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  1. I'm selling my 500C. Given it's age it's in great condition. I purchased it 5 years ago intending to have it restored but never got around to it. Now that I've had my 990DB done and my LK72 up next, I'm calling it complete. Everything works as it should and it sounds great driving my Klipschs. The output tubs are Sylvania but all the others are original Fishers. $850 Located in York, PA More photos available upon request.
  2. Cant seem to message you directly. Hit me up at ezirl@me.com
  3. These are the low frequency enclosures with the factory crossovers. I picked these up from a local theater that closed down, with the intent to source some horns and get them going, but its become a bridge too far. $350 Located in York, PA
  4. Thanks jjptkd. I'll hit @Dave A up as I continue my search.
  5. I recently picked up a pair of 456 low-frequency cabinets, and I'm looking for advice on which direction to go. They were advertised as 450s, and my plan was to embark on a 904 build. But after a little more research, I'm now torn between my original plan or going the 456 route since either way; I've got to source drivers and horns. Any recommendations from the experienced is greatly appreciated.
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