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    Pioneer SX1250 receiver, Polk SDA 2 speakers, Blue Node Streamer, Marantz CD player
    Dennis Inspire Tube amp, Mini AURALiC streamer, ADS speakers (looking to replace), Rega 3 TT
    Rogue Sphinx integrated Amp, EPOS speakers, Technics TT

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  1. I have an SX1250 and it’s awesome. That’s a good price if it is mint and doesn’t need work.
  2. Really nice! If I was closer I’d take them home. GLWS
  3. I must be riff raff cause the price would keep me away.
  4. Sorry about that; my post added absolutely nothing.
  5. It looks like the Heresys are $400 and a Marantz receiver is $250.
  6. Agree; however, duplicate listing. They sold a couple of weeks ago.
  7. PM me if you should change your mind. Thanks
  8. Have these been sold (versus pending sale)?
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