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  1. Super MWM

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  2. Trouble on K-250 SN data

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  3. La Scala for PA use.

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  4. KP-260

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  5. KPT-325

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    • How about some recomendations for which subs?
    • I don't know anything about that receiver, probably some settings messing it more than anything else.   I say this because I have an old one, elite VSX  82TXS, it's used just for pre outs and is very musical. Before this it was just a DAC with a volume knob used as a preamp that sounded very good. Roy was here and wanted to try this receiver to make connecting other thing easier, it was quite surprising the sound quality was at least just as good as a very simple minimum signal chain system, disc player into a DAC and out.    I have no idea how that receiver compares to one he is using, I don't know anything about it, the 82 was from 06 and highly rated.    But in the end the only thing that matters is sound quality, nothing else. Not name brands, price, topolog or anything including personal beliefs, great sound quality erases all of the extra BS, as I was shown.   That is why I do not like general blanket claims, it may be general myth but myths are not facts plain and simple.    Roy has very good ears, he knows what to listen for, plus 30+ years of testing them and designing speakers, he knows what does not sound right for whatever reason. He is the one that thought the  change from DAC was NO loss in sound quality at all, he set up and tuned it, we/HE tried it both ways. I actually fought it thinking it would be a step down with all my preconceived BS common ways of thinking, I was proven wrong. He had all weekend to play with it, I left it 100% up to him to get the best sound, he set up his computer and did his thing.    I don't know if this guys problem is the receiver or not, it is for him to figure out after exhausting any setting or adjustments with what he has.   I only say all of this because I was shown my thinking was wrong and could possibly give someone needing help a wrong direction to head, prematurely at least, which is not a help.   Just another oponion
    • I had a Rc-7 channel that could get a bit harsh when really loud but I loved that center. I heard the Rf-7 IIs and felt they were a bit too bright but the Rf-7 IIIs are incredible and smooth. My first experience with the ti tweeter was in a KLF-10 and I thought it was a very noticeable change for the better. In 3 ways they haven’t been as noticeable but I have them in my Chorus II. I should note with stock crossovers so perhaps a cap refresh would help make them more noticeable.
      I suppose going ti mid in the Chorus I would be a good test as even if I would prefer phenolic for mids in music, the ti would probably be outstanding for movies which is what the Chorus are doing right now anyway. I can always let them break in for a while with movies before truly testing them for music. I definitely need to try it and the tube port mod. The 2.5oz mod on the Chorus II passive radiator kicks *** so I respect your opinion and recommended mods!

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    • Check out the review of a pair pf Forte 3's in the June issue of HI FI And Record Review.It is not exactly what i would call a rave.
    • I knew I couldn't fit my potential center channel (a new Belle Klipsch) into my vehicle, and was not looking forward to paying shipping, so I called Klipsch.  A rep called me back, and gave me the name of a dealer about 1 1/2 hours away, and told me that the dealer's van "had been sighted" in my town.  I called the dealer  (who had already been alerted by the rep) and he drove the Belle up here, at no charge.  About 6 months later, he drove me a new Klipsch sub, same arrangement.  This was in about 2005.
    • OK; beginner at this  Got a Umik-1 mic, MiniDSP 2x4 and downloaded REW.  Testing it on my (back) Cornwall I speakers which are powered by a Yamaha CR-620 ... signal is coming from the "front" (zone 2 pre-out from an Onkyo ZR810 AVR).   Ran REW on my speakers ("RED" on graph). Let REW "equalize" it (with a "basic" home curve) and loaded the values into the miniDSP. Played a record, comparing "straight" input vs miniDSP input.  Kind of disappointed  The original sound seemed much more dynamic than the modified sound   Do my ears have to get used to it??? Last ran REW calobration on the miniDSP output ("BLUE" on graph). Am I missing something basic??? Thanks, Emile     add-on ... bypassing low filters; high filter set at 34Hz
    • Hi Gil/HiFi,    I'm in Amarillo and can't look it up, but I have an interview of Mr. Paul where he said the woofer inductor saturated at 63 watts.  That should give you a means to calculate the practical current limit of the woofer inductor.  When horn loaded the woofer has an impedance of about 6 ohms.    He said the 63 watts wod not be an issue for anyone but the gun shot enthusiasts.  I am assuming you want the value so you can replace the inductor.  Some here say that should be done carefully because it can change the Q of the woofer and change the response of the bass horn.   
    • https://denver.craigslist.org/msg/d/klipsch-la-scalla-pa-speakers/6623930796.html      
    • Just buy a cardboard tube that's the same diameter. Cut to length then keep an eye out for the correct one.