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  1. Reckon there's a spot for Jubilees? And a nice sub?
  2. What that someone under 30 still has their head up their azz? I'd say 80/20
  3. It runs much deeper than that. In California for example(and I would be shocked if not elsewhere) people who have not paid a dime into "the system", get for example $30K that's 30 thousand dollars of kidney dialysis treatment per month for "free". And I know I am my brothers keeper and the parable of the Good Samaritan but this cannot be sustained. There is not enough money in the Universe for this to continue ad infinitum.
  4. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you" Any one who believes this has never had a tangle with the government.
  5. I'm sure it will go boom boom quite well. But its not a true horn. I'm still waiting for these guys to venture into true horn loaded subs. Even a flat pack of the F20 would be cool.
  6. HeHe haven't heard that one in a coon's age.
  7. Ok I'm out of the loop but can't you still get a kit for these as long as you build yourself?
  8. Ah.....10 lbs of sheet in a 5 lb sack
  9. The leads were not long enough to bend 90 degrees and extend out past the radius of the part itself? That's poor QC at its finest.
  10. You may laugh but yes dy-no-mite was used when I built my house.
  11. Out here in the west anyone thinking of digging needs a jackhammer at a minmum, a backhoe attachment on a tractor or a backhoe itself would be better. Oh and some coffee a'course.
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