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  1. 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive price drop

    Bump for Price drop 485 firm.
  2. Chorus II Arizona

    What’s crazy is someone just contacted me about a kef center channel I’m selling. In conversation the guy mentions that he noticed I’m a Klipsch fan and that he had a pair of Chorus II on eBay for sale...it was this guy! Talking about a small world. Too bad shipping would be ridiculous because we’d have just about an even trade. My chorus are in my basement on my secondary system basically like your talking about doing. Forte I just hanging out right now and Forte II in my main system. I think it’s a killer deal if they go less than 500$. Good luck! Mark
  3. 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive price drop

    I was advised to detail the rest of the components inside. These contain k-77-m tweeters, k-52-h mid drivers k700 horns, k-22-e square magnet woofers and type E crossovers. I put polyfill inside and some gasket material to seal the back panels too, that has to be worth a few hundred dollars! 😆 Thanks Larry, Mark
  4. 1982 Hersey hbr consecutive price drop

    Crap! I’m sorry, totally forgot that part. 500$
  5. I bought these with the intentions of building baby Cornwalls but, have decided not to start a new project right now. These have k-700 horns and type e crossovers. All original internals, I’d rate them 7-8 cosmetically, no water stains or busted corners. One side has a chip about the size of a pea, they look like they’ve been poly coated. Really want to sale but, would consider trades for either other vintage Klipsch (I can throw some cash in for the right trade) or integrated tube amp in excellent or restored condition( no projects😬) willing to meet within 50 miles of 30187, or I we can figure out shipping. I can accept PayPal friend payment. Thanks, Mark
  6. Elevated Klipsch Models.

    Hey Ski Bum, I like those stands! But, that link is no good. What brand are they? Thanks,
  7. Chorus II Arizona

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273064216885 Good deal for somebody in the Southwest.
  8. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Ok, so mids are in route. Still need to decide on highs but, I've narrowed that down to just a few. Now is it only necessary to change the squaker to a B3 or do I need to completely change the crossover to a B3? Thanks jjptkd.
  9. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Just ran across a pair of k-61-k drivers and horns from a set of Forte II for a good price. Would it make sense to use these in the corns?
  10. Kg spike/foot

    Thanks anyway Keith.
  11. Kg spike/foot

    No, they just slide in. No threads.
  12. Kg spike/foot

    I bought a pair of kg 5.2 and they have the plastic feet that slides off and then there is a spike for carpet. Problem is I’m missing one. I sent some on the auction site I may buy but the seller is in Wa and I’m in Ga. Don’t want to wait 2 weeks for the mail to deliver. Anybody got 1 laying around? thanks!
  13. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Hey guys! Sorry for delayed response, my mom is in the midst of a “C” battle. So I’m spending quite a bit of time at the hospital and traveling back and forth. I appreciate all your input, still undecided on exactly which way to go. I guess I’ll wait till they're in my possession before purchasing the parts so I know exactly what I’m starting with. As far as I know they are factory black/ebony, which means birch underneath...I think. I probably will look at stripping/sanding the down to bring some wood to the surface. Ryanm, I’m in west Georgia, looks like a bit of a drive from you, thanks for the offer tho. I do think I want a larger mid horn and might as well start with that. I’d like to keep the b2 networks but just refresh them. This could also be ignorance on my part. I’ve tried to look on fastlane audios website several times to get some ideas but, it seems to be crashed. Consitent I will research Roger Floth method, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Shew! Have I mentioned my head is spinning, lol. I know you all have been there a thousand times too. Thanks Gentlemen, Mark
  14. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Thanks Geoff. I do have the ti diaphragms in my fortes II and again fresh crossover recap on those too. I was so happy with the results that new caps for my forte i and Chorus II will be here today. I wanted to see how they sounded before doing the ti diaphragms in them just out of curiosity. I run everything on tubes, forte II are upstairs and running off an Eico HF-81. The others are in the basement and I switch them in and out running off a Bob Latino vta-70. Anyway...enough of about that. I do believe these have the square magnet but, I don’t have them in my hands just yet, plan to drive next state over to pick them up in the next few weeks. Just waiting for his schedule to free up. I wonder if I could simply change the value on the midrange cap to match with a larger horn? I still would love to build a cornscala d but, the internal parts for those are like 1200-1300$ yikes! Oh yea, and thanks for giving me another speaker to look at(Lascala) lol. I haven’t persuaded them because I’ve read that they really lack bass but, I’ve never heard those either. Thanks, Mark
  15. Cornwalls rebuild or mod?

    Great.Actually I own forte I, Forte II and Chrous II. I’ve just rebuilt the crossovers in the forte II, used Jantzen superior caps on the mids...wow very happy with the results. I’ll give that some thought as I do like the sound of the tactrix mid now, not so much before the refresh. I’ll try to go back thru past posts to see what other guys have done. If anybody else wants to chime in, especially about any Cornscala experience please do. Thanks, Mark