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  1. Like I said in our PM's we appreciate your technical input --!
  2. F S - George Wright 2a3 monos / SOLD

    Bumping no longer - Sold to Forum Member Thanks
  3. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    Wow - I did a double-take to see if I wrote that and forgot about it - +1
  4. Audiophilia Forever:

    ---- and a self serving, do nothing post for my 3000th.
  5. Audiophilia Forever:

    I'm a'feared us Midwesterners' have little access to high faluten' rags like The New Yawka' in that my audio consumption is relegated to The Kansan which has given me such ho-hum products as Klipsch Jubilees and Pass amps. Oh look, an ad for heated outhouses, $699 to my barn. Read on ---
  6. NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Sorry WVU - Rock Chalk baby. What a comeback from deep double digits. Huggy can't be happy about this one. Truthfully the way it looked at half I thought KU would be good with a 10 point loss. Man that stud blocking shots was incredible. That is one aggressive team you've got.
  7. Ohhh Goodie - 14 year olds on the road. But with the foolproof traffic algorithms all these new drivers will blend in perfectly. Fun times -
  8. Just think that in a year or two you can load him in an autonomous car, program the nearest dispensary and send him on his way. Which raises another question - will the age to "drive" (actually sit) a car be lowered? If this tech is so far advanced will 12 year olds be allowed behind the "wheel"?
  9. "A few hundred people qualified to run the world". I'd venture that is already happening, qualified or not. Those with hands on The Button", the Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Goldman, etc. CEO's are already calling economic shots and FB and Google turning millions into screen staring zombies. I really don't like what I'm seeing or will have forced upon me. Luckily, I guess, I'll be 65 in a month so my time to process, deal with this crap is somewhat limited. I guess one Huge advantage is the multiple hours of additional screen starring time to be made available. So we save lives on the hiway while we kill minds with our smart devices. Enjoy yourselves --
  10. NFL 2017

    I think the Vikes are capable of beating the Eagles with Foles at QB. He is certainly capable but runs hot and cold as he showed while at KC in a few games and still in Philly. And the first time a SB team plays in its hosting city - destiny?
  11. ++1 "tell that to the guy with a McLaren". Now Dave don't come back with well if he can afford a McLaren then he can afford the $$$$ driving license fees. BS. What about those of us who while not in the McLaren class still saved and paid dearly for our dream, fun car? I alread pay dearly for government mandated fuel tax and insurance. Yeah lets stack on other frivolous taxes/fees in the name of the "large" at the expense of the "few". Sounds democratic to me. This may well go the way of an organization similar to the NRA - NDA (national drivers association). There will be drivers by the millions that will fight this government mandated "takeover" tooth and nail. Guaranteed -
  12. Car Thread

    Im a MOPAR fan but the Camaro is damned sweet! What's in Big Blue?
  13. It may have been discussed somewhere in these 42 pages but has the economics of "safe" driving been discussed? The displaced workforce associated with the traditional auto industry? If the scenario is for zero accidents then every business and their millions of employees in the auto repair, manufacture chain will be effected, eliminated. It would be nearly impossible to list each and every component that will no longer be needed but that cost will be millions of displaced workers making and installing said parts. So now "retrain" that segment who no longer have their place? Another rabbit hole that no one has a shovel big enough to dig out of. Maybe, just maybe our soon to be released autonomous humans will take our place the "wheel" leaving us to stay home, stare at the boob tube, key in needed Google fluff, and atrophy into mindless skeletons. Can't wait to be signed into our Brave New World where the control comes from regulators, auto makers, insurance companies and the government do gooders. But I guess in that respect we are already there.
  14. NFL 2017

    Yep, the Norseman nearly went the way of Chiefs collapse. Darn near identical comeback for the Saints. As you say a terrible "tackle" short.
  15. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Very sorry 'Heel. I know how hard this is. My best ---