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  1. There is an old house in town that was built in1927, been in disrepair and empty for quite some time, that is up for sale and had a open house yesterday. My girl and I walk past it often, went in for look-see. The claim to fame for this house besides the view, are those who visited and partied in it, back in the day. Bogart, Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn to name a few. The house across the street used to be owned by Gloria Swanson. A shot from the deck. I guess this town was a nice escape from the rigors of the limelight.
  2. Always amazed that you can get orchids to grow in Las Vegas, with a normal air humidity of what, around 10 percent or so? They must get some round the clock misting. 😀
  3. This is a decent vid on how much weight you can actually hang on your wall without concern.
  4. Shiva


    Biking is a great way to explore the sights. I prefer mountain bikes, though I am a tad less adventurous than the guy in the vid.
  5. Now that is a nice pic. Love the turntable and the tubed CD player. 👍
  6. A nice looking room and set-up. 👍 your equipment rack looks loaded with some cool gear. How about a pic of it and a little tour of what's on it.
  7. Quite a few train fans show up here to take videos of the different trains passing through.
  8. A passing train, passengers enjoying the view, I would assume. no mooning events here.
  9. On another note, sometimes when one adds more electronic gear into the chain, one can introduce hums and hisses. As an experiment, try putting a cheater plug on the amp and or the Xilica and see if the hiss goes away.
  10. With original box too. That has to be rare. Very clean looking amp.
  11. Shiva

    Epic CF-3 vs3

    Yes, they pop off, there are 6 pegs on them. . pull them off from the side edges of the grills.
  12. Shiva

    Epic CF-3 vs3

    If the drivers and horn are grey in color, they would be version 2's.
  13. Shiva

    Moto Guzzi Audace

    Love the paint job. Looks great.👍
  14. Lol, I think one Epic is enough and I would also lay it on its side, I could just squeeze it in there, I believe. I have no doubt it would be a tremendous center. This is just for a little overkill amusement. If it happens easy with someone taking the other, I would probably do it. These speakers have been up a long time. he started them at $800. only recently has he started dropping the price $50 bucks at a time. Last week they were at $650.
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