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  1. richieb

    Fine Food and Music

    === I do believe you have answered your own question - ? The ice cold Modelo must be considered the icing on the cake - 🍻
  2. === no, you took Me wrong —😏
  3. === are existing members, Founders Club, automatically entered in this or any other future drawings —?
  4. richieb

    Never Forget

    === I was at a trade show at McCormick Center, Chicago. Watched it on the news as I was getting ready to head out. Of course the show came to a quiet end as no one could fly in the rest of the week. I had a more “worldly view” of the attack during a recent trip in Norway when I asked our hosts’ their perception of the attack(s). To a man - they feared the world would soon come to an end with a “world type” war. They assumed the US would strike any and all involved with any and all force required - nuclear weapons a certainty.
  5. === again, with all due respect, wouldn’t walk to the couch to read his book —
  6. === all due respect to OP Mike - glad for the quality recording; wouldn’t walk across the street to see him —
  7. === maybe you’ve found the answer to your double posting dilemma - cheers 🥃🍸
  8. === way off topic but on your Daytona comment - the show Restoration Garage out of Canada has them assigned to drive several hundred miles to a guys place in western Canada to look/access his Superbird collection. They find this huge garage filled with every color Superbird ever made, all in museum condition with catalogs full of documentation in front of each car. One guy nearly passed out when they opened the doors —
  9. === so how many drinks before you “see” your number appear? Coincidence?
  10. === I freak myself out at times. I was talking to my wife on my phone while driving telling her I couldn’t find my phone — yeah, I know -
  11. === this type of high tech crap has me wish for my old land line coupled to Ma Bells rotary dial and handset — 📞
  12. === or maybe the Host should be “Hostier”? We’re easily entertained at the Pilgramage with the “slushie” trick but around the family table you may need new material — their phone may be all they have —
  13. === “heavily medicated”? Might consider a move to Ohio. Apparently ground zero in the opioid crisis —
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