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  1. I like my SVS SB-2000 with my La Scalas. I've had it for 3 years now with no problems and it sounds great. I think the SB-2000 is discontinued and replaced by the SB-2000 Pro.
  2. Big fan of the Audio Technica VM540ML here. Tracks like a freight train and is very accurate and revealing. Some don’t like that, though. I’ve been a happy AT user for over 20 years now. My second turntable has an Ortofon Blue, and I like that one, too, but still prefer the VM540.
  3. They aren’t worth anything. Might as well give them to me and I’ll properly dispose of them. Just kidding. That’s a nice looking La Scala. I love the spider crawling out of it. That’s almost no joke since my pair literally had spiders living in them before I got them. On a serious note, don’t try to ship them. I paid too much for mine a few years ago and had them shipped. Big mistake. They got damaged and I had to fix it. No sending them back. You could try offer up, Craigslist, or eBay with local pickup only. I’ve seen cases where people drove a hundred miles or more. For price, I’d think somewhere between $2k-3k. It’s hard to tell anymore because prices are getting crazy for vintage audio.
  4. I’ve been using Apple Music for a few years and like it. Their recent switch to lossless audio, some with higher bit and sample rates, was great news to me with no additional charges.
  5. Desert Noises


    A grandpa and grandson go fishing. While sitting on the end of the dock, grandpa pulls out a bottle of whiskey and takes a swig. The grandson asks, “can I have a sip?” Grandpa asks his grandson, “can you touch your butthole with your wiener?” “No,” replies the grandson. Grandpa says, “well, you can’t have any, then.” Some time passes and the grandson pulls out a bag of cookies that his grandma had baked that morning. Grandpa asks, “how about giving gramps one of them cookies?” The grandson replied, “can you touch your butthole with your wiener?” “Why, yes, I can” replies grandpa. The grandson looks his grandpa in the eye and says, “well, I guess you can go f#$k yourself then.”
  6. Haha! The album cover is gold. Is this a regional parody band or something?
  7. I recapped my 1982 Heresys with a kit from Crites (Sonicaps) 6 years ago. I don't think the old capacitors were bad; they were the square black plastic 2uF capacitors and they tested good on capacitance at least. I noticed a very subtle difference after the recap, all in the high frequency end of the spectrum. No difference from midrange down. The best way I can describe it is that the Heresys sounded more crystal clear with more definition in the tweeters. I perceive this as a good thing, but can understand if it drives other people nuts. I have that same definition in my Sonicap/Dayton La Scalas and Cornwalls and I love it. It's especially nice to have that detail in classical music. It kind-of reminds me of the criticisms of the Audio-Technical AT440ML phono cartridge I read a number of years ago. A lot of people panned it for being too bright and "clinical," but others, like myself, found it to sound accurate and wonderful. When my AT440ML wore out, someone convinced me to replace it with a Grado Gold1 cartridge. I immediately disliked it; it sounded like someone turned the treble down 6dB or more. My records sounded lifeless and mushy with sibilance in the inner tracks that I wasn't used to before. I think I'm that weird kid in the class that likes good HF detail and sparkle in my music. Hence why I prefer the K-77M to both the CT-120 and CT-125.
  8. Piss Crystals. Best suited for a punk rock band.
  9. I agree and I have learned some important lessons during my past few years of La Scala ownership. The first mistake I made was throwing out the original AL crossovers before listening to them and getting an idea of the original sound. Instead, I installed a new reproduction AA crossover that wasn't designed for the K-55M. Then I upgraded each driver trying to achieve optimum sound. Looking back, I should have just ordered an AL-3 and called it a day. I knew something was up when I built a pair of Clonewalls and put all of the original drivers from my La Scalas in those. My Clonewalls have the B-2 crossovers. I listened to the Clonewalls and wondered why they sounded so much better than my La Scalas! What the heck? After trying different crossovers (A, AA, A4500) and lowering the mids by another 3dB, I still wasn't satisfied with their sound. Then I did more reading and research and decided that I had to return the La Scalas to stock and use a crossover that was specifically designed for the drivers my speakers originally came with. Just to get a baseline. I was skeptical, but after listening for less than a minute I knew they sounded right, the sound I was searching for all along. Now, when I compare my Clonewalls (CW1526CF, A55G, K77M, B-2) to my stock 1988 La Scalas with AL-3 I'm getting a similar basic Klipsch sound, even though the two have a very different sound, if that makes any sense. Now I'm happy with both my Clonewalls and La Scalas.
  10. My pair had me scratching my head and pulling my hair out trying to make them sound right. I tried all the upgrades and thought they sounded better after each one. But a persistent annoying sound in the mid bass kept bugging me. Finally, I returned everything to stock and built a pair of AL-3 crossovers, which are designed for my specific drivers and configuration. My La Scalas are from 1988. With the original drivers and AL-3, my La Scalas have redeemed themselves. They sound correct now and I’m really enjoying their sound. I’m not going to mess with them anymore. I’m a happy camper.
  11. I rewired my La Scala washing machine with monster cable and my towels come out whiter now.
  12. I have this dryer. Came with the house when we bought it and it keeps chugging along. The washing machine is a few years newer. I had to put new dogs in the agitator last year as the agitator stopped working. It was stupid simple and it works like a champ again. I will hold on to these forever!
  13. You'd probably be hard pressed to discern any difference between the Daytons and Sonicaps. I've used both and can't tell a difference in the sound.
  14. I found that an SVS SB2000 subwoofer crossed over at 60 Hz with its volume set at about 1 o' clock is a fantastic match for the Heresy. I wouldn't even mess with mods to get more bass out of a Heresy when good subs are relatively cheap.
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