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  1. I've seen a pic of those speakers somewhere. The look is exquisite. Comments from Mr. Timbers sound familiar. Thanks Mike!
  2. I'd get the Cornwalls and skip the subwoofer. There is very little music below 40 Hz. Spend that money on electronics. You would need at least 2 of those subwoofers with the HIIIs and perhaps 4 with the Cornwalls to keep up. You probably should look at the 3000 series.
  3. Yes. No. No. Sorry for your troubles. God bless and keep you!
  4. I have an 80.1 bought retail. $350 hurts my feelings.
  5. The undeniably best rear speakers for La Scalas are, .... La Scalas. Four of 'em were GREAT. Next best would be Heresies for surrounds and center. I have and would recommend you mod the Heresy Center to have a similar crossover to your La Scalas. That crossover mod wouldn't hurt in the surrounds, but isn't necessary.
  6. "......Record of a band that plays the blues, a band that plays the blues. She just love my ...15... inch Record of her favorite blues!"
  7. (You know, I'm laughing so hard I can't drink my coffee!)
  8. Well, you could always coat the zip ties with dielectric grease.
  9. May I suggest you look at B&C drivers? They are made in Italy and should be easier for you to get. Especially look at the DE500 and DE550. In the U.S. they cost about the same as a PD-5VH does here and the curves look to be easy to mate with other drivers/speakers.
  10. But, but, but, you HAVE to lift your speaker cables off the floor to keep the 'lectrons in! Shouldn't the same apply to your caps?!?! Don't say the zip tie is a tourniquet preventing end bleed. I don't believe it. 😈
  11. JohnA

    North GA Heresies

    4 Klipsch, one pic of a Heresy. https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Gainesville/30506/2409738
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