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    Adcom GFP-750 Preamp
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    Adcom GCD-750 CD Player/Transport
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    Adcom ACE-615 Line Cond/Surge
    Klipsch forte II 1992 Clear Oak Finish
    Bob Crites Crossovers
    Bob Crites Titanium Tweeter Diaphragms
    Klipsch K53TI drivers in Mid-Range Horns
    Bob Crites Squawker Outboard Band Pass

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  1. I also own forte II over carpet on concrete floor. I assume you have padding under carpet? I do, I have positioned 18 inches off of rear wall, and bass is perfect INMHO. Good luck! John
  2. John Chi-town

    Lambs wool grill cloth for my Heresy III's?

    The around $100/-- quote included re-using my original badges which are mint. Regards, John
  3. John Chi-town

    Forte III vs Modded Forte II

    The forte III has a titanium diaphragm for squawker and tweeter.. Am I missing something? Regards, John
  4. John Chi-town

    Forte III vs Modded Forte II

    A true comarison would be a moded forte II with new caps, TI Squawker and Tweeter as I have done on my II's. Although I was unable to compare side by side with a III, it is extremely close. Regards, John
  5. John Chi-town

    Lambs wool grill cloth for my Heresy III's?

    Your welcome. They will apply for you or you can do yourself. Since they are local for me thinking of dropping off grills late next week. Quoted me about $100.00 That is fabric installed and badges put back on. Exact fabric as forte III lambs wool since they are the supplier. Regards, John
  6. John Chi-town

    Adcom 555se

    Adcom INMHO makes some very good pieces. IE THE GFP 750 Pre with passive and active gain is one of the best preamps I haver ever heard or owned. The current 555se, 565SE, etc. are all 99% based on based on Nelson Pass's original designs with updated circuit boards, etc. Regards, John
  7. John Chi-town

    Lambs wool grill cloth for my Heresy III's?

    Duracrest Fabrics in Elk Grove Village Illinois has made the Klipsch cloth since the early 80"s. I have been toying with having my forte II done in lambswool as well. Address: 2474 Delta Ln, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Phone: (847) 350-0030 Regards, John
  8. John Chi-town

    Birch Super Heresy speakers for sale

    Would you describe the sound as midway between a Heresy and forte? Regards, John
  9. Two ears, two speakers. I have owned my forte II new since 1992. My 2 channel system is my HT as well. So yes, upgrade to the f ii's, and you will be set for life. Regards, John
  10. John Chi-town

    Holy Crap, Why use a pre-amp at all ?

    Take a look at the Adcom GFP-750, a true class A Passive and Active Pre-amp. Nelson Pass designed. Can be fond used $750.00-$1,000.00 based on condition and market. I have been very happy with mine. I rarely if ever use in active mode. Regards, John
  11. INMHO, the forte line is the best or in the top 2. most balanced speakers Klipsch ever produced. K Horns, Jubes, and Lascalla are "better" overall in many aspects. However in my "world" I do not have the real estate required to have K Horns or Jubes breath properly. It is my belief that in most situations for 2 channel music and or video the forte line is very hard to beat. Regards, John
  12. I made the same upgrades about 4+ years ago. Never looked back. Extremely Close to a forte III for a few hundred dollars. Regards, John
  13. John Chi-town

    Polarity of K-53 Titanium Mid Range Diaphragms

    You will probably want to talk to Bob Crites, regarding an outboard band pass roll off between mid and tweeter. Regards, John
  14. Gas, hands down Regards, John
  15. John Chi-town

    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers

    Is Simply Stereo in Hoffman Estates, IL. a pending Heritage dealer? They carry several Heritage speakers, yet not the forte III. Regards, John