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  1. You will notice a fuller sound, deeper bass, superior clarity, and dynamics you have never heard before. Out goes thin, bright sound when you have a good, solid, high-end amplifier that delivers high current and high power. It has nothing to do with loudness; it has to do with superior control and power reserve, like cruising at 80 miles on a highway with a V12 engine versus a 4-cylinder car.
  2. No Affiliation. Run don't walk...... Marketplace - Marantz 2600 & Kilpsch Cornwall IV speakers | Facebook
  3. My comment was only to educate the seller on the value of his speakers. No one will offer him anywhere near his asking price. I hope he finds someone willing to pay 4K a pair. GLWS.
  4. Take a look at the SVS Micro 3000 Should fit the bill based on your response.
  5. What model of main speakers will they be working with?
  6. No Affiliation, Very Minty Marketplace - Klipsch Hersey II Speakers | Facebook
  7. JP_NH perhaps it is the angle of the photo, but your fortes appear to be awfully close to the rear wall. Those passive radiators need some room to breathe. I have found that a minimum of 8 inches provides the best sound in my various listening areas. Glad you are happy with your purchase. The forte INMHO is the Goldilocks of the Heritage lineup.
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