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  1. A KV-4 is up for sale on Ebay. Less than a day left and still at a great price. Anything under $350 is a fairly good price. Congrats on the Epic score, they look great in your room. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Klipsch-KV-4-Center-Channel-Speaker/383721528937?hash=item595795de69:g:SH0AAOSwMrxfYQrt
  2. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    It's always nice when your Woman loves music as much as you do.
  3. I don't understand.🤔 People are paying to have their own faces put in the seats?
  4. A home run was hit to left field, those in the stands did not seem to be too impressed.
  5. Watched a little of the baseball game yesterday. Notice the stiffs in the stands behind home plate. It was the same in the outfield as well, though the audio was filled with crowd sounds.
  6. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    Landed on this Devin song this morning.
  7. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    Thanks, Whoa, such a large stash,
  8. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    Bonsai. 👍 Where do you get your stash of Emoji's from?
  9. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    MicroMara, "wood" that be a screaming Mandrake plant, sitting on your table?
  10. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    The Animals, House of the Rising Sun.
  11. Anyone dealing with poltergeists? Perhaps, a nice ghost hunting kit might be just the ticket. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/ele/d/el-cajon-ghost-hunting-equipment-k2/7186526725.html
  12. Shiva


    That looks like the work of Wile E. Coyote.
  13. Shiva

    YouTube Spinning

    With Shiva as a screen name, might as well throw something in with a touch of music from India, though modernized. Don't worry, no twangy Sitars, a little Tamboura however.
  14. Ah yes, I can just hear it, slipping silently through the woods.😀
  15. That rattling sound is more than likely just a loose dust cap, which just needs to be re-glued.
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