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  1. Yes. It will get "you" out of the measurement.
  2. Bingo! And @Dave A buy yourself a mic stand. They're relatively inexpensive
  3. Yea and its hard to "Piss Off the Neighbors".
  4. babadono


    Is this a question? I don't see a ? mark...oh it's a trick question
  5. babadono


    That too is the wrong song
  6. @BigStewMan Sorry i ain't been following your every movement. Not in Bend anymore? Where y'at?
  7. BSM PhD. or as we call him Dr. Obvious
  8. babadono


    wrong song Unfortunately that's not a joke.
  9. Eh...isn't it just a couple or few wires?
  10. It'll make the electrons flow bass-ackwards
  11. Reading over part of this I propose our little gathering be nicknamed Friends of Paul, FofP for short. It's starting to sound like it's gonna be a happenin'. Extremely pleased that if I am able to attend I will meet ChrisA........ Remastering using Audacity, yes please bring it on
  12. Send it to me instead..Sending my address in a PM
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