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  1. kpt-1515 lf details

    Dtel, he's got an 1802.
  2. Please do us all here in real America a favor " I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"---- biggest lie EVER told.
  3. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Don't change a bit
  4. Ballistic Missile Threat

    POS, try again below
  5. JBL is on the Vintage wagon now?

    Yea the orange grill will go with your avocado refrigerator
  6. Khorn Placement "technical" data

    I and many others use foam pipe insulation to seal the horn to the corner. I think it is the kind for 1/2" pipe, easy,peasy. It's already slit and just holds on to the 3/4" wood like it was made for that very purpose with no adhesives. Like I said easy,peasy.
  7. 3996 Zener diodes

    Zeners are special critters. In one direction(polarity) they stop conduction until their "zener" voltage is exceeded. Then they "avalanche" and conduct which limits the voltage across them to their zener voltage. In the other direction they conduct like a regular forward biased diode.
  8. 3996 Zener diodes

    BTW the zeners did not prevent me from blowing a T35 (K77)tweeter or two in the last 40 years Get a better tweeter...just sayin
  9. 3996 Zener diodes

    True dat....but if we're putting them back to back as in a Klipsch AA crossover is it going to matter?
  10. Klipsch speaker impedance ratings

    Hey I saw what you did there
  11. Klipsch speaker impedance ratings

    Yea I get it. Efficiency does not = sensitivity, but they are mathematically related. I was just trying to make a point for @ksquared And yes loudspeakers are not efficient at converting electrical energy to acoustic energy. Most of the electrical energy is dissipated as heat not converted to acoustic energy. Just like an incandescent light bulb, most of energy is converted to heat not light.

    I was her age once and I was always able to sneak one or two by the old man
  13. Klipsch speaker impedance ratings

    Disclaimer: I am not a speaker expert. But my understanding is this. A speaker is a transducer, it changes one form of energy to another. In this case electrical energy to acoustic energy. So if two speakers produce the same acoustic energy output given the same electrical energy input they have the same efficiency. Where am I going wrong?
  14. Klipsch speaker impedance ratings

    The higher impedance speaker needs a higher magnitude of voltage and a lesser magnitude of current for a given wattage. What I thought was funny was your use of the word "rate" as if we're speeding up or slowing down the flow of electricity. I'm sorry if I offended you.