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  1. We don’t live all that far from MO “hill folk”. Stay on the periphery and you’re good. Heading deeper into the hills, hearing banjos in the distance is the first clue you’ve gone far enough. You’re pretty much on your own after that -
  2. I shouldn’t comment as I use the RME dac and never have heard a Denafrips model. I say this from my seeming constant watching the USAudiomart sight. I have seen many Ares model on the secondary market. Many —
  3. 😂 You funny man - roughing it is not having hot coffee and cookies ready when I check in to a hotel. Having no HBO is the last straw -
  4. — sighting a fly on my coffee cup? That cup, full or drops, is gone. Cup washed. Don’t much care for any type of “fly deposits” on my cuppa -
  5. — pricing will be interesting when my (or the next) pair of Underground’s hit the market🤔 $$$ $$$
  6. — as did I. At first I thought ‘Heel was giving his man boobs a little lift😎 I do remember someone here having a similar procedure -
  7. Ironic post this. Just me and the wife, two full chest freezers, two refrigerator/freezers. After having to nearly unload a freezer while on the hunt I said we have enough I need to stop buying. When bacon, steak, chicken etc. is on sale I buy. The return on sale item food is better than the stock market. And with continuing rising prices it just makes sense to buy low, eat high —
  8. Billy, Billy, Billy - “ profits over people “. Where did you dream up such nonsense 😂🤔
  9. You’re better than than this OT - I said friend, singular. Friends is a stretch -
  10. Powers that be will soon see this discussion as “political” in nature. Little to no room is allowed these days. Deviate off the centerline and the lanesense warnings activate. A friend told me this - 😎
  11. richieb

    crypto currency

    — because a US dollar IS a dollar, respected currency the world over. Few people know what a crypto coin really is or it’s intrinsic value. I certainly don’t nor do I pretend to -
  12. See what the neighbors think of a wind turbine in your yard - show ‘em you’re committed to the cause - 🌬
  13. richieb

    What I Got Today!

    The outcome was not in dispute. Costco is not going to accept fresh meat as a return only to be thrown out. They’re big boys, they made a mistake and willingly accepted it.
  14. Uummm - talking about inflation? Never mind , not worth an explanation -
  15. - Is Elon licking his chops to re-take what lit his rocket(s) to wealth - 🤔 like deja vu all over again
  16. How’s the charging station situation in your area for the electric antenna 😎
  17. Add book matched veneer to the 396 ll, skip Chorus lll, go straight to Chorus lV to round out the lV lineup. You’re welcome -
  18. I suggest you you move on and worry about much more pertinent things than whatever the forum is turning into. I tune in several times a day but will still sleep like a baby when the lights are turned off.
  19. I thought it a good thread, talking about Klipsch Professional, the mighty 510 and 402 horns of which I own both, Jubes, 396, LaScala, etc. etc. But with one wrong step out of bounds you get the flag. And don’t bother throwing the red challenge flag, not worth your time and/or effort to try to bail what appears to be a sinking ship. Almost sad to see from a twenty year member. Calling Elon - Elon!?
  20. Procedures and rules are fluid. Much like an airplane aisle - do not tread upstream.
  21. I say nothing - I know NOTHING .
  22. I do believe a non-Klipsch modification was posted along with a word George Carlin might have said in his 7 dirty word list - Cr-tes. All of which is verboten!!!
  23. My findings and your statement on the “game changer” of 2” inch exit drivers ie K691/510 continues the theme of the dominance of Klipsch Professional to their consumer line. Along with openness, detail, accuracy I’ll add effortless -
  24. This is somewhat an orange vs tangerine comparison but my 396ll w 510/K691 combination pretty much lays waste to my stock LaScala mid/tweet top end. And I’m surprised to say as much as I love LS horn bass the 396’s with a moderately sized sealed sub is a force to be reckoned with. The 510/691 combo doesn’t put fear into the 402/Faital HP but it sounds really, really good. I’m pretty sure it’s superior to the stock LS top end.
  25. — the pervert in me asks - “ribbed for her pleasure” 🤔
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