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  1. Jim, the grey/orange EAW horned “Frankensteins” I owned used expanded metal for grills covering the entire front motor board, not the individual driver(s). I can’t imagine they made a perceptible difference in sonics but I’m not one to run an analyzer with and without them mounted.
  2. Yes, the virus contributed to mill shutdowns + extremely devastating fires in the NW + the lumber industries miscalculation that the virus would shut down new home construction. Instead, low interest rates fueled the housing market and coupled with low production + unexpected high demand = lumber shortages = price spikes. I believe it’s known as supply and demand—
  3. True to the marque - “pissin’ off the neighbors” - 🤟
  4. You’re now playing with “big boy toys” as if LS and KHorns aren’t big boy enough. I still regret selling the 904 Frankensteins with the EAW horn sitting atop. I do believe I enjoyed those equally as much if not more than KHorns. Dave A is correct - that plastic 402 ain’t worth the material it’s molded from. Which is why I wrapped mine in blue - like two lightening bolts waiting to zap you - ⚡️
  5. No doubt. I mean what a difference in quality on canned goods like Libby’s, Green Giant, etc. and/or name brand peanut butter, jelly, butter, again, etc. when buying at Walmart. Meat, I would agree. Everyday “pantry” items, ain’t a hill of beans difference. Oh yeah, did I mention beans.
  6. Ya know last time I was doing some light grocery shopping at my local Walmart I was greeted with the classic “deer in the headlights” look when I asked where I can find their Egyptian okra —
  7. Well burnt orange of course. This shouldn’t even be a question —
  8. Way back in the 60’s and 70’s KLH was the shites, a recognized name in the world of HiFi. I’d say in the home arena right up there with the likes of JBL and Altec. And don’t forget Klipsch was right there too with our favorites from the Heritage line. I would venture a guess that the new KLH and the above mentioned Tannoy models are made “overseas”.
  9. Certainly an Iron Butt run - though technically you need the full 1K
  10. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    Radio Shack speaks are Mooks default choice for high end listening -
  11. I’m not so sure comparing science, pharmaceuticals and virology from the 1920’s is comparable to the tools available today -
  12. Through a friend who’s sister works with pharmaceuticals she said the same, this vaccine has been in the pipeline for years. “Warp speed” brought it to fruition for this specific virus. It was not developed from the ground up within the past 15 months. This provided me some reassurance for to worry less about receiving the vaccine 💉
  13. Pfizer announced 100% effective on ages 12-15 in a 2500 person test. Both of us have had two Moderna shots so theoretically we are 98% good to go and obviously aren’t anti vax. But with that in mind and for you Zen are you so confident with these new vaccines that you would offer your one year old grandchild for testing in the 0-3 year age group? I wouldn’t, even though I was stuck twice. Of course I’m old and ready for the scrap heap so you have that -
  14. I don’t feel like a boomer either, spry of body and mind. But am retired and vaxed. And for once Mook hit the nail on the head. Oh trust me - you’ve been labeled.
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