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  1. Well I’m in Chattanooga, but can’t justify buying more gear…
  2. I just made this change in my system. You just need a sut, step up transformer they can be had for $200-$2000. I have a nice functioning Denon 302 I might consider selling.
  3. Wish I had that cabinet on my 500b. Very nice!
  4. I see the Heresy. Are the others Forte ii? Heresy will sell pretty fast @ 4-500, you can try more but might sit on them a while. Forte ii should sell fast for 800 ish but can definitely bring more, again it’s all about how long you want to sit on them. Prices went bonkers during the lockdowns and free money times, but Market seems to be a little slow right now, but local has effect on that too.
  5. I definitely don’t have room for them, but like you said it looks as if a chorus 1 and 2 had a baby. They should be great and price was incredible.
  6. Estate sale find, from a retired air force veteran. EA-2 el84 push pull, 12 watts. 4,8,16 0hm speaker output. Entire unit is untested ,tubes included but untested also. Unit looks meticulously built and is in good condition overall, missing 1 knob. Please notice what looks to be a hot spot on the hum pot, I do not know if the discoloration around the pt means anything. Original Heathkit assembly manual is included also. $135 shipped east of the Mississippi, if you’re west let me know and we will work it out. Also, I will be traveling to Nashville for Christmas if you wanted to meet there.
  7. Not familiar with that horn, but I didn’t want to cut my Cornwall motorboard up for the 18x10 horn I had. I already had eliptrac tweeter lenses and now the mid horns match.
  8. Amen to the sanding is brutal statement! I sanded like a crazy person and still ended up using body filler in places then multiple coats of primer then paint, but to say all that, with them and 2” drivers in the Cornwalls made such a big improvement.
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