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  1. Toothpicks broken off will do pretty good without the filler.
  2. Last bump before I store them away.
  3. T2a and T9a are interchangeable?... crap! Just reread your post and looked at my ab, they have a t2a not t9a.
  4. I thought the belle sounded horrible with ab crossovers , be looking to change those when you can.
  5. Mike, help me overcome my ignorance. What does the inductor on the woofer do to cut off the woofer and why do some crossovers also have a cap and others don’t?
  6. What is this clarion 5.25 and what adapter did you use to mount the clarion to the horn? Stock (rebuilt) chorus crossovers?
  7. @mopardaveWhat’s the status of your build? Any pics you can share?
  8. Following your build Mike, can you or someone explain how the 2.5mh inductor on the woofer works and why on some builds the woofer has a capacitor and on some builds just the inductor? Thanks, Mark
  9. These are worth 10 times my asking price😆Seriously tho, people are paying big money for the higher bias ones.
  10. Sold for 2k, pretty good deal for somebody.
  11. Pile of sealed blank cassette tapes. Most are type I, except for 6 type ii. Shipped to you for $100 obo. I like trades too and I’m looking for a set of AA crossovers or alk universal, obviously not expecting even trade.
  12. All of those questions are yet to be answered, lol. Right now, it’s in a 3-way configuration. I have 510 and K55v on hand which is why I posed the question. Maybe there is a better horn to use with the 55 without an adapter like one of the zxpc horns, or maybe 511b. I know there is a lot to gain from going active but it also has quite the learning curve that I’m not sure I’m ready for just yet.
  13. Well, I was trying to avoid going down the active crossover path and as for as I know that will be a must once I use a 2” driver.
  14. Thanks Bruce, Do you think mounting a k55v on a 510 horn is a wasted venture?
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