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  1. They are $7500 on Audiomart. Of course I have no idea of what the Forum price might be - - .
  2. I’m gonna use a phrase that I have come to dislike so much, the typical online forum quip - “pics or it didn’t happen” - 🤮
  3. My last comment on this slippery slope with “wire”. I wouldn’t bet your life, maybe a house or car. Now I’d bet a dollar to a donut Roy could document an improvement was found as he developed the new KHorn. Doubt he gives a damn about the “snob” crowd. But I could be totally wrong -
  4. Let’s not forget the new KHorns ( and maybe other new Heritage models) use Audioquest Type 4 Star Quad for their internal wiring as opposed to “just ordinary connecting wire”. So is this to appeal to the audiophile “snob” crowd or to justify the top of the line premium price or has a sound improvement been found in this cable choice? Or all the above? I’d bet the Chief would admit to a sonic improvement as opposed to just a random wiring choice.
  5. Our DiL is an RN who worked at Children’s Mercy here in KC for several years. After having her own son she couldn’t cope with seeing other children with serious illness, of course many terminal. She finally had to work in another area hospital in a more typical environment. It indeed takes a special mentality -
  6. I’m curious how either the Rotel or the Yama at 200wpc and 90wpc respectively cannot exploit the full capabilities of a CWiv with 102db sensitivity and max power handling of 100 watts? Other than comparing these “off the shelf” amps with more esoteric lines such as Pass Labs, Mcintosh, etc. where will they fall short driving a Cornwall? And at what pressure levels as the CW is rated @119 db max spl.
  7. I would imagine Klipsch to use a high performance adhesive. Rumor has it Bob Baffert’s horses are candidates - 🐴
  8. “three dimensional enhancer”. Viagra on steroids?
  9. Trigger pulled?
  10. Several British speakers, Harbeth I believe is one, build cabinets defined as “loosy” or with built in flex in the structure. Minimal bracing and thin walls, compared to the tuning of a guitar or violin.
  11. richieb

    Car Thread

    Even here in the states that’s a good looking Mustang. And the 911 needs no comment - A good friend of mine does the final tuning parameters for ProCharger here in KC. And yes a good tune, from someone who knows his shite, can transform a car. He recently tuned another friends new GT500 and found Ford has the engine unbelievably dumbed down . For warranty concerns they are tuned very rich but Fords electronics are some of the easiest to work through.
  12. Among dozens of tests performed at Audio Science the ABH2 and nCore 400 tested best for THD. I’d like to hear/own one but my NCores are performing nicely -
  13. It’s pretty warm here today but that’s a true “low ball” —
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