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    D I agree it is a niche market, however I would say demand is pretty good, evidenced by the speed at which vintage klipsch sells. Based on my own observations watching my local facebook marketplace, Craigslist, garage sale area, etc. Even if there is no outside demand, I think there are enough of us Klipsch nuts who don’t mind having extra stuff around!
  2. Amphicar


    Agreed. Like old cars, this stuff is only getting more scarce, and anytime something can be put back original I think it should be. Good on you for getting them to a worthy home.
  3. Amphicar


    You can say that again! I try to pick up “odd” klipsch stuff whenever I find it, whether I need it or not. It all comes around sometime
  4. Amphicar


    Why is everything in the middle of the country…
  5. Cool!! So glad you got them, they were a great looking set. My HII’s are pretty cat proof…
  6. I’ll admit, the rat fur even gave me pause, but hell I don’t have a wife. They do look in nice condition, though. The Crites parts are a nice touch but they don’t add much for me, I’d almost rather if they were just Klipsch. my HII’s are sonically in great shape, the cabinets need a bit of love, a few bruises on the corners and edges. I bought them & planned to re veneer, but I plugged them in and they sounded so good that project got put on a way back burner. Great candidates if you like to tinker. I can send you some pictures if you’d like.
  7. I was tempted on that set (if you’re referring to the 2500s I think you are). If you get them, and are interested in working a trade on them and any of the following: Heresy II’s, KG4’s, KG1’s or a single KP-250, let me know! I like the pro stuff better. Also picked up 3 Academy centers today, they sound great.
  8. Great looking project! Seems very well thought out. I know where you could find another set….
  9. Thanks! The KG4’s sound fantastic, enjoyed them for much of the weekend. THe KG1’s have a nice sound to them, but I prefer bigger klipsch so I will sell them. I sold the receiver, RCA sub, and Icon center speaker yesterday. Overall, worth the 45 minute drive to Baltimore.
  10. No doubt, I’ve sold a couple sets of KG4’s in the past for almost as much as this entire lot, so I’m happy with the deal.
  11. Purchased the lot today, just got home with it. Couple corners dinged up on the KG1’s but they sound good. Forgot how much I enjoy the sound of KG4’s! I haven’t hooked up the rest of it. Selling some, keeping some.
  12. This is great info, I have a set of KP-201’s and a single KP-250 (anyone have a spare kicking around?) and enjoyed this thread.
  13. No affiliation, found while browsing. Wrong coast for me. https://reverb.com/item/46630271-klipsch-cornwall-type-cwo-speakers-walnut-pair
  14. No affiliation, found while browsing. https://reverb.com/item/51652450-klipsch-lascala-single
  15. Thanks! I have seen those listed for sale & spoken with the seller who has no intention of shipping. I don’t have any driving trips north scheduled and do not want to make a special trip. I sure do like the price, though!
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