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  1. A little sanding and walnut stain is cheap. 😁 You would probably wait quite a long time for another pair in this overall shape.
  2. I would drive at least 6 hours each way for this pair if in the market for, or any used Heritage that were in as nice of condition as these. Hope a member gets them.
  3. My suggestion would be to start with a pair of forte II. Can be had on used market depending on condition from $750.00-$1,200.00 INMHO, one of the best "all around" speakers in the Heritage line. No sub really required, and if you are not satisfied you can always sell for what you paid for. No speaker does everything perfect. There is a reason that the forte line is Klipsch's top selling line. When you factor in foot print, WAF, etc. I bought mine in 1992, and have never felt a need to upgrade. Good luck with your search.
  4. No Affiliation Klipsch HP-3 Semi-Open Back Headphones; HP3; Oak (42623) | Over-Ear | Erie, Colorado 80516 | Audiogon
  5. No Affiliation Klipsch Cornwall IV | Full-Range | South Venice, Florida 34293 | Audiogon
  6. (6) Marketplace - Klipsch LaScala II (Pair) | Facebook
  7. No Affiliation Appears to have been listed for 25 weeks. May be able to grind him down. (1) Marketplace - McIntosh Complete Power Stereo System | Facebook
  8. You would have to contact the seller. No affiliation.
  9. No Affiliation. Marketplace - Klipsch Speakers | Facebook
  10. No Affiliation. Marketplace - Klipsch klipsch horn Klipschorn 1986 vintage mint condition | Facebook
  11. If you prefer a punchy and tight bass the forte IV. The Cornwall with its 15-inch woofer and 15-inch passive may sound slightly larger, but INMHO the 12-inch bass, and 15-inch passive is more accurate. It also digs a little deeper than the Cornwall. I have compared both, and I am a 30-year owner of a pair of hot rodded forte II. I have never felt as if I was missing something. Also, no sub required.
  12. No Affiliation Klipsch Belle - Rare Stunning beauties from 1980 and have had only one owner! | Full-Range | Chicago, Illinois 60657 | Audiogon
  13. It would be a real drive for you, but Paducah Home Theater, in Paducah KY. is the place. Best pricing available that I have seen anywhere. You need to call in advance and make an appointment. Pricing on internet is LP. Call for real prices, anyway I have not heard of a current Heritage product being unavailable to audition. Considering replacing my forte II with current forte IV. I am planning a trip down, just over a 3-hour drive for me, to audition the forte IV, and Cornwall IV. Want to see if my 56-year-old ears can hear much of a difference prior to pulling the trigger. Paducah Home Theater
  14. No affiliation Marketplace - Klipsch Chorus I modified and updated to Crites Tweeters. | Facebook
  15. Forte II Have had mine 30 years. Paid $750.00 for a new set in 1992, worth about $1200-$1500.00 now. I am speaking for 9/10 + specimens. Original boxes and inserts to boot. LOL. Seriously though when you consider WAF, Footprint, Strong low end and dynamic range, it truly is the best all-around Klipsch, INMHO. If you go that route, you can change out the phenolic diaphragms for titanium for both the squawker as well as the tweeter. This will require a bypass midrange roll of that Bob Crites can build for you, around $150.00 for both speakers. When completed you will essentially have a wildcat Forte III. I did this mod about 8 years or so ago. Sound better since that upgrade than they ever did prior.
  16. It does. I also have the matching GFP 750 PRE, also CLASS A as well as the GCD 750 1-disc player. Over the last 30 years I have owned many and only ADCOM products. The MOSFET designs INMHO are the most refined with plenty of deep end. Please reference attached link, which provides spec's on the GFA 5802 Adcom GFA-5802 (interport.net)
  17. I completely agree with your assessment. Which is why I run an ADCOM 5802 which is 300 watts per channel into 8 OHMS. The first 25 or so in Class A, after that runs A/B. Apparently, the OP is driving his receiver to the limit.
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