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  1. I have my mains set to large most times using subwoofer setting yes + on the Pioneer, with a Crown K2 powering them. On the other hand, some movies that I know really have overly aggressive bass, such as Interstellar, Tron and Inception to name a few, or the continuous rumblings of a movie like Gravity, I will set them to small instead.
  2. I wondered that as well. It states 38 watts per side. That wattage sounds kinda like its tube generated and it appears to have preamp tubes as well as power tubes. It also has a cooling fan on the back of it though, which is rare for a tube amp. a bit of a mystery.
  3. There are quite a few youtube vids on using Deoxit. Here is one to peruse. This guy talks about which types to use for what.
  4. Here is a quick tutorial for using Deoxit.
  5. Here is a pretty cheap amp and from Amazon, for easy return.
  6. Lol, What is considered cheap?
  7. The other day I watched a guy pick up a car on a flat bed tow truck. It must have took him about a half hour to do so. So old school, so much wasted time and energy and neighborhood noise. This is how you do it. Brilliant.
  8. I agree, $325 shipped is a great price on the KV. Decently packed and it not being unusually big, should arrive safe and sound.
  9. What has been passed on to a worthy fellow? Did you get rid of the Epic's? Do you have the C-7 in house?
  10. Just finished American Gods. by Neil Gaiman. A series on the Starz channel inspired me to give a read. An interesting read.
  11. I too, was impressed with the $1500 Spatial Audio M3 speaker I heard at the Newport Show a few years back. That speaker has jumped in price a bit since then and he has started to make some speakers for the deeper wallet these days, as well.
  12. Listening to the Forte's right now playing Stevie Ray Vaughn through my Sennheisers. The Speakers sounds great through them.
  13. Seems like a lot of speaker for $200, though I don't know anything about them. But anything called a T-5000, must have something going for it.
  14. Lol, Well, it seems safe to say that they are not being underpowered.
  15. There is also a possibility that the speaker taps for the highs have come loose and that is why the horn is not working. That happened to one of mine years ago, the horn stopped working. I unscrewed the 6 screws around the terminals and pulled out the crossover network and saw that the nut behind one of the terminals had come loose and so the signal was not passing through, retightened it and then back to normal. Worth a quick check before searching for a replacement. On another note, just to be sure, the metal jumpers between the terminals are there, right.