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  1. I tried to buy a pair of DDS-1’s a while back. Owned by a engineer who at one time worked at Stax Studios. They hung by chains in one of the studios, at 175 lbs apiece, documented by photos. I bet they played some iconic music. I was outbid by the Stax Museum. The speakers are under repair, and I’m told will be back on their chains in the recreated studio.
  2. A bit uncanny to see a reference to King Crimson. I suggest "The Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson, on vinyl. I have it on the original 50 year old LP, and on a later issued CD. I submit the LP because I'm a luddite. Yes it's prog-rock. Yes it's heavily electrified. But yes, it has great stereo separation, great vocals, and great orchestration. And it will work your system to the max for clarity, effects, and harmony. And it's a great listen with your favorite relaxation libation or technique.
  3. For what it's worth, I do occasionally stream through an older Macbook Pro and Dac Magic. But, as has been noted, mostly the music is analog per my TT, or through a well used early generation CD player. I even tried to resurrect an old cassette deck, but it had been sitting in the overheated attic so long the belt melted. Now what am I going to do with all those tapes, and 8-tracks, and reel to reels, and acetate discs, and Edison cylinders?
  4. I did not want to bring up the potential need for an active crossover with bi-amping with my original question. But, as retaining the passive crossover negates the benefits of adding the second, or third amps, the active crossover is part of the deal. So now the question becomes: what adds more to the bi-amping exercise, the amp or the crossover?
  5. I'm sure this question has been asked, and probably answered, multiple times. I've had Khorns driven by a Mc275 version VI, Belles driven by Mc2125's X2, and Belles driven by a Mc7270. Have never felt the need to bi-amp anything, but perhaps I've just never experienced audio-nirvana. Now I'm down to a pair of Belles and the afore mentioned Mc275, with a RSW115 helping out with the bottom end. I have a Mc2200 sitting around, occasionally driving a pair of Forte II's. Would I get any benefit if I bi-amped the Mc2200 (SS, 200 WPC), and the Mc275 to the Belles with or without the sub? The crossovers on the Belles are upgraded. McC27 preamp, Merrill modded Thorens TD160 HD TT, MCD 7007 CD. And assorted peripherals.
  6. Rock on. (Jazz on?). Didn't get a chance to bid on the collection, and congrats to buyer and seller. Members of the forum seem to have better quality equipment/accessories/ sources of music than the mainstream. I'm always on the lookout for good stuff. That's why I check the garage sale. Next time, maybe I will be quicker on the draw...
  7. As the OP, I have enjoyed the conversation. My original questions were answered to my satisfaction (orientation of speakers and the necessity of “sterility” of studio monitors for accurate sound reproduction). As a Luddite, I have not dissected my music to its digital or analog essence. I spin my LP’s and CD’s on equipment older than many of our forum members, and stream music files however compressed they may be. I appreciate the experience and expertise of those who have posted. Opinions can be accepted or ridiculed, but should be acknowledged. If we listen to each other as closely as we do our music, we may actually be able to appreciate what that person has to say.
  8. What I was really asking was: Is there much difference in the sound quality if mids and tweeters are oriented on the vertical VS horizontal axis, and Is the quality of sound reproduction that much better from a "studio monitor" speaker VS a typical bookshelf type speaker. I understand that each speaker will color the sound to a certain degree, in the same way that preamps and amps will do so. As to the specific speaker, I'm sure one can be better for near field listening and another for a "wall of sound". One picks what he or she wants. I was just wondering what advantage a studio monitor type speaker would give.
  9. This may be a revival of a previous thread discussing near field systems. The speakers in my home office system are placed sideways on bookshelves at ear height when I'm sitting, flanking my computer. So they are 3-6 feet away from me depending on what I'm doing. I'm usually streaming music through a 2 channel system, mostly for background; sometimes I'll crank up something I like. I have tried Heresy's on their sides, and most recently McIntosh ML1C's on their sides. Both sounded OK, no complaints. Now I wonder if a dedicated studio monitor would sound better. I'm looking at JBL 4311 or 4411. Each has the mids and tweeters oriented in the vertical plane when the speakers are on their sides. My others were not. Any opinions if I will notice a difference in quality of sound with studio monitors vs "bookshelve" speakers for near field?
  10. One more bump for the amp. It's on the way to fleabay, etc. It, and its twin, also available, were used to power a variety of setups. Now I've gone to a tube amp, and the SS pieces have to go.
  11. Bump. It's a strong amp looking for some work.
  12. McIntosh MC2125 SS amplifier and L52 walnut cabinet. Rated conservatively at 125 WPC by McIntosh. This unit was serviced by Audio Classics in 2015, and tested to show 140 WPCX2. Autoformers give full power to 8, 4 or 2 ohms, Powerguard protects your speakers. Amp is in good shape. Lamps and switches/dials all work. Some wear to silver surround to meters. Mild bubbling to edges of glass front and meter glass. See pictures for closeups of the face. The cabinet is in likewise good shape. I have had no issues with the amp. Most recently used to power Khorns and Belles. All the power you will need. Amp will be packed in the Audio Classics dedicated double boxes; cabinet in a separate padded box. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I can provide dimensions upon request. $1250.00. Paypal friends and family, or regular Paypal with 3% fee added.
  13. End of the year bump. A great deal for a classic amp.
  14. Drastic price reduction! Now for sale at $1250.00! Packed up and ready to ship. Paypal friends and family or regular Paypal plus fees. What a killer stocking stuffer for Christmas, if you can stuff this amp into a stocking. You'll definitely be rocking around the christmas tree once you hook it up.
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