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  1. So, I'm trying to get an idea of how much my "dream speaker system" would cost,...just in case I win the Mega Lotto sometime soon. What would it take to purchase the systems displayed in the attached photo?....and what about the costs of powering this dream setup?...Then, of course, I'll need to build a house that will effectively house this!...A man's gotta dream!!!!
  2. I have a pair of industrial La Scala speakers, and was wondering about the history of this particular model of La Scala. When were they first produced, and how many were manufactured? I rarely see any being sold...I know I'll never part with mine, but I'm curious about how rare they are. Any information would be appreciated. Regards, H. David Spikes Aiken, SC
  3. I've got a couple of industrial La Scalas, and would like to clean them up a bit...What's the best way to clean the surfaces? I have (for lack of a better term) the "Rhino liner" surfaces with aluminum trim. Not using them much outside anymore, so I'd like to clean them up for my "man cave"!
  4. Makes me cry just lookin' at the photos of this system! Gotta be a great sound coming out of them...
  5. I've got a couple of Klipsch Heresy speakers (about 15 years old) in almost mint condition that I unfortunately need to sell (retirement, relocation, downsizing, etc.). Would love to know what I should expect to get for them if I post them for sale on ebay. Would love to sell them locally, but I fear finding a buyer in the Aiken, SC/Augusta, GA area will be difficult. Suggestions for selling them via an alternative method would be appreciated, as well. Your feedback is appreciated. Regards, H. David Spikes
  6. I'll take the two new ones...Send me an email (davidspikes@hotmail.com) with your name and mailing address and I'll get a check to you right away...Thanks! HDS
  7. Got a couple of old industrial Klipsch Hereseys with tweeters blown out..Tested the wiring to insure it's the tweeters and not the connections, and confirmed the tweeters are history. Found a couple on e-bay for $99 (advertised as new) and was wondering if anyone knew of a better source/price. Any information would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback on the stage of my industrial LaScalas...The good news is that I have them in heavy-duty, almost airtight coaster mounted cases...so the mice issue is nul & void...As soon as I get my sidewalk to my basement "cave" finished off this summer they'll go back to where they belong,...cranked up in my guy "cave"! HDS
  9. I have two industrial LaScalas (vintage 1984) that I've been keeping in my basment...Nice and cool and dry...But now, I've got to store them in the garage for awhile, and I'm concerned about possible damage to the beauties. I have caster/roller cases for the base cabinets, but was wanting to know what, if any damage I'm doing by keeping them in the garage. I live in Annapolis, MD, so the summers aren't devastatingly hot, but my garage is not air conditioned, and outside temps can get into the 90's come mid-summer. Advice/warnings/suggestion from those with insight and knowledge, please! David
  10. Unfortunately, I've got this thing called "work" that prevents me from devoting the time I'd like to blast through Toole's book quickly...and the chores around the house seem to suck the time right outta my life, too. I hope to get through this book and the other great technical papers suggested by those on this Forum in the coming weeks. Geez, I wish I'd paid more attention in physics and math classes! Would have made understanding what I'm reading so much easier....Perhaps in my next life I'll return with a bit more brain power and focus on the things I love, instead of this "work" gig! Thanks, David
  11. Thanks so much for the info about the "PA Bible"....Yes, I was able to find the papers at the EV website and download them, and they appear to be at about my level of techical compreshension...thank goodness! David
  12. Thanks to one and all for your responses....I'm about half-way through the new Floyd Toole "Sound Reproduction" book, so the material, websites, and books recommended by all of you will make for some great additional reading. I just hope my hearing holds up for a few more years (I'm 58, now) so I can kick back and enjoy my industrial La Scalas and Heresey speakers in my "rocking chair" days/daze!
  13. Does anyone know of a definitive book on large p.a./sound systems? I've toyed with some pretty big systems over the years, but I've never really gotten into the details of how large concert venues are set up, the gear required, how the lines are run, etc...Basically, I'd like to read a "Roadies Guide To Setting Up Concerts", if it exists. Anybody got any suggestions? A book, or perhaps a website? Any info would be appreciated. Also, would love to know if there are any websites with good photos of large sound system setups (speaker stacks, boards, amps, lighting, etc) David
  14. Does anyone know of a good source for a hand-held tone generator? I had one years ago that had a dial on it that allowed me to select between 20-20,000 hertz. RCA line level outputs...Was great for checking out the acoustics of a room and do some equalization. Over the years this handy tool has disappeared. Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated. David
  15. Glad to see that there are others out there at least as crazy as me about my La Scalas...Thanks for posting the photos...I'll be sure to show them to her, and perhaps she'll see that I'm not the only crazy one out there that "loves 'em big and loud'! Crank 'em up! HDS
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