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  1. I've had speakers that went both ways. Putting Holand Musicaps in my La Scalas cleaned up a lot of sounds and did not make them too bright. I had an H700 from 1968 that did not need new caps. If your La Scalas sound big and forward, out in the room, not recessed or distant, the caps were good enough.
  2. At least he earned you! While I agree with Dean, if the electrolytics are parallel to the vwoofer, I don't use them. They need to be "reformed" after the sit and become delinquent.
  3. A light application of Elmer's and at most a small patch of cigarette paper is Al you need for that repair. OTOH, it probably isn't hurting anything as is.
  4. Bob's your uncle!!! Spend your money on new tubes and a tune-up/refurbishment of what you have.
  5. Have you built your room? If not, consider non-parallel walls. i built the room in the sketch in my basement in a previous house and the results were just excellent. Berber carpet on the floor and heavy, insulated curtains behind my La Scalas for a "dead" front wall. That end of the basement became a bedroom and Listening Room with a 100 degree wall between them. And no, the X was not allowed to speak in there. 😉 If you have to build false walls to get one or two walls angled, you can use that space for equipment and unclutter the room, especially between the speakers.
  6. Of those 2, Luxman. But, consider old Yamaha CR-x00, -x10 and -x20, Marantz from the 70s, 22xx, and Technics SA- with discrete output stages (500/50 watt and higher). Kenwood and Sansui made pretty nice gear, too, but I had Tuner/Integrateds by then, a KA-7100 and a KT-5500(?). I don't understand the nostalgia for Pioneer. It was junk in the '70s, carried by low end shops. Still looks like the Blose of electronics.
  7. Valentine 1 for sale. SN 1441641307. Not quite 3 years old. Excellent condition, comes with all boxes, manual and accessories, most never used. It was hardwired and used a mirror mount. $225 + $15 shipping.
  8. Sounds like a production change. The question (for E-V) is was it because of part availability/cost, or driver/sound quality. If you like the sound, replace in kind.
  9. Hi Chris, Why 1/4 wave and not 1/2 wave? The OEM drivers are rather flat from 200 to 2000 and then have a spikey plateau 6 dB above 200 to 2k band, from 3500 to 12k. I curved them out of the car. My first attempt with replacements has been good, but there is some oddness in tenor and Alto voices. I dont think they are fed any thing below ~300 Hz.
  10. Because it is part of a Blose audio system. The unknown, built-in EQ interferes with the test and dragging the gear out there to bypass the Blose, is not yet worth the effort.
  11. Perhaps a more practical answer is a Heresy I with a crossover modified to be as similar as practical to the Type AAs in your La Scalas. That is also the center I use, mounted above the TV. It often fools my GF into thinking the TV speakers are on.
  12. What does placing speakers in the corner of a car dash and bouncing the sound off the windshield do to frequency response? How can I calculate/estimate/guestimate the effect?
  13. I covered the edge plys with 3/4" x 3/4" cherry and stained to match. Makes a nice frame for the upper grille. i suggest lining the opening for the squawker horn with 3/4" heavy felt.
  14. I'll bet your Cornwalls are 1981s. If '82, they would be early '82. That tweeter is post '79. A K-55-V is generally pre-'82, though that was the transition year.
  15. Both, on different walls near mid-wall, and/or add another 15" sub to the HT system, again with at least 2, placed near mid-wall.
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