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  1. Have you tried a different pair of speakers in there to see if there is a similar result?
  2. If one is looking for the Epic style driver arrangement in the present day, JTR speakers are worth a look. They come in 2 way and 3 way designs with a coaxial center horn. Though a tad pricier than a used Epic.
  3. Between those two points it's 169 miles.
  4. 8-14 weather. Having a bit of a heatwave out here in California, at least in most places. Behind the guy is Palm Springs at 115 degrees. San Clemente however is a bit cooler.
  5. Lol, Claude, he wants something for a 12x12 room. Would that not be just a tad overkill? 😀
  6. A little CF3 bass action. Was listening to a Pandora station playing something, have no idea who, but the bass was banging so made a quick vid while I thought of it. Driving the Epics is my Topping TP 32Ex digital T-amp, which the specs say puts out 50 watts at 4 ohms and 30 watts at 8 ohms. On another note, cant go wrong with Hsu or SVS.
  7. A neighborhood walk. Nature's perfection.
  8. Need more ears on reports of the different rooms. 📣 Any pics perhaps?
  9. I don't know, but it takes a steady hand.😀
  10. Lol, I adhere to the very fine principal of laziness myself. Bringing sub to speakers or the other way around, seems far lazier to me, than the energy output to date. From dealing with Craiglister scammers, to all the keystrokes already made. Man, I'm tired just thinking about it.😀
  11. Hmm, I wonder how your Epics would sound connected to the sub you already have in the other room? Perhaps, a test would be in order. 📣
  12. you guys are too funny with your innuendos.
  13. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/3082644-lilwrecker-horn-sub-sundown-zv3-dfw.html
  14. That is a surfer dude.
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