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  1. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    Now I had thought about it being out of a speaker lab. But wasn’t sure what they used for drivers.
  2. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    Well those are definitely similar in the roughness factor but, mine has screws around it where these don’t.
  3. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    Yes, it’s a spare I picked up. It has had a rough life, 😂. Tests good though. Can’t see it once it’s in the cabinet anyway. No evidence of a sticker.
  4. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    10/4, thanks!
  5. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    So most likely a Klipsch branded k55 made by Atlas?
  6. Madman1

    Are these k55v?

    I’m hoping you guys can help me identify if these are Klipsch k55v or something else like an Atlas. h
  7. These are mine actually. Thanks for posting them here. To be clear there is one of each speaker. Thought about parting these out but hate to because both cabinets are in great shape. Mark
  8. Madman1

    Heathkit aa-151 & aj-32 tuner

  9. Madman1

    RF-7 II at Fry's for $299

    Arrrhhh! Hard to pass on this deal!
  10. Madman1

    CL: LaScala BB (Pace)

    Not me. Whoever bought them did me a favor.
  11. Madman1

    K-61-k horn to k-55-v adapter

    Great, I’ll order some up and give it a go. Thank for all the help.
  12. Madman1

    K-61-k horn to k-55-v adapter

    Perfect. Those are some that I ran across this am that I thought might work. Parts express has several options too. So you just drilled the 4th hole in these and the other 3 lined up? Did you notice a sound improved from k61 to the k55?
  13. Madman1

    K-61-k horn to k-55-v adapter

    Thanks Bob. Ok I’ll do that. Do you have these adapters? I couldn’t find them on your website.
  14. Madman1

    CL: LaScala BB (Pace)

    I specifically asked about the crossovers but he had no idea what they were. They are definitely new to him. He said he just came across them. I need another set of big speakers like I need a hole in my head but, I’d pay the 700 for them but, I’m not gonna beg the guy.
  15. So there is tons of adapters out there, some have great reviews and some have terrible reviews. Can anybody tell me the best adapter to mount my new to me k-55v drivers onto my k-61-k horns? I’m dying to hear these so I want to throw them in my chorus ii. I’m collecting parts to put a parted out pair of Cornwalls that a friend gave me back together that I plan on using these in eventually. From my little understanding of crossovers the chorus ii mid starts around 600hz so the k-55 should be a good match for the horns and crossover. So please help with a bolt on screw on adapter to make this work. Also I’m sure this has been answered before but, I wasn’t able to find it so don’t yell at me please!😁 Thanks.