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  1. I’ve already made it clear that it’s the black and the stain, not the type wood or the caps!
  2. Madman1


    Need a good tested quiet 6d10, labeled McIntosh is a plus but not a must.
  3. Now Wuzzer you didn’t mention this before. It’s not the caps, black cabinets and birch cabinets always sound different.. Geez, I thought we were about to have a breakthrough!
  4. That’s my kinda review, good description with simple words, perfect for my simple mind. Thanks for doing that.
  5. Oh c’mon Wuzzer, take the time to replace one of the L or R speaker with the center and place some 2 channel music to appease us please! 😆 I mean “inquiring minds want to know”.
  6. These speakers look like some that the father and son team in Texas have done. They are gorgeous!
  7. Forte I recap was a big pain in the sac for me. All point to point wiring on the back of the cup unlike pcb on forte ii. I’m sure there are guys that can just replace caps on the cup but I had to rebuild everything on a piece of wood and place them in the cabinet. Don’t think that’s the issue you’re having though. Make sure all the screws are tight and none are stripped, but don’t over tighten the horn screws.
  8. Madman1

    RF 7's

    Wording reads legit but price says not. Shoot worth a try tho.
  9. Were the threaded horns from the kp-301? Are you using the bolt on adapter?
  10. Ok, I actually have soldered lug k55v’s.
  11. How about the k-55v or k-55m? I have both of those on hand and the thread on adapters for the k-61 horn. Wasn’t sure if there is a crossover change necessary to use these.. on a side note I purchased another pair of chorus ii horns and drivers to install in a pair of Cornwall 1s but haven’t decided whether to go this route or go 2 way with them. Thanks, Mark
  12. Anybody use rockwool safe-n-sound to build diy panels and or bass traps? I can walk in Lowe’s and buy this everyday but the rigid panels I have to order. https://www.lowes.com/pd/ROCKWOOL-SAFE-n-SOUND-R-Stone-Wool-Batt-Insulation-with-Sound-Barrier-15-25-in-W-x-47-in-L/3394032
  13. Nashville, and I don’t know about shipping.
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