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  1. I know this is not the right place to discuss this but what are you driving them with @grasshopper.
  2. I keep being tempted to buy a pair of these at this crazy price, although I’ve never even heard any. Cheaper than a used pair.
  3. Saturday kick. Now with upgraded alk super AA crossovers installed.
  4. Saturday bump
  5. Very clean pair of Walnut Belles 1985, k55m with newly installed ALK super AA crossovers installed. These are in excellent shape, the few normal bumps here and there mostly on the risers. No water stains deep scratches and would clean up even better. Just moved them to this spot and driving them with a small el84 integrated they sound really nice. These are in Chattanooga Tn 37343, and can be demoed here. help with delivery within a 100 miles can be arranged. $3000
  6. Rare CWD models.
  7. Toothpicks broken off will do pretty good without the filler.
  8. Last bump before I store them away.
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