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  1. I’m in Dallas and looking for some CWs as an upgrade from Heresy IIs. With the modifications are these worth taking a run at?
  2. I have an Inspire without the volume control. It's a really great piece of equipment. GLWS
  3. A little too far from Dallas for me; wish they were closer.
  4. Thanks. I really appreciate the input. Hope you enjoy the Fourth.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question. There is a pair of walnut Forte I speakers near me for $800. They look to be in great shape but I'm not sure of the pricing. What is the price range for Forte I speakers in excellent condition?
  6. I listened to them this weekend and I was impressed (but what do I know). They are the style A and were built (cabs and all) by Crites. I think it might be premature for me to jump on these.
  7. Thanks for the info. The pic is absolutely incredible!
  8. Moray James - sorry for the error, I’m going to blame it on spell check. I do appreciate your insights. I am going to give them a listen tomorrow.
  9. Money James - all good points. I appreciate your input. The speakers are the A model, original design. The cabinets are by Crites.
  10. Pzannucci - I agree with you completely. My concern is that if I buy them there is a limited resale market.
  11. They are the A model in unfinished birch with grill frames. The ask is $1,400.
  12. Moray james - I will definitely give them a listen.
  13. Newbie question. There are two pair of Crites Cornscalas for sale near me. One pair has CT125 tweeters and the other has Eliptrac tweeters. My (oversimplified) understanding is that the design attempts to bring together the best of the La Scalas (give up low bass for efficiency) and Cornwall (give up efficiency for bass). The asking prices are $1,200 for the pair with CT125 tweeters and $1,400 for the other pair. I have no idea is those prices make sense or not. How do Klipsch purists feel about these speakers? Do they fulfill their design objective?
  14. Thaddeus Smith - thank you for your generous offer. I anticipate that the search will take at least a couple of months unless I get really lucky (unlikely). Should I PM you in August to see how your calendar looks? Heritage Head - unfortunately, the two nice corners in the space are at the far end of the room. Between those corners and the components is the opening to the staircase. I guess I could run the speaker wire under the carpet(?). I really appreciate your insights re the different Klipsch speaker offerings.
  15. Thanks for all of the responses. jimjimbo - the room is a man cave over a three car garage. It’s approximately 20’ x 30’. One half of the space is devoted to workout equipment, the rest is computer, hifi and desk. The space is carpeted. I listen to music at low to moderate levels. The room is not closed off, i.e., there is a back staircase to the first floor. The amp I am using is a Conrad. The music sources are vinyl and streaming (a Rega 3 TT and a min Auralic mini streamer). Thaddeus Smith - I’m located in Dallas, below 635. Garyrc - I sit about 10’ away. The music is low to moderate volume since the space is not closed off and you can hear what is playing in the rest of the house. I primarily listen to classic rock. Sancho Panza and Dave1290 - La Scala seems to rule. polizzio - great advice. A lot of the fun is in the hunt.
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