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Community Answers

  1. It’s an example of what it will be, the photo is an earlier prototype. What will be given away is the final version before production.
  2. Check out the tubes section of the forum on ideas for tube amp builds also.
  3. Where are you going to put them when you win? How are you going to get them upstairs?
  4. You can name yours anything you want. Mere mortals are not allowed to name Heritage Products - PWK named them all (or adopted what others called them, like "Klipschorn" was name given by an audioclub that he adopted), the Jubilee (from Old Testiment), all of 'em. He even came up with nicknames, like Montagator.
  5. Stay tuned, we will have all of the details up in couple of days and I will update all of this and provide the links, etc.
  6. That’s the general details to follow with links to sponsorship donation purchases, etc. Plus there’s more (like maybe an option to purchase a matching Heritage Sub. and be the first to have one of those for the complete system).when those become available. Stat tuned for more details.
  7. That active LS system with new horns at Subfest will be launched this year and the last Pre-Production Beta has been offered to the Museum. The Museum is going to give them away as part of a Spring Klipsch Museum Visitor Campaign. Click link above for more information.
  8. Stay Tuned about the Klipsch Museum of Audio History Visitor Center Spring Fundraising Campaign. Three sponsorship levels, ($25-$100-$250) Each level will have a corresponding number of entries entered in the giveaway - a truly unique pair (1 of 1) of the final pre-production all new AL6 La Scalas with active crossover network (including time alignment and eq.). The person whose name is drawn will have the option to select from the woods available for the final production (possibly walnut, cherry, black ash). The cabinet build and final inspection, selection/matching of drivers, and crossover settings will all be personally supervised by Sr. Engineer, Roy Delgado, Jr. (Chief Bonehead) who will hand sign them. The person whose name is drawn to receive these will be the first in the world to have these in their home. More details on how to become a sponsor of the campaign and entry into the giveaway will be coming in the next couple of days.
  9. You have to go to settings and notifications. (People are much more informed on what the options are than me.)
  10. Can’t wait to hear some more information about this. Welcome to the Forum.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You will get a lot of great info. on this question. Travis
  12. Welcome to the Forum. Nothing too basic here. We will get this answered for you. Can you post a photo or two of them. Can you get a model number from the one outside or is it flush mounted to a ceiling also. A photo of where the wires come out of the wall might help as well. You should have 3 pairs of wires exiting somewhere. One pair for each speaker. They may have had a speaker selector box to select which speakers, 1, 2 or 3 or any combination. Then we need to figure out if the speakers are the normal type that can be run with a typical 3 ch. receiver, or if they are a 70v sound distribution system. Don’t be overwhelmed, this stuff is pretty darn easy once we help you answer some basic questions. Photos of speakers, model no. a plus, and photo where these wires come out will get you the answers. Travis
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