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  1. Price drop to $280 plus shipping
  2. This was working on the aux input when I bought it, no other inputs were tested. Owner said he brought it up on a variac. All tubes are there. Top cover is there just not in pictures. Obviously this needs a service/recap and a cleaning. I’m in Fayetteville Ar for an extended period and it will ship from here or can meet someone within an hour drive in any direction. Asking $300... $280 Plus shipping.
  3. They’re in the corners but, Can you explain the use of the insulation?
  4. Well he got them hooked up today and said he won’t be changing anything on them. He loves them as they are.
  5. Thank you Budman, I assume these would be due for an update..is the AA the preferred crossover for the Khorn? Should he buy totally new ones, rebuild the A’s or leave them be?
  6. Thanks Tony, what about these?
  7. My buddy just got these home and opened them up to have a look and found (3G071 Bob N Hope Arkansas) scribed inside the cabinet and 72 in the other. He said the crossovers have no identifiers on them. Any info on these is appreciated. Mark
  8. Sorry but this sold a year ago. Can’t believe you found this thread. I’ll try to update it. Thanks.
  9. Yes, he definitely can. The only reason I haven’t had him do it is I already have 4 el84 amps, needless to say I love them with Klipsch . Also have 5 vintage receivers. Too much gear too little space. Like I was saying if I have it recapped I’ll definitely be asking more money for it and somebody might just want to do the recap their self. If it isn’t sold in short time I’ll just have the recap done and put it in the stable. Thanks!
  10. So I’ve been debating over the last few days whether to have this recapped or not. This is a really clean unit but it needs electrolytic and coupling caps replaced. It is also going to need a quad of output tubes(el84,7189 or 6bq5). Tech has brought it up on a variac and says it’s working and producing sound. There is no rust or corrosion on the chassis, wood cabinet is really nice. Looks like the power transformer was replaced at some point. I’m gonna list this for a day or so before pulling the trigger on having the recap done to see if there is someone who wants it as is and do the recap job their self. I really don’t want to deal with shipping at this point with all the chaos going on. Pm me if you have serious interest and we can go from there. I’m located in Chattanooga. If there isn’t interest then I’ll have the recap done and sell at a later date. Sorry only 1 picture for now. Forgot to mention that it has mostly Fisher/Telefunken tubes in the preamp section that test good. $450
  11. I’ll take a pair Dave!
  12. Thanks SETI, Unfortunately it’s the best pic I can get. It’s at an estate sale, guess I’ll see tomorrow. I don’t really have much interest just curious and they only have one.
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