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  1. Yes. I was implying there may be damage to the cabinets based on lack of photos and price. Regards, John
  2. Curious as to why there are no photos of cabinets? Re John
  3. Damn, that is one hell of a deal! John
  4. Very Nice! GLWS. If you were closer, would give serious consideration..... Regards, John
  5. If Pristine that is very high end. Go there with $700 in right pocket if pristine, and go up from whats in your left pocket in increments of $50. Good luck! John
  6. No affiliation https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa35ae-klipsch-full-range
  7. Stupid question, but have you removed the speaker grills and checked to see that all screws holding horns and bass are tight, as well as the passive radiators? John
  8. Glad to hear you are on the right track! Hopefully the crossover rebuild will take away the muddy bass. The Ti tweeter will help smooth things out as well. Keep in mind Klipsch speakers overall are probably the most revealing simply by design. Garbage in, garbage out, from a recording perspective. Poorly mastered CD's etc. will really shine with all their glory through all Heritage designs. The forte line is considered among the best in the Heritage line in the sense of a well balanced speaker. Cornwall I-III, will have less midrange, but a more robust bass. LaScala, great mid and highs, but lacks bass. Think 1-2 subs in the mix with that route. I have owned my forte II since I unboxed them 28 years ago. The only Heritage that has come out since then that I would replace with is the new Cornwall IV. However they are $6K a pair. Will wait a couple years till they are available on used market for half or less. The new Cornwall IV INMHO is like a forte III on steroids. Finally gave it the larger mid range it needed for decades. INMHO, they stole Bob Crite's 3 way Cornscala design, more or less. Lol..... Remember as PWK stated we live in the mid-range. Regards, John
  9. How did the repositioning and playing with toe in work out? Any improvement? Regards, John
  10. Keep an eye on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, etc, A pair should pop up soon. Go with the forte II if you can. Unboxed mine 28 years ago. Good luck on your search. John
  11. Plenty of moving pads wrapped around them if you dont have original boxes and inserts. Then more padding, Did I mention padding? Regards, John
  12. Also, play with Toe in & No Toe in. I prefer No toe in in my environment. Or somewhere inbetween. Good luck.
  13. INMHO you have the speakers way to far from the wall. The passive works best 8-12 inches from rear wall. Recap the crossovers as well. I think you will have a different impression of the speakers. Regards, John
  14. Grade school. Music class had a pair of Heresy's on the wall.
  15. Another ticking time bomb post. LMAO.. Regards, John
  16. I am so tempted, Too damn close! Lol...... John
  17. No affiliation. Original boxes. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2808480156049951/ Regards, John
  18. Soldering is required for the actual recap. If you lack solid skills send to Bob. As far as removal, no soldering required. They are attached to the terminal cups below the passive radiator. Simple removal process. If you remove passive radiator, care should be taken, as they are delicate and near impossible to replace. Re-capping with parts should be under a $100.00. Even if you find a bad driver, parts are relatively cheap. Keep the forte II. PM if you are interested in reversible upgrades I have done to mine. Regards, John
  19. I am assuming quarter cut oak finish like forte line? If so, with the rougher grain they should look great. You have my vote, and depending on outcome may have my forte II, to re-finish as well. Regards John
  20. Very Nice! GLWS Regards, John
  21. A little linseed oil will make those pop like the day they were boxed up from the factory. Regards, John
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