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  1. richieb

    Corona Virus

    — and with this in mind you might want to read over the perfume thread. You and your image may find something that is appealing to both of you —
  2. Hey, Thank you for your architectural design critique. I had a seam to disguise —
  3. It has only died four times thus far - five still remain —🙀😿
  4. I always wondered if you were a fan of the Captain - Beefheart that is — ??
  5. richieb


    Ive been around Carl at several events and his lovely wife once, at a Pilgrimage. She’s a wonderful person who both my wife and I enjoyed being with. She could have done Much better than Carl. Let me clarify — Much, much better —
  6. richieb

    Corona Virus

    Have you noticed my friend, that we are fast running out of “normal reasonable” people —
  7. richieb

    Corona Virus

    I agree - poor driving habits are unforgivable -
  8. richieb

    Corona Virus

    I will give her your best and send her on her way —
  9. richieb

    Corona Virus

    So I was rummaging through my tool cabinet and I find a new 2x pack of 3M N95 face masks. I guess a good thing as shelves are being picked clean of any and all types of masks, and the majority of those are ineffective as a deterrent to virus 🦠 —. So that’s enough for me around the house and in the car - hope the wife finds some for herself 😳 —
  10. richieb

    Corona Virus

    Well, I live a house between big and small, a nice sized suburban yard and I just finished washing my hands after being out for a while. Ironically I found myself picking my nose as I read your post. Small world 🌎—
  11. To zero in on your comment “(shipping) now costs a considerable amount more” - what did we all expect when so many sites ship for free and of course the elephant in the room Amazon Prime. All the free shipping has to be made up by someone . I’ve noticed this over the past couple years when a 40-50 lb. once cost around $60-70 with FedEx is now $100-125. But in my experience, hands down, FedEx still provides the absolute quickest delivery and that hasn’t changed . As the saying goes - Nothing is free —
  12. For those with “large” Klipsch speakers being either the Pro Cinema type i.e. Jubes, 904/510, Heritage i.e KHorns, LS, CW - are you as satisfied when listening to say a small bookshelf, for me RB75, or any other comparable model. It had been sometime but I brought in the ‘75’s, placed within a couple feet of the Jubes position and wired with 20 watt single ended tube monoblocks. I can listen to this setup for a long time, does a remarkable job with good top to bottom balance, really pleasing for a listen. Do I miss the all encompassing Jube presentation - yes and no. A small two way has a more “personal” presentation than the Big Boys. A refreshing change of pace -
  13. Good start. We’re getting closer —
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