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  1. silversport

    Forte ll in Warrenville, Il

    ...$390 Bill
  2. silversport

    Forte ll in Warrenville, Il

    I knew they wouldn't last long at that price...must have been bought sight unseen as she had told me they wouldn't be available until after work hours tonight...congrats as well to new owner hope they post on the Forum with pics Bill
  3. silversport

    Forte ll in Warrenville, Il

    no affiliation...good luck
  4. silversport

    Heresy troubleshooting

    I believe Dr Bill’s recipe is what Klipsch used but use what you like, your results may vary... Bill
  5. silversport

    Heresy troubleshooting

    Dr. Bill's (not me) recipe': *remember fire hazard* BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) heats up as it dries so any rags and whatnot should be thoroughly washed with water and soap and disposed of safely...preferrably outside... the Drs. recipe' IIRC: 3 parts Gum Turpentine to 1 part BLO...I found mine at Home Depot but should be able to find anywhere...good luck but wanted to share...Do only in a well ventilated area... Bill
  6. silversport

    Heresy III are here!!

    your take is interesting since I mentioned anyone can get the "secret" phone number proving there is no conspiracy and the black helicopter comment should further prove I was poking fun at it (unless Klipsch has taken to buying any black helicopters)...but whatever makes your world go 'round Bill
  7. silversport

    Heresy III are here!!

    except that everyone who wants to can know his number... the black helicopters are warming up on the tarmac... Bill
  8. silversport

    Long thread about HIIIs deleted. What is going on?

    to give you a good idea of how unobtrusive you are...I never knew you were a moderator until reading this...I just always liked your sense of fairness and evenhandedness... Thanks, Bill
  9. silversport

    Academy with Heresy or go phantom?

    just my 2 cents but I have tried an Academy, a "popbumper'd" Academy, KLF-C7, KLF-C7 with Crites titanium tweeter modification and Heresy between my Heresy Mains and by far my Heresy (with Crites CT-125 tweeter in place of the K-77) and my Heresy Mains also have the CT-125 tweeters as well as new crossovers (well, new 10 years or so ago now) and nothing else I have tried has been better... That said I did mention what I've tried...and I've also tried RB-5s and Quartets as Mains... next was my KLF-C7 but honestly the difference in the KLF-C7 and the Academy was pretty close and at the time everyone wanted the world for Academys so... If yours are Heresy lls you can use the titanium tweeter mod but if they are Heresy ls you won't be able to use the titanium tweeter mod... Good luck with your choice...I really think you can't go wrong with any of your choices and I think you will like your Heresy home theater... Bill
  10. silversport

    Long thread about HIIIs deleted. What is going on?

    you've been around here long enough to know that isn't the case... Bill
  11. someone is getting a very nice set of speakers!...congrats to the new owner and the seller... Bill
  12. I wish you were closer too butI should be selling some rather than buying any and 8-9 hours...good luck with your sale Bill
  13. silversport

    Heresy III are here!!

    me too...and the pie slice logos too! Bill
  14. silversport

    '77 Cornwalls $700, Milwaukee

    I think he has shown both Brookfield and New Berlin in other ads... Bill
  15. silversport

    Heresy III are here!!

    nice...enjoy the listening weekend! Bill