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  1. dieter17

    CF-4s - $2700

    Seems high to me.,
  2. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    Do you make a tweeter for this setup?
  3. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    So this setup looks like mwm, mssm, and msm?
  4. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    So what are we looking at in this setup, I see 3 sections?
  5. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    Nw Iowa, about 3 hours from where these speakers are located.
  6. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    So the mcm 1900 only came in a 4 way system? I may have to stick with normal 3 way stuff. I have some kp301, Kp 250 with subs and kp 201 that are just like a normal home speakers. Might be getting in over my head on this stuff. Lol
  7. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

    I may go look at these next weekend. Dont know much about them and neither does the seller. It appears they don’t have crossovers? Can anyone verify from the ad pictures? If they don’t what would crossovers cost ballpark? Thanks.
  8. dieter17

    Mcm 1900

  9. Look up battery swelling on the surface pros. It’s a know issue and battery is nearly impossible to replace.
  10. dieter17


    Sorry I thought I posted to alerts.
  11. dieter17


    No affiliation. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/916424585593932/
  12. dieter17

    KP- 250

    Didn’t see that.
  13. dieter17

    KP- 250

    https://www.ebay.com/p/12022696382?iid=164633237597 no affiliated.
  14. dieter17


    Not affiliated. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/688110001816538/
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