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  1. Landed on this semi amusing youtube vid, and thought I'd post. 2 guys who love their horns, some vinyl and having clean power too. Enjoy.
  2. I like the look of mahogany as well. My KLF C-7, which is a great speaker in its own right, is also in mahogany, otherwise I would look into getting it myself.
  3. For anyone in the Southern California area, a nice price on a KLF 30's and a steal on the C-7.
  4. Noticed this ad the other day. Might give you some ideas.
  5. That is a sad state of affairs. One being, the cooking of bacon in a microwave. Thats not the way to do it. The best way to do bacon is in a 400 degree oven, for about 14 minutes or so, or until its reached its perfect doneness, no spatter, little smell, until done that is. One thing you can do is to set the micro to run at less than full power. it seems your new one is putting a lot more energy than your old one.
  6. Don't want to bring anyone down, but sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child. That is listening to the great Harmonizing Four in action. One of the great deep bass voices that I have ever heard and sounds great coming through my Epic CF3's, as well as My Senns. Enjoy.
  7. Wow, that looks like a formidable set-up. I would love to have heard it in action.
  8. Whoa, a great price on the these KLF 30's and thanks everyone for the laughs on this thread.
  9. On my screen the horn is definitely grey in color. They also appear to have the longer port tubes. Together, those signs point to a version 1. Still at a good price too.
  10. Nice looking pair of Epic CF4's up for sale, probably more for those on the East Coast.
  11. I have my mains set to large most times using subwoofer setting yes + on the Pioneer, with a Crown K2 powering them. On the other hand, some movies that I know really have overly aggressive bass, such as Interstellar, Tron and Inception to name a few, or the continuous rumblings of a movie like Gravity, I will set them to small instead.
  12. I wondered that as well. It states 38 watts per side. That wattage sounds kinda like its tube generated and it appears to have preamp tubes as well as power tubes. It also has a cooling fan on the back of it though, which is rare for a tube amp. a bit of a mystery.
  13. There are quite a few youtube vids on using Deoxit. Here is one to peruse. This guy talks about which types to use for what.
  14. Here is a quick tutorial for using Deoxit.