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  1. AR XA table. Gracias.
  2. Cheater.
  3. Not before July 4th. Never!
  4. The competition has begun.
  5. I'm not sure those things taste better then even a piece of electronic equipment. One of the most awful things I've ever had. And I like burgers and fast food. So, I think I win.
  6. I think I win.
  7. Thanks, and I agree completely regarding the break from hifi. That, in a nutshell, is what I've been reaching for since moving in the "vintage" direction a few years ago. I'm hoping that the Dynaco MKIII's that are coming into the picture today are significantly different, better, or worse, then the MC50, so I can figure out what to do with them easily. I really don't need to keep them on the shelf gathering dust not being used, and I only have room for one system. I love everything about the MC50, from it's sound to the way it matches up with the MX110 pre, to how it sounds through the Cornwall's. The fact that it runs cooler is a bonus on this very unusual heat wave we're currently enduring in the SF/Bay Area. But I love tubes, and I'm guessing the III's will bring with them their own benefits and match up well with the 110 and Cornwall's too. A nice predicament to be in, but a predicament nonetheless. In the end run, I'll never sell the 250, so the III's will have to be outstanding for me to decide to keep them around as well.
  8. And the outcome on the Dynaco's is they are repaired and coming home tomorrow. Allowing me to have an abundance of riches and figure out which amp I prefer. Details to follow.
  9. Have not read any reports about a heart attack days before the flight. She fell unconscious during the flight. The coroner has ruled sleep apnea and other, undetermined causes. She also had drugs in her system, and fatty buildup in her arteries. FWIW, I was a serious snorer, according to my wife, before losing 50 lbs, and stopping drinking. Now, no more snoring.
  10. No the 110 was partially restored by the previous owner. Sounds great, and I'm not touching it anymore for now. Having bridged 250's would be boss. I currently have a pair of Dynaco MKIII's in restoration purgatory, and so won't be adding anything else at least until I know the outcome on those.
  11. Thanks. The 250 is a first generation SS. But very "tube like" in it's presentation. The 110 works beautifully with the 250. The 250 was designed to actually be plugged into the early Mac pre's, like the 110, for on/off capability. And yes I really like the phono section. There's actually 2 MM inputs, and I have my AR XA and Dual 1019 both using them at the moment. Thanks!
  12. To push my Cornwall II's. A very early MX110, and a MC250(restored by Audio Classics). I'd say I'm all set for summer.
  13. If the refs can agree to let the players play, GS will annihilate them.
  14. If there are going to be curtains, preferably heavy curtains, why not try them at the opposite corners near the windows? Seems from a seating arrangement perspective that would be better anyway, with the speakers pointing towards the sectional. Just a thought.
  15. More like they asked the refs to step it up a notch. There were some real doozy's called last night.