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  1. FS: McIntosh MC30 monoblocks

    Gorgeous amps. Can you provide more details on the servicing of the amps? Were parts replaced internally? Will you be shipping the amps, and is the cost additional, or is this just a local sale?
  2. I like 'em big.

    I've run some nice 6BQ5 amps that had similar wattage in the past with Cornwalls and always enjoyed the sound. Still didn't seem to pack the wallop that larger amps can, but man that sound was sweet. Would certainly welcome owning another one in the future just to be able to mix it up on occasion.
  3. I like 'em big.

    It's about the what happens at the low levels. Like I said, dynamics. Sure I can get really loud with 3 watts, but in my experience, those 3 watt amps just don't have the bite, the muscle, that larger amps do. Again, in my experience if the amp is of quality build, I get very little noise, particularly at the levels that I listen at. An amp like the Harman Kardon Citation 22(or all the HK Citation amps for that matter) certainly falls into the catalog of quality amp. My Mac MC250, with it's gain pots wide open, also has no detectable hiss/noise to speak of. I will say solid state amps tend to do this better then tube amps. Again, in my experience.
  4. I like 'em big.

    BTW there is no right/wrong answer. Just my .02, and interested in other experiences.
  5. I like 'em big.

    My amps wattage, that is. I prefer more powerful amps then might be considered with my Cornwall II's. Using a Harman Kardon Citation 22 amp presently. I don't necessarily play very loud, probably using just a few watts most of the time. But I find more powerful amps provide a much more satisfying listening experience from a dynamics point of view, even at the lowest volumes. How about you?
  6. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    McIntosh MX110. M series, earliest run. Has some face issues(like me) and couple of minor electrical quirks(also like me) but all in all sounds great, and it's phono and tuner sections keeps me in love with it.
  7. Bought an MC250. Most parts have arrived.

    Oh, those are much more powerful then the 250. That some set up.
  8. Bought an MC250. Most parts have arrived.

    I'm currently using one, restored by Audio Classics, driven by a Mac MX110 pre, with my Cornwall II's. Would love to try a second one. What improvements, differences did you find when using them as mono blocks?
  9. SOLD: Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    A steal! They regularly sell for 2x plus the asking price. Still one of the best music streamers out there. While Logitech has dropped support, there is extensive support through the Logitech forums, and new apps are still being made for it. I love mine and am tempted to grab this one but somebody who doesn't own one should.
  10. Which speaker is appropriate for my room??

    My room is similar. I also have a bay window behind the chair to the left. How about Cornwalls on each side of the fireplace(assuming your sitting position is looking toward the fireplace)?
  11. I prefer Cornwalls to Fortes. I've had them both. Liked them both, but preferred the flexibility that I feel Cornwalls offer over Fortes. CW's can be used flat up against walls/corners, or not. They really don't care. Forte's again require more work to get them just right. Again, my experience. I don't feel that CW's are bass heavy at all. Yes, they have a 15" woofer, but I find them to be quite even handed with their tonality. They go low, but realistically so. I've had speakers that go lower(acoustic suspension speakers like KLH Fives and AR 3/3A). I think you would be immensely pleased using CW's with your tube rig. I've used mine with all kinds of amps, tube and solid state, and they have never disappointed. They handle low and high power amps without problem, on all kinds of music. And they look good doing it.
  12. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    Presently it's this(although I'm cheating by using the tuner section from my McIntosh MX110 tube pre).
  13. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    I'm using a Sherwood S-8900a receiver(ss) presently with my Cornwall II's, and the sound is every bit as rich and satisfying as the sound from my Dynaco MKIII's, or previous adventures that I've taken with tube gear from Fisher, Heathkit, Eico, etc, not to mention lots of other more expensive ss gear, including a McIntosh MC250 that I presently use. I do use the phono and tuner out of a Mac MX110 tube pre just to keep things honest. My point is that quality is quality, whether tube or ss, and it doesn't have to cost a lot. Of course, I have yet to find anything that actually sounds "bad" with my Cornwalls. That helps.
  14. Digging this very much....
  15. Vinyl - Record Spinning