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  1. One has to wonder - how would a Toolshed amp look draped in a 👙- . Fido?
  2. I have no dog in this fight but why don’t one you that are affected call him out on AK? Many moons ago when AGon was the thing I was screwed, (the only time ever) by a “well known” amp builder. I trashed him via PM and on the site itself only to be censored by AGon. M’fucker still owes me 5 hun. He particularly was uneasy when I threatened to pay his home a visit while on business trips. I still have the f’kers address -
  3. I’ve said this to other audio friends, most spouses have no clue of the entirety let alone the value of equipment in the home. So, much like a will or trust you should keep a running inventory and value of your gear and be sure she knows where it is. Also have friends who are knowledgeable and willing to assist in parting out the gear. Nothing in life, including life itself, has a guarantee. Be prepared. A good friend of mine recently lost both parents, albeit elderly, within days of one another.
  4. The K691 was the last version used, later built Jubes. The K69 was used in earlier models I believe. The 691 is also used in the newer 396 models with the “mumps” 510 horn. And someone correct me if I’m mistaken, the 691 is manufactured by B&C?
  5. New Year Bumpity Bump / 10x one hundred dollar bills gets these, shipped. Come on now, some of you guys carry a Grand in your jeans pocket -
  6. Effingham? Way off topic but isn’t this home to the giant cross seen along I-70
  7. - Most everything is elevated when heard through a 402 - even Kenny G😄
  8. - like what the forum has become much ado about nothing. The days of pre-Pilgramage aka ‘the farmhouse” gatherings, Amy and the early vestiges of the forum are a thing of the past, long gone but not forgotten by those of us who were there. And no things ain’t the same no way no how. But damn, I still slept like a baby last night -
  9. — wearing Hef’s hat, pj’s — and smoking his pipe 🤔
  10. - Volti horn modification for the KHorn - that theres a thread shutter downer -
  11. I still have the F3, single ended single stage, and still one of my favorites. Also have the F5, don’t sell it short with horns, not at all. Didn’t think it was all that until I sat down and really had a listen. Extremely clean, detailed, more robust bass than F3, a really really fine solid state amp. Had it for sale here for a while, glad everyone was too cheap to buy it which gave me time for a good evaluation. Probably the best amp that’s come for sale here in a long time - happy it’s still in play. Had the M2, sold quickly, nothing special. Had the J2, very F5’ish as I recall.
  12. — odd, yes. Like if PWK sent a message asking if someone had a spare set of KHorns he could buy —
  13. ^^^ - spoken like a true OAF -
  14. richieb


    ^^^^^ — a near 7 YO joke thread soon to bite the dust. Or to keep it Klipsch musical - “another one bites the dust”. You boys should know better -
  15. Nope, no one has nor should use a Heritage speaker at a party, just not a prudent thing to do - 😎
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