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  1. The Mac SS amps have the autoformers. I'm not sure if that makes any difference with the P-39's. I've seen other amps state a power output at 8 ohms that can double at 4 ohms. The Palladiums are 4 ohm speakers. If the Mac SS amps with autoformers maintain a constant power output at 16, 8, or 4 ohms, is that good or bad for the P-39's? I'm just wondering if a 200-300 WPC SS or 75 WPC tube amp will sound any different.
  2. I have a MC 7270 (270 WPC) and a MC 2200 (200 WPC) I can use for the P-39's. Or I can use the MC 275. It is a VI, with the green disco tube lights. Preamp will be a C27. Guess one can tell I'm kinda heavy into Mac gear. I'm tempted to A/B the tube and SS amps with the Palladiums. At this point I will be happy just to get them hooked up. They're a handful.
  3. I pulled the trigger on the P-39's yesterday. Made a 900 mile RT road trip from Memphis to New Orleans before the winter storm hit here today. Now the speakers are tucked away in the 'hood. These suckers are big. The boxes make me think I have 2 refrigerators in the garage instead of speakers. I will get them upstairs when I can find a buddy to help me move them. They will be replacing a very nice pair of Belles I really don't want to get rid of. I will list the Belles in the Garage Sale in a bit. Will not have a place for them. I'm wondering if a McIntosh MC 275 VI will be a good fit for the P-39's. I have Mac SS amps I can use. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. That Palladium collection is pretty impressive. I would be using the P-39's strictly for music, so I am curious how the office system sounds. I currently have walnut Belles with ALK's powered by a MC 275, and a RSW115, in a large vaulted playroom. Will be moving soon, so the Belles may be listed at some point, and my listening room will be smaller. Would the P-39's have a much different sound from the Belles, or work better with a different amp (I have a number of SS amps)?
  5. Going out on a limb here. I would love to have the speakers. But I am having trouble rationalizing $9K for them, and would have had real trouble rationalizing $20K. That money will buy great stuff from just about any high end speaker manufacturer. It will buy multiples of Klipsch heritage line speakers. I've owned Khorns, La Scalas, Heresies, Fortes, and Belles. I have not owned any of the newer designs. Is that price for just about the best speaker Klipsch has ever made? I think the P-39 is about the most expensive. Or is it for the rarity and beauty, separate from a very good speaker?
  6. Is $9K an appropriate price for P39"s? That seems steep, but I don't know if they come up often enough to see a trend. Beautiful speakers.
  7. I ran through my LP's, and this is what I came up with (rather quickly, and not all inclusive): America: Their first album. Aja: Steely Dan I Robot: Alan Parsons Project Feliciano: Jose Feliciano Hejira: Joni Mitchell These selections are more acoustic and melodic, as compared to slammin' Rock and Roll and headbanger music. But they play well through my system: updated Belles and RSW 115, MC 275 VI, C27, and Thorens 160HD, all defintiely old school. YTMV. 5 choices for 5 stars each. The Belles make well recorded music jump out at you.
  8. Didn’t want to close the discussion because I appreciate the dialogue, but I will send the SX off to ManyMoons. As they say, you get what you pay for. I still wonder how “restorers” determine what to restore. Seems to me that its an all of nothing sort of thing.
  9. It was more I who was vague with the response. ManyMoons website says he rebuilds for the receiver to sound as it was originally designed. Other sites say the unit would be rebuilt to be as good or better than new. But that is in the eyes and ears of the restorer. I like the idea of a restoration as true to the original as possible.
  10. Another question involves the restoration itself. Old parts are replaced with new, sometimes “as close to original as possible”, and sometimes “to improve the sound”. If I want the unit as original requires one restoration; and an improvement requires another. Like a classic car restored to as it came off the showroom floor VS the same car as a resto mod. And I’m not sure I can tell the restorer which to do.
  11. Thanks to those who have responded, both within the topic and with PM. I have some leads, and will look for others. Major dilemma is where major repairs stop and restoration starts. I would like it to look and work as new; the SX 1250 was a pretty piece. But so far it is serious money for a complete restoration; I'm having to rationalize the cash outlay to do so. While the receiver is collectable now, I wonder if it will keep its value.
  12. I'm in Memphis. The seller was an older guy, with other items. He's trying to source knobs, etc, for his Marantz 2270. Harder and harder to service the silver face units. There's not really anybody local I would trust with a full restoration.
  13. I'm in Memphis. And, I've shipped many pieces, including Mac units with the fragile glass fronts, without issue. I'm not afraid to send the reciever off to a good repairman. It will be well packed; I would like the restoration to be the same. I do have a couple of places locally I use for repairs, but would not trust them to make the receiver as new.
  14. I put an inquiry in the SS forum regarding restoring a SX 1250. Thought I would link it to this forum to get maximal exposure. A reference for a good resource would be appreciated.
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