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  1. i believe you can get proper replacement gaskets at critesspeakers.com.
  2. Did/does Klipsch make a reasonable center channel match for Heresies? Academy?
  3. That sounds like amplifier clipping. However, open the back and check/clean the connections to the crossover and drivers. If that doesn't change anything, swap speakers from one channel to the other. If that doesn't change anything, swap squawkers from one speaker to the other. If that doesn't change the sound, the problem in in the crossover.
  4. You've got my speakers. They were sold on the Nashville Craigslist and my brother picked them up for me. I bought them to be used at events at my church. That surely means "Audio Systems" was the one on 23rd Ave N in Nashville, TN.
  5. I would say there will be an upgrade kit for the IIIs before long. The changes are limited enough to be easy.
  6. Yeah. Cool. He has a point, but maybe overstated. I'm unsure of the effect all that has on tube amps, but its a lesser problem with solid state. A SS amp *simulates* a voltage source at most power levels. That is, it boosts input voltage by x and supplies whatever current the speaker *draws* at the voltage applied to it. It is a valid speaker design technique to use a lower impedance driver to make up for a little lower sensitivity. Early Cornwalls are an example; the 4 ohm woofer *draws* extra power so it can keep up with the squawker and tweeter. A practical speaker design has limits on this trick and I'd say Heresy 1s push that limit with about 128 ohms in the midrange. In its case the higher impedance in the midrange *draws* (impedes current flow) less current (and power) so the 107 dB squawker is not too loud.
  7. JohnA


    It won't hurt. It might help. Unless you like AC/DC at full concert volume, it isn't necessary. I wouldn't bother, I would live with the Yamaha, or upgrade to a better unit ($$$$). Generally, you'll get the best sound and greater flexibility with all separates. You need to double your power rating to hear a small, noticeable difference in volume; 200 wpc. Ten times the power will be a big, obvious difference in volume; 1000 wpc. Better quality amps usually have higher damping factors and that extra control of the woofer will be noticeable. Other details and delicacies in the music are a function of the amp's build quality and design and a much harder thing to quantify. Again, $$$$.
  8. Watco Danish Oil will give a nice color and light protection. Follow that with a coat of Boiled Linseed oil in a few days. After 3 or 4 days rub that lightly with fine steel wool for a satin finish.
  9. Bonjour! Just about your only option is a Crites CW1228 Woofer. I am pretty sure the K-31 has been discontinued. https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html You can also try eBay.com. Traduction par Google. À peu près votre seule option est un woofer Crites CW1228. Je suis presque sûr que le K-31 a été abandonné. https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html Vous pouvez également essayer eBay.com.
  10. Originally that statement was applied only to a Klipschorn. Since a La Scala can hardly get below 50 Hz, less low end would not be noticed.
  11. In a 1000 sq ft (y'all still use sq ft?) you should only need 2 or 3 Heresies. In such a random environment, stereo will not be useful. Imagine each speaker is a flood light and "light" the space as evenly as reasonable. A local Chattanooga restaurant with a retro flavour has vintage audio gear behind the bar, including an open reel deck with 10.5" reels turning. Enthralled, I went to look. There was no tape and no signal in the VU meters. I was disappointed, but the look was perfect!
  12. You have the best drum reproduction speaker available!
  13. You said, "they". Do you have 2 Shorthorn Model Ts? I was once looking for a Shorthorn Model S, because Model Ts were/are unobtanium. The last time I saw a Model S sell it went over $400. I'm sure you ought to get that and possibly $600.
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