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  1. I like option 2, you will have more envelopment from the surround field, with them closer to your sitting position.
  2. these speakers look great, as well as some of his other gear for sale. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/ele/d/altec-lansing-vintage/6767907164.html
  3. I know most here have cruised Youtube a time or two and checked out music or listened to vids others have posted. Regardless of the limitations of the audio stream, as a few like to point out, there are many vids that have very good sound and of course others that don't. Through a decent pair of headphones, they are easily discernible. I hit the site all the time, listening to music and also for speaker demos as well, whether on headphones or through my own Epics. There are many great presentations on the site, though very few with Klipsch speakers, showing their great qualities. I look for the Khorns, MCM's, Jubilee's, 535's, etc. All of which I have never heard in person as of yet, but wouldn't mind a little taste. I feel, something is better than nothing. In honor of that and also just for a bit of fun, a vid I made yesterday, my 4th attempt at it, of the Epic CF3's in action. I think one can hear a bit of the bold effortless presentation that horns can have. No 1" dome tweets here. 👍 They are being driven by a diminutive Topping TP32Ex T-amp, which is also cool and can be seen slightly glowing on the bottom shelf. Off of Pandora from an Oppo 93, recorded with a iPhone 6s, doing a pretty good job of it too, considering. Its starting to get dark out as can be seen. I'm sitting as far back as I can, but still can't get everything in the frame. Hopefully, Enjoy.
  4. Shiva

    No Need to Give This Man a Hand.

    I think the pressure of that hand, is going to crush the counsel and turn the tide in his favor.
  5. Shiva

    No Need to Give This Man a Hand.

    He has got that covered. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6483533/Vermont-man-spends-4-000-5-meter-tall-hand-flip-town-officials.html
  6. Shiva

    Show us your great photography thread!

    A Little bit of Evening color.
  7. Well, if anyone is set on getting a paragon, you can save some cash by getting this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-Paragon-C44-Vintage-Walnut-Stereo-System-518-LE15A-375-075-N7000-LX5/322921924828?hash=item4b2fa588dc:g:KowAAOSwGG5aJXCf:rk:7:pf:0
  8. Shiva

    Epic CF3 - $300

    Just a few scrapes and bruises and bit of dust. It couldn't hurt if the guy at least brushed off the dust for the pics. I call that just a tad lazy.
  9. Nice natural wood set, 1100 bucks. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/2-klipsch-klf-30/6768214986.html
  10. Shiva

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    Just to address headphones a bit and also nothing new. I use a pair of Sennheiser HD580 phones. They have a claimed frequency response of 10hz to 30kh, a challenge for most speakers and are fairly revealing as a decent pair of phones are. Even listening to the limitations of the audio on youtube vids and the like, they are a nice tool for extracting what is on an audio track presented and get the flavor of what has been recorded. Imo, of course. 😀
  11. Shiva

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    Lol, You have to bypass your computer speakers with a decent pair of over the ear headphones for the full Epic effect.
  12. Shiva

    Klipsch Epic Owners Group

    I thought I would add a little bit to the Epic thread. Here is a short youtube vid of my CF3's in action. Julie London singing off of Pandora, recorded with an iPhone 6s. Headphones if you got them, Apologies for the wavering in the vid.
  13. Shiva

    KPT-684's ... WTB or ???

    these are a fan favorite over at AVS. The JBL 4722. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2968864-fs-pair-jbl-cinema-4722n-speakers.html
  14. Shiva

    WTB K2 Amplifier FOUND

    Ha, I like to bring a little of the outside in, and also a little bit of the inside out.
  15. Shiva

    WTB K2 Amplifier FOUND

    Just made a little Youtube video. From Pandora, Julie London doing her thing. On an iPhone 6S. Forgive the wavering image. Sitting on the couch, the phone, balanced on a knee. Headphones if you got them. https://youtu.be/62VpGZqDilk