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  1. Haven't tried the PA5, but have used both the Ayima A07($60 at Amazon!) and Fosi V3 3255 amps with my La Scala's, and they are a couple of the best bargains in audio presently, IMO. I prefer both of them to my McIntosh tube amps(30, 225, 240), which is something I never thought I would admit.
  2. Congrats on the La Scala's from another NoCal La Scala owner. The only change I made to mine was to put a pair of @Deang Universal crossovers in mine. I've driven them with various McIntosh tube and solid state amps. They like them all. Getting great sound from a tiny Ayima A07 Chinese chip amp currently selling on Amazