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  1. Is everyone replacing the big 1000uF cap next to the problem area?
  2. Selling my pair of 1989 klipsch La Scalas. They come with the original type Al crossover. I purchased the Crites A/4500 crossovers and CT120 tweeters. ($455 total when I purchased them) I also had him drop the mids down 3db on the crossovers. This tamed the mids some and brought out more bass. You can reverse this if you would like. I have before and after pictures if you prefer to go back to original Crites settings. The Type AL still sounds good and gives you 2 options when you are listening to them. Both are included in the sale. The speakers are still in great shape obviously but aren't perfect. The only real thing that needs to be pointed out, besides the fact that the area that holds the crossovers needs a good dusting, is that the tops have some small areas to take note of. I added a big 2X2 piece of tile with felt on the bottom to the tops of the La Scalas (shown in pictures) This gave me the ability to place a lamp or an amp on the tops without concern for damaging them. They Still sound fantastic. Local pickup only. No returns and No refunds. Make me an offer. Enjoy!
  3. @Maz4bz Great thread! I have a pair of KG5.5 (KM6 the military version) I am going to bring them back into the music room and give them another listen.
  4. Not sure why the backlash over the post... I didn't contact Dean directly because he is running a business and I didn't want to bother him with the crossovers you are selling that you said Al or Dean built. I am sure Dean would have gladly answered but I didn't want to waste his time. I am not sure why you wouldn't mention all of this info when we were texting. Seems like you already knew the answers... Here is your text you sent: Thomas, these were built by either Al or Dean. I bought them from a friend of a friend in Columbia, mo who never used them. I used them for two days and then got a trade for the ALK extreme slopes and boxed these. Post the photos and Dean/Al/others can better answer your questions than I. At the time these were built, Dayton's and KimberKaps were a solid favorite. Now, just like then, there are way more expensive, and way cheaper parts. These sounded quite clear and nice. The auto former has another tap, but I don't know if it would be attenuators. Dean is the guru. What did I miss?
  5. I might be missing it but that doesn't look like apples to apples against the pictures I posted. I looked at his site earlier.
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