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  1. “border wall”. That there’s funny -
  2. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    Really not keen on posting what comes through the door but owning numerous Klipsch speakers from RB75’s to Jubilee’s and several in between I think I can speak with experience when I hear something special. Just received a pair of Canadian made Coherent Audio GR 12 Signatures. Point source, or co-axial design using the high performance Radian 12 inch driver, inset with a 1.75 in. beryllium dome compression driver with high Q crossover components. Currently playing with Quicksilver Horn Monos I can honestly say these are goosebumpers, something I haven’t felt with few, if any other speaker. The texture, clarity, soundstage, overall “completeness” is astounding. An exciting addition to say the least -
  3. “The Eagle has landed” - Thank you —Amped - Braniff airlines? Damn son, either helll of a memory or you’re “well aged” -
  4. - How was it shipped, Dave? USPS? UPS?
  5. Thanks. Name not listed, address must not be an issue.
  6. Nothing here yet, middle of the country. Which shipping carrier was used?
  7. It’s rarely talked about but quality amplification benefits the LS, any version LS, bass response, greatly. Whether it be tubes or SS a high quality amp with a well designed, stout power supply really makes a difference with any LS. Nothing can make the bass horn produce low bass beyond its design parameters but you can sure make the most of it with the right front end gear.
  8. I built stands for my three nine sixes from 4x4 lumber. I located the 510 same height as the center point of the 402 atop the Jube bass bin(s). Cut the lumber at same angle that match the trapezoidal shape the 396 cabinet, 11 or 13 degrees, I can’t remember which at this time. Painted flat black and sturdy as helll.
  9. You’re chasing your tail Marvel. The Master has spoken. Master? Why PWK - of course 😎
  10. Dean, surely you realize someone with 70,000+ posts May be wrong on occasion, just maybe - 😉
  11. I own all three - LS, 396 and Jubilees. The 402 has nothing to fear from the 510/mumps. There is no comparison really. The 402 is all encompassing, the 510 is much more “directed”. The 396 direct radiator, ported bass is more “live jazz club” sounding than the LS. Specs aside it certainly gives the impression of going lower than the LS, much lower. These three speakers perform very different from one another, different enough that each one has its own charm(s). I’ve built massive stands for the 396 positioning the 510 at the same height as the 402 atop the 535. The 396 could use a bit more sparkle on top which I have somewhat addressed. I have removed the foam line grills from the 396 which helps with the perceived lack of top end .
  12. We follow F1 closely - during the past two seasons the McLaren crew wore McLaren orange headphones with “Klipsch” across the ear cups. Same headphones this year minus the Klipsch on the cups. Possibly their association has ended -
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