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  1. === in closing, and yeah I’m finished here, just this evening within the last two hours I removed the SS Pass gear and inserted a tube integrated from a highly respected maker. Fifteen minutes, a few tunes, flip the switch off and it’s back on the shelf. So no, and although the gear itself is apples to oranges, It Did Not Sound As a Good. Or Remotely Similar. Ive embarrassed myself to have participated in what has become an obvious bait, switch and troll. Out —
  2. === you’re right, the salesman said nothing to him about cables, conditioners and lengthy break-in time. BUT I reminded him of how good my Jubes sound on the receiving end of several thousand $$$ worth of Pass amps/pre and quality cables. All well broken in — just sayin’. As they say - proof is in the pudding —
  3. richieb

    Got my first biking shirt today - thoughts?

    === and how is the bike riding there today —? Solid jersey—
  4. === I say this with all honesty. Good enough for “most” people would be a mid-grade AV integrated/receiver, a Bose surround type system with a sub, done. Or, and I recently heard this setup, a Sonos system - sound bar, satellite Alexa speakers and a sub. Music all over your house, garage etc. My step son, who loves my Klipsch gear and has small Klipsch RP bookshelves and a Mc amp just bought the above Sonos gear, it sounds remarkably good. We went looking for a Klipsch equivalent and they offer nothing that compares. Sonos is light years ahead in this market.
  5. richieb

    Eye Opener

    === I read basically the same number T2K gave - 78% of working folks are pay day to pay day. It’s both hard to imagine and quite sad and eye opening at the same time. It’s a damn big country with so many towns most know nothing about. In my county I see more more BMW and MB than a Honda and Toyota. An exaggeration, yes, but you get my point. Not a home is built around here that goes for less than $350-$400K. A good friend of mine builds homes and tells me the story of a couple closing on a $400K home who had added a few extras at the last days of the build and needed an additional $4000 at closing. They didn’t have it in the bank. People buying a $400K house with nothing, zero to fall back on. And there lies the problem — and the younger generations uphold the credo — keeping up with the Jones’.
  6. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === good hygiene is a good trait to have —
  7. richieb

    Analysis Interconnects

    === just to help SWL decide on cables I did a quick inventory on AudioGon and there are two or three dozen “wire cables” for anywhere between $2K - $6K / meter available. I would suggest far more than 12 hour break in, more like several months of convincing yourself that yes, my rig sounds waaay better with these $6000 IC’s. I mean it would Have to - right — ?
  8. richieb

    Analysis Interconnects

    === if in your mind they suck, then they suck. It’s wire carrying a signal and the only thing breaking in is you to the new cable. If after twelve hours You haven’t acclimated to the sound then in your rig they suck. I’d bet if you continue to use/listen with them you would acclimate and they would eventually sound fine. Although they will still suck —
  9. richieb

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    === I swear, I’ve never been in or around his place. If anyone claims different - Bullshit —
  10. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    == I know most of us have a chuckle at the expense of Bose but business is business and with revenue nearing $4B in 2017 that is nothing to laugh at —
  11. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ^^^^^ === That’s good — sun glass worthy I might add —
  12. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === and Those people are very grateful —
  13. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === Carl does nothing “less”. Only the best for our man C. Speakers, booze, etc. Someone we should all admire and look up to —.
  14. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === you have camera access to my garage JohnJ ? That’s me in my younger “I’m a Sailor” days —
  15. richieb

    Let's Go Colts!

    === stats showed Brady actually performed better in the second half with “his balls” properly inflated or over inflated as compared to the first half — . I doubt a QB of his caliber has a problem with either - or -