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  1. richieb

    K402 in the fireplace

    === of any set up issue I’ve had with Jubes a listening hole in the center position has not been one of them. On the contrary I’ve always been amazed at the ghost center that one could easily be fooled a speaker is Not there. Speakers are spread about 23 feet on centers and not shoved in the corner a KHorn style but against the wall and toed with the 402 crossing about 8-10 feet behind the listening position. This position is perfect for this particular room —
  2. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    === well, that’s well and good and enough for ‘Heel, Jimbo, Carl and myself - but what about the rest of the folks — ?
  3. richieb

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    === kinda like when you buy a car and they have already plastered their dealer name on the trunk lid? And I ask - “what are my royalties for this free advertising”. Then get the deer in the headlights look as I ask for decal to be removed - gently.
  4. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === a “for real” 🍸?!
  5. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    ^^^^^ === Sorry, that ain’t no martini - that there’s an abomination—
  6. === and True. Not just from Shu but Chief has said this many times. He designed the 402 so who would know better — ?
  7. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === ohh - they’re 🥶 🥶 - and Tasty too -
  8. richieb

    WTB: NOSValves NBS preamp

    === I happen to have the inside track where there is a pair for sale —
  9. === several inquiries, nothing pending as yet - *just sayin'*
  10. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    === 845’s Or 211’s? Single ended ?
  11. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === left over from what - your hand —!?
  12. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === there you go - at least be honest - ssshhh—
  13. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    === Whoa - that’s gonna hurt comin’ out —
  14. richieb

    Malette's Off to England Next Year

    === Hmmm - the one on the left looks like Hallmark Christmas wrapping. I used it last year for several presents —
  15. === Eric - first, let me thank you for sincere interest in my ad🤑!. And always wanting to be an honorable Forum Member I can offer you the beautiful, and hard to obtain, Klipsch Jubilee Pie Logos for $6,250.00. And for my slushie drinking buddy I’ll pay shipping! The speakers are then available free of charge to other worthy Forum members. We all Thank you 🙏— (call Klipsch parts, ask for Jubilee logos. SN were not required)