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  1. Shiva


    I"ve always dug this beer commercial, since it first landed on tv. Not quite tossing a watch, but similar idea and something I would have done, if I ever had one that is.
  2. Shiva


    Excellent! 👍 But what time is it? 😀
  3. Shiva


    The Best watch ever made? The Casio Royale.
  4. Shiva

    What I Got Today!

    That is nice looking!
  5. I just landed on this song for the first time today. Don't know.
  6. Back in the days of astral traveling as a teenager,, my friends and I heard this guy and our rock albums got a lot less play for quite some time and fusion took over.
  7. Shiva approves of this message.😀
  8. An interesting bit of info from the vid, the wall of sound use 48 of those Mac amps to power it.
  9. Here, a vid of the this amp and its history. For those interested.
  10. Over on AVS, 2 ads for the Oppo 203 just came up for sale. Around $1200 per. An Oppo 95 for $500 as well.
  11. Shiva

    Car Thread

    Whoa, that would be a disappointing.
  12. Perhaps, time to revisit Heilung. If your subs aren't on, turn em on and up. The drums are nice on this.
  13. Made by Zenith. 👍 I was thinking about jumping on this, but if anyone here wants it first, I will step aside. 😀 It does have a cool retro vibe. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/d/laguna-niguel-vintage-stereo-console/7433385420.html
  14. The 103 upscales to 4K so they say, but does not play 4K blu-ray discs. The Panasonic mentioned above is a true 4K disc player though.
  15. The question that may be relevant is, are you seeking to play 4K discs? The 103/105 series Oppo's don't play those. You would need the 203 or 205.
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