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  1. Madman1

    Chorus in VA

    If you list them for $1500, being walnut and good condition,, they’ll be gone!
  2. Madman1

    Heresy I

    Seems fishy, idk tho.
  3. Oliver Sayes 45 amp in walnut base. Only had a short time, great with Lascala, Khorn Altec and or bi-amping . I’m in Chattanooga Tn and I’m willing to meet someone in any of the 4 major cities within 2 hours from me. It can be demoed here and sounds incredible with a pair of zu speakers I have. I have the packaging that Oliver shipped it to me in. This is designed to use a preamp but my buddy recently tried it on his Altec 605 without a pre and say that it was the best amp he’s ever tried including his 2a3 monoblocks. I also used it driven by a node and got sufficient volume for the zu in my large open living space. This isn’t Oliver’s basic build it’s all premium parts. Below is the description from Oliver. The details, it’s a single ended 45 amplifier with 6n7 driver and 80 rectifier with ~1.7v input sensitivity for ~1.5 watt output. Parts are finemet core output/choke transformer, film power supply/cathode bypass caps, copper foil/paper/oil coupling capactors, carbon composite resistors, Teflon sockets, $2000 plus shipping
  4. I have a Scott 299b partially restored, got it out the other day thinking I might list it for sale. After a warmup from sitting unused for about 2 years I remembered why I love el84 amps. I don’t have an opinion on the fisher as I’ve never owned one and have only heard them a few times. As others have said you really can’t go wrong with either of they’ve been properly serviced or better yet restored. Can you take your speakers and go have a listen to them both?
  5. Wow, that’s terribly discouraging. Seems all the guys at the haven that have had amps built by him were very happy.
  6. Wow! Really? He’s built an amp for me that I’ll be taking delivery on in the next few weeks. I’ve talked with him several times and although he can be slow to respond sometimes he’s been very nice and helpful in helping me decide which direction to go.
  7. Anybody using a 45 tube amp to drive chorus ii or the likes? I know people have used them on Lascala, Khorn and horn loaded that are more efficient, but I’m not sure about more “traditional” speakers. Concerned that the flea wattage will not be sufficient enough and I don’t want to deal with bi-amp and active crossovers.
  8. Chorus ii with some slight mods and running off tubes. I’d say if I was going to buy new it’d be forte iv for footprint size or Cornwall iv if the footprint could be stretched.
  9. Seem to be stacking up deaths of mostly younger men, I mean too young to be dying out of the blue. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but dang it this is coincidental!
  10. I have a set of volti horns but they definitely will not fit in Cornwall cabinets. I think with a little modding the fastlane’s will be awesome.
  11. Does anybody know if Dave’s fastlane 400 horns would fit in Cornwall cabinets? Obviously I’d have to cut the motorboards, wondering about the depth, height and width.
  12. Does the room have any acoustic treatment? One of the best investments you can make. This may not be your current issue, but you’ll never hear your speakers properly without wall treatments. Easy experiment is hanging moving blankets(harbor freight) on the walls and especially over that bay window.
  13. @geoff. can you expound on this. So, you could build a crossover for Chorus ii based around the T2a instead of T5a? Would doing this cause you to reuse the pcb or would you build it on a breadboard without the pcb? I recapped my Chorus ii a few years ago, but I didn’t go crazy with boutique caps and I just went back electrolytic on the woofer, they sound great, but curiosity still looms. Thanks, Mark
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