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  1. ---But lets not forget something here boys, it not how Big the tube - it's how good it sounds ---
  2. Doesn't this really come down to your preference to horn loaded vs. duct ported? I imagine in this case the ol' ported design might win out. Just sayin' ---
  3. --- a possible flashback or just thoughts from a vivid imagination? What say you -?
  4. Paul Williams - Andy Williams illegitimate son conceived during a romantic run down Moon River ?
  5. I'll buy that ----
  6. ^^^^^ Thats pretty funny. Don't beat yourself up, it doesn't seem to be a sellers market. I look at the audio sites way too much and I see nice pieces sitting a long time along with "reduced price" incentives. Generally there is always a buyer, it just may take longer than you'd like. Good luck -
  7. Aahhhh- beaver. Them's good eatin' ------/
  8. Yes -- Linda and I will be in late Wednesday afternoon. Super 8 Thanks
  9. Good on you - well done. And, Thank you --
  10. Alrighty then - sandals it is --!
  11. I gotta tell ya Dirtmudd your fascination with toes, Carl's in particular, is a bit worrisome. If you are attending next week in Hope make sure you introduce yourself early on so I can wear appropriate closed toe shoes.
  12. Great response. Very insightful.
  13. Yep, that's how food service is perceived. With our law enforcement professionals held in such high esteem these days, while he is on duty, my police officer son, will only eat at sandwich shops where it is made right in front of him, not trusting what might be done with his food. Ain't it great ----
  14. ^^^^^ You mean next week? Or just a general trip to visit Hope? Pilgramage begins next Thursday.
  15. ^^^^^ When you 'Mates' make a burger you ain't messin' around ---