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  1. JohnA

    Denon and Klipsch does not seem too loud

    The volume setting is just a relative number, I.e. 60 is louder than 50. Turn it up, but no audible distortion.
  2. JohnA

    K-55-V is this a dual phase plug?

    If it's a K-55-V and was made near 1980. Should have a date code somewhere.
  3. JohnA

    LaScala woes

    No, that's original Type AL.
  4. JohnA

    La Scala I updates

    Though it exists, under extreme loudness, the rumour of the La Scala's bass horn resonance is mostly imaginary. The correct solution is bracing, but they don't need that at sane listening levels. Mine have a 3/4 x 3/4 solid cherry strip on the front edge to frame the upper grilles an cover the ply edges. I vote #1 for WAF.
  5. JohnA

    9k Hz

    The Atlas PD5-VH also shows the 9k bounce in its plane wave tube response. Putting it on a horn like a K-400 that has some HF gain would exaggerate it. So, I'm sure the K-55-X also has it. Depending on the design, the AK4 xover would knock it down quite a bit. If it is a 2nd order slope, the bounce should be down at least 20 dB. Nothing I have on K-77s shows a peak anywhere near 9k. I'm sure the K-77-? Is not part of the problem. Schu, I would not place any faith in results obtained by a tablet or when using music as a source. Your AL4 xovers should tame the squawkers bounce well.
  6. JohnA

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    All drivers have a travel limit (Xmax). All drivers need more travel as frequency drops (and it increases at the rate of 12 dB/octave) to maintain output. In this case, the driver hits its travel limit about 40 Hz and due to the box tuning, it only takes 10 watts to hit Xmax at 40 Hz. I think it takes 2 watts at 35 Hz. Now, that's no problem if you turn on a 40 Hz high-pass that is at least -12 dB/octave. -12 dB/octave will cut the power below the filter "knee" as fast as the cone travel increases preventing damage. One of the graphs in Jason's link shows the max allowable power per frequency, based on cone travel. Xmax is the max travel allowed in one direction. Twice Xmax is the total travel out to in.
  7. JohnA

    How Much Do Your Neighbors Love Klipsch?

    LOL! After a couple too many ginger ale and Gentleman Jacks, I *thought* I heard somebody roaring "Hey!" Not sure, the music was too loud!
  8. JohnA

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Looks like a good choice except that it is limited to 10 watts at 40 Hz. Need to use a good filter at 40 Hz.
  9. JohnA

    La Scala for PA use.

    Harvey, the lead guitarist for Stone The Crows, was electrocuted indoors when he touched a mic. No weather involved. An aside, the STC bassist was the excellent James Dewar, famous as the voice and bassist of the Robin Trower Band.
  10. JohnA

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    Dual woofers are easy, double everything.
  11. JohnA

    DIY bass bins - dual 12" woofers

    https://www.parts-express.com/bassbox-lite-software-cd-rom--500-921 https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-designer-speaker-box-design-software--500-945 😉
  12. Here's what I'd do. La Scalas in all 4 corners, protected from drinks and dishes, at least 4 KP-250s or equal hung from the ceiling around the room aimed and the dancers' heads, not sure about the subs, but 4 total, and an excessive amount of power for no chance of clipping (400+/La Scala, 200+/KP-250, ~1000/sub). I'd take my precious McIntosh gear home along with the Cornwalls and Chorus as soon as I could. Consider putting K-43 or equal woofers in the La Scalas to make them more resistant to the now fashionable mic drop, etc. Mackie VLZ mixers and Crown XLS amps are very good choices. A dbx Driverack PA2 with calibration mic will handle your sub crossover, eq and feedback control. That setup will be easy to use. I have a similar setup I use for DJ and small band sound support. I wish I'd found the PA2 before I bought just a simple dbx crossover. Beware of Beheringer, it is too cheaply made. I had a crossover that only worked with a 10 lb weight sitting on it.
  13. JohnA

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    Amazon is full of small tube and tube hybrid amps from China. most don't have enough inputs or tone controls, but a good search might turn up a nice one with good features.
  14. JohnA

    9k Hz

    Schu, which xover are you running? Which squawkers? The 9 kHz bounce is shown in this graph. Both K-55s have it at about -8 dB. There are a couple of solutions, depending.
  15. JohnA

    Klipsch Heresy 2 Info

    NOS? WOW!