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  1. Pretty sure that's as direct as it gets. Is it regulated by ATF? No if it's a replica or made before, 1898(I think), since it's a muzzle loader. The touch hole isn't spiked, unless you plan to fire it you should spike it, and with it blocked you have a big liability problem. If you can get it unblocked can you legally fire a cannon ball out of it? I wouldn't even venture a guess, but I would figure out a way to remotely flash it from 100 yards away with a remote camera. It probably needs to be xrayed and/or pressure tested. Did the guy who made it intend for cannon balls to be fired out of it?
  2. I don't think it should have either, that is why I have been sending emails and notices out. I want to make sure everyone got the chance to get one that showed interest, and I think I'm close to that. After that I don't care, if someone want to buy $6,000 or so worth of books I'm good with that, or two for grand kids, etc. I just want everyone on here who wanted one to have a chance. Between @314carpenter help in the alerts posted yesterday, and the stuff I have been sending behind the scenes I think we are close to getting there on that. I got one and I'm going to donate that one to be auctioned off on the Museum YouTube Channel after I get everyone at the factory to sign it, it will be the "Factory Edition", 1 of 1.
  3. I edited the info that I believe are bugs and will get straightened out on Monday. One of the links was not on the official store, it might result in less funds going to the Museum as intended. I have to get this verified tomorrow along with adressing a couple of other bugs I discovered.
  4. Why us this always a contest for you, why the first sentence. Quit being an *******, it's not necessary, and you had better ignore people who irritate you with every response ir you are going to be long gone. I'm tired of baby sitting grow men. If you think you will get a better shake on this PM Roy or Eldon.
  5. Is there a question I can answer that might help you decide? Over 20 sold today (last time I checked. I have posted it this afternoon on some of the facebook pages, and on Monday I think they will be posting on the Klipsch social media and I think they will really go.
  6. Here is the link for the signed 75th Anniversary signed limited edition book. https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipsch-museum-edition-75th-anniversary-bundle
  7. Just to clarify, I'm sure you were the 6th order, but in terms of what Number Book you got, you won't know (XX of 75) until you receive it. I asked Jim to shuffle them before bringing over to the Distribution Center so everyone had an equal chance of getting "No. 1".
  8. When you guys say PPV is coming, like you will pay X to watch each game like a fight, or do you mean the way Direct, Cable, etc. have been having the college football package, which gets more focused (by conference) and more expensive?
  9. You can get closer with your ears on LF/HF than REW in my experience. You will see which Fanfare for the common Man instantly.
  10. This thread is a spam magnet, I have blocked about a dozen attempts, but I think one or two snuck through. Be very careful of any hyperlinks.
  11. I would be more.concerned with what digital images might be on any of those phones you are in "possession" of. Does a reset wipe all photos and videos, even from recovery software?
  12. Yes, locked that, didn't delete it. It's apples and oranges. It had nothing to do with politics, or politically charged topics like Covid. I didn't lock that thread because of any violation. I locked the video editing thread because it was old, it had been answered, and for months we were getting first time posters posting hyperlinked spam to other video editing software in that thread. It was a spam magnet, just like education threads are a magnet for college paper sellers. The LS burning thread was hidden because it burst into flames with personal attacks. I unhid it when I confirmed it wasn't a joke, and then deleted it at the request of the OP, which we usually always do. The Covid thread I deleated most of because Covid is an out of bounds topic. We have always prohibited new threads on previously locked threads. Covid was started and frozen 3 times because I was stupid enough to think a reasonable discussion could occur here without being drug into conspiracy, links to dark web sites and videos, and politics. I tried 3 times, 3 different threads, and it became clear it was serving no useful purpose and was becoming a liability. So while I think your question to start this thread was a legitimate one, and one deserving of a response, it of course goes off the rails into "liberal media" controlling the narrative, and all the usual crap. I don't think I this place is only limited to audio/speakers. If I did, I appoligize for that. There are hundreds of topics like that in the Lounge, and I have been in many. Photography, jokes, books, Cables, Cocktails, Cycles, Beer, Bourbon, Cigars, and a 1000 other things. If you look at those old Evergreen threads you will see there is nothing political, politically charged, political ideology, racial, or religion. So we will turn this into a positive learning experience for everyone. Going forward, if you or anyone has a question on a moderator action, PM any moderator or all of them (Chad, Roy, Dtel and/or me). We will address it, just like we do every week. If we make a mistake, we say so and we fix it. Or if there is a reason for something, we explain it. I would say, almost without exception, a positive outcome is achieved (not necessarily that everyone agrees, but everyone understands). We are not going to discuss these things in the general Forum any longer because they run off the rails into off topic bullshit that would not be allowed anyway. So I'm going to lock this thread, delete the off topic stuff and pin it to the top so everyone can learn from this moving forward. It's an audio Forum, it used to be an awesome place when it was audio and the Lounge wasn't a place where people felt compelled to post about controversial and divisive subjects on a continual basis, or plunge into personal attacks at the first hint of disagreement. So hopefully this will cause people to feel free to express any suggestions, questions, thoughts, etc. on how to keep the Klipsch Forum a friendly, welcoming, warm, and informative place. Merry Christmas
  13. Funny you mentioned that. I looked back in the Jubilee thread. There hasn't been one political post in there in the entire history, (15+ years), not one personal attack, not one "hey did you see in the news today that", it's just about Jubes and related subjects. That's it.
