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  1. remember too that it has been widely reported here that Klipsch listed many of their speakers at one time to be 4 ohm and others that they were 8 ohm without any changes made to the speaker... I have been running Bob Crites titanium tweeter mods in my kg2s for years without incident...also I have run them on many receivers, amps and integrated without issue to any of the equipment... good luck with yours, the first speaker made for the bookshelf (despite being rather large for bookshelf speakers IMO) and a collaboration between and PWK and Gary Gillum and the derivation of the kg name...I've always called them kay gee two but I understand the original name was to be kay gee squared...I've bought mine new in 1989...enjoy yours Bill
  2. I don't know abut WD-40 but just a spritz of DeoxIT...I know this is an old thread and late reply but I just applied the "fix" for the first follow up since 2007ish for a friend... Bill
  3. "alexa...please listen to my conversations..."..."I'm already doing that, Dave..." (HAL9000) Bill
  4. ...guess I was just remembering Forum asking prices and not paying prices...you are a better shopper than I am Bill
  5. RB-5lls/RB-5s are only worth $200 now???...Heresy 😉 Bill
  6. for $99 you stole the RB-5s and I agree with everything The History Kid wrote about them...enjoy! Bill
  7. I believe it should be some open cell gray foam (If I am remembering correctly) and it is in there in no particular place beyond what you mention... Bill
  8. another excellent point...it is always good to know where the volume knob is pointed whenever turning on your rig no matter if you use the power conditioner auto power on or not... ...and I miswrote earlier the EICO is a combination Power and Treble switch it was my McIntosh MAC1900 that had the combination Power/Volume switch and I also used the power conditioner to start my listening... I've never had any issues using the power conditioner as the ON/OFF switch for either of the two ... Bill
  9. a good point or you can check and use DeOxit once in awhile...in my experience the switches tend to get scratchy when they need "cleaning" of oxidation...all good advice Bill
  10. I've not had any issues in 13 years with my EICO (it is not my only means of music listening but has been my main means for about the last year)... I have used a few different power conditioners (the box type not the strip)...one from Monster, one from Panamax and one now from APC...good luck with your choice. Bill
  11. I have an EICO HF-81 with the power/volume knob combo that can wear out and is impossible to find...I have left mine on a power conditioner since about 2006 without issue...I use the power on the power conditioner as the ON/OFF switch...is this what you were asking???...I don't see what the issue would be using the power switch on the power conditioner rather than the amplifier itself but would appreciate any thoughts someone might care to share... Bill
  12. thank you all for sharing these pics... Bill
  13. nice job Thaddeus...much appreciated and I also like the B&W photos... Bill
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