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  1. We don’t know the history but suspect they were originally paired with a Model 7 and then the Model 7 was either exchanged or replaced with a 7T at some point. It’s all in for service very eager to get it all hooked up and in use
  2. Hey all - also curious to others that have Tube Amps such as this - are you using anything for surge protection? in my main home theater I have a Panamax PM-4300 and I've read mixed things about amps being used with these type of devices - though the manufacturers that state to plug in direct are talking about amps that draw major amperage and need dedicated circuits? Any insight to what people are doing here? Im not worried about whether or not its 3db less capable on the top end if its protected?
  3. I will add some in when I am back home - away for the holiday weekend!
  4. The gentleman that gifted these to me is my best friends dad - he is in his mid 90s and has significant memory issues. He barely remembers anything but remembers getting the 7T years after the model 2’s but doesn’t remember what he had originally hooked up with them. He vividly remembered me complimenting the amp setup when I first met him at their house near Boston back in 1990’s when I was in college and he remembered it well enough that when they were cleaning out his condo and moving him to assisted living it was literally one of a handful of items he had any care for where ended up - he remembered showing me and my reaction to them and wanted someone that knew how special they were to him to have them. Incredible gift - he also gifted me a set of “Hartley” loudspeakers that he had set up with them decades ago. Given the value of these I have offered multiple times to the family to help sell the pieces and give the funds for his ongoing care but they won’t hear of it. Blessed to have such wonderful and generous friends.
  5. Hello - I just inherited some Marantz Tube Amps and PreAmp - I have a Harman Kardon Twin Power 730 that is cosmetically 9/10 and was just gone through by my local stereo shop (New England HiFi in Portland, ME) - sounds awesome - complete clean, lube, and tune, also replaced some failed capacitors on phono board. So its running 10/10 and sounds amazing. I know these don’t demand as much $$ as the Marantz, but IMO these are built like tanks and punch well above their rating. I’d like to obviously maximize my sale and would like to know what people thing this is worth. Thank you! James J
  6. Thank you everyone - eager to get them back and hooked up!
  7. Hello - Long time Klipsch owner and lover - just inherited an incredible gift of (2) Marantz model 2 tube amps and (1) Marantz 7T Pre. They had been in storage for over 30 years, so they are at my local trusted shop to be brought up properly and serviced. I plan to hook them up to my Chorus 2's and turntable setup - is there anything special I should be cautious of - I remember reading once about a specific sequence of power up/power down that should be followed either with separate amp/pre or tubes? Will post pics of them cleaned up once its all back and set up. Thanks in advance!
  8. Posting for a good friend - these are original owner and have been in storage unused for some time. All original components one small ding on one of the cabinets - they are selling due to a family situation. speakers and seller located in Cleveland, TN Asking $450!!
  9. I forgot to mention that with 4 kids in the house, and a true love of the oiled walnut look, it would alleviate my constant stress not only when entertaining but on day to day keeping them pristine
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