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  1. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    — and I’ll add - there is no appeasing the insatiable -
  2. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    — and his statues are being pulled, torn down too — so much for “safety and happinesses”
  3. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    Money making opportunities, not a bad thing considering the situation. And this may well turn into “years” of the mask 😷
  4. Yep, a 3 x 5 daily - . And I’ve noticed since the America haters are making the news, more flags are being flown.
  5. Getting older, at 57. You’re just a kid young man, watch your manners. And at 10 years your senior I ain’t ready for a a four wheel couch, not yet anyway. 300K miles 🤣 ? I’m lucky to have a car for 30K. The 270 is on the next in line — No, my tail- gate is heated and cooled. You know, being a geriatric and all -
  6. My stepson, a Ford man at heart, has a 2006 MB AMG CLS. Always rags on me about my like for Dodge. When his car is handy I just open the door, point at the manufacturer label and ask - “how’s that Chrysler doin’ for you” —.
  7. It was several year ago - a match made in heaven(hell) Daimler Chrysler .
  8. Oh ye of little faith. You might be surprised—
  9. Dodge - Harmon Kardon w/16 speakers, twin 10’s in the trunk. Fantastic sound -
  10. Oldtimer! Oldtimer!! Wake up — you’re having another dream —
  11. Watching Austrian Formula 1 practice when they pan to the McLaren pit box and they are wearing copper colored Klipsch headphones. I had read this was a collaboration between the two and saw it for the first time today. Great product placement for the worlds most popular auto racing events -
  12. So I see on the local news KC is asking residents for a “murder free July 4 weekend”. As the city approaches 100 murders for the year the optics of reaching that mark on the 4th weekend just doesn’t scream “holiday”. I guess a city must set goals, no matter the issue - Happy Fourth of July Weekend everyone — ☄️🔥🧯😔
  13. Might consider older Pioneer Elites with their stable platter tray(s). USaudiomart has a PD65 and PD59 currently listed. The 65 has a long and outstanding reputation although this one is overpriced at $600 (but include an Elite tuner). Four hundred would be a decent value. Dont know much about the 59 but it too is stable platter, asking is $250. I mention these as I have the PD93 which was the top Elite model in the day, over $2K in the early nineties. Now these are past tremendous machine in sound and build - and rare. So good in fact I bought a second one as backup. These take CD to the next level. Another highly rated machine in from CEC which uses belt drive. I believe the model 51 series? Made in Japan and right there with the Pioneers. No harsh digital artifacts I can find - good luck
  14. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    Not true. I’ll be 750 miles away - give or take —
  15. richieb

    Food Porn

    You describing your kitchen skills, or not, falls in line with one of today’s most prevalent topic - wearing a mask is mandatory 😷
  16. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    Would it be so difficult to do a limited opening with mandatory masks, everywhere? Apparently so. Masks should have been mandated nationwide as things opened up. And let’s not dig in with the politics of it all. Seems commonsense - a place where politics doesn’t exist
  17. richieb


    Bunch a dirty ol’ men. Can’t a girl take in a little peaceful sport shooting —
  18. richieb

    Covid19 redux

    And let’s include the honest, hard working, good apples of Law Enforcement, can we —
  19. Weeds are a fire hazard? No worries - kill ‘em with gasoline.
  20. Well it’s about damn time. Realtor association in Texas is allowing listing agents to change the term “master” bedroom to “primary” bedroom due to its roots to slavery. Yep, first thing that I thought about when looking at the largest bedroom in a home was slavery. Next up - masterbation. Just another Monday in the greatest country in the world —
  21. French dressing? Surrenders to all manor of salads —
  22. Always on the cutting edge Heinz sells just that, ketchup/mayo blend in the bottle. A friend of mine, a chef, would cook stir fry around the Holidays and made a sauce everyone raved about. Most used it to dip shrimp in, he called it “dumdum” sauce. Being a chef you’d think it was an exotic mixture of ingredients - nope - mayo and ketchup and a couple spices.
  23. - but of course. A “V8” revs up everything. Vroom Vroom -
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