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  1. @RandyH000 Yes, i bought these as a a base for a secondary home office system. In the end, I just turn up my primary system. @richieb Enjoying the quartets almost daily as part of my surround system (Forte 2 and Academy). Feel guilty using such nice speakers as surrounds, but they (and the system) perform great.
  2. Still available, no shipping. Also a couple of people have asked for pics of the inside. all drivers look original K22ef, K55V and K77. There was a piece of tape on one of the tweeter drivers that said 'New diaphragms 8.7". Also Type E xover with what looks like new caps.
  3. One pair H1 in walnut, crossovers renewed, condition 7/10 present nicely - $400. SN# 70S412 and 70S413 I bought these from a forum member in July and have played them exactly once. Hoping they find a home where they can get used. Selling them for the same price I paid. I'm in the Kansas City area - Thanks
  4. Lucasday>>>Whats even funnier, you beat me to that set in KCMO. I knew I was sunk when I didn't see the CL add for 5hrs. I was/am looking for surrounds to go with Forte 2s. Hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you ever feel like liquidating any of your stock, as you know the supply in this area is thin.
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