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  1. Madman1

    KP 3002 in Denver- $650

    Dave, you’re the expert on the pro gear. What do these compare to? Can they beat Cornwalls or chorus being a 2 way vs 3way?
  2. Madman1

    WTB: Crites XOvers & Tweeters for Forte1 or Chorus2

    Looks like you use your basement system is for your 2 channel stereo/vinyl listening. Consider saving up to invest in tubes for that set up as well. There is a sweet synergy between Klipsch and tubes. just my and many others humble opinion. 😃.
  3. Madman1

    WTB: Crites XOvers & Tweeters for Forte1 or Chorus2

    Forte I are kinda of a pain to rebuild the xover on. The crossover is built on the back of the terminal cup and are impossible to just put new caps on...well at least for me. I took all the pieces off and built a new board for them. Really a gratifying job but it can be a head scratcher too. Recapping my forte ii and Chorus II that are built on pcb boards was a cake walk in comparison.
  4. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    950 for forum members https://atlanta.craigslist.org/wat/ele/d/technics-class-solid-state/6561986926.html
  5. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    Oh! Yes, sorry didn’t realize it had expired. Yes priced a bit higher on cL. Thanks for adding the link.
  6. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    Fresh bump.
  7. Madman1

    Minty Quartets Crossville Tn

    These are actually in Alabama but he posted on Nashville cL also. These are oak the other pair were walnut, arghh!
  8. Madman1

    Quartets Cumming Ga

    Tried to buy them the same day he posted and he said someone had already committed to buying them. He text me yesterday and said they’re sold but, they’re still posted as of now.
  9. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    Saturday bump.
  10. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    Price change bump 1050
  11. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

  12. Madman1

    Chorus for $300 in Tampa, FL

    Looks like the Chorus have been removed from the list.
  13. Madman1

    Woofer snap,crackle,pop... wth?

    Absolutely, even the kg4 can beat it down with no problems. I will whisper quietly and say the the lines after that just don’t have the same build quality of the heritage and extended heritage lines. Have you seen the 22guage wire used in them? Sheesh! and i already mentioned the glue issue.
  14. Madman1

    Big Technics amp

    Saturday bump, this is listed on the auction site now but, price still stands here. Will ship now, Packaged weight is 50lbs and 18x18x14. buyer cover all PP fees. These are rare to find in the US and if they come up they go for a lot more than 1,100. thanks!