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  1. Not sure they really need to learn. They are just playing percentages where eventually someone bites. The more scams, the more bites. The public needs to learn, the scammers have already learned the “scam”.
  2. richieb

    National Anthem

    I have the Tony-Gaga CD. She has pipes —
  3. Check your watch - you’re about half-hour slow.
  4. We just had new carpet installed on stairs, hallway and two spare bedrooms. Used horse hair padding (or today’s equivalent) to avoid foam paddings tendency to compress and flatten out in high traffic areas. Highly recommended by the carpet store and installers.
  5. You too, huh? I already own all the beachfront property n Kansas. Shrewd businessmen we are—?! — And spending on “hobbies” can be very relative to what you have to spend. I recently read that to fuel The Dilbar, one of the worlds most expensive yachts, costs around 3/4 of a million $$. It’s all relative — (I keep Dilbar docked at my beach harbor in Wichita)
  6. My first tube amp was bought from Paul - Cayin TA30. Paul was the distributor as Cayin was just entering the US market, he would put his own mods to the amps like focus control, bias points etc. They were beautifully made tube amps from China. He sold quite a number of these and as the story goes a big west coast dealer cut a deal with Cayin and what became Prima Luna. Look at the earlier P L and TA30 - virtually identical. Together they effectively cut out Paul’s distributorship.
  7. Many of us chuckle at five digit $$$$$ cables and special stones that with proper placement “tune” your system but without the first site dedicated to used audio, AudioGon, and now USaudio I’m not sure where many of us would have found and/or been able to afford quality hi-end gear. Those sites have been a savior for the audio market where brick and mortar has disappeared. Or has brick and mortar disappeared because of these online sites? Chicken or the egg? Out of curiosity I still click the ads for $15K cables if only to see what they look like, no harm no foul. And I look at USaudio every day.
  8. For what it’s worth - just yesterday/today I set up a near field system in a spare bedroom - Heresy 3, CD player, HK430 and/or Vaughn EL84 single ended integrated. HK is untouched, all OE caps etc. A quick A-B comparison gives the clear edge to the Vaughn EL84. Without a flowery 6moons audio description the Vaughn is much more refined with clear delineation over the entire spectrum - HF to LF. It just sounds more “audiophile” and perfect for a small room near field rig. The HK is losses out on every front, top to bottom. Most here rave on the HK series with many being restored with new internals and I’m comparing My unrestored amp with a high quality single ended tube amp. I’ve yet to see the allure for investing money in an HK restoration.
  9. True dat - until you too are banned —
  10. No you don’t. I live on the only beachfront property in Kansas and it ain’t for sale. You’re not a buyer anyway - Much like Kramer and Seinfeld having issues at Joe’s fruit market - “You’re Banned”.
  11. I’d take a pair of those 4350’s in a NY minute. 4335’s wouldn’t be a bad choice either.
  12. Why compromise the magic of SET with the preamp section from a receiver? Like JMON said it will work but I can’t believe is the best solution or the end game sound you’re looking for.
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