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  1. --- Sacre bleu --
  2. ^^^^^ Dont get any ideas - you're thinning the herd-right?!
  3. Ding! Ding! Ding! I believe it is ---
  4. Oh - it'll be Fun !
  5. ^^^^^ -- better than nuttin' --
  6. Sorry 'Bo - Moderator Certification takes precedent over Forum Heritage Members. Although you do have my respect, sort of --
  7. Am I "Lawn Certified" now?
  8. Yep, that's what I did when neccessary. And I believe this was passed on to me from NOS Craig if I'm not mistaken. But I only did it for KT88's and the like. I bet the miniature 9 pins are a PITA.
  9. I caught on faster and never opened inspobot. Saved the full 3 minutes for later in life. Is there an additional prize?
  10. Then Please no comments Babo - you will need that rectum in the future.
  11. Damndest vice I've ever seen! Reminds me of an old buddy of mine saying - "you can park a bicycle between those". Or - "nice bolt-ons"! Either way, my interest in soldering is -er-ah - growing.
  12. While a choice few are better than others I do not see many that wouldn't be allowed to hold my "rod(s)". In the nuclear context - of course.
  13. ^^^^^ Ditto here. Have one waiting for me tomorrow at UPS.
  14. Well, $36 bucks is about right. Wife and I took a quick ride to Llano from Fredericksberg to sample the "famous" Coopers. Maybe we hit on a bad day but that was about the worst BBQ I've sampled in a long time. Sucked --
  15. Had several of those at the Pilgrammage. One stood out among the others -