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  1. Weekend bump. I am willing to ship. Will list it on the other sites if nobody wants to bite. This thing reminds me of a classic car. Fun to look at, fun to drive, fun to talk about...
  2. Midweek bump. It's still available. Be the only kid on your block to own a TT with a really cool magnetic tonearm pickup! Reduced to $500.00 for forum members. It is for sale locally (obligatory disclaimer).
  3. Weekend bump for the turntable. It is still available. Some interest, but it has not sold. I can send more pics on request.
  4. Just starting to list some equipment for sale as I am downsizing. First up is an Empire Troubadour 598 turntable. Belt drive, all original, and in great shape. I have owned it for about 20 years, and purchased it from the original owner, who got it in Germany in 1975 when he was in the service. It gets little play now. More just eye candy. It is one of the most striking TT's you will see. Belt needs to be replaced. I have a replacement, but haven't gotten around to putting it on yet. Everything works, including the lamp, and the funky magnetic arm lifter. Wood is in great shape, plexiglass shown no scratching nor fogging. the beefy tonearm and cartridge are good. I even have an Empire cartridge. I will ship, but am hesitant to do so until I can figure out how to protect the unit. Buyer will have to pay for shipping. Will make it an easy $598 for the turntable for forum members. Prices online are crazy. I'd rather see someone who appreciates it buy the turntable. I'm in the Memphis, TN area. Will send more detailed pictures to interested parties.
  5. I first attended the race in 1970 at age 16. Stole a STP plastic banner off a chain link fence somewhere around the speedway. When I put it in my bedroom it completely occupied one of the walls. Didn't realize what a 8'X16' banner would do when you brought it indoors. Kept it in my room until I was out of college and my mom made me finally clean up the place...
  6. I'm trying to figure this out, again. I had a McIntosh MC 7270 driving '89 Klipschorns (along with other sundry peripherals) in my "big system" in the upstairs music room over the garage, and a MC 275 series VI driving McIntosh ML 1C's (with the MQ 101 eq) in the "small system" in my home office. I moved the MC 275 up to power the Klipschorns, and tried a MC 2125 to power the ML 1C's downstairs. The preamps remained the same, C27 with the Khorns and C29 with the ML 1C's. Both systems were substantially improved: the Klipschorns were much more defined, and filled the 32'X22' room. The ML 1C's also sounded richer and fuller. I do not consider my ears to be that discerning, but I definitely noticed the changes. What I don't understand is why a 75 WPC tube amp would sound that much better than a 270 WPC SS amp with Klipschorns, and why a 125 WPC SS amp would sound equally better than a 75 WPC tube amp with the ML 1C's. I know the Khorns are infinitely more efficient and "tube friendly" than the McIntosh's,and that the ML 1C's crave power, but is that all there is to it?
  7. I have used a Russound amp/speaker switch for multiple amps and speakers. It has connections for 2 amps, and for 4 sets of speakers. Any combination of speakers and amps can be made. I have had a MC 275 and MC 7270 in, and various combinations of speakers out. I use the Russound unit more for convenience than for critical listening-way too many pieces of equipment that would have me tripping over cables and wires by the time I hooked things up separately.
  8. Thanks to all for the advice and insight into what I thought was a simple question concerning what happens when I power my equipment up. It never ceases to amaze me the collective knowledge of the Group. I haven't had a chance to fully troubleshoot the preamp, but hope to do do between the holidays. And, I will adhere to the mantra: pre amp on, power amp on, power amp off, pre amp off.
  9. Thanks to Moosee for the heads up. It's interesting that one of the listings on eBay has a set of speakest in IN which have the same pictures as the pair this dirtbag in CO is trying to sell me. Let the buyer beware. If "Tenvern" posts here again, be aware, he's bad news.
  10. I'm interested. I had a poster here called "Tenvern" send me a PM. Said he had a friend in Eugene, OR, with a pair for sale. Single post, joined the Group to contact me, no other posts. I contacted the guy, he said the speakers were sold, and referred me to someone else in Denver who had another pair. I have had contact with them, but they sound sketchy too. Have been hesitant to pursue the purchase. I have had good experiences with members of this Group regarding sales/purchases. It really bugs me when I have to second guess somebody as to whether they are for real, or out to rip me off.
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