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  1. I'm lucky enough to own some really nice vintage McIntosh amps, both tube and SS. I've used them all on both my '77 La Scala's and Cornwall's, but I'm not sure any has brought me more enjoyment, or seemed so right, as this little guy, a Pioneer SX-440. I recently picked it up restored, and had it connected to both the CW's and LS's, and it's the latter combo that has knocked my sox off. Only 12 watts, but obviously that's plenty for the LS's. There's a wonderful clarity with this receiver that I'm not sure any of my Mac's have displayed as well. And of course it's got plenty of muscle that belies it's size. Originally issued by Pioneer in '69, perhaps the other reason I'm so enamored of it is that it was the first real piece of audio gear that I owned, bought with money saved from various odd jobs and some parental help when I was 13. I was already a pretty avid fan of r'n'r as a regular listener to Boston's WBCN, and WRKO. But I'd been using the parents POS cabinet "stereo", so getting this, then a few months later acquiring a pair of EPI M50 speakers(have a pair currently but I like the 440 better with the LS's) and then a Dual 1019 turntable turned me into a pretty serious record hound, much to the chagrin of mom. Anyway, I suppose it goes to show you that you don't really have to spend a bundle to power the LS's to make them sound good. And, they certainly made good stuff back then.
  2. The Music Box was great. I grew up in Newton and visited at least a few times, ogling the gear but of course never able to afford anything. One of the local Boston area stores that seeded my current adoration of vintage audio, which includes my '77 La Scala's and Cornwall's. Bill Bell's son is Mark(Mach) Bell, who fronted the famous in the area 70's band Thundertrain, and also was lead singer of the Joe Perry Project in the early 80's. He also worked at the Box for a time in the tech area. He has a memoir out which is quite good and refers to the Music Box and some of the gear they sold.
  3. I live in Oakland but I don't have the skills to change out caps. I will say my experience of using various updated crossovers/caps has led me(and more then a few others)to understand that nobody can tell you if the result you get from changing the caps will be "better" or not. It very well will be different from what you're hearing now. The crossovers I have in my '77 La Scala's are not the originals, and I won't go into detail here(feel free to PM if you would like more info) as to what they are, but suffice to say that they too are different then the originals, and I I like them enough to continue to use them. For now. I still have the originals, plus 2 other pairs. Boredom alone is enough to take a couple of minutes to switch out if I want to hear something different. My advice to you would be to get in touch with Dean and invest in a pair of his crossovers. Then you can hear for yourself and make a determination on what you prefer.
  4. I think one reason why SS sounds better to me on the Corns then I thought is that they are a softer sounding speaker then other various Heritage options. Not that those might not sound ok with SS also, but an amp like the 2105, or my Mc Mc2120(the meter less version of the the 2125) seems to provide just enough edge to offset the warmth of the Cornwall. The updated crossovers also helped there. And FWIW, those Mac amps are Mac's early entries in the solid state game, so they tend to be a little warmer then more modern options. And the other plus is that it frees up the tube amps for my other 7 pairs of speakers😄
  5. I usually try to use only one of my McIntosh tube amps with my Klipsch speakers, but today I decided to experiment and connected my '77 Cornwall's to my McIntosh MC2105. For those that might not know, it's a early Mac solid state, and has a presentation that has given it a reputation of being somewhat tube like. I dislike using that term, as it doesn't sound anything like the 3 Mac tube amps that I own, but I digress. Anyway, whoa! I dare say the Cornies sounded better then I have ever heard them. For some reason, my ears liked them better with this amp hooked up to them then any of the tube amps I have. I kinda knew that the combination would work to some degree, but had no idea how much. Incredibly rich, alive and dynamic. My La Scala's still sound better with tubes, BTW. That is all.
  6. Heinz as always thanks for your wise words. Not being able to get a pair of speakers does not, I'm happy to say, lead to the kind of despair and broken heart syndrome that my various interactions with members of the opposite sex in younger days resulted in. Thankfully. I'm going to just sit back and enjoy the abundance of speaker riches that I currently possess. This transaction simply wasn't meant to be, and there's no reason in my world to force fit myself into any gear that may not be the right fit, (in this case, literally) for my enjoyment. I'm guessing that if the opportunity to try out Khorns in my space ever does present itself, it will be through one of the close, local, folks that I have a personal relationship with that will allow me to try them out and see and hear how they would play out in my space. In this last transaction, this was not possible, and I just can't afford to take a risk. These are not speakers which one can just turn around and sell overnight. There are currently a few pairs available locally that have been available locally for some time. I don't want that hassle. And given my current situation, there's absolutely no reason to take it on.
  7. Nice pair of Cornwall Decorator models. Some very minor scratches on top and sides, hardly noticeable but not perfect. Also one of the woofer dust caps has a very small tear. Does not affect play at all, and with grilles on can't see. Hard to see even with them off. Comes with Crites risers, and new Crites Type B crossovers. Original Type B crossovers also included. Pickup only at my house in Oakland, CA
  8. Well no Khorns this go around for me. Couldn't work out the terms with the seller, so I guess I'll just have to continue to suffer with Corns and LS's(and Bozak 302's, and AR3, and Allison Ones...)😁
  9. As I mentioned earlier in this thread no way will I pay the $5500 that the seller is asking for the Khorns. With a great collection of speakers already, including pairs of ‘77 LS’s and Corns, I’m set. But if he’s willing to do some trading(willing to let my Corns and a nice McIntosh MC2120 amp go) plus a little cash then we can probably get something done. Unloading idle gear by trading for other gear I’m interested in is always appealing.
  10. Where do you live? Those LS's aren't even the cheapest. There's a pair of '85's, black(!!!) that are offered at $6K!!. Not everybody around here has asks like that. There are very nice CW's locally on CL now for $1000, (on the other hand, there's another similar pair with a $4k price tag on them, and yet another for $2K), a nice pair of Forte's for $1500, lots of Heresy's for less then $1k, etc. Just depends. But yeah, generally in this area prices are inflated over the rest of the country. Houses are $500+ sqft, gas is still $5-6 gallon. Lovely place to live, but bargains are tough to come by. Even in a tight economy.
  11. I was borderline diabetic until I lost 60lbs over the last few years. In that time I cut what, and how much I eat, and stopped drinking alcohol. Cutting out sugar as much as possible wasn't that difficult as I never added it to foods, and didn't drink regular soda. I do enjoy carbonated beverages however, and have been enjoying Zevia soda for the last few years. It's a Stevia based soda, tastes great and completely satisfies my carbonated drink jones. I stick to 2 cans a day. Very much recommend. https://www.zevia.com/
  12. I've started some confusion in this thread. The LS's that I pictured and asked guesses on the price are for sale locally for $3k in my area. I did that just to show how out of control asking prices are, particularly in wealthier areas like the San Francisco area. I already have a nice pair of '77 LS's so I'm not buying those. It's the '78 Khorns that this thread was begun for that are selling for $5500 in my area. Yes I can sell the Khorns if they don't work out,but I'm going to try them out first and I'll know pretty quickly if they're going to work out or not in my space. If I have to sell them(assuming the seller won't take them back) they'll be pick up only. I have no means to deliver. They're on caster's that the seller has added so easy to move around.
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