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  1. There are times This forum gives me the heebie-jeebies, let alone The Devils Platform. Never traveled there, never intend to -
  2. A lot of “smoke haze” around the south central Midwest, KC area, from west coast wild fires. Weather pattern takes smoke to the north then swings down through south central. Quite noticeable and has been like this many times this summer. Stunning sunsets though -
  3. Levinson was married to Kim Cattrall. Obviously a man of culture and good taste.
  4. My Jubes use passive networks from Crites, designed for Faital HP 200 HF compression drivers. As I understand this is the same configuration Bob used with his Jubilees. I was set on an active system this fall but have decided against.
  5. Greed it may be, but from who? A couple weeks back I mentioned looking for Romex at my local Menards where sights were posted alerting buyers to the highest copper priced seen in over ten years. At least Menards posted a heads-up to the price customers are seeing. Hey, the price lumber has fallen so you have that —
  6. Dollar to a donut you will get pushback from every horn speaker designer that all horns sound alike. I’d about guarantee it from our resident Bonehead.
  7. Not surprised. Eric is a master “wordsmith” - 🥸
  8. Don’t buy into the narrative Micro, it’s fake news. If it were true me and Tarheel would have already shaved our luxuriously thick, flowing, envious locks. Carl would gladly trade his luck for our heads of hair -
  9. Being out of touch on new pricing - $6600 for CW4? Makes what I paid for used Jubes a few years back look like a robbery at gunpoint! Which won’t happen again BTW —
  10. Oh - they’ve been invented. You’ve just found the ways and means to discover them - I believe this is referred as “enlightenment” -
  11. I’m sure this will go political quickly but when considering the stance of the LA DA regarding crime, criminality, parole and a general “look the other way” attitude then no, not surprised in the least. I mean it’s LA for gawds sake —
  12. richieb


    Nope - nothing offensive here?
  13. richieb


    Oh, we’re playing Wheel of Fortune. “I’d like to buy a vowel - “
  14. How do you rate Redgum with these companies? I owned a Redgum integrated years ago and it sounded pretty good -
  15. Joe Unless my browser has cut something out I don’t see a price listed -
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