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  1. babadono

    Food Porn

    "And that's the way it is" er, ah sometimes ---Walter Cronkite.
  2. Ahhh... +/- 0.03 db 2 -20kHz for $10? Nope.
  3. Switched the neutrals? I'll take your word for it. Draw me a pic. at SWAG.
  4. So he had the ins/outs mixed up? And for this others suggested an electrician? "I moved 3 wires, that'll be $400". California jaded, I suppose.
  5. I assume OP got it fixed. @richieb
  6. clarification please. Used to be regular (non GFI) outlets and they worked? Changed out to GFI type and they do not work?
  7. 800W into a Jubilee? You'll have plenty of headroom
  8. Yea life, I get it. I should have pointed to page 101 when I first posted.
  9. I think it would entail taking measurements with a DATS from Parts Express (or similar) Probably good enough to just go with what Kevin said i.e. 4 ohms.
  10. What's the impedance of this beast? Driver and cabinet combined. And what are you powering it with @Pete H ? Perhaps whats his name @CECAA850 should bring his K2 along to SWAG to really blow our cookies.
  11. Did you read any of the theory a few posts back? Especially starting on page 101. This will explain how to scientifically figure out what the problem is and how to remedy.
  12. Sumtin tells me dirtmudd is I-talian Capice
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