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  1. Shiva

    OU: CF-1(Miami)

    Hmm, 99 bucks for the pair and ships for $12.99. Now, there's a deal.
  2. I've posted this before. Perhaps, it merits another posting.
  3. We had no big fireworks display by the beach this year, though we did still get a few flybys. Turn up the volume for full effect. Apologies for the cheesy amateur ending.
  4. Check out the bottle rocket firecracker, ricochet off the fence, into the dudes window, burning down his own house. He then gets arrested for arson.
  5. I assume you are using a microphone at the sitting position with REW or something similar. As a simple test, move the mic forward and backwards in the room and see if there is a better frequency response to be had.
  6. Shiva


    Well, one could say, "nice socks" or "that's a 50cal, isn't it" or "tighten up those glutes soldier."
  7. Yeah, it appears, I'm a bit behind the times.
  8. Ha, Letgo. Never heard of it.
  9. As usual, in awe of that vast expanse at your doorstep. 👍 How close to the nearest town?
  10. Now that is a nice price.
  11. A C-7 for $175 is a steal.
  12. Shiva

    KLF20 (4)

    $250 a piece is a great price.
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