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  1. Amp(s) are SOLD. Thank you Sir -
  2. Expand your horizons - try two(2x). Just sayin’ . Hi, I’m Rich. I’m here to help you - 😎
  3. I have two Benchmark AHB2 power amps for sale, silver face. I’ve owned a few amps in my day and these are the quietest, most transparent I’ve experienced. Music springs from a dead black background. One hundred watts each stereo block, 360 watts when used as monoblocks. Balanced only. Both units are mint, sporadic use with factory packaging, manuals. $2350 for one $4600 for two I believe you will find my feedback here first rate. Thank you
  4. I generally keep several amps in the rotation and currently each one sounds very good, SS and tube. Each presents different but very good. I picked up a Decware Tori IV about a year ago, it is not in the current lineup. It was also very good, not the most quiet and required a forest of tubes. It wasn’t so much better as to differentiate itself from the rest. I won’t wait 45 minutes at a restaurant let alone 2 years for an amp. But that’s me. Obviously 12 pages of back logged customers feel differently - -
  5. — Alan Eaton 2a3 monoblocks —
  6. Quiet amps (those with a very low noise floor) reign supreme with high efficiency horn speakers. Just because an amp is horn quiet doesn’t mean it’s a good listen. Unless there is an opportunity to A-B a particular amplifier one might assume a quiet amp, most any Class D, is truly a good sounding amp. I owned Hypex nc400 monoblocks and Benchmark ABH2 at the same time. Both being dead silent. There was no question (through my ears) the Benchmark was a much cleaner sounding amp, I believe the audiophile term is transparent. If you want a quiet, “transparent “ amp think Benchmark. Granted they are several times the price of many of the above mentioned brands but hey, we’re talkin’ quiet amps, not amps based on price. I also have several tube amps that are silent through big ol’ horns.
  7. richieb


    — much like Bonehead designed speakers forum jail ain’t that bad - it’s “okay”.
  8. I also owned a Torii IV and while it wasn’t the quietest tuber I’ve owned there was more “noise” going on than say my ST35 or QS Horn Monos both of which are dead silent through LS and Jubilees. But there was no overt hum as you are describing. The absolute forest of tubes on the Torii and enough background noise to annoy me led to selling it. Idontknow is right about the Kenny Russell ST35 though, it is an exceptionally nice piece.
  9. — or Captain Beefheart? Tube amp builder extraordinaire.
  10. - What an opportunity to begin a sub stack thread on motor oil. But to answer the 3M to 8M question - don’t do it. More than likely those pesky electrons will run out of steam around the 6M mark leaving you with no signal to the speakers.
  11. - back and better than ever.
  12. If you’re certified in a Gulfstream G700 I’ve got your plane. My pilot is currently unavailable. Sorry, leaving from MCI (KC) only. Takeoff is 0800 Saturday. Sharp.
  13. This is the age of catering to and protecting those whose lives center around stirring the pot, spewing useless misinformation all while using the interweb as their indisputable source. No different here.
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