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    All types of music, hunting, & the "Great Outdoors"
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    Adcom GFP-750 Preamp
    Adcom GFA-5802 Amplifier
    Adcom GCD-750 CD
    Adcom GFT-555II Tuner
    Adcom ACE-615 Line Cond/Surge
    Klipsch forte II 1992 Clear Oak Finish
    Bob Crites Crossovers
    Bob Crites Titanium Tweeter Diaphragms
    Klipsch K53TI drivers in Mid-Range Horns
    Bob Crites Squawker Outboard Band Pass

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  1. No affiliation (1) Marketplace - Set of 2 - Klipsch Heresy lll Floor Standing Speakers - in Walnut | Facebook
  2. Yes. They are drop in no need to alter crossover. Now if you are looking at replacing the squawkers with titanium diaphragms, then more than likely you would need to mod the crossover.
  3. I would suggest taking a hard look at the Adcom 5802, which is a Nelson Pass design. 300 WPC in 8 Ohms, Runs Class A, up to 50 wats or so. With the efficiency of a Khorn anything more than 8 watts input will drive you from the room. I also have the matching GFP 750 Preamp also a Nelson Pass design, as well as the GCD 750 CD player. I have mine connected to a pair of forte II speakers. I have tested on my friends Khorn's a few years ago and they sounded outstanding with my components.
  4. John Chi-town


    What do you call an Italian suppository? An inuendo!
  5. Size Matters! Lol. Whether it be a car or speakers, nothing beats cubic inches. Perhaps for those who live in tiny homes. However, for those 1%ers like us, they certainly would not provide the "Wall of Sound" that I am accustomed to. Feed them to the masses in order to keep the Heritage line alive.
  6. I will be selling my pair of vintage 1992 forte II in the next 10-14 days. I am the original owner. I have original shipping cartons and inserts. The pair are absolutely flawless in clear oak finish. I am moving on the 19th locally so they along with my other audio components are already packed in their original cartons. The forte II have been updated with the following: Bob Crite's crossovers, K53 TI midrange drivers, Bob Crite's mid range roll off, and titanium tweeters. I really prefer local pick up. I should be able to start sending photo's to those who have interest sometime after the 23rd. Please PM me if interested and soon as everything is set up I can send photo's. Check my profile to see equipment that they can be demoed on, or you can bring your own for audition. I am located in South Oldham County KY, which is about 15-20 miles East of Louisville KY. Again, pick up only. Please PM me with any questions or concerns.
  7. What do the cones look like on the passive radiators? Thanks, John
  8. Yes. I was implying there may be damage to the cabinets based on lack of photos and price. Regards, John
  9. Curious as to why there are no photos of cabinets? Re John
  10. Damn, that is one hell of a deal! John
  11. Very Nice! GLWS. If you were closer, would give serious consideration..... Regards, John
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