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  1. I have had problems logging in also. Was not able to sign on using Safari. Have been able to get on tonight using Google Chrome.
  2. I was trying to work out a package deal, but couldn't quite swing it. Joe was kind enough to hold individual sales pending my attempted purchase. Good luck to all who want to get some high quality music.
  3. Another PM sent. Hopefully this one gets through.
  4. These speakers are from home theater systems I am no longer using. Time to move them on; cleaning out the closet... All speakers are in good shape, fully functional, and show minimal wear. Mythos XTR SSA3 left-right-center wall mount speaker system. I have the wall mount bracket, manual, and shipping box for the Mythos. Supercube SC 2000 subwoofer. Big sound in a small package. Model CLR center channel speaker. Twin 6 1/2 inch drivers and 1 inch tweeter in a ported cabinet. I do not have the original boxes for the sub and center channel speakers. This is not a surround sound system. These speakers are ones I have kept from other HT setups. I can send better pictures to anyone interested. $600.00. Sold as a set. PayPal is OK friends and family, or cash. Local pickup is great. Buyer pays for shipping. I am in the Memphis, TN area.
  5. luddite


    I got sucked in also by Dawn5000. He/she/it saw I was looking for a sub and linked me to timwada1970@gmail.com I traded some emails with him before I got suspicious enough to back off. With all the others' experiences I'd say he's anything but legit.
  6. Testing the waters here. I have recently acquired a pair of Palladiums in the tigerwood finish. Thought the matching subwoofer would be an appropriate complement. If anyone has one, or two, they are interested in selling, I'm interested. Have a RSW115 I'm using now. Its still a beast, but loses out on looks.
  7. This system has now been broken up, but I had a 2.1 "frankensystem" with Klipschorns, Belles, and a RSW115 sub in my music room. The room was a 36X22 ft playroom over a 3 car garage. The pair of oak Khorns were in the corner, pair of matching oak Belles as a center channel, placed tight on either side of a component rack, and the sub off to one side between the Belle and Klipschorn. I used a McIntosh C27 preamp. It has a 2 stereo output channels, one for the Khorns, one for Belles, and a dedicated mono channel I used for the sub. Mc275 and MC7270 biamped for the system. The Klipschorns were 36 feet apart, so something was needed for the center. The system sounded great. A real Phil Spector wall of sound effect. If you have a big room, you will need something to fill up the center of your listening area. And I do think a sub helps. At lower listening levels, even the wall of sound sounded anemic.
  8. An update: There is interest in the Marantz 3800. A potential sale, or two. If others are interested, let me know...
  9. Sorry about the first picture. Somehow the last picture (of the back of the tuner) got loaded in the front of the listing. The subsequent pics show the preamp, then the tuner. Just wanted to put in a little clarification.
  10. Up for sale is a Marantz 3800 preamp. It is in original condition, unmolested, and fully functional. The 3800 was the top of the heap of the silver faced Marantz line in the 1970's, and went toe to toe with the best McIntosh had to offer. This example has 2 phono inputs, 2 tape/line inputs, 2 speaker outputs, and a separate headphone jack. It works as it should. As an older unit, it would function best with a good cleaning, and possibly a complete recap. I have not needed to do so. I have used it with Pioneer, Rega, Sony, B&K, and McIntosh inputs and outputs, and with Ohm, Pioneer, McIntosh, and our cherished Klipsch speakers. It has never missed a beat. It provides a warm, full soundstage. The only reason I am selling it is that I will have no use for it after my move. $400.00, including the original box. The box shows some wear, but is included for the sake of completeness. As an added bonus, I will include an original silver faced Sony tuner, for free!!! This is the Sony ST 2950 SD Dolby stereo tuner, which I used with the Marantz. It is fully functional; the lights work, the meters work, and it is complement to the preamp. There is a blemish on the left front of the face where a PO rubbed off the silver finish. The unit has wood sides, which are in good condition, and overall, the tuner and preamp work well together. The pieces will be double boxed, ? triple boxed if I have to pad the original Marantz box, for shipping. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Local pickup is great. I'm in the Memphis, TN area. PayPal friends and family, or regular PayPal with the added 3% fee.
  11. luddite


    I have acquired a pair of Palladiums in the tigerwood veneer. I currently have a R115SW, but it just doesn't look that great with the speakers. Are there still Palladium subwoofers out there? And where did thy fit in the Klipsch subwoofer lineup? Just trying to figure out if trying to find one in tigerwood is worth the search.
  12. Thanks to all for the kind comments. The speakers are sold. Thanks also to Hogfan. I will be listing a few other items down the road. Have to empty out the closets.
  13. Time to sell my Belle Klipsch speakers. I have purchased another set of Klipsch, and have to make room. I have owned these beauties for about 20 years. Purchased them locally from the original owner. 1984 issue. I remember them as sequential numbers. Unfortunately, I lost the ID tag on one of the speakers; the other is pictured. Starting in 1984, Klipsch supposedly quit stamping serial numbers on Belles. If anyone has an idea where I can find a serial #, please let me know. Notice the grain pattern. They are pretty much a match, so I am selling them as sequential. The only changes to them have been my upgrade to Crites AA crossovers. I will include the Klipsch type AB crossovers original to the speakers. The cabinets and grills are in great condition. Minimal nicks/wear to the cabinets. No water stains on the tops, fraying of the grills, etc. These speakers look good, sound phenomenal, and make the impact Paul Klipsch intended with the design. I have powered them with MC275 and MC7270; tube or SS, they sound great. The only reason I am selling them is because I am downsizing. I've included a few photos. I can send others to individuals seriously interested. Just let me know. Prefer local pickup; shipping will be expensive. $3000.00 with Crites and original crossovers. $2750 with original AB crossovers. I'm in the Memphis, TN area.
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