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  1. richieb

    Holy Crap, Why use a pre-amp at all ?

    - as you stated one reason for a preamp is to connect multiple sources. But in general, general, the reason for a preamp is to provide gain from the amp to the speakers. Many folks swear by the passive pre, just as many disagree. It takes the right combination of amplifier output, source output, preamp gain and speaker sensitivity for a passive or volume only "preamp" to provide the magic you speak about. I've tried every way possible and find a quality, quiet preamp my best option.
  2. richieb

    Wyred4Sound mAmps monos / $1,149.00

    - back to the top for a Sunday refresh -$1050
  3. richieb

    Musical Design DM-100 Power Amp / $550

    -Weekend Breaking News- (hey, it works for all the networks)
  4. richieb

    Site SUCKS

    --- True 'dat. (There are some posts I can't resist)
  5. This really great amp has finally taken a backseat to a couple other much more expensive amps so somone else might want a deal on a well built/designed power amp. From Musical Design/Concepts and owner John Hillig the Class A/B DM-100 is a true 100 watt dual mono amp from the twin transformers to the seperate boards for each channel, MOSFET power, LED bias. Hillig worked with David Hafler in his early days before striking out on his own. I have a Hillig modified Pioneer PD-93 CD player that is nothing short of phenomenal in its sound and a big reason I have little desire for vinyl. Amp is in 9.5/10 condition, quiet, runs a bit warm and sounds terrific. OE box and manual. Tough to do much better for 550 bones. Shipping from 66226 - and Thanks.
  6. - We recently ordered a custom granite lavatory top from the manufacturer and during the waiting process I worried about shipping damage to such a piece. This thing literally took about 45 minutes to remove from its vault like box. Yep, expandable spray foam that I firmly believe would have allowed the top to be dropped from 20 feet with no damage. Klipsch could have 2-piece boxes made with about 3-4 inch oversize, wrap the speakers in pallet wrap, spray the open box with expandable foam, put on the top half, band and be done. Granted these foam "machines" and foam supplies are not cheap but neither are Forte and CW, particularly those that are returned damaged. I've received items of Much less value that have been packed this way. And I believe the foam is Eco friendly.
  7. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    --- Good kitty, nice kitty! and what did one lion say to the others - " tastes' like big chicken"?!
  8. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    --- Klipsch tapes CD recordings Vol. 1 & 2 - out of the blue from the wife - Thanks Dear - !
  9. richieb

    CD Collection

    --- I will third those comments. Thanks And as amazing as it is a garage sale/price/delivery thread with No disparaging remarks or the ever popular Thread Crapping. I am honored to be part of such civil dialogue and one of the few reasons left to bother a post.
  10. richieb

    Old School Beast Returns

    Not much on showing "what I got" but thought some of you old school bike guys might remember these baby's - just brought out of a deep sleep - -2002 Kawi ZRX1200R fancied up a bit. She is a blast to ride. Big bore kit, Muzzy full system, advancer, pods - She will pull your arms out of their sockets if allowed -- Enjoy -
  11. richieb

    CD Collection

    PM sent - CD's
  12. richieb

    Transcendent Sound balanced power SOLD

    - Monday bump -
  13. richieb

    Wyred4Sound mAmps monos / $1,149.00

    - Monday refresh -
  14. richieb

    A DIY Single Ended Class A Kit

    - try keeping the amps to "on" and use the power supply as the on/ off for all three pieces. I never hears a peep from on to off or vice versa -
  15. richieb

    Transcendent Sound balanced power SOLD

    --- once again --- Thanks