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  1. richieb

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    --- I've been hunting all over for just a glimpse of the man, the myth, the legend. And lo and behold actually had a conversation. And Truthfully, not really all it was cracked up to be ---?!?! But please lets keep this our little secret---?!?
  2. richieb

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    --- next to this weekends Royal Wedding the budding bromance of Carl and 'Heel should top this years social news. A cute couple, they are --!?
  3. richieb

    Heresy 1's receiver matchup??

    Really, Thanks. Doesn't matter at this point regarding Hope - can't find the damn thing anyway --?!
  4. richieb

    Heresy 1's receiver matchup??

    --- with that in mind I have a 430 that is in great cosmetic shape but does the quick "buzz" thing when powering up. New caps I would imagine? Anyhow, now that were are driving I think I'll bring it to Hope. Maybe someone will want to buy it -–?
  5. richieb

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    --- well at least stay off of Her lawn. Seems she has enough on her plate --
  6. richieb

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    --- it's a work in (slow) progress --- ? And I'll take you up on that drink in Hope ??
  7. richieb

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    Oh my - whatever happened to "if you can't say something's nice don't say anything at all". The interweb happened my friend, the interweb. That and the keyboard cowboys that roam the range.
  8. richieb

    1988 Klipschorns (signed set)

    --- the irony of many comments is Forum Members don't seem to mind when a seller says "price for forum members" when it is several hundred Less than that would be listed on the audio sites.She worked in reverse thinking people here would pay more for a sig pair of KHorns. Its a free market, pricing is the sellers call, not ours. And I'd bet most people commenting Aren't buyers anyway. Jeez, leave her be and move on ----
  9. richieb

    Cornwalls -- DFW

    --- if memory serves, it's becoming infrequent, same father/son are selling beautified Heresys for $1600. They are purdy.
  10. --- and as I said yesterday in the CCC thread it falls on Saturday, the biggest Pilgramage Day. Have the Royals no shame(well, no). I am hoping for "a release of the chickens" to celebrate the earth stopping event, Arky style.
  11. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Took care of that earlier today - you'll be pleased --
  12. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    --- added - Now on page 2 of my legal pad.
  13. richieb

    Anyone else have spec um mess with them?

    --- we have a "local" cable company based in Cali and offed in the few states where they bought the existing service. I pay $85/month for TV and interweb. Each year when my bill goes up I go to their office, voice my concern and instead of a 15% increase they find an "available" discount plan that might be another few bucks. I think they may have a note in my file from a past encounter with the local GM who saw me in the parking lot carrying all my boxes into the office. He was curious what I was doing and I explained my continued rate increases coupled with crap service and I was finished. Things went very smoothly after that ---
  14. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    --- if you were my Greek brother I might have let you let slide but I'm not sure the connection of Euclid, the father of geometry, and being a vegetarian? I'm sure there is an answer somewhere -
  15. richieb

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    --- but there can be varying degrees of being vegetarian - in California one might eat kale, baby spinach, asparagus, broccoli, and all other manner of green, leafy things. In Arkansas one eats a 12oz. T-bone vs.16oz. and only 2 slabs of bacon per week vs. 4. It's all relative to ones environment ---.