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  1. John Chi-town

    forte III lambswool grill fabric

    Unfortunately procrastination has taken a hold. Hopefully will have completed and photo's posted shortly after the first of the year.
  2. John Chi-town

    Near Mint Chorus II, Austin TX $1,000.00

    Even forte II seam to be trending around $750.00 + since the release of the forte III, they were trending around $500.00 a pair in my neck of the woods prior to that. Regards, John
  3. John Chi-town

    Cornscalas $650

    Cab anyone speak to the overall sound of the Cornscalla? I'm thinking for $650.00 and a tank and a half of gas how could one go wrong? Regards, John
  4. John Chi-town

    Near Mint Chorus II, Austin TX $1,000.00

    No affiliation. Appears to be local pick-up only. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649468925-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers-location-pickup-in-austin-area/ Regards, John
  5. The KG 5.5 is a very nice speaker. Welcome to the forum! Regards, John
  6. John Chi-town

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I would still change filter every 3.5K miles. Paper filters last at best 4K. I don"t care what the filter manufacturer states. Regards, John
  7. As others have mentioned either forte series or Cornwall. Regards, John
  8. John Chi-town

    Crites upgrades forte 1

    Yours as well Regards, John
  9. John Chi-town

    Crites upgrades forte 1

    If you send Bob your crossovers for a small fee he will install new caps and return to you. Regards, John
  10. John Chi-town

    Chorus ii for sale

    GLWS Regards, John
  11. Appears to be Houston...... Regards, John
  12. GLWS.... If I may ask, why are you selling? Regards, John
  13. John Chi-town

    How do I bring Forte ll`s to new level???

    So, what were the results of moving your listening position further back??? Regards, John
  14. John Chi-town

    How do I bring Forte ll`s to new level???

    Correct. The closer you can get if possible to 12-15 feet, the better they will sound, Try by using a kitchen or folding chair at various distances till you find your sweet spot! Your welcome. Please share your thoughts once you have tried. Regards, John
  15. John Chi-town

    How do I bring Forte ll`s to new level???

    Roughly 6 1/2 feet from each side closest to the entertainment center.