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  1. Time to resurrect this old topic. I posted months ago concerning a blown woofer on one of my P39's. I have been dealing with Klipsch customer support, and with a forum member who is an insider at Klipsch, without resolution. I have been told woofers are available, and most recently that the woofers are not available, and now that there may not be replacements. I can't figure out why Klipsch would market a speaker line more expensive than their Heritage series, only to walk away from it. I have one driver that has a a tear in the surround. But Klipsch customer service tells me they cannot find a replacement. I have been in contact with Chief Bonehead, who initially offered help, but has since walked away from the issue. I do have a pair of Tigerwood P39's, which I purchased after selling my Klipschorns, which I now cannot enjoy because of a blown driver. There has been recent discussion of the Palladium series on the Forum. that is why I post now. If others have a way for me to get a replacement driver for a P39, please let me know. Klipsch has blown me off.
  2. Not sure how to do so. There is a trim ring over the edge of the woofer which hides the mounting screws. I have tried to pry it loose, but can't seem to get enough of a purchase on the trim ring to pop it out. Hesitant to just cram something behind it and yank, as I have a feeling it would break the plastic ring. Anyone have any experience getting the woofers out of a P39?
  3. Thanks for the info. PM sent to Chief bonehead.
  4. Well....... I got a call from Brian at Klipsch customer support today. He said Klipsch no longer has any parts for the P39's. As in, they no longer support their own premium speakers. The ones they originally sold for what, $20K!!! I was referred to the Klipsch support site for discontinued items, and found no link to the P39 speaker. This is absurd. The speakers are out of of production, yes, but not out of service. I will have to find someone who is willing to take on repairs on a limited production high dollar speaker, and hope it works. What a waste of my time and money. I should have kept my Khorns. Funny how Klipsch will support a 70 year old dinosaur, but not their attempt at 21st century technology.
  5. I posted this inquiry in the general Klipsch info forum, but have yet to get a hit. One of the 3 woofer/driver's of one of my P39's is now making a "popping" sound at moderate volumes. If I remember, these speakers have a history of driver problems. I am trying to find out if there are replacements for the drivers, and/or if they can be repaired. I have placed a call to Klipsch customer service, but have yet to get a response. Any information appreciated.
  6. I think this topic has been addressed, but am not sure where to look. Just completed a cross country move, and hooked up my P39's after I unpacked. . They had been in storage for 1-2 years, in their original boxes, and have been moved multiple times during that period. The third driver from the bottom of one of the speakers now "pops" when music is played. I remember Klipsch had problems with these drivers delaminating over time, and that the problem was discussed here. I'm just trying to figure out if the speaker can/should be repaired, or replaced, and if there are even replacements available. Any info appreciated.
  7. I have had problems logging in also. Was not able to sign on using Safari. Have been able to get on tonight using Google Chrome.
  8. I was trying to work out a package deal, but couldn't quite swing it. Joe was kind enough to hold individual sales pending my attempted purchase. Good luck to all who want to get some high quality music.
  9. Another PM sent. Hopefully this one gets through.
  10. These speakers are from home theater systems I am no longer using. Time to move them on; cleaning out the closet... All speakers are in good shape, fully functional, and show minimal wear. Mythos XTR SSA3 left-right-center wall mount speaker system. I have the wall mount bracket, manual, and shipping box for the Mythos. Supercube SC 2000 subwoofer. Big sound in a small package. Model CLR center channel speaker. Twin 6 1/2 inch drivers and 1 inch tweeter in a ported cabinet. I do not have the original boxes for the sub and center channel speakers. This is not a surround sound system. These speakers are ones I have kept from other HT setups. I can send better pictures to anyone interested. $600.00. Sold as a set. PayPal is OK friends and family, or cash. Local pickup is great. Buyer pays for shipping. I am in the Memphis, TN area.
  11. luddite


    I got sucked in also by Dawn5000. He/she/it saw I was looking for a sub and linked me to timwada1970@gmail.com I traded some emails with him before I got suspicious enough to back off. With all the others' experiences I'd say he's anything but legit.
  12. Testing the waters here. I have recently acquired a pair of Palladiums in the tigerwood finish. Thought the matching subwoofer would be an appropriate complement. If anyone has one, or two, they are interested in selling, I'm interested. Have a RSW115 I'm using now. Its still a beast, but loses out on looks.
  13. This system has now been broken up, but I had a 2.1 "frankensystem" with Klipschorns, Belles, and a RSW115 sub in my music room. The room was a 36X22 ft playroom over a 3 car garage. The pair of oak Khorns were in the corner, pair of matching oak Belles as a center channel, placed tight on either side of a component rack, and the sub off to one side between the Belle and Klipschorn. I used a McIntosh C27 preamp. It has a 2 stereo output channels, one for the Khorns, one for Belles, and a dedicated mono channel I used for the sub. Mc275 and MC7270 biamped for the system. The Klipschorns were 36 feet apart, so something was needed for the center. The system sounded great. A real Phil Spector wall of sound effect. If you have a big room, you will need something to fill up the center of your listening area. And I do think a sub helps. At lower listening levels, even the wall of sound sounded anemic.
  14. An update: There is interest in the Marantz 3800. A potential sale, or two. If others are interested, let me know...
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