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  1. Don’t blame ya. How does that go - you can lead a horse to water and then - - - it drowns.
  2. Preach to me brother - —and much appreciated. Refreshing it was —
  3. I would never insult Uncle Eddie in that way — at least Clark was offered a beer, backwash included. I was plain ol’ turned away -
  4. Mr. Carl has good intentions but don’t extend your glass for too long. Chances are the well will run dry when your it’s your turn. Speaking from experience - 😉
  5. richieb

    First Watt

    The topic was First Watt as such I didn’t mention Pass Labs. I also owned the XA 25 which knowing I could sell for what I had in it, sold in favor of the F3. There is something special about single stage, single ended designs whether it be SS or tube.
  6. Own(ed) F3, M2 and J2. Still own the F3. Of these three the best representation of a single ended tube amp. Tremendous amplifier.
  7. richieb


    - the clerk was fully aware of their math skills - the store was using Fred Flintstone Inventory Control Systems - yet another supply “chain” issue
  8. South of where? Oregon? Massachusetts? Help us out - geographically speaking —
  9. I will opine before anyone else for a thread of this nature - In before the lock -
  10. Hmmmm, professional posters. 🤔 Never heard it said quite like that but I can dig it -
  11. Pre owned Eaton amps pop up occasionally on USaudiomart and/or AudioGon. I’ve seen several in the past 6-8 months.
  12. My go fast bike IS a BMW. My go slow bike is made in the USA.
  13. Blank check? Signed, bank cleared and deposited- of course. Comments - oh my yes please. Always use some levity ‘round here -
  14. When, and if, I sell the Jubilees I plan on pricing them so high so as to have the “shock and awe” effect. Beyond belief as to cause both brain and finger paralysis -
  15. Rumor has it Tarheel ranks among the 20 oldest living males. Older than dirt, younger than dust. But as a Nod to the Southern Gentleman, he looks darn good for his ranking. So he has that -
  16. Muckymuck hobnobing can be rewarding in and of itself. And she is a winner in your eyes. Win-win for all — 🏆🥇
  17. Drove new Stelvio and Giulia. Well constructed, quality materials, solid being a new vehicle. Coming from big displacement American V8 the 2L turbo feels very anemic although 280 hp from a 2 L is impressive. The used Quadrifoglio I drove is a different story. A beast I give consideration -
  18. Because I drove their current line yesterday and was curious for an opinion, as you stated they are very nice cars.
  19. Which model Alfa have you recently driven ?
  20. There are times This forum gives me the heebie-jeebies, let alone The Devils Platform. Never traveled there, never intend to -
  21. A lot of “smoke haze” around the south central Midwest, KC area, from west coast wild fires. Weather pattern takes smoke to the north then swings down through south central. Quite noticeable and has been like this many times this summer. Stunning sunsets though -
  22. Levinson was married to Kim Cattrall. Obviously a man of culture and good taste.
  23. My Jubes use passive networks from Crites, designed for Faital HP 200 HF compression drivers. As I understand this is the same configuration Bob used with his Jubilees. I was set on an active system this fall but have decided against.
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