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  1. Golden Child? Me? I’m flattered you thought of me although I haven’t posted for days - -
  2. The screwed up audio market is the least of the problems that exist -
  3. I owned Peach and Blueberry, maybe one or two of each when they were the “go to” years back on this here forum. Each one I owned was noisy no matter the tube type. Noise and hiss were their only attributes IMO. Sold ‘‘em all as quickly as possible and never looked back. I always scratched my head as to all the fuss, I never heard it -
  4. IMO comparing these amps is akin to the apples-oranges-watermelon comparison. These are so different that yes, you can easily hear differences. Where it becomes difficult is comparing say a Benchmark to Hypex nc400 where they both have vanishing levels of distortion and background noise. I have both and it’s a coin flip to distinguish one from the other. More often than not it is the recording sounds “different”. It’s examples like this that make the “all amps sound the same” relevant.
  5. Sharp guys like the two two of you and you don’t see the shortcoming here? Few people “watch” in mono these days, if these aren’t monoblocks they’re worthless. Three K for newly issued Mc monos - I’m in —
  6. A “triple dog dare” is indeed ballsy -
  7. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    - I’ve yet to encounter anyone like this ^, employee or customer, in a Pizza Hut —
  8. - Robert Fripp speaking? Only if Toya is “speaking” beside him 🥹
  9. - Nothing to see here, just move along - . We have other things to destroy -
  10. Hey, don’t drag me into a contest of stupidity on name association only. While I’ve done one, possibly two stupid things in my life they were on my own accord. You two are on your own —
  11. richieb


    I’m In the middle of the country and often ask the same for east/west coast gear -
  12. by definition - “a small body of standing water”. It’s all relative.
  13. Then how’s about “an internet based signal transfer to properly configured base units” - Happy now -
  14. Very similar concept to the current 396 . I have 396 V2 and Jubes. They do not present the same. As good is the mumps 510, it ain’t no 402.
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