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  1. Was in a house a few weeks ago, the husband is a retired economics professor, a very large model of the Titanic out of legos. Never knew such a thing existed.
  2. What are the odds of getting out of jail by rolling doubles (rolling doubles 1x on 3 attempts)
  3. It is 6 to the negative 4 power 5 times the same number on each die is 6 to the negative 5 power To roll that same sequence of numbers again is 6 to the negative 8 power, starting to get into lottery odds
  4. KT88 always love your posts. It doesn’t matter what you call it, or where it happens. A private individual in Germany posts on the Porsche forum a certain way to rebuild a 935 motor ( I used to own several) and he talks about many different improvements and he does this in his garage at home, but he really knows his stuff and he talks about his next project that he is going to do build a motor that will yield 850 hp (635 Kw) at 1.5 bar with parts 1/3 the cost a regular motor. So I PM and ask, hey, can I have you build one for me. Sure he says, I need X for parts. I send him X for parts and I will build it. It’s still half of what would cost from the name builders that have the full shops, etc. Months go by, no motor, he stops responding, I find him on another Porsche forum, start talking again, it will be ready September, no motor, November, it’s ready to ship, no motor, January no motor. There is a post on a Porsche Parts trading site and someone posts that he sent the same guy money for a motor, no motor. What do they call that in Germany?
  5. It's finally here, and off with a bang. All of the information is above, be sure and watch the video, it's a classic. Thank you to Paul and Barbie of Love Injection to help make Jim's dream a reality and helping the Museum continue to fulfill it's mission and vision. Travis
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loveinjectionnyc/the-dope-from-hope-book
  7. The Kickstarter campaign is live, the video presentation with Jim Hunter @JRH is for sure worth a watch. Please give it a spin and consider buying this one time opportunity to buy this top quality edition of all the Dope From Hope publications: GO here:
  8. This is on the U.S. Audio Mart on Captain Beefheart feed back, (captainbeefheart) https://www.usaudiomart.com/userfeedback.php?user_id=226109 That was an amp for sale in Garage Sale before I pulled it and the two other amps.
  9. I think RTM is the best record ever d the two still being made.
  10. Yes @henry4841, I think this is the only question pending at the moment. I did not see how old these are. I will leave it to you, @Deang and others to get into this.
  11. Paul Klipsch was a big reel to reel guy, there is a whole history on that.
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