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  1. } ‘Nuther bump for a nice little tube amp —
  2. } Oh, I have no doubt something will come to mind. After all, the world is at your fingertips—👇🏻
  3. } A different world indeed, particularly in retail/brick and mortar. A large JC Penney distribution center near me just laid off 250 people. And as I drive past an older out of business grocery store it’s parking lot now serves several dozen Amazon trucks just a couple miles from a distribution warehouse. Door bell rings last Sunday night, Sunday night mind you, around 8 o’clock. Amazon dropping a package due for delivery the next day. As I sit on my fat *** ordering this and that from Amazon, having it in one or two days, it’s not hard to figure out the long term fate of retail as we once knew it —
  4. } Work it in reverse - tell her if you attend solo she will have plenty to worry about -
  5. } Gives a whole ‘nuther meaning for another delivery of “tall boys” —🤥
  6. } Appears you’re a little late - times 5 -😏
  7. } KC = we’ve had a lot of fog last two-three mornings. Morning temps in the upper 30’s lower 40’s. Mild for January. Had about 4-5 inches of snow last weekend, wouldn’t know it three days later. Sixteen this morning -
  8. } Not sure posting this at a Walmart is a good idea -? It’s a little sketchy already — 😧
  9. } I’m afeared that doesn’t play well these days —
  10. } The simplest designs require the most thought - ? Engineering 101 —
  11. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Like Congress NLF coaches need term limits. Chiefs had a love affair with Romeo ( must be inherent with the name ) twice. Defensive coordinator in 2010 and head coach in 2012. And I forgot it was Romeo and GM Scott Pioli who approached and tried to persuade Belcher from committing suicide at the Arrowhead practice facility parking lot. Looking back that took more ballz than coaching an NFL team. These guys could have easily been gunned down prior to Belcher taking his own life —
  12. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Texans look gassed. Does this qualify as a “double implosion” game? Wow - 41 unanswered Ye of little faith —
  13. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Wonder what the odds that the AFC Championship game would be Tennessee vs. Houston?? $10G’s on that would have made you a ton o’ dough. Way more than my leather jacket —
  14. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Seems they’ll need all the time allowed. And to think that next week, after this big win and heading to the Championship Game, I was going to sell my near new, (in a garment bag for 15-20 years) 1990’s vintage Chiefs leather coat for hundreds and hundreds of $$$ on CList. I was gonna be Rich, Rich I tell ya. Thank you H Town - 🤬
  15. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Watchin’ my Chiefs slowly, or quickly, implode. Trade our Red jerseys for the Ravens Blue jerseys and you have a near spittin’ image of yesterday’s game -?
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