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  1. Yes they did. And seller speaks the truth - selling for what he paid. Passing on the same deal just as I did.
  2. No worries - you’re on “wine time”. A simple calculation that crosses daylight savings time with standard time. If your mind says Friday, don’t fight it. Shut down your computer and have another slug. It will be next Thursday before you realize —
  3. Okay, tell you what. I’m planning a retaining wall, much less footage than yours, at our new place. So you fly me out to Ontario, I’ll rent a car to you place. I’ll manage/engineer the project from there. Upon completion you fly to KC, rent a car to our place where again I will manage/engineer your work on my retaining wall. Upon completion I thank you where you drive back to KCI and fly home. I think a win win for all concerned - thoughts.
  4. Mister Mudd - after further review I think you’d look best in #3 or #4, leaning to #3 sexy cheerleader. Not sure you can pull off the pink feathery costume but whatever floats your boat - have fun Trick and/or Treating.
  5. A sign you’re a wrestling fan - Brutus Beefcake?
  6. Gushing and laughing may be synonymous, not sure. But if laughter was accompanied with pointing and this 🤏 then yes a gap in the sarong is a definite possibility—
  7. From real estate to vehicles to hifi and everything in between the open market dictates the price - and whether it sells or sits
  8. — and you’re still liked in many parts of the greater Forum. So you have that going for you too —
  9. Either that or his bulging — — — (bank account).
  10. I second that emotion - as I gave a quizzical look at the LF - “you can do much better, Much better —
  11. “What - me worry”? So long as everyone knows the culprits and the chase is on, screw it. Sit back sarong style, brew up another pot - yes, life is good.
  12. Ahh, yes. See Carl for the list of his “compliments” — .
  13. I too have a 430, unrestored, and have no way of comparison to one that has had a proper look see. However, with listening to it no more than and hour or two total I was never impressed enough to dump any money in it. Call me unimpressed —
  14. Or even better - can Portland be sent to Mars?
  15. FORE !!! Or is it TWO !!!
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