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  1. 🏆🥇🏅 And a 🍦 for being so virtuous
  2. richieb

    Yo, saw dudes

    As your amplifier fixer please adhere to the following - - measure twice, cut once - don’t cut off anything you will miss in the future
  3. No worries, boys. My example should have been better explained —
  4. Wasn’t quoting a 75 shipping weight. It was the 18 lb. I shipped Monday as an example of shipping costs. I have 75’s and understand they weigh considerably more than 18 ibs.
  5. It’s similar here, too. When folks say Kani - they’re foolin’ no one. We know they ain’t from Kansas —
  6. No offense intended with Cali as a reference. A combination of being a poor speller and lazy - too many letters
  7. FedEx Ground - KC to N Carolina - 18 lbs. Insured for a grand = $46
  8. You didn’t really use “social media” and “fake news” all in one sentence did you?
  9. ^^^^^ I think Minnesota heated up well before 6/1 —😡
  10. This being true or not, one of our largest suburban malls was ordered to shut down last night at 8p with police guarding every parking entrance and cars place around the mall perimeter. All this was “just in case” protests came their direction— .
  11. “Heard and “them” encompass a bunch of hearing and a lot of them. I did see a press conference with the police chief of Pittsburg PA saying reasonably peaceful protests were infiltrated by many masked well armed white men that vigorously stirred the pot.
  12. One helll of a machine then, desirable today. One liter = 100 hp was the shitts back in the day. Double that, plus a few today —
  13. If any good news can come from the protests/violence/looting is that the deadly Covid has been vanquished. Better than a vaccine, all mention of infections, death rates and hotspots have all but disappeared. Crickets, the talking heads have moved on, laying in wait for the next big thing— . Maybe after we emerge on the other side of current events the virus Will have left - who would know.
  14. Nice. Still master of your domain —
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