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  1. I think this is as large as I will go until I have a larger listening area. TV is 55” (too big for something I almost never use)
  2. Good Morning! I was able to get my 904’s assembled and fired up for the first time yesterday. WOW! They are absolutely spectacular. Still need to figure out how to wire in my L-pads to turn down the HF, it is a bit harsh. Next step after L pads is to build boxes for the top, then get grilles. I love these things! They certainly take up a lot of space, though.
  3. Hello all, I am in need of two 510 horn brackets for my 904 build. They are the last piece of the puzzle to get me up and running. Hoping someone who built boxes for their setup has brackets laying around. If not, I’d love some halfway detailed pictures of some and I will fab up a set. Regards, Tucker Watson
  4. Awesome, if nothing else I’d love some more pics of them. What angle should they be at? Adjustable? I work with a mechanical wizard who can build anything, so with a rough idea of what they should do & look like we can come up with something. Thanks! Tucker
  5. Next Question: For those of you who own(ed) 904’s, how do the horns attach? I bought 510s but the 904’s did not come with any brackets, but does have two holes drilled in the top. I will likely build boxes for them eventually, but in the meantime I’d like to rig something nice up.
  6. Nice looking project! I like the boxed in horns for the top, I am building some KPT-904’s right now and will probably box my 510s. A 904 HF is just a 510 horn with B&C DE750 driver (rebranded for Klipsch, 750 is an updated part number from the 75) and are available from Parts Express for right around $300 each. Check eBay as there have been some closer to $200 a piece recently. For whatever reason Klipsch will not sell you a new 510 horn so your best bet for one with mumps is to find a member selling some in this forum. Did you build the La Scala bins or refinish some you had?
  7. Hello, for your consideration is my Yamaha CA-1010 integrated amplifier. I purchased this from Just Audio in Baltimore in March of 2020 and have enjoyed it on days ending in Y since then. It is in exceptional condition & was checked over and repaired as necessary by Just Audio prior to hitting their showroom. 100W/channel, class A up to 20W. My reason for selling is a Marantz 4300 returning from the shop that will take its place, and a Marantz 4270 makes up my living room system. $1000 or best offer. Pickup in Cockeysville, Maryland. Trades entertained.
  8. Well, good, because that is what I ended up with! What is better about the ribbed cones?
  9. I hope you end up with a set! The largest Klipsch I have heard are some KHorns, so based on others opinions I am going to be blown away, possibly literally. He told me these speakers came out of New York, New Jersey, and a lot out of Florida. May have to make a vacation to Philadelphia for some! At $160 per, shouldn’t put too big of a dent in the vacation budget…
  10. ZEP is no joke, you can throw some at the walls and it sprouts treatment panels too. @billybob The seller works for a movie theatre renovating company. Generally the theatres just demo all the speakers and haul them to the dump because they buy all new and not worth the hassle to sell. This guy couldn’t stand to let good stuff get thrown away, so he hauled it to a company warehouse and is selling it off. Go grab some!
  11. Yep, double bass bin. I figured the driver and horn would be great, but he only had 1 so I passed. Can’t remember how much he wanted for it, but it wasn’t a lot. Looked in good shape, aside from the dust.
  12. Update: I went and visited Jarred yesterday and purchased 2 904s. Very nice guy, easy to deal with. Apologized for his lack of response at times, he works full time and travels a lot for work. In addition, he has had over 100 replies to the ad, and around 10 actually show up. Remaining are 13 KPT-904s, various parts 904 bins (missing one woofer, busted connector panels, etc.) 4 KP-480 bass bins damaged or incomplete, and one KPT-684 sub. All are in pretty good shape, a few bumps and bruises to the cabs. TONS of JBL gear left as well, I was only interested in Klipsch so did not look over much or count. Also had 3 or 4 EAW subs (15s or 18s) and EV DH1A driver on some sort of horn, and probably some stuff I am forgetting. He does have an 11 foot tall IMAX light up poster display board, a must have for any home theatre. (You’ll have the only one!). I took photos of everything mentioned here and am happy to share with any interested party and get you in contact with Jarred, if you are a serious buyer.
  13. Awesome! If I have the same as you I should be fine. “Should”. I am located in Maryland, the seller is outside Philadelphia. I told him, as have other members of this forum, but he is not interested in it. He has had hundreds of responses to his Facebook ads, and like 10 people actually show up and buy. I took photos of what he has left: 13 904s, a few parts cab 904s, a few parts cab 480 bass bins, and 1 684 sub.
  14. Thanks! All he has have very clean cabs, I grabbed the two I thought were best. Very nice guy to deal with, actually ended up paying $160 each. Offered me a third for $140 but I do not have enough room for it as a center nor did I think I’d find another single K691 and 510
  15. I may try that, or may just wait for my K691 and 510. How does the DSP work its magic, do I have to program something? I was tempted to buy a second set (he wants to sell them all and it gets drastically cheaper the more you buy) or the 684 sub, but I was unaware just how large that thing is. I unfortunate have no storage, and even one set with my La Scalas is pushing it while they are here.
  16. He actually had both types, yours with the strip inputs and mine with the built in banana jacks. Fortunately, he also had both types opened up and the crossovers are the same in both. Also, I read the numbers on your crossover & all the numbers are the same. I forgot about the rounded edges, perhaps duratex will do until I can afford something more drastic. All looks the same with your eyes closed, as they say. I do not have an oscilloscope, and am not quite sure what you mean by the next part. Excuse my ignorance, electronics are not my strong suit. Thanks!
  17. Good idea on the MDF. I can’t decide what I want to do- redo Duratex, veneer, or paint a color like the Frankensteins. Could impact my choice… I might take your idea on the boxes, he gave me some JBL brackets I might modify at first. The crossovers are inside the boxes with connector plates outside. How do I know if I can use the crossover without modifications?
  18. Just arrived home with my 904’s! They are bigger than I was expecting, but I like them. 510s are on the way & thinking of having Crite’s sort out the crossovers since I am not sure how to make everything work together. Who is the person who builds metal grilles for them?
  19. Good thought, I’ll reach out to them.
  20. Good deal, glad you checked. Different categories are different fees, and I believe the 34% was after being all said and done with fees, shipping, etc. I recommend pulling the ad until you have them looking as good as they can be if you want top dollar, whatever that is today.
  21. I believe it depends on the item, but over the past few months of sales, my fees were around 34%.
  22. Makes sense about the high power. I’ll play around and see what I can find for how to bring it all together, or maybe contact Crites and see if they can work some magic.
  23. 1.) Very strange! I’m sure some bizarre corporate rule they’re following. I’ll see what I can come up with, or aftermarket does not hurt my feelings. 2.) I’ll have to do some digging, or do you have one you recommend? The lower cost, the better for me. 3.) noted 4.) That makes me feel better, I’d certainly start with the Marantz and keep my eyes open for something with serious power. 5.) They are $180 a piece, which I think is fair. It’s kind of a project for me to see how I inexpensively I can get an awesome sound, with prices of La Scala’s and Khorns lately I have to imagine I can do better on my own. 6.) I’ll have to reread that thread, that is actually the set of speakers that I fell in love with and decided I needed my own!
  24. 1. I enjoy a challenging hunt (or phone call with klipsch to plead my case) 2. What is the DSP route? 3. I will have to do a little more research on the JBL drivers. 4. Aren’t they super efficient? My space is certainly not large enough to need these speakers, its more of a “because I can” thing. Would a “regular” amp such as the Marantz I mentioned not work for it? Simplicity is what I am after, I want to be able to plug them into a receiver and start jamming like I can with regular speakers.
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