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  1. No help from Klipsch!

    Come on Mike, you bought a sub from Walmart that was setup by someone else, not using its wireless capability and then you blame Klipsch for you or the tech losing the wireless adapter? Get real. You need to find the tech and find your adapter.
  2. K-55X Drivers

    That's what I'd do. The worst case would be new diaphragm kits. Use a small iron, 15 watts?, tin the leads, wet the tip with solder and make the connection as quick as you can.
  3. No. Originally E-V was it own company but was combined with others maybe in the 70s.
  4. For what you are wanting, an adjustable 16 ohm L-pad would be soooo much easier.
  5. 36VDC x 4.5A = 162 watts input from the power supply. That's the max power the thing can put out, both channels. Then, 90% efficiency = 146 watts, or 73 wpc. Enough, but I dislike PE's deceptive specsmanship.
  6. Klipschorns in Chattanooga

    Price dropped $1500! Arrg!!!!
  7. http://hornplans.free.fr/eliminator.html Pair of E-V Eliminators. Uses EVM-15L, Probably could use JBL 2226H, Klipsch K-43, K-33.
  8. Good Radio Station, on the web

    KUVO is good! Sounds good on my laptop and they're on Vtuner, too!
  9. I am familiar with the Kentucky Amish around Munfordville and Elizabethtown. http://amishamerica.com/amish-kentucky/ http://deerruncabins.com/ Pretty sure they don't run their own web sites.
  10. Banana Plug Connection

    Thread from the Dead!
  11. Value of speakers

    WOW! What a Restaurant! BTW, that Belle Klipsch is the 63rd ever made.
  12. Heresy HIP w/Glass

    Fiberglass. That is a 1st gen HIP. must be over 50 pounds with the 'glass covering.

    Replacing caps is sufficient.