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  1. === knowing how tight the two of you are, did Carl stop in for a proper shake of said Martinis 🍸?
  2. === how is it possible videotapes exist on something that never happened? Jeesshh —🌝🛸🔭
  3. === I’m not so sure that is anything to “smile” about — bless your heart ❤️
  4. ^^^^^ ==== I think it best to get with Justin Weber, the amps builder. He should know better than anyone here —
  5. ^^^^^ === the flashlight equivalent of Klipsch Pro Cinema ? Jubelite?🔦
  6. === 9 pm - showin’ 92, KC. Next few days to be hotter -
  7. === and with that I disagree. Greatest Impact - the Magico Mini ll? Really. Yeah the hi-fi world is pounding its chest over that landmark product. In their day the 901, deservedly or not, introduced a whole group of people into the world of what was then high end. And no, I’m not a 901 homer, never owned ‘em —
  8. ^^^^^ ^^^^^ === have to agree on the 901’s. Love ‘em or hate ‘em they were a significant impact and most likely but Bose on the map. And love ‘em or hate ‘em, they ain’t done too bad since, brand wise —
  9. === lots of orange peel there. You have several hours of wet sanding ahead - love the look though —
  10. === I’ve asked for privacy. Next flyover and the drone goes 💥—
  11. === you’re in a unique situation, you wear a sarong with impunity. You dress “cool”. Here - hot/humid as helll in an open carry state. I would be target practice in a sarong at the local Walmart—
  12. === but seeing you as a prudent fella, was there a warranty offered —
  13. === similar to my situation. Our Lennox was built in 1985, still runs extremely strong, and cold. The A-coil was replaced about 12 years ago under a home warranty when we bought the house. Been flawless since. Have had more than one knowledgeable person(s) see the unit and comment “pray it keeps on going, they make nothing close to that quality these days”. I’ll ride this bugger until there are no options left to keep it going, SEER ratings be damned. I’ll trade a few extra $ a month in electricity vs. $8K for a new unit. — one another note, there is a HVAC company in our area touting Daiken products. Offers are full 12 year warranty, parts/labor —
  14. === oh, I’m sorry. Coffee, Cables, Cocktails, Caterpillars’, C4 —
  15. === Coffee, Cables, Cocktails & Caterpillars’ —
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