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  1. We aren’t in “the sticks”, I prefer I’ll be a “country gentleman”. Much like Tarheel but truly in the country and an actual gentleman —😏
  2. And I’m sure you’ve asked this - does he have verifiable accounting numbers to back up his “expect twice that” comment? You have your own business - numbers don’t lie, pie in the sky is just that —
  3. “ but so has its replacement”. We are on the receiving end of others misfortune. A bitter divorce and poor real estate/home showing cooperation saved us tens of thousands and needless to say well under market for nothing more than a family situation. Not that we are in the city per se but our realtor said people are buying “in the country” as fast as they are listed. Covid, civil unrest the root causes. No home is the perfect match but taking all into account our realtor and bank think this is a tremendous investment—
  4. Similar, sorta, to what the wife and I are doing although a far cry from moving across the country. Moving about 40 miles from our current suburban, cul-de-sac home of 14 years to a home much larger than two people need sitting on 3.5 acres. And I’m currently 7 years your senior. Really looking forward to the change from our “normal” life yet in the back of my mind a bit apprehensive. Taking advantage of the lava hot real estate market for homes selling in our price range. Wish us both the best —
  5. 11/17/67 - the world famous Who and The Buckinghams played a concert in a KC suburban high school gym. I’m guessing they weren’t world famous just yet -
  6. Tempting the Moderator Gods I see? And from the 🥜 gallery them my best as this latent thread is only resurrected for ultimate doom - 🤡🍿
  7. Like Bruce and - who? Oh, Me. Well that I Do believe —😏
  8. Decades younger ?? Sheesh ‘Heel —
  9. Now that you’re all healed up I don’t feel so bad saying that I once told my wife I think Carl has cement in his head. Sorry, my guess was about three feet off —
  10. For any tuner fan a Pioneer Elite F91. A very nice piece and highly regarded in its day. More herd thinning - . $150 PPal friends + shipping. Thanks again
  11. SOLD // I believe this preamp was made by Blair Chapman but please do not hold me to that. Been put away for years and an impending move has me thinning the herd (H ! and Quartets were first to go). I will supply the rectifier as shown, the 2x 6SN7 are on you. Volume pot and two inputs. I'll do a hundred bucks, PPal friends, buyer pays ship. Thanks as always -
  12. Im not sure I ever thanked you for letting me borrow the router bit(s) - Thanks Carl. They work great —
  13. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    I see a Wyred preamp on your stand - you like it? I have the same black/black model and like it with some amps, not so much on others. I don’t find a low gain amp matches well with its passive/active design. But it is damn quiet and again, with the right amp, a hell of nice preamp.
  14. I believe that is referred as having “the magic touch” —
  15. Nothing like an honest, hard working mechanic to give the trade a good name — as if the customer, women especially or a man, is going to crawl under the car to check if the filter was replaced. He probably ran the old oil through a sieve so he wouldn’t have to rack open five quarts. I suppose in the grand scheme of things that’s more or less an oil change in the eyes of a lazy azzhole -
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