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  1. } Ask ‘Heel for a description. Sumpin’ tells me he has “them” memorized. Probably knows the Pantone numbers by now —
  2. } And to think you pulled yourself away from Architectural Digest for a lengthy and in-depth pro vs. con on how well these colors do or do not coordinate with your next project. I’m certain the LF will appreciate the time you spend making sure both homes are decorated in good taste - you dog you —
  3. } Saw it Friday night, car club rented one theatre in the complex. Everyone enjoyed it -
  4. richieb

    NFL 2019

    } Much like Memphis basketball initially did with the corrupt NCAA commissioners office - a thumb of the nose. NCAA officials are the nothing more than the college level version of the NFL —
  5. } Was planning a 65 - 75in. upgrade for the long wall in the Jube room but have decided a more upscale TV, both in size and picture, is needed in the living area. Leaving in a hour to pick up a 65 OLED. Have talked about it for over a year and pricing is about right, at my max end. Either a Sony or LG in house later today —
  6. } They will know you’re a no Bullshit kind of guy —
  7. } In keeping with today’s news cycle, social media lingo - I’m outraged —
  8. } Congrats 🥳 Let the games begin —
  9. } Oh, well. You’re “glamping” not camping —
  10. } Agree. I have a FW F3 that I thoroughly enjoy —. Although head to head to the 20 watt single ended monos - well - its just not the same and comes up a bit short —
  11. } There he is - kinda like “wack-a-mole” Appears only when his button is pushed —
  12. } I enjoy single ended amps as much as anyone, as pure as any amps I’ve heard. Owned 3.5 watt, single ended 2a3 monoblocks at the early stages of Jube ownership. Showing them off to another member while picking up my KHorns it became apparent 2a3 amps quickly ran out off steam as his lovely wife kept saying “louder, louder”. Among other solid state amps I now have 20 watt single ended amps with transformers nearly as big and heavy as the entire 2a3 mono chassis, or as I like to say single ended with ballz. Delicate, transparent and detailed at low volume, enough juice to get your attention when needed. Even with 105 dB speaks there is still some validity with the “no replacement for displacement” mantra —
  13. } I’m close to that. A cheap motel with no HBO is about as camping as I get, no matter the temps — 🥶🥵
  14. } You are welcome for a Thanksgiving Scrambled Egg Feast. And I do make a killer breakfast burrito that may be of interest -🌯
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