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  1. As follow up to Support the Museum it does seem the enthusiasm following the April Pilgrimage has all but disappeared. Very little has been provided on - - donation total to date - donation expenditures - those who have donated - plans for future promotion - etc. We all have busy lives and the unexpected always seem to pile on. For me, roof/leak, downed trees, limb disposal, insurance issues for the last month after several rounds of heavy storms. So yes, I do understand there are far more pressing and important things in life. But several Board members seem to have fallen uncharacteristically silent after beating the drum promoting contributions. Being one of the early adopters for the "cause" I suppose I feel a that the noble effort has no true direction. And for all that I may be, and probably am, way off base as I have no insight as to the inner workings. But I certainly see no indicators to show otherwise. And providing these details may well go a long way to further fund the project to the success it deserves.
  2. Oh, so true ! Although with no chemistry background I've been working on a "little blue pill" for this size issue. Best, and cheapest, I've found is just good ol' abstinence --- ( hence you still have your VRD's!)
  3. Not sure if this is a Springsteen 'dis or tongue in cheek but personally, I wouldn't walk across the street to hear him. He certainly has done quite well without my support but I have never seen the fascination with his style.
  4. Totality here in KC. And I mean Dark - as in complete cloud cover. Of course the news Beagles are swarming, a crew was in St. Joe, MO in the path for 100%, holding umbrellas as the rain came down. Interviewed several people from Europe and Australia who made the trek for the dampened event. I'm saving my luck for Wednesdays drawing when I become rich and famous like Carl.
  5. I do believe you've answered your own question - the general public is content with what is offered. So long as its the latest and greatest I.e. Apple iPhone, Samsung S---, Google, etc. is all that matters or is what is looked for. Like nearly all electrical/circuit board driven products these days it is all disposable be it a refridge, washer/dryer, etc. Maybe part of the allure of Klipsch Heritage speakers and their decades lasting design/sound?
  6. The combination of light diffracting tumbler and Mai Tai liquid should render you safe and ready for viewing. You might have a second Mai Tai locked and loaded, you may need it. "Seeing" that I always want to help, should I bring a cane to Hope next year? "See" how I did that, twice ??
  7. Right here just west and south of KC, a hear direct path. Fifty miles N is St. Joseph, MO one of the perfect direct pathways. Authorities are already preparing for a mass of humanity in this general area and hiway traffic congestion in and around a 50 mile radius.
  8. --- believe nothing ---
  9. Some comments need never be questioned - so we'll leave this at that -
  10. ------ aaaannnnnddddd you would know --- ??
  11. I was just at WMart and there is a lot to be said in that statement ^^^^^ . Matter of fact I nearly offered to buy a rather"large" shopper a bra --. Her chest tattoos offered little support ---
  12. ----- half-a-billion before taxes? I'm starting to become interested --- . And with this increase in winnings my Klipsch Pilgramage Vacation offer has gone from a 4-night stay at the Super 8 to 4-nights at the luxurious Hilton. (Well really its a Hampton Inn but what's in a name). Wish me luck -- and you too can ride my coat tails.
  13. Pink Floyd - "Money"
  14. Not for me. Came out of left field. But I must admit it is very easy to cast a line and fish in this small pond. They nearly catch themselves.
  15. ^^^^^ Let me bow to your vehicular expertise and dominance. Maybe you should learn how to take and observe some good natured kidding like others did with my comment. Don't really know why I bothered answering as I could have predicted your standard answer. You're very predictable - and boring.