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  1. Welcome to the Forum, I know there are several out there who have done this. I’m pretty sure that you will be hearing something from those who have done it.
  2. If you search KSP 400 in the search you will find several folks ended up bypassing the amps all together with good results. Travis
  3. Should have flown Quantas, best airline in the world. we loaded up two TSCM’s in my twin about 15 years ago, no issues. Same avionics pretty much, but the antenna placement is entirely different. I don’t think there would be much effect on VHF or UHF, and the key item, the magnetic compass isn’t going to be impacted. It’s in the cockpit behind a bulletproof proof door and calibrated every 90 degrees on a compass rose at the factory before certification is so the metal in the cockpit is factored out. Remove drivers and take wrap up and pad them and put in a larger check bag?
  4. Wish Dave could have seen it. He would have liked it I’m sure. T
  5. We are in process of getting our hands on some extras, not sure how many we will end up getting, or the pricing yet. But if you would like to be on wait list send me an email travis@klipschmseum.org
  6. So is Georgia for real? Struggle over GT indicative of anything?
  7. Welcome to the Forum. I believe there is a work around here, but I haven’t tried running Sixes with a Turntable. I think we can get you some answers, give it a day.
  8. Welcome to the Forum. No faux pas, perfect post. If ever unsure where to post, go ahead and post it and if we think it will get more visibility we can move it there. Travis
  9. Hey Jean Pierre: Thank you for reaching out about the size of the text. It is way above my paygrade and tech ability to tell you, other than it looks like you are copying and pasting from a translation program. I just resized your text, in Google Chrome browser, I hightlghted the text, went up to "size" at top and resized to 12 size font. Hope that helps:
  10. Naming contest? I saw somewhere that someone suggested the Deep Roy, so that could be: Deep Roy 1/I 2/II . . . 4/IV, or KDR-1, KDR-2 Or, hmmmm, names of Organs that go to C(-1), that’s 8 Hz one in Atlantic City, one in Australia for the two largest subs, there are several that go to C(0), someone said that at one time PWK was aware of every organ in Europe that could hit a 16 Hz tone/note. An Octobass can play 16Hz. Or singers with a bass voice, the Barry White, IP/clearance problems.
  11. To a degree they will have to be competitive with other top performing subs. But what else is out there that is horn-loaded? in veneers that match Heritage main speaker veneers? Ultra low IMD? There might be some stuff that’s close, but all four are patented so technically nothing is going to be precisely in the ball park in terms of design and performance is there? (I really don’t know, but am guessing based on people who got the 1802 and the limited run of 1502’s, that there isn’t a lot out there in the horn-loaded bass dept, with that footprint. However, I missed the class (and no one will let me copy their notes) so I don’t know. We will know more next Spring/Summer. If you are visiting Hope at that time, pop into your local Klipsch Heritage Dealer and see if they have an update
  12. He has no idea what he is talking about, someone posted “any guess as to price” and he felt compelled to respond and guessed. The group at this event are the only ones who have heard all 4 prototypes. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was discussed in terms of price at the class, so your guess is as good, if not better, as his or anyone else’s.
  13. Here is a link to the featured Reference Track for the SubFest Bonehead Class. Roy was in a quandary, he couldn’t find anything music wise that had a true fundamental in the 15 to 16hZ range. What to do? You call your resident Renaissance Man if you are lucky enough to have one, and KGI/PAC does in fact have one, Matt Sommers. Link to the two cuts which Matt collectively named “Deep Roy” with a description of the musical keys, and lowest fundamental frequency. Enjoy on your favorite system/headphones. If you are wondering why Matt has such a long silent intro on track 2 . . . well I will let those who were there explain it and what the intro does to the listening room couch. Enjoy, courtesy of a true Renaissance Man (in the highest Quattro cento sense of that moniker) https://www.mattsommers.net/deep-roy/
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