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  1. wow, what are those subs? and what are they powered by?
  2. RIP Bob, my condolences to the family.
  3. hello, I am in search of a klipsch emblem for my rc7, It may be the same as a c7? it looks to have approx. 1/2" depth, I guess I could just go over the opening with another style, please advise.
  4. what are a pair of altec 19's worth in fair to good condition?, yes I own a pair of LS but not in my possession.
  5. 5ow

    AA crossovers WTB

    I have a set and could sell them.
  6. I have a pair of black kg1.5 my zip 33709 st.petersburg,fl (tampa area)
  7. well, thank you for all your great input
  8. hello, has anyone had an a to b experience with Altec 19 vs La Scala ?
  9. brooks, are you calling the la scalas, cheap beer and hotdogs?
  10. i wish i was closer, but Florida is too far away Merry Christmas and/or Happy holidays
  11. Merry Christmas and/or Happy holidays
  12. Merry Christmas and/or Happy holidays
  13. scott says, i do like they way they sound, especially since we are using a denon avr style receiver, i believe there is much more to the speaker if its given better equipment, going to separates should really make them perform. alex has a emotiva preamp, and i have access to an amp or two to try (an old phase liner 400 and a new nuforce sta200). will evaluate and then make some decisions. thanks for any input.
  14. Brooks, did someone suggest a road trip?
  15. let me know in the morning by 7am if we are on
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