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  1. Balanced Interconnects

    JS I am not here to humor you. Go troll somewhere else. Best regards, John
  2. Who's Gonna Be Next?

    I was told differently on a post I made yesterday. I was told, no political innuendo's. Which reminds me of an old joke. What do you call an Italian suppository? Best regards, John
  3. Who's Gonna Be Next?

    Here we go again. TOS violation. LOL......
  4. Balanced Interconnects

    You are correct. There is no statement saying "improved sound". However it shows that with balanced connections less distortion, better signal to noise ratio, etc. Which INMHO translates to better performance and sound. John
  5. Balanced Interconnects

  6. Balanced Interconnects

    Real XLR inputs: The advantages of balanced signaling are significant. So why are systems with balanced capability often used unbalanced? The problem is in the design of the differential or balanced drivers and receivers. These are more difficult to design with very linear low-distortion circuits. Often, the unbalanced circuits sound better because of simpler design. If the component is not designed balanced from the ground-up, the balanced circuitry often adds an additional stage to the preamp or amp. Additional stages are undesirable in principle, because each stage adds its own distortion, noise and frequency roll-off. In general, it is best not assume that the balanced and unbalanced connections on a component will sound alike , so the best advice is to try both. If you look at the last couple of pages in each of my attached owners manuals under specifications, you will see the gain in performance with balanced interconnects. Best regards, John gCD-750-ug.pdf GFA-565-user-manual.pdf gfp-750-ug.pdf
  7. Balanced Interconnects

    Bought 1 Meter pairs on Ebay for $75.00 a pair. Retailed at $250.00 Monster M1000 Series.
  8. Balanced Interconnects

    Look at your owners manual for performance difference between XLR Balanced vs.Unbalanced connections. I think you will be surprised.
  9. WTB: Chorus II's or Cornwall II's (mid 80's model)

    Between CL, Audiogon & fleabay you should be able to find a nice pair of either fairly soon. May require a couple hour drive but worth the wait.
  10. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    No rattle & roll either......
  11. Balanced Interconnects

    I just recently upgraded my CD Player/Transport. Prior to that both my pre-amp and amp were connected with balanced interconnects. I added the CD player with balanced as well. All three now are using Monster M 1000 series balanced interconnects for connectivity. All three pieces have "real" balanced interconnects from factory. What a difference, head room seems like it has doubled, bass is much tighter, and mids and highs have improvement as well. My question is why do many people think that balanced interconnects are only required for long cable runs, etc,? INMHO there is a much improved listening experience. Best regards, John
  12. NO AFFILIATION Appear to be a nice set of forte II, Orland Park, IL. https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/ele/d/klipsch-forte-2-stereo/6420096260.html John
  13. NO AFFILIATION https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/klipsch-forte-iii-speakers/6412039607.html If legit, great deal for someone looking for a pair. John
  14. Who's Gonna Be Next?

    I was told I tried prying open that "Political Rabbit Hole"...... I am just gonna kick back with a Coke and popcorn and enjoy the show.
  15. Forte III listening fatigue

    I waited over 20 years before tinkering with my forte II. Added BC networks, titanium diaphragms in squawker and tweeter. All of which is reversible. Those are state of the art speakers you just purchased. Whatever the outcome if your happy that is all that counts. Best regards, John