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  1. Glad to see Ngen posting his awesome work here for those that don't have the time/skills to do the repair techniques he shares here on the forum and on YouTube. .
  2. Can't tell for sure, but it looks like the effort to find pros, and the wait to fit you in the schedule was well worth it. If you go in the direction where you might need some Salt & Pepper PM me. @rigma and @bhendrix probably know the most about the best center for a Jubilee L/R where a 3rd won't work. Travis
  3. I think @jwc posted in that thread that he looked at alternatives for K-31-E and never found anything better, but that was 15 years ago. So K-31-K K-31-E K282 I believe the K282 allowed for the 32HZ Boost setting @Chief bonehead came up with in '08. So I have heard of the K-281, and the K-282, and the Jubilees have the K-283. I don't think I have ever seen that anywhere before, would be interested in hearing more about those. Roy, how long is the break in on a K-283? 50 hours or do they come pre-broke in? (That's a joke, don't answer)
  4. My apologies. Like I said, don't know how it's going to work out, a lot of hurdles to jump on this.
  5. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE. This may be 100% legit, but if you are a new member here, looking to buy, check this out very, very, very carefully. THE IP ADDRESS ISN"T MATCHING UP WITH EASTERN EUROPE. If this is all legit, and not a problem, my apologies to the seller in advance and I will straighten this all out. If you are dealing with the seller by PM or his email (which I have deleted temporarily) proceed with extreme caution. I would want photos of the "boxes" specifically the labels with S/N's. Photos of drivers, etc. UKRAINE? Really?
  6. Buyer beware, buyer beware, buyer beware. Don't know anything on this one way or the other, but tread very, very, very cautiously.
  7. Lot's of fun filled facts and information on the new Jubilee:
  8. Yep missed one back there, can't see the hidden handles either (brass with rubber grips).
  9. You guys are going to feel really, really stupid about how to move Jubilees into a house. https://www.facebook.com/KlipschAudio/videos/426901549323923/ At the 41:40 mark A girl and two guys. Jill Escol, VP of Worldwide communications
  10. I'm going to move this entire conversation about curves, stuff you built, etc. over to tech/mods where it belongs
  11. Congratulations Roy on you latest patent on the new Jubilee LF. Way to go.
  12. @bhendrix probably sold those LS back in the day, too bad they didn't show the S/Ns.
  13. In the June issue of Arkansas Money and Politics: https://www.armoneyandpolitics.com/hope-paul-klipsch-legacy/?fbclid=IwAR3FfBN8KtE5sxCrLDNRH8owzLbTx-3cOL3V1EP16qrkpMF3FOLMQj6EnyM
  14. There will be one pair of Museum Edition Jubilee's - The Diamond Jubilee Pair in black limba, same goodie box, emblems, etc.
  15. Welcome to the Forum, glad you liked it. @Taylor White
  16. No you can get them in Black Ash, or Teak and Lamp's wool. But there only got to make them a few pairs at a time initially is was I heard. The official launch was 6/1, so it's only been a week - Officially.
  17. Thanks Duke. I haven't heard of any moves recently, but i may have missed that along the line. If anyone talks with Gil can you update in here about wifi? Also if he could use some headphones as offered by @carlthess40?
  18. Well what you posted and I recently hid was old and out of date number. I got this on April 24th: "Gil now has a new cell phone, so you don't have to call the main line anymore: [Number Deleted] It is not a smartphone. He also has a laptop, but it is hard for him to use. I'm sure he would love to hear from people. Thank you. Brandon" Again, for those that would like to contact Gil please contact @opusk2k9 or me or just post in here that you would like that number.
  19. The number, which was posted in alpha-numeric format is outdated. Don't use it. Gil has his own cell phone now and a new number. You can PM @opusk2k9 and he will give it to you. Or you can PM me, I have it, and I don't think @opusk2k9 would mind if I gave it out via PM. If someone would like the number I suppose you can just post that in here and either @opusk2k9 or I will PM you if that works easier. Friends of Gil, please give him a call if you have the number. Does Gil have wifi/internet, can we get him a tablet or something to engage with the Forum?
  20. Yeah pretty cool how that worked out on the same day, Diamond Jubilee and Platinum Jubilee
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