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  1. silversport

    Anyone know Gary Gillum

    I like my kg2s better than the kg4s I had...welcome Laura Lee and say hello to Mr. G too... Bill
  2. silversport

    Help with Heresy 1 1975 binding posts

    though that isn't pretty...it looks better than the way I have mine connected with the cheap gold (colored I suspect) connectors...nice advice in this thread! Bill
  3. silversport

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and God Bless us everyone...from the western suburbs of ChicagoLand Bill
  4. silversport

    Juicy Music Peach Pre - SOLD

    great seller and Klipsch Forum member... Bill
  5. silversport

    CL: Klipsch KLF C-7 - $200 springfield

  6. silversport

    Heresy- Chicago, Very nice but expensive...CL

    he's a member on this Forum
  7. silversport

    Synthetic Motor Oil.....

    I've had several GM vehicles that were second cars so the mileage stayed low...the requirements were always at the least once a year oil change to maintain the warranty... shopping sales and rebates, I can always find Mobil 1 synthetic (my preference but other choices are good too) for about the same if not less than I can buy Dino oil for my cars and have used synthetic on my cars and the GF's car since 2001... I see as a cure for several ills that GM (at least) has gone to full synthetic for many of their cars...their current Dexos 1 gen2 is now full synthetic from the previous synthetic blend which I always thought was the worst of both worlds... I feel more comfortable with the 6 months or 5000 mile changes myself but that could be because I as brought up on the 3000/3month oil changes (which enriched the oil companies and lightened my wallet)...good luck with your choice Bill
  8. silversport

    Who restored your eico?

    check with Craig Ostby of NOSValves on this Forum...he redid mine in 2006 or so...still sounds great... Bill
  9. silversport

    Budget Amp Suggestion for Heresy I

    anything that contains both Nakamichi and STASIS... Bil
  10. silversport

    Happy birthday Eldon!

    Happy Birthday and best wishes... Bill
  11. silversport

    KLF - 10 or KM - 6

    Well so much for relying on specs...I yield to you again sir...
  12. silversport

    KLF - 10 or KM - 6

    did the KLF-10 use a different 90x60 Tractrix than the KG 5.5/KM6???...I agree the KLF-10s were higher up the food chain (more wood choices) but their dimensions and their parts seem near identical but I've never been able to compare the two having only owned and heard KG 5.5s Bill
  13. silversport

    KLF - 10 or KM - 6

    I believe they both have TracTrix horns but the KLF 10s will have more wood finish options than the KM-6 black Bill
  14. silversport

    KLF - 10 or KM - 6

    Because I was thinking CF-1 while reading KLF-10...whoops...carry on
  15. Yes...even without bi-wiring, in 2channel I have the ability to “bi-amp” which uses the other amplifiers not being used for surround and center channels to augment the left and right stereo speakers... Bill