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  1. are these a suitable replacement for the Chorus 2 passives, or is that a different specific part #?
  2. Anyone in New England looking for a KLF-C7 - all stock no smoking or pets works as it should. Cabinet is in excellent condition! Asking $425
  3. That is what I have done thus far - just replated the tweeter diaphragms in these and my Academy center and havent' touched crossovers yet.
  4. I have opportunity at a pair of Forte 2 in Oiled Oak - excellent condition no scratches, smoking, pets, etc... all original no upgrades.... not listed for sale but would like to pair fair price for both parties, what would these typically sell for recently? sorry if this isnt the right forum, if someone would direct me I'll repost properly!
  5. Also thrilled to report that almost an entire can of DeOxit spray was used and the input selector knob finally was moving and moving well and alas - both channels work and sound amazing! a couple of the switches were quite dirty too - one of the speaker selector switches spring wasn't clicking, a little cleaning to do and a light to replace at some point but for now just enjoying it... thanks everyone!
  6. I am happy to report that after a nice Sunday drive to Boston area this 730 is now in Maine at its new home - will start to work to repair/restore to its working glory!! Thanks to John!
  7. Can you post pics of the academy pls?
  8. Prefer complete I am not confident in my soldering skills
  9. No longer needed thanks - one of my friends was over and we were listening to music and I gave him a fair price on the Heresy and he wants to slowly rebuild and ordered Crites woofer replacements - everyone is happy and he has his first pair of Klipsch! Thanks always for the great guidance and reach out!
  10. Any chance anyone did the Crites crossovers and then upgraded beyond that to the ALK, etc... looking to update inexpensively if anyone has any kicking around!
  11. I sold these to this guy many years ago and noticed he has one listed on FB marketplace - they are walnut oiled located in Portland Maine.. so for New England folks maybe opportunity to have as a center channel for other KG... Not affiliated just passing along - he doesn't seem to have these listed on CL so if someone has interest glad to reach out on behalf and connect the two of you. Thanks! James
  12. Thanks again everyone for the tips - the glue has set and it’s working perfectly! Gave the walnut a refresh while it was disconnected and added the badge to match the Chorus2 in my setup.
  13. Thanks I've heard good things about the H3 upgrade, at this point looking for inexpensive fix to get them going as-is.
  14. GREAT NEWS! the dust cap on the offending woofer was hanging on by a thread - I took it out today cleaned it up and re-glued will wait 24 hours to test but looks promising. The other woofer dust cap was also starting in one spot to come off so I carefully took an exacto and took that one off and glued that one as well.
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