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  1. On another level, if ones mind is already feeling troubled or burdened emotionally, it is far easier to be effected in a negative manner by other things happening that ordinarily wouldn't cause any troubling emotions at all.
  2. Lol, Sorry, pick up only and I like that hat.😀
  3. Found this no name bounty at my local Walmart several days ago, a ball cap for size reference. 1 only at a cost of 73 cents. Since then, found a bigger haul from a local grocers and am willing to flip this score, at a tidy profit, for those in need. Lets say, a buck.👍
  4. A strange grim line in the clouds today and another face appears. Storms a coming.
  5. Please elaborate.
  6. Perhaps, it is a good time to explore the "old" toilet seat with bidet options, for when the rolls get slim. https://www.amazon.com/Self-Cleaning-Retractable-Non-Electric-Mechanical-Attachment/dp/B085ZLQCWZ/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=bidet+toilet+seat&qid=1584908355&sr=8-29
  7. For another interesting take on the virus, - David Icke on the latest London Real. Easily found on Youtube if interested.
  8. Just make sure you don't crash, or you may find that you just awakened, stripped of gear, in the midst of the sick, within a hospital, everyone masked but you.😀
  9. How about the Technics SL-1900, a fully automatic table. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Technics-SL-1900-Turntable/153862444131?hash=item23d2ea9463:g:y2UAAOSwsiBeapFB
  10. I recorded that show when I saw that Neil was on it. Loved their bit.
  11. Flaunting the new standard of wealth. 😀 What a stash. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8134133/Selfish-toilet-roll-stockpiler-makes-snow-angel-stash.html
  12. How about something a little more organic and woody. The price is for two stands. Free shipping too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Made-Heavy-Duty-large-Speaker-Stands-14-SOLID-OAK-Wood/184135209482?hash=item2adf50520a:g:oyoAAOSwat9ebclB
  13. Most times Teva's, then Sketchers and Clarks.
  14. A grey day on the California coast. Though I have no problem with that.
  15. Though quarantined at home in Italy, they can still sing together. Love it.
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