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  1. I'd do the bottle of bourbon AND a case of beer. Anybody for a Boilermaker? Too bad I'm in TN.
  2. Up for sale is a MC2125 with L52 walnut cabinet. The amp and case are both in good condition. Glass face has no cracks or bubbling. The silver trim around the meters shows some wear on the top left. The meters and lamps all work. The cabinet looks great. There is a hairline scratch on one side, see the photo. Panlocks included. I am the second owner. Bought from the estate of the original owner about 15 years ago. The amp performs well, and has no issues with controls. Powerguard feature for protection. Rated conservatively at 125 wpc into 8, 4, or 2 ohms. McIntosh quality, and the timeless look. I have the Mcintosh double box for the amp, but not for the cabinet. I can pack both up in separate boxes. $1500.00. Local pickup, for sure. Buyer to pay for shipping. I'm in the Memphis, TN area.
  3. Not trying to resurrect an old topic, but $30K is JBL Paragon territory. That was as stylish as it was functional, much moreso than the Klipsch setup. Not sure if the Klipsch console was a truly integrated design, as was the Paragon. I do not need either, and could not afford either anyway. Still wonder why, if speaker placement is crucial to listening experience, one would get a system in which the speakers are immobile.
  4. Belles have been sold. R 115 SW and enclosure are still for sale.
  5. I looked through the archives. Found what I needed.
  6. I was going to Tung Oil a pair of oiled oak heritage speakers. Looked at the Fornby can instructions, which said “Not recommended for use over existing finishes other than penetrating oils.” Is oiled oak a penetrating oil, or an existing finish? And is the Tung Oil OK to use?
  7. Sale is pending on the Belles. The oak sub enclosure with R SW115 is still available.
  8. I have a set of oiled oak Belles for sale on the Forum currently. See what you think.
  9. Speakers have been sold. The proud new owner now has a quad of matching 1984 HBR's in a Tung Oil finish. Who woulda thunk, and he was local...
  10. I'm in the Memphis, TN area. My listening room was pretty big. I think the sub helped the Belles. I was able to listen to music at lower volumes with more high/low balance, and if I wanted to crank things up, I just dialed down the sub as needed.
  11. Up for sale is a pair of 1984 HBR Heresy's. Not sequential S/N's (does the same week count?). Original unmolested condition. All I have done to them is an occasional Tung Oil treatment. Second owner, I have had them for about 25 years. They look good and sound good; the birch wood still looks fresh. Most recently they were used for center channel, on a shelf, thus the felt pads. I placed them on the stands for the pictures. $400.00 for the pair. I'm in the Memphis, TN area. Would like them to go to a good home.
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