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  1. FYI. Got an update from a dealer I know that just got back from Klipsch dealer conference in Wisconsin. He mentioned that it looks like the Klipshorn version will be released 1st and then the La Scala. They demonstrated an updated active crossover Klipshorn with one of the new Heritage subwoofers connected.
  2. @MMurg I just want to be clear in my head that I can use the MC830 mono-blocks that I already have for the LF section of the active crossover and will need four more channels of amplification for the MF & HF section of the active crossover?
  3. Good! Because I upgraded my preamp and amps to a McIntosh C8 tube preamp and a pair of MC830 SS mono-blocks just over a year ago but that was before the La Scala’s were in the picture of being my replacement speakers. I’m a little relieved since all I read about is tube amps being used. I auditioned the La Scales in 3 different shops around the country and all of them used SS amps that sound fantastic to me. Now it looks like I need to find a 4 channel amp. The chase is never over?
  4. @MMurg in your post it looks like Roy used solid state amps in the demo?
  5. Any news on a Klipsch demo of the new subs at Axpona this coming weekend in Chicago?
  6. Anyone know the story behind the $13,198 a pair? Why isn’t $12,999 or $13,200? Just curious…
  7. I wanted to pull the trigger on a new pair of La Scala’s. But after reading that a Special pair of La Scala’s were used to demo the new horn subwoofer’s I’m going to hold off. I’m sure NDF’s were signed during the Subfest but is it reasonable to assume that new La Scala AL6 may be coming in the spring or summer?
  8. Any speculation on what’s going on behind the “Blacked Out” high/mid upper section of the La Scala’s in the demo photo? I’m going to quess that the high and mid compression drivers are going to be replaced with a 4 to 6 inch single horn making the new La Scala’s a two way horn speaker.
  9. Roy replied to my question said that their might be up to 4 models!
  10. There’s a good review of the La Scala’s in Stereophiles April 2023 edition. Made the cover and recommend component.
  11. Hello, anyone in New Mexico willing to allow me to audition your La Scala’s? I Can’t find a dealer that have them on display. Thx
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