  14. I think what he meant was if you choose to post in a public forum you have no claim of copyright, you don't own your content, the Forum does. So if someone says I'm mad, delete all my content, the forum owner can say, nope sorry. It's in the terms of service of every forum I have seen, including this one. Generally speaking, and certainly not on behalf of KGI, a forum owner is not liable for posts, however, copyright and trademark issues make a forum owner responsible under federal law, and there are other considerations if the Forum owner is a publically traded entity. "Free speech"/1st amendment considerations don't apply to forums. A forum owner can set any rules it wants.
  15. There typically isn't with professional DSP/crossover either. The way I have seen it done is with AES pink noise and that will get you within a db or less (depending on your ears). From there, because the output is line level (direct to speakers) you would needs an RMS db meter (just like the ones built into every SS Mac Amp) and you could get closer than your ears could detect. HOWEVER, there are someunknows, the LF and HF are going to have different sensitivity, and you don't know how that's is compensated with the DSP, if at all. So if you want it better than the limits of audibility, you would need to put a lab grade calibrated microphone into play, at the proper distance, at the proper height - like when you are doing an AB test with speakers and you want them exactly the same volume. If that's done properly, I have seen them get to within 1/10 of a db. But it's really not an issue, those who run underground Jubes with active crossovers and different amps are all doing the exact same thing, instead of twisting a handy knob they are putting in less or more gain by typing in a number on a keyboard.
  16. I'm really sorry to hear this. I know all of you in health care, especially your area, are pushed to the edge. We send our deepest condolences to you. It's obviously she had an impact on you, as many Grandparents do.
  17. Welcome to the Forum. Please understand that the Forum is made up of mostly volunteers and Klipsch owners who are not employees of Klipsch. Where are you located? That might help us steer you in the right direction.
  18. I think the Museum has a couple of hundred of them, you can can PM @dtel's wife or @dtel and they might be able to help you out.
  19. Yes, that thread had lots of expert opinions and good information in it. The problem with that thread is it apparently was a fake ad in Garage Sale, and you just can't have fake ads in there, because the responses, while hilarious, are the type that the Garage Sale regulars recently said they didn't want to see in replies to Garage Sale ads. So it's sending mixed messages to people who are responding to real ads. If @dirtmudd wants it moved to the lounge section I will move it there, fully intact, and you all can see where it goes.
  20. What audio/speaker/music/etc. related thread(s) with good information, expert opinions has been deleted? Oh, you meant good information, references, expert opinions on topics which should have never been posted in the first place? Two reasons. First, this is a Klipsch Forum, which contains, on average, people who are significantly smarter than the average audio enthusiast (90th percentile maybe?). They don't need people to look up things for them on topics like politics, covid, guns, etc., etc., they can do it for themselves. The vast majority of Forum members (9 to 1 at last count), who have chosen to provide input privately, say they come here to avoid all of the back and forth on social, political, and similar topics. They say there are plenty of outlets where they can go if they are interested in that, and they specifically come here to avoid it. Secondly, if the good information, references, expert opinions were left up in a locked thread it has proven to be an incentive to post whatever you please, get in the back and forth, the "in before the lock" comments begin to appear, and it simply becomes a game. So the moderators went to a "in before the delete" approach (when the thread from the get go was off limits). On threads that start off legitimate, but one or two individuals turn it political, we delete those posts and those people. Members have overwhelmingly responded that the offending conduct should be addressed, not the whole thread. That takes significantly more time, but we try to do that to preserve what is preservable. There is a post pinned at the top of the lounge section, posted by @dtel which pretty much lays it all out
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