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  1. For those who like a little driving drum action. Devin Townsend. Aftermath.
  2. Have you tried pushing the close door button and trying to manually push the drawer in at the same time? Did you also talk to or email tech support for ideas to fix the drawer issue before shipping it back to them?
  3. There are several vids of this system playing at night, if interested in the light show.
  4. Has anyone heard this stage set-up? Look at the size of them. They look super cool. Realhorn' Soundsystems. Nice bank of horn subwoofers as well.
  5. Noticed these on US audio mart. These are pretty. Version 1's. For those in the great state of Illinois. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649897703-klipsch-cf3-stereo-speakers-cherry-finish-pair-1600-palos-hills-il-pick-up/
  6. Those look real nice. A fair price too.
  7. Was doin a little streaming of the Blues and this came up. what caught my ear, the nice smooth bass line.
  8. I like Sennheisers myself. Lots of comparison reviews on youtube, to help become more familiar with whats out there.
  9. Some interesting cloud formations on the day of the Queen's departure. I am saddened at the loss. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11196607/Glowing-clouds-shape-Queens-profile-form-sky-just-hours-passed-away.html
  10. Another visit to the barn, another set of speakers and new gear to look at. As usual, nicely done.
  11. I find vids of trains plowing through deep snow, entertaining.
  12. Shiva

    What I Got Today!

    You guys are not keeping up with the times, there is this cool gizmo, to add a bit of mood lighting to ones room.
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