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  1. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    No - PC is short for Power Cable. At least that’s my take -
  2. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    - made a slight edit -
  3. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    not only OCD but $$$$ -
  4. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    What PC cable were you previously using - a stock OEM or a “name” brand? And the main difference you noticed? I have some Japanese made Oyaide copper cables that due to their size are rather unwieldy so haven’t used them in a while. I may dig them out for my Hypex monos -
  5. Please specify the year these well-wishes are for - 2021 or 2022? You may as well wish everyone a Merry Christmas 2021 now so your ahead of the game.
  6. richieb

    crypto currency

    - setting a Very low bar -
  7. richieb


    Not to crap on your sale thread but I think the better comparison would be the Klipsch KPT 904 or 456 with a 402 mounted on top. Same basic ported bass bin more similar than the horn loaded Jubilee bin. And I bet the JBL sound great. I actually enjoyed the 904’s with an EAW horn every bit as much as KHorns. Good luck -
  8. Remind me to never disconnect audio cables unless I’m prepared to have them default to “reset” mode. Amazing what we are expected to believe. Although I have noticed if we lose power after a storm the electrical crews are out in mass “resetting” the power lines. You know - re-aligning the electrons for a smooth power transmission. The ‘fridge does run cooler after this is done -
  9. Looks tasty Micro. We have had unseasonably warm weather for the first of December - lower 70’sF. Absolutely perfect weather all week. But yes, dark Much too early, sunsetting around 5’ish.
  10. Oh you hi-tech coffee bean drinkers. I’m a simple man living a simple life, in turn I let Mrs. Olsen scrub my Folgers coffee beans. Mmm, mmm - that’s a tasty cup of Joe - ☕️☕️☕️
  11. It’s a common affliction - more than wow factor fading - a classic case of upgradeitis. And unfortunately your next move to H4’s or Forte, CW etc. will not cure what you got. A stop gap, yes. A cure, no. Upgradeitis generally shrugs any and all attempts at vaccination so buckle in. The journey to nirvana is a long and expensive road - enjoy the scenery -
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