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  1. That's what I'd do. At least use the $/hr you get at your day job. Another angle would be the price of the closest commercial product, new, since you likely have a replacement cost policy.
  2. No, unless it is a 4 channel amp or you run monitors on Ch A and La Scalas on Ch B. All in Mono. La Scalas need about 200 watts each. You could start with a Crown XLS1000/1002 and add additional ones as your system grows. They are light and sound good. Look at used versions on Reverb or at Guitar Center. Your monitors could be powered by a smaller amp, since they would be closer to you. You need an EQ unit at least for the house. https://dbxpro.com/en/products/215s A Driverack PA2 will auto eq (faster) and adds feedback control and the possibility of adding a subwoofer(s) with the built-in crossover. https://dbxpro.com/en/products/driverack-pa2 There are cheaper versions out there, but I have had trouble from Beheringer, a crossover unit I bought only works with a 10 lb weight on top.
  3. This is in the area of a lot of NASCAR shops/families. And about 5 miles from Dr. McCoy's birthplace.
  4. https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017 Klipschorns, Belle Klipsch, La Scalas, some good electronics.
  5. Per Dickason's "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" Acousta-stuf is the best cabinet fill for the speakers that are designed to have it. Not all are. https://www.parts-express.com/acousta-stuf-polyfill-1-lb-bag-speaker-cabinet-sound-damping-material--260-317 It has a lobed fiber that reduces its density. And second best was polyester fiberfil meant for pillows. Its fibers (I think) are crinkled to reduce density. Can't tell from here, but you must have a superstore that carries that sort of thing.
  6. Look on the forum for La Scala drawings. There is an accurate set floating around. A Belle Klipsch is functionally the same, but used a smaller squawker horn because it has less depth than a La Scala. La Scala was built to be compact and material efficient. That limits the bass horn length, limiting the fc of the horn. Since you dont need to make a profit, look at a deeper, trapezoidal section in plan, keeping same flare rate. If you can get down to 40 Hz, in room, you will have most music nailed (low E1 on a bass is 41 Hz, D1, ala Fallout Boy is 37 Hz). Firing a port into a horn works, but the horn still should be long enough. Get a copy of HornResp or similar to model your designs.
  7. Try the subs you have. Put them about in the middle of the side walls in your listening area. See how you like that. Multiple subwoofers give more even bass in the room and reduce distortion at any sound level because each sub is not pushed as hard. Two R-115s will not be "too much" unless it is too expensive. I run 4 in a 17' x 15' room. http://pointillistic.com/vmps-audio/subwoofers.htm.
  8. Determine the type of plastic first. They look like ABS to me. It patches well. Stop drill each end first, too.
  9. I have noticed that Sony X1100 and $600 is fine, but I wouldn't want to pay much more. The question is, how good is it? I'm a little spoiled with my Denon. Amazon reviews show some issues with the Sony. Apparently Denon hasn't made disc players in years. Oppo has quit making players. And I'm not in the mood for personal R&D.
  10. I'm looking for a new, good UDP. Excellent DVD-Audio performance is paramount and up-converting DVD video to 1080p is next in importance. I have an excellent Denon UDP, but it doesn't do blu-ray. I have a Sony blu-ray that is poor with DVD and can't play DVD-Audio. Getting the best from both is awkward and I'm just about the only person that can make it work. One good player would be easier and I can add 4k. I have been unsatisfied with my searches. What do you have that you recommend?
  11. If I understand you, Angel, you have 3 subwoofers, now. I recommend you try them near, but not exactly, the center of each side wall and the center of the front wall. Avoid the corners, you will get more even response mid-wall. For more info search the forums for a research paper on "multiple subs".
  12. The smooth radii will cut some noise, but other than that, prolly not much.
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