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  1. No affiliation. Original boxes. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2808480156049951/ Regards, John
  2. Soldering is required for the actual recap. If you lack solid skills send to Bob. As far as removal, no soldering required. They are attached to the terminal cups below the passive radiator. Simple removal process. If you remove passive radiator, care should be taken, as they are delicate and near impossible to replace. Re-capping with parts should be under a $100.00. Even if you find a bad driver, parts are relatively cheap. Keep the forte II. PM if you are interested in reversible upgrades I have done to mine. Regards, John
  3. I am assuming quarter cut oak finish like forte line? If so, with the rougher grain they should look great. You have my vote, and depending on outcome may have my forte II, to re-finish as well. Regards John
  4. Very Nice! GLWS Regards, John
  5. A little linseed oil will make those pop like the day they were boxed up from the factory. Regards, John
  6. Were you able to negotiate the price down on either purchase? Regards, John
  7. Keep in mind you will want/need 2 quality subs if you go the LS route. forte II has enough low end for 2 channel audio/video on their own. Regards, John
  8. John Chi-town

    MI forte iis

    Post has been deleted. Regards, John
  9. The forte II, beats out the 1st version INMHO. The 2nd version has the tractrix mid horn, and larger 15 passive radiator. The mid on the 2nd generation is much more open and live INMHO. You can get a mint used pair in most markets for $750-$1,000 You can do some additional reversible upgrades as I have done to mine, and you are pretty darn close to a forte III. Regards, John
  10. Keep in mind, Quartet, Forte, and Chorus versions need the flexibility of being placed 6-12 inches from respective rear wall for proper bass response, depending on environment.. Regards, John
  11. I have owned my forte II since new, purchased in 1992. When you consider that a new pair of forte III run $3,600.00 a lot to weigh there. The forte II with a few reversible mods comes very close to a 3. I know we are comparing apples to oranges in the sense of comparing a 25 plus year old speaker value to current production. The point being if immaculate original paperwork, boxes, etc. is $1,200.00 too much for at least another 25 plus years of enjoyment? Only you can answer that. My vote would be to buy. I would try and settle at or around a $1,000.00 . Regards, John
  12. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa26i9-klipsch-rf7-iii-black-full-rang No affiliation Regards, John
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