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  1. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    My TAD 4001's the drivers are humongous.You just can't believe the weight and density of these 30 lb beasts.I've seen the JBL 2441 the 4001 is taller designed by the same man.Can't wait to put this together with my set of Westlake SM1 & RH3 horns.
  2. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    Well i have decided to go another route as far as mid-high frequency horns ,The cost to acquire the K402/K510 is prohibitive.My guess is klipsch doesn't want them for DIY speaker builders @$3660 for PA Audo Drivers that's prohibitive . I can have custom horns made in the TAD configuration fitting the TD4001 which are beautiful and the speakers will look like TAD'S overall This image has them as a 4 way with the TAD ET703 Supertweeter .The height would be 75" tall vs 87" they would fit anywhere in my room.I can also not use. the ET703 for a 3 way height is 69".Overall i'll be better off as far as room placement and i'll be happy.
  3. WTB K402 K510 horns

    Looking for one pair of each K402,K510 Reply to fast996@juno.com
  4. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    Regarding my question on the TD4001 and it's fitment I found this thread...... Hi , I thought Tad used a 1 15/16" throat with different bolt-spacings to a 2" driver . Isn't the JBL horn a 2" device ? It is 1 and 15/16" Vs. 2 inches for the throat connection. But when I attatched them onto my jbl 2360A horns they bolted right up with no problems.
  5. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    Coytee , Since your very familiar with putting the Tad drivers on the K402 What if any modifications are there to be made on the K402 to fit the TD4001 the 4001 is 1.9375 vs 2.00 inch.
  6. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    Thanks Coytee . How much are the K69 & K1133 worth new ? I would sell them in the hopes of recovering partial costs.Hopefully there is a market for them. My guess $300 to $500 each is that close?
  7. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    I talked to the head of the acoustical division at Materion today.He couldn't tell me anytime soon that they would be producing Be Diaphragms for the TAD 4000 Series.They were in the planning stages my guess 1-2 years. 2018-2019If they went into production cost to the end user would be 600-700 each. There had to be sufficient demand.Radian was an OEM of there's in there Be line.So the wait is looking longer for a Be replacement.I recently purchased 4 each of the TD-4001 for $1350 w/o diaphragms and will use the AL diaphragms from radian @$290.00 ea . 1st i'll see if i like the sound the 4001's are a beast at 28 lbs each . If not I will wait for the Truextent replacement or buy original Tad's $5000 ouch. I'll sell the Klipsch drivers then install the 4001's. Lrg_Replacement_Diaphragms_BeX40T08_16_Prelim.pdf
  8. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    I have called ACE and Panacea and both quote the K402 and K510 with drivers and I would like to purchase the horns separately. If anybody has done this please message me...thanks Roger
  9. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    I'm not a high volume guy and can set the system up so that it doesn't take very loud levels to optimize the system. I am starting to research different driver options like BMS,Radian and others. Btw these 3415's will do 600 seats.
  10. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    What would you recommend as a crossover for a 3-way passive or active .The 3 way is what i am going after as my room is large. 30 x 45 the total open space is 1400 sq ft.
  11. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    Right now the plan is a 3 way. No doubt these will rock when finished.
  12. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    When you buy the K402 & K510 horns with the Klipsch drivers are they 1 1/2" or 2" ? As far as I know both horns are 2" throat is that correct? The future drivers will be TAD 4002 on both horns 16 ohm and 2". In the picture with the Klipsch drivers the HF horn is not the K510 but another horn . Does anyone know the number of that horn? thanks, Gary
  13. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    If the Klipsch horns are 2 inch then I'm fine. I would need some EQ,at least I think so,but I need to talk to the designer of the 3415. From what I've heard of the Tractrix horns they should sound very open and natural...I'm hoping for that.
  14. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    The passive network supports a 3 way setup as that was original with the TAD TSC 3415. The originals are no longer being made,so I think the Tractix horns would be a good fit. I would use the TAD drivers with the Klipsch horns provided they are 2 inch throats. With the network the bass can be directional which could give exceptional sound. The bass will go below 20 hz .
  15. Mating K402+K510 to TAD TSC3415 Bass Bin

    The TAD bass arrays arrived this week.