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  1. === Kaizen philosophy at its best. I’m sure someone here is a potential customer. Helll, we buy living room speakers designed for 500 seat theaters why not the perfect toast - one at a time. More time to enjoy your morning coffee — Or buy two and be the first with mono block toasters — possibly the purest form of toasting —
  2. === a spotting of the newest JBL “baby cheeks” horn — all grown up —
  3. === that’s the old Frank Castanza move on Seinfeld - “stoppin’ short”. Franks way of coppin’ a feel in the guise of “safety “ — . Like they say - safety first —
  4. === if it was a convertible then the back draft from the exhaust of those old “clean burning” T-Birds probably did put you under - literally
  5. === as we all know the grass is not always greener —. In ‘Heels case a good power raking followed with a good fertilizer 💩and heavy seeding might be best — 🌱🌾☔️
  6. === and I have seen it with my own eyes. A testament to clean living —
  7. === 5 pounds looks like 50 on his Southern Gentlemen frame —
  8. === couldn’t resist clicking on this wondering where it might go - carry on —
  9. === Confucius say - a wise man never argues with another who knows all for it soon makes the wiser man less so.
  10. === yep, that’s what you should have addressed. “Ah, Chief - I’ve been wanting to mention I don’t think this rig sounds all that good, I think it’s the speaker/IC wires. How ‘bout we change them out while your here”? Keep us posted on the outcome —
  11. === you being internally “cleansed” and a dress code of a sarong can only be a disastrous combination. Do you wear one of those dump truck signs - “ keep back 300 feet” - ? 🤮
  12. === like it or not neither you or anyone else will ever put the speaker/IC “wire” issue to bed. Same with oil threads on the auto/bike forums, ain’t gonna happen. Goes back to the caveman days when they would sit around a fire to discuss the best type of rock or tree limb is best at killing tonite’s dinner. It’s just something we humans do. So - gather your neighbors around your hipster fire pit and discuss wire, oil, rocks and the like. Then take bets on which neighbor strangles you with 12, 14 or 16 gauge wire —
  13. === true that. But, he was wired about speakers —
  14. === funny too, I just stumbled on Klipsch horns ‘round about ‘77 or ‘78. For you young whipper snappers that’s 1977 or 1978.
  15. === I’ll take ‘em -! I know what you paid and the way here - when can I expect you - and the agreeable Mrs. ?🤢
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