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  1. ^^^^^ --- that might have made the video more palatable ---
  2. Well, thanks I guess. That was 3:20 seconds of my life I'll never get back. I used the time remaining of the video to stare out the window and watch my grass grow - time better spent.
  3. ^^^^^ --- 115 degrees? In May? Are you still in NorCal? Man, that's some Hot! And I bet that Biker would tickle sumptin' else should she stick 'em out the window --
  4. Just Google something like annoying dog barking and you will see several options and some will drive you nuts. Thats the one you want!! And man did it work! Ya can't beat electronic Fido - Dont need to feed it, no vet, no poop to clean up, etc. And it will bark 24/7 should you choose. Nice doggy ---
  5. ^^^^^ Now That will get someone's attention! All I gave 'em was a little Klipsch surround speaker backed up to a small Adcom. It was just gonna' be too much damn trouble to haul a Jube up the stairs!! But next time they will looking at the working end of a Heresy!!! Aarrff, Aarrff --- --- and I should have added a good prosecuting attorney could probably charge you with assault with a deadly weapon! Five huns through 396's -- Now Thats a Big Dog --
  6. Oh yeah - tell that to my dumb asss neighbor who lets their dog(s) out to bark at 6am! Last year I unleashed "electronic" Fido on them. Ran a speaker outside connected to computer, found an irritating Youtube clip of dogs continually barking, turned 'em Loud and allowed Fido to run free for an hour or so. Dogs didn't bark very long after that. I may be ready to once again unleash the hounds. Sic 'em boy ---
  7. Doesn't matter who or where you are these days which is the best reason to always be aware - and prepared. Glad they escaped unharmed and with that in mind - glad they didn't get their "car" keys!!
  8. WOW - no offense Klipsch but now you're talkin' !!! Im gonna have a rough time sneakin' these downstairs!! And how do I tell the wife her retirement gift car will have to wait. I'm open to suggestions??? Someone in the US better grab these or they will be overseas by the end of the week.
  9. Tarheel - Is this by chance your Bubble mechanic?! I see work being done on a Lexus which I imagine also resides the garage? And with this level of expertise I'd bet the Bubble can always benefit from a little "tweaking"! You Dawg you ---
  10. Man, what bunch of coffee driven, sex crazed, dirty old men! SALUTE. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/!!!!!!!!!!! My hats off to one and all ----
  11. I have the two top Klipsch models, R10b and R20b. Klipsch has been offering them on sale for some time $349 and 399 respectively. The 20b sits under a 70 in TV and can fill the same large finished basement room that Jubilees make short work of. Either one is great the 20b have a bigger wireless sub and additional drivers in the bar. I'm pretty amazed how much sound these things can produce, and respectable sound to boot. They will get right with it ---. I am Not a HT guy and this is the perfect solution for me.
  12. Yep, we've had the same storm here in KC Thursday, Friday nights. Showing right at 3.5 in the rain gauge with a few hail dings on the pick up hood. Everything else was garaged. Luckily I have access to an expert dent removal man. What's the saying - just like it never happened.
  13. So one of our three year old grandsons spent a couple nights with us and we played downstairs with his cars, trucks and race car set. Yes, he is a car guy already. I thought I could get a great picture of him standing next to a Jubilee casual like, kinda' leaning against it, then maybe holding him up with his head inside the horn. Oh, before anyone reports me to child services they were Not playing. Being tucked back in corners it seems he never really noticed them before but he damn well did when I said "lets go stand by the speaker so Grandpa can take your picture". He looked up at that thing and pulled away, kinda whimpering, no I don't want to. "Karter what's wrong? "It's gonna get me, it's a Transformer! I don't want his big head to get me"! So I scratched that bright idea. Maybe KGI should get in touch with the movie studio - a great guest appearance!
  14. Salute to the young Mr. Sargent - Appears to be research for WWl? Should you ever find yourself in KC MO you will probably enjoy the only World War l Museum in the county. Very informative with actual combat artifacts like tanks, cannons, uniforms, etc. They've constructed a life scale model battlefield depicting the sounds and perils of trench war fare. I imagine you and your son would really appreciate the experience. Checkout the KC Liberty Memorial web site.
  15. I don't think Klipsch speakers, particular Heritage, can claim being vintage without the obligatory water stain(s). One sure way to assure authenticity!