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  1. The Viking Heart: How Scandinavians Conquered the World, by Arthur Herman. Seeing as how "Whether of Scandinavian descent or not, after all, one can’t help but wonder how a small group of Scandinavians perched on the outer edge of Europe could have had such an outsized influence on how European history unfolded." This just arrived, supposed to have a lot of shipbuilding history, including the invention of the square sale, a keel, large mast, etc.
  2. Here is the schematic and everything you need to know about this subject (on a wired box by PWK). If you want to go active with timedelay you would need some input from the technical guys around here. Travis Vol. 14 Issue 4 97407 Bridged Center Loudspeaker.pdf
  3. If you can link me to that post I can move it for you.
  4. Yes I think it will be for sure. They will get something up as soon as they can. Travis
  5. Coming up on 7 years on this thread. Coffee while reading a cable thread, now to find that thread.
  6. @Pastor Dave I found some reading for you to do while people respond to your inquiry. While not your specific application, there is some discussion about different speakers and hanging over the center.
  7. Hello Pastor Dave, welcome to the Forum. You came to the right place, PWK donated and installed his speakers all around Southern Arkansas, and East Texas. He wrote several articles on how to install speakers in church settings so that maximized speech intelligibility. I believe @bhendrix has some experience with this (it may be just with church camps). I also believe Roy @Chief bonehead has installed a few systems in, including his church which he described as "small." Do you have a few photos of your sanctuary? That would be helpful for those guys. Travis
  8. @jimjimbo Do you want me to lock and pin it? Or leave it the way it is for now?
  9. Noticed that too, and it seems that they dance around it, not wanting to really say they believe their ears.
  10. You can pivot all you want to, it's pretty simple: This statement, by you, (which I assumed to be true also) isn't the case: I didn't say you had to get a UL certificate, didn't mention anything about certificates. I was simply pointing out if you look at every piece a gear you have, very little of it is going to be UL listed, if any. I'm assuming you were referring to electronic gear. How do I know this, I went to UL and looked. Almost none of the high-end stuff is UL listed. So now, you are saying well McIntosh is CE certified. There is a major difference between a UL certification and a CE (European certification). For UL, you have to go to UL and you have to pay what they charge. That's why it is such a valuable certification (and expensive). CE certification is done by 3rd party for profit certifying companies. It's like getting your car inspected. A CE certification allows you to sell your product in the EU, that's it, nothing else. Doesn't help you in a lawsuit in the US. Most things that get installed into a home are all UL certified. There has to be a reason for this, and I'm assuming it's because building codes require some level of certification, or the the NEC does.
  11. I'm not trying to get in an argument with you. What I just quoted up above, that's what you said and that's what I was responding to. I thought the same thing, any reputable brand would be UL listed. So I checked. They don't. It's too expensive to do it. Now, whether a rating by UL, or someone else will help avoid a lawsuit - that I do know a lot about. It might help on in a design defect case, but not in a manufacturing defect case. Failing a certification by UL or other similar certification isn't negligence, in and of itself, it's better than that. It's evidence of a design defect, which make a manufacturer strictly liable, you don't have to prove negligence, and you don't have to prove foreseeability of damages.
  12. No tube amp will every rate high on ASR will it?
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