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  1. Thanks, 001. I was able to edit the title.
  2. I don’t know how to edit the heading. The speakers have been sold.
  3. Selling these since I bought some Cornwalls. I’m asking what I paid a few years ago: $500. Pickup in Dallas 75230.
  4. I have an SX1250 and it’s awesome. That’s a good price if it is mint and doesn’t need work.
  5. Really nice! If I was closer I’d take them home. GLWS
  6. I must be riff raff cause the price would keep me away.
  7. Sorry about that; my post added absolutely nothing.
  8. It looks like the Heresys are $400 and a Marantz receiver is $250.
  9. Agree; however, duplicate listing. They sold a couple of weeks ago.
  10. PM me if you should change your mind. Thanks
  11. Have these been sold (versus pending sale)?
  12. I’m going to show my ignorance and ask for more information about the Deang crossovers. Who, what etc. What did the new crossovers add that the Crites crossovers didn’t have?
  13. If the OP is not interested in the Cornscalas I would be interested in some more information. I’m in Dallas.
  14. They are priced at $2,950 a speaker (not a misprint).
  15. FORTE II in DFW on FB Marketplace for $1,100. Just listed.
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