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  1. Several friends have LG refrigerators and can’t think of one that hasn’t had problems. The Whirlpool refrigerator in the home we just moved from was going on twenty years, never an issue and ironically enough the new home we are in has three year old Whirlpool appliances. Fine with me -
  2. Yep - seems we all hang out together. Welcome aboard -
  3. Lots goin’ on here - Im with you and refuse to take a freshly waxed car immediately out in the rain. I even check the radar if it’s cloudy - Had our first vaccine shot about ten days ago - Moderna You and Jake - Hang in there - Together Im sure the LF has had to start you back up in the middle of a “cycle”. Experience helps - Carry on —
  4. Pool — or ice rink? I’ve heard his blade work is something to behold - ⛸
  5. No worries Ceptor, I’ve got you covered. Don’t let the old man intimidate you -
  6. I can assure you that should I find a goat taking a leisurely stroll atop my car - there will be goat stew for dinner —
  7. Dont be sorry, I think you’re on to something. Being a Wiley Wabbit of course he said “weeds” . His wall ain’t tall enough to ward off true “weed” hunters.
  8. Look at you two daredevils teetering on the edge, poking at the political bear, daring a beloved thread gets the dreaded paddle lock. It won’t be funny when all we have to talk about are Made in America 🇺🇸 Klipsch Heritage and Professional Loudspeakers.
  9. We bought a Ryobi Zero Turn mower to tackle our newly acquired 4 acres and using it just twice last fall it is a winner. Runs as advertised, quiet, great cutting through tall grass and will have no worries starting it this spring. I’m sold and I bet you love the new machine -
  10. Is $200/each + - the price for a KT 170? And times 8x? They had best take that Prima Luna into a entirely different dimension. A dimension in which you will never come close to a return on your investment.
  11. richieb

    Food Porn

    Now there is a lost art - pressure cooking. Learned from my mother the do’s and dont’s, scares the hell out of most people. The newer ones are much safer than the ones I grew up with. I blew the safety plug out the lid into the ceiling once, probably killed me if I had been looking over it. They will tenderize the toughest cut of meat. I think you could eat an old leather show if seasoned properly. Next time for ours will be St. Pats Day corned beef - .
  12. Today I’m lucky - a light drizzle, no snow, 40 degrees. In turn my dumpster is merely smoldering, no fire present. However, like a good Scout my fire extinguisher is at the ready — . Will the “shills” please step forward — 🥸
  13. Not too early for clowns 🤡 - (your move)
  14. There is a “Jokes” thread ya know - ?
  15. Hold your ground my man - “Get up-Stand up” - Stand up for your choice of pie -
  16. Whoa, WHOA - waay T M I . Where is the responsible moderator when needed? Unless of course - they too relate to your “little” problem
  17. Sorry I missed this but there you go - all fixed and much more to the truth -
  18. Unless it’s fake news very few in the Lonestar State seem to be in the party mood - maybe when they have something to celebrate like running water -
  19. If Carl is admitted to any club, it ain’t exclusive. It really isn’t even a club, more a group of odd, lonely people—
  20. Let us know when you’ve accomplished that -
  21. I understand your pain. It’s not easy being a mans man -
  22. BSM - whisking eggs is not an Olympic strength event. Be gentle, stirring until well blended and a bit frothy. Remember - you are not mixing Quickcrete and water in a wheel barrow — 🥚🍳🏋️
  23. Comrade Carl wouldn’t be caught dead slushing Stoli -
  24. Knock Knock Knock - Hello, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m here to help you —
  25. This great sellers market will come to halt when interest rates climb to 6, 7, 8 %. And they will — at some point you have to pay the piper
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