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  1. JohnA

    Klipschorn 2-way driver choice

    K-691s on Ebay right now.
  2. JohnA

    Preliminary test of MBM

    I'm don't understand a thing Derrick said. So first, what is an MBM? mid bass?
  3. JohnA

    AA XOVER La Scala

    If you are handy with a screw driver, you ought to be able to set another pair of terminals on the board for the woofer and add removable jumpers to the original input terminals.
  4. JohnA

    H700 Bought

    LOL! well right now I have them each sitting on a a box of Federal 9mm, similar to your wedges. Works, but there is a more attractive alternative.
  5. JohnA

    Capacitor Replacement

    I have been eyeing those caps, too. Seems like a pretty good price, especially if you add on the precision matching. But, why do you need paper, Mylar AND oil? I guess I'll hold off since the caps in my H700 are running well. Looks like your avatar fits!!!!! 😁
  6. JohnA


    Of course! But you won't do it with a $400 HT receiver. BTW, it is unwise to assume Home theater components are somehow sonically inferior. it would be impossible to have good sounding movies without also having good sounding music. After all, what is the major part of a movie soundtrack?
  7. JohnA

    HELP! Frankenstein Heresy HWL woes

    Of all of the Heresies I've seen, all have had K-22s if they were mounted to the rear of the motorboard, notwithstanding the codex statement. There was a transition period after 1982 when the Heresy got the K-53 used in HIIs, so we have called those H1.5s. Strictly a Forum designation. Perhaps the change to HII came late into the year 1985, after yours, making the Codex still true.
  8. I have been a vocal proponent of updating capacitors (and some other mods) since I got my La Scalas in 1999. I usually say listen first, and replacing the original caps can't hurt, but perhaps not persuasively enough. I have at least found an exception. Maybe 15 years ago I bought a pristine H-WL-12 H700 made in 1967 to use as a center rear channel in my home theater. Good components, but it sounded pretty muffled, awful. New caps cured it. Last month I bought another H700 (H-HR-12) from 1968, with all of the same components, especially the cast frame SP-12B K-22. It seems to have come from an estate sale. Perhaps it was used regularly (speculation from the seller's statement it came from a working environment) because it sounds virtually identical to my '67 with newer film and foil caps. I haven't yet checked, but I believe I reversed the polarity of the squawker and tweeter in the '67 possibly accounting for a *hint* of extra brightness from the '68. It is not dull or muffled at all and it has the original Type C xover, unmodified. Bottom Line: Be prepared to change your old caps, but listen carefully for a while. You might save yourself some effort and money. Listening to Sting and Boney James, just excellent!
  9. JohnA

    Klipsch to update La Scala

    I don't want no stinkin' Hardley! Stuck in 1948. Mr Paul regularly updated the Heritage line.
  10. JohnA

    HELP! Frankenstein Heresy HWL woes

    K-22s are correct for 1985. Those are not Heresy IIs.
  11. JohnA

    Phase plug

    Phase plugs http://education.lenardaudio.com/en/07_horns_2.html
  12. I don't really see anything in the pic. The paper ring is a gasket. It's cosmetic unless the woofer is mounted from the rear. Put glue under it, even Elmer's, without getting carried away and let it sit magnet up overnight. It That should be good.
  13. JohnA

    K 500-5000 crossover help, please.

    Funny, on my own I added an L-3 inductor to my Type AAs. My center channel Heresy is similar and essentially a Type HIE, now, with an added L-3 and a K-22 from an H700 (SP-12B)