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  1. Speaking of the group Heilung, this piece, to be played on ones main system, at volume for the full effect. The bass impact from the drums, should make your speakers come alive in a very joyful way. 👍
  2. There is a tribal group called Heilung, that I really enjoy. Though many here might not be into the tribal sounds of the Vikings,😀 you still might appreciate the detail offered in this unboxing video of their music.. I was impressed.
  3. Eh, a couple of noteworthy points. One being, I subscribe to the guy who puts out that particular youtube channel and peruse youtube in general for things, audio related. If I see something out in the wild world, Klipsch related, I will at times post it for those who might enjoy seeing Klipsch speakers being demonstrated. As well, while I too have a Macbook pro, i only use the internal speakers for listening to news or the like, which is all they are good for. Otherwise, they are bypassed and I am listening through my Sennheiser HD 580's, which like any decent headphone, are quite resolving and takes listening to these type vids to a whole other level. In my own experience of course. 😀
  4. Eh, You just saved your self self some trouble with the misses and unnecessary effort. Back to happiness with the great gear you already have.
  5. Contact SWL, perhaps a deal could be made.
  6. Emile, are you contemplating getting those KLF's, there is a guy on this forum that has several of the 12" drivers sitting around, doing nothing at the moment.
  7. This is the future of driving, perhaps.
  8. Only discovered Cream later in life. Loved Ginger's powerful drumming style and his wild demeanor. One of my favorite cuts from the Cream reunion concert disc that I have.
  9. Nice price on the CF4's. He says version 3, yet those Epics appear to have the longer port, have a grey horn and grey drivers as well. From what I have read, on the 3rd version, the horns were painted black and the drivers were black as well.
  10. What is telling with the Carver amp is how much power the Epics can draw, if the 600 watts reading was accurate.
  11. 20db is a very quiet room indeed, nice.
  12. I have hit 115dB with just my mains, my room with nothing going on, hovers around 32db. According to the Niosh SLM decibel app on my iPhone, that is.
  13. For those who think nothing less than a sub with a 24" driver will do. I enjoyed his design challenge solution to add 2 24" subs to his system, while creating a space for his center channel speaker, very clever. Joining John Wicke in gun play, mildly amusing as well.
  14. Nice room. Your Zu cube sparked my curiosity and hit up their website. A 10" coaxial driver, 98db efficient and not a bad price either. A very compact dynamic speaker for center channel duty. 👍 https://www.zuaudio.com/loudspeakers/cube-1a
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