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  1. Dave recently built me a pair of tweeter horns. I think he will build for requests. I would like to know what the price for K-400 replacements would be.
  2. Found Klipsch speaker

    Yep, that's an HIP! Needs a bath. Except for the fuse, the bits on the rear input panel are connections to an amplifier, one is a 1/4" Jack and the other is for banana plugs, but is broken. There is only one? Do you want to sell it? Where is it?
  3. Sound proofing first floor

    You can hire an insulator to blow in shredded newsprint or maybe white cellulose. He will drill 2+ one inch holes between each stud and blow the stuff in. It is a very good heat insulator and does offer a little sound insulation, but by no means soundproof. I had this done to my garage. In that environment, the plugs are unobtrusive; in yours, you could reinstall the sheetrock plugs, mud and refinish. Did I ever tell you I HATE finishing sheetrock? Shredded newsprint creates dust. You might install a dropped ceiling with acoustic tiles and a fiberglass bat on top of that. It will reduce the physical connection to the studs and transmit less vibration. Ultimately, you will have to live with the sound transmission, or remove the ceiling and build another one that has no direct connection to the floor joists and then stuff the space with insulation, like fiberglass, to get close to soundproof. In my old house I had fiberglass between the floor joists and a suspended acoustic tile ceiling. She Who Squawked still carped about her china buzzing from bass sounds. I was threatened with violence if a piece broke.
  4. Building a New House

    I built this room in my basement. Actually, 2 rooms, the other side of the angled wall was a bedroom. This room sounded good and my system tested +/- 4dB from 16 Hz to 14kHz without any eq. Run a subwoofer cable to the location of each planned speaker except the ceiling speakers. Until you get to use the room, you won't know the best sub location. You may end up with several subs, too.
  5. Need some help

    Where are you? Perhaps a member is near enough to help.
  6. Taming the K 53 K.

    It looks to me like thee KP-250 is voiced like the HIP, very bright for outdoor use. The tweeter should be pretty hot, too. While you're in there, why don't you wrap the horns with Dynamat or equal. https://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=dynamat&index=blended&link_code=qs&sourceid=Mozilla-search&tag=wwwcanoniccom-20
  7. Beautiful! As to the sound, I'd recheck the crossover. There have been a few reports of the autoformer having loose windings or something and testing poorly. I think fad of replacing diaphragms is an unnecessary expense, particularly with the k-55s. You CAN improve your tweeter with a K-77-M. The improved magnet gets better vhf response and the revised diaphragm tolerates more power. A Fastrac tweeter horn on a B&C DE120 is a smooth, silky upgrade. It's mouth is flush with the cabinet, a further improvement. If you can find K-55-Vs with solder terminals, you can improve the squawker's response, esp. above 5k.
  8. fraid of hurtin em..

    I doubt you will damage them, but remember, the volume control is like the accelerator on a car. Your engine might have enough power to smoke the tires, but you can use the accelerator properly and prevent that. If you hear brittleness or extra harshness, turn it down until you don't.
  9. Found Klipsch speaker

    LOL! It is a "professional" or PA speaker based on the Heresy. HIP means Heresy Industrial/Professional". AGC 2.5 is the fuse size. They are very good sounding, especially outdoors, but a little bright indoors because of reflections off the floor and walls. It should have a slot at the bottom that is a port, just like many other home speakers.
  10. Boston A-40s? Actually pretty nice sounding. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Boston-Acoustics-A40-Series-II-Speakers-Good/232667304049?hash=item362c0d5071:g:VjgAAOSwrbtah2rV
  11. These may have to be modded to accept a Heresy. They will accept a kg2. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/full-range-speaker-kits/fostex-bk-16-angle-stand-each/
  12. Mounting requirements for in-ceiling speakers

    Our sheetrock/dry wall is usually 13mm or 16mm thick, but in imperial dimensions. The 16mm/5/8" is more commonly used in ceilings to prevent sag. I've never seen it called a Jab Saw before. Sheetrock knife, usually, but this is what you need, in addition to a pencil line to cut along and placement near ceiling joists (beams) for support. The thin blade makes sawing without other damage easy.
  13. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    Sigh. Sacrilege. Heresy.
  14. University MID-T - for a 1954 Klipschorn?

    Mine, with horn. it is 2.5" od.