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  1. If area code means anything he’s in Alabama.
  2. No gasket material, at least not original. I’ve always added a strip of foam just because, not sure if it makes any difference. You know I’ve never replaced capacitors in Hersey’s and some people would say that they don’t need to be changed because they’re oil filled. I always change the electrolytic capacitors in the Heresy ii.
  3. I don’t think we can go by an ad still being up to tell if something is still available. Maybe the seller is lying to me when he told me they have SOLD.
  4. Ok, my very limited understanding is that the tapehead is used for maybe a reel 2 reel without a pre-amplified signal, and the tape is for an amplified signal or line stage level..that’s probably no a very accurate technical description. I’m sure some else could answer this better.
  5. This is a really clean Dynaco sca-35, it has had the Dave Gillespie efb modifications done which make it much more stable and puts out a few more watts of power also has st-35 output boards in it. Tone controls have been removed from the circuit for improved performance as well. All new tubes in every socket. There is a small imperfection on the faceplate if you look below the power switch you’ll see it. Asking 525 plus shipping
  6. And gone! Anybody here get them?
  7. Messaged this guy and asked if he had risers and grills but never got a response.
  8. Maybe there should be a bit more scrutiny for becoming a member or at least a posting member. We seem to see this a lot, along with people wanting to purchase gear from 3 year old listings.
  9. Dang it! Ole Dollar, I had just gotten that 110 off my brain and you had to bring it back up!!
  10. Definitely keep them to put in your minivan!! Put the onkio in there too! SWEET!!
  11. Sunday morning bump
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