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  1. your posts back then along with Chris' were the reason I had the K-Stack originally installed...thanks Frzn Bill
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1014648963036030?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A05c964f7-6829-4e61-84ea-a7f2efd2000c disclosure...my brother is selling this...Woodridge, Illinois area possibly the best option for a center channel speaker for quartets, Forte' 2, Chorus 2, and many other Heritage and extended Heritage speakers taken to the next level with Chris Munson's "popbumper" crossover replacement... Bill
  3. Heresy-Birch Raw...they were unfinished Baltic birch plywood and possibly finished/stained by an owner...as said above, the Y denotes 1983 for that model...enjoy and please share some photos when you get a chance... Bill
  4. in my smaller 3.1 "home theater" I am using RB-5s as mains, an RC-3 for the Center (it works just fine although the RC-7 would be the favorite from what members here say) and an Outlaw Audio M8 subwoofer...works just fine powered by a Panasonic SA-XR57 digital receiver... Good luck with your Dad's RB-5s...although I prefer Klipsch heritage, the RB-5s are almost the best bookshelf speaker ever made by Klipsch (RB-75 is the fan favorite) Bill
  5. God Bless Rebecca, God Bless you Craig and God Bless Dean and The Dude... Keeping you in my prayers, Bill
  6. sorry...yes and thanks, BLO is boiled linseed oil...I made corrections above for future searchers...😎👍 Bill
  7. Dr. Bill's (not me) recipe': *remember fire hazard* BLO heats up as it dries so any rags and whatnot should be thouroughly washed with water and soap and disposed of safely...preferrably outside... the Drs. recipe' IIRC: 3 parts Gum Turpentine to 1 part Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO)...I found mine at Home Depot but should be able to find anywhere...good luck but wanted to share...Do only in a well ventilated area... Bill
  8. Both kg2s and kg1s seem to have that Klipsch Family sound...good luck with your search Bill
  9. sorry to read this...fond memories talking Klipschorns and classical music with him on this Forum as well as at some of the Pilgrimages...RIP Larry Bill
  10. Very nice. I believe the L in your serial number means 1973. WR might mean Walnut Raw for the original finish. I believe value might be $4-600.00 but I haven’t kept up in selling prices (not asking prices cuz those are crazier) if recent times good luck Bill
  11. less than 2 weeks from drop off at FedEx to delivery back to my house...my wallet is about $150 lighter but I don't think I could find a BluRay player as nice as my Oppo BDP-83 for that...tip of the cap to Oppo Bill
  12. yes...I have 2 OPPO BDP-83s...both about the same age but one is going back to CA for the second time in 6 and a half years but admittedly it was my fault pulling on that drawer... Bill
  13. thanks...that would have worked had I not pulled the drawer out over the plastic gearing...tech support said for my issue the BDP-83 must come in for the repair... Bill
  14. well I sent an email (on a Sunday) to the service email address listed for Oppo...I fully expected to get a non deliverable or similar response since I thought Oppo was out of the USA entirely (at least for DVD/Blu-Ray)...to my surprise I received a response and information to send my Oppo back for service...I'll have to pay the flat rate repair service ($99) but they should be able to get my BDP-83 up and running again... I appreciate the responses here too as I am sure I'll be wanting something newer soon enough but the repair will buy me some time yet... Bill
  15. any recommendations for a Blu-Ray player that is at the lower price point but still quality???...I'd like it to have connections so I can play the newest DTS and Dolby formats... I haven't bought a Blu-Ray player since I purchased my Oppo BDP-83 and Friday I ham handed the front drawer...I plan to find some repair place to fix what I did to the front drawer (nothing plastic broken but I forced the drawer open over the plastic gears and can't seem to get it back to normal with my skill set ... thanks for any input you care to share... Bill
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