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  1. I did just that. Had a pair of HBRs veneered with mahogany for my rears.
  2. JohnA

    What I Got Today!

    So, YOU got 'em!!!!!!!!!!! 👍
  3. We need pictures to be of more than conversational help. And the Tech/Mods Forum will likely give better answers. What is a summing network? A Belle Klipsch for center channel use would not be any different from any other Belle Klipsch, ordinarily. A 2005 Belle should have a Type AB-4 crossover, or thereabouts.
  4. No, not accurate. In a TypeA/AA, the impedance is twice as high before the autoformer as the driver, resulting in a cap that is half as large.
  5. Wow!!! It should also sound rather nice with the Altec 802 driver.
  6. Listen before changing anything. In and of itself, titanium is not necessarily an improvement. I have a '67 H700 that needed the capacitors replaced and a '68 H700 that didn't. I have 2 post 1979 HIPs that also are happily running their original paper and foil in oil caps, so don't just blow money for fashion.
  7. If you have the swamping resistor, you should not have to change anything. If the squawker efficiency is waay less (unlikely) we might have to recalculate the squawker band-pass components. The beauty of Al's swamping resistor is that large increases in "apparent" impedance have less effect on the crossover. 1/10 ohms + 1/30 ohms = 1/i, i = 7.5 ohms 1/10 + 1/60 = 1/i, i= 8.5 ohms. But 1/10 + 1/10 = 5 ohms
  8. The 8 ohm impedance will require crossover mods, but will give you a nicer system impedance curve.
  9. "Sound good" is pretty subjective. Because of the different path !lengths of the tweeter and squawker, some distance is required to get the sound to be optimum. Or you can move the tweeter to the top rear of the top hat. Either way, I'm sure they will sound great. I was first bitten by Klipschorns at Audio Systems in Nashville and they could not have been more than 14' apart.
  10. If you are feeling snake-bit about Denon, I'd recommend an Integra. Something like a DRX-4.2, or the nearest 4k switching receiver to it. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdrx42/integra-drx-4.2-9.2-ch-x-100-watts-thx-a/v-receiver/1.html The sky is the limit! https://www.worldwidestereo.com/blogs/wws-underground/entries/best-home-theater-receivers-2019
  11. I kinda knew that. I hadn't remembered it was 5 years or done the math. It has been such a toaster, I just use it and forget about it.
  12. So, upgrading to 16.04 did it and eliminated the Dell "updates" that broke it in the first place. Not satisfied, I continued to 18.04 and wow! THAT is a big Change. No more menu bars. No more Unity, that I did not like but had become accustomed to. Spent all last night on upgrades and this evening on sizing fonts and icons and settings so its easier to use. 1910 x 1080 on a 13" screen gives minute fonts my readers can't clarify! It seems just as snappy and so far everything works but MacSlow's Cairo Clock. :-/
  13. I wasn't aware support had ended already.
  14. REALLY nice job! the bass is correct, but he needs to cut the high some. NO! Super Good!!
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