  7. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Mike tell Gia "why is 6 afraid of 7? Cuz 7-8-9" I need another cup o'joe
  8. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ^ha ha. But for most of us its "speakers" not "records"
  9. Dual THTLP for sale. Miami SOLD

    Don't forget the room gain or cabin gain or whatever its called. I'll bet these things would rock your world! Let alone your HT room. Just my $0.02 @Youthman
  10. Never done it, never tried doing it but wondering if this stuff might work: http://www.nevrdull.com/
  11. We miss you Amy

    My 3 month old grand niece Cristina is enjoying Edwin el pato as well. At least her mother says so. Thanks again @Amy

    What is this "augmented reality" of which you speak? Saw them in Detroit MI at Ford's auditorium 1973 or 74. They played tunes from Meddle and DSOM. Indoor venue, show was in quad or some kind of surround sound. During one tune part of Roger's rig blew which resulted in a loud "AWWWW F$%&!!" and then an unscheduled intermission. I just remember thinking how can four men make so much sound?

    "there is no dark side of the moon.......it's all dark" " did we tell you the name of the game boy, we call it ridin' the gravy train" "I don't know if i was drunk at the time" Just classic sheet etched on all our minds. There are many more of course.
  14. I did not, but WOW what a walk down memory lane. Thanks @WMcD Do you know what era (years) EV put the 30" woofer in the Patrician?