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  1. @-js- perhaps @JRH might know. Were records kept down to this detail Jim? How many Madagascar Ebony KHorns were built?
  2. Yes I second that You would have to pry those out of my cold dead hands I wonder just how many pairs were made with that veneer.
  3. I would try PURE Tung oil applied with 0000 steel wool. Lacquer finishes are tricky. If worse comes to worst you may need to re-lacquer. BTW which ball gets the best stereo image? The cue ball or the 8-ball
  4. babadono


    ^only in the USA...our enemies will still use stuff that works.
  5. I think the distortion with these will be so low that it will be easy to get overly happy with the mains fader I know this is certainly true of the Jubilees.
  6. @alevalve the way to get someone's attention is to put an "@" and then start typing their avatar name. When the person you want to contact shows up in the drop down list click their name. Like this: @John Warren Or you can try a PM..or in John's case maybe try his website.
  7. I can hear the blue really good the red not so much
  8. Mono is mono is mono. If it sounded a little one side or the other than that side was louder.
  9. So when you said "moved to the left" you meant front and center Like Shakey said good deal. Enjoy.
  10. I'm not a genius but I think the complaint is less than 2 years ago it was 1/3 the price in some places and at least 1/2 everywhere.
  11. MWM is better than the underground Jube bass bin...the Jube is just more home size friendly
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