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  1. Chorus tweeters not working

    INMHO, you are expecting more than the MAC, 2 channel amp can support with swings well blow 4 OHM. My guess is that you may encounter the same problem again. Best regards, John
  2. Did my good deed for the day

    Nice way to pay it forward!
  3. My guess is a couple hundred plus for new passive radiators via forte III. Best regards, John
  4. No affiliation. Great Pre-amp, if you are looking for passive and active mode. Single Class A gain in active mode. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adcom-GFP-750/112808934648?epid=66744744&hash=item1a43efbcf8:g:MboAAOSwnlFaf7kV Best regards, John
  5. Something for me ...

    It must be the "wood" that the networks are mounted to,
  6. Klipsch Cornwalls - $750 (ANTIOCH)

    Do I get a 10% finders fee? Best egards, John
  7. No affiliation....... Unbelievable! https://www.audiogon.com/listings/speakers-klipsch-la-scala-2018-01-13-vintage-equipment-767617a9-5dca-4985-8c64-9b78e21f45ec Best regards, John
  8. Klipsch Cornwalls - $750 (ANTIOCH)

    No affiliation. N.E. IL./ WI. Border. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/ele/d/klipsch-cornwalls/6487844960.html Best regards, John
  9. Subwoofer suggestion.

    SVS has a tool on their website where you input brand and speaker model and SVS provides recommendations. As you mentioned, no questions asked return policy within 60 days I believe. That is plenty of time to demo with your equipment and environment. Best regards, John
  10. No affiliation. NW Burbs of Chicago. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/klipsch-rf-7-ii-speakers/6480692287.html Best regards, John
  11. Quartet with Crites upgrades VS Chorus II bone stock

    Yes. Those were Smithsonian quality! I am still kicking myself for passing on..........
  12. Quartet with Crites upgrades VS Chorus II bone stock

    The Chorus II, for reasons already mentioned. $900.00 is on high side, unless they look straight out of the box. Start at $750.00 and work your way up. Best regards, John
  13. Ti midrange upgrade for Forte I

    I upgraded to Ti-diaphragms on my forte II a couple years ago, both tweets and squawkers.. I am very pleased with the results. Forte III, Cornwall III etc. all have titanium diaphragms in the tweets and squawkers. You will need a band pass roll-off due to the simplicity of the forte / forte II crossover. Best regards, John Please read below per Bob Crites. Although the response curve will vary from the attached forte II graph, the concept remains the same. A bandpass limits the out put of the squawker driver. Please see detailed description from Bob Crites below: I can provide a little technical information of using the Klipsch titanium midrange to replace the orignal phenolics. On the trace below, the red is an original K-53 phenolic diaphrgm and the green is the K-53TI titanium midrange diaphragm on the same 700 hz horn. We see slightly higher average output for the titanium than the phenolic. The phenolic output drops like a stone at 6khz where the tweeter takes over. That allows the crossover to be pretty simple since there is no reason to roll off the midrange. But, the titanium diaphragm keeps on going, in fact heading for a peak at around 7.3khz before it drops off. So, if the titanium diaphragm is used in place of the phenolic without a crossover mod, you would have the midrange and tweeter both at full output at the same time around 7khz. Bob Crites Attached Thumbnails
  14. Why don't most people care about good sound anymore?

    Simple, yet to the point............
  15. SOLD Beautiful Walnut Oil Chorus II pair SOLD

    Jim, As much as I would like to move forward on. I have to pass at this time. Nicest pair I have ever laid eyes on. I will be surprised if they are still available by end of the day. Best regards, John