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  1. I no longer use high priced cables. I use to purchase NBS cables years ago and then realized there were other ways to accomplish a high level of audio reproduction. The audiophile cable world is nuts IMHO. To each there own though.
  2. Pretty basic you have THD ect and then you have "noise" which is EMI. Some spend thousands on cables and grounding boxes. Just use a good shielded mic cable like Gepco,mogami,gotham,belden and star ground the electrical system or use dedicated lines that are grounded correctly. Many recording studios set up their power systems where hundreds of feet of cable are extremely quiet. It does effect the system SQ.
  3. No joke Dean https://www.ranecommercial.com/legacy/note166.html#:~:text=He called this voltage “shield,and the two signal conductors.&text=He could easily produce that,constant with the power amplifier.
  4. Electro magnetic interference.....of course. Now my experience is with dynamic speakers and not horns which have lower distortion and it's not EMI. Electronic circuits produce EMI and shielded cables have EMI also. Can you reduce this EMI? A good grounding system can and it doesn't need to be high priced either.
  5. Making the speakers disappear is one level and the room disappearing is the next level. The speakers have to be really coherent and the power and the electronics must be at a level of almost no EMI distortion.
  6. Jubilees for less than 10K? I paid 4K for real nice AK5's......
  7. I gave up on the high end pricing a long time ago. I had a good friend that was a designer manufacturer back in the 1980's and early 1990. Sold me a pair of SS mono blocks that put out 1200 watts a piece and use a 25 amp circuit breaker. I paid $6000 for the pair. They sound and image probably the best I have ever heard from SS amps. The only thing that sounds better is a VAC 70/70 and my pair of VAC140's which I paid about 16K for in the 1990's....they use 8 300B's in PP configuration per side. Now expect to pay 10X the price....for anything close to being made today and such a amp is no longer made, If I by anything now I buy either tube McIntosh or older Accuphase and send it out to get refurbished. I have two P300 amps and 2 C200 preamps....beautiful stuff, Audio Classics has my C20 preamp which I supplied all the parts and will cost me about 4K when finished. Should be a wonderful tube preamp. YMMV
  8. Since I'm a San Francisco native and grew up in the Bill Graham era.."The San Francisco sound"..that's my favorite rock sound. I like Jazz especially Duke Ellington , Blues guitar ie Roy Buchanan,and Classical all kinds,even pipe organs.
  9. I have never seen this video. What a great piece of history. This video was filmed in June of 1989 and my Klipschorns were made in April 1989. Just wonderful to see all the employees that made my Klipschorms.
  10. I was talking to a tech about the AK3 crossover and he asked me about the T4A autoformer I was hoping a RKI here could help me with some answers....thanks. " I would need to know the inductance values of the autoformer to get a better idea since it is unclear if the autoformer is part of the filter or a simple attenuator?
  11. Always turn the preamp(CR16) on first with the volume turned all the way down and then turn the power amplifier on. Do the reverse when shutting the system down...amplifier off first,the CD player,the preamp off last.
  12. Fast996

    EdgarHorn Titans.

    Edgar mid bass horns https://youtu.be/6ml_074WqUw
  13. Hello Bob, I have a new to me pair of KB WO's too. I plan to put them in my bedroom,about 300sqft. Your space is 5600sqft. I think you asking a lot of your KB's, especially in the LF area. If I were you I would invest in a subwoofer and place between the KB's or wherever you have space. The sub is omnidirectional and in that large of space it should integrate easily. You can always sell it later if you want. Get a active sub with a built in crossover. If you run out of preamp outputs you can use a Niles switch. You will need some interconnect cables to finish the hookup from the signal to sub. I plan to upgrade my crossovers eventually...I would leave the drivers stock. Btw I have plenty of bass now in my downstairs HT....a 1400sqft space. Big spaces require lots of air to be moved to get the desired effect you are looking for. Good luck with your room. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303974382697?epid=7034597520&hash=item46c648fc69:g:hlEAAOSwysBghbea https://www.ebay.com/itm/265148473037?hash=item3dbc149ecd:g:ynsAAOSwMMdgkZb4 https://www.qsc.com/live-sound/products/loudspeakers/active-loudspeakers/ks-series-new/ks118/
  14. I would think that the approved caps are made by Texas Instruments and proprietary 250V Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor 5%....could be wrong but they look like it.
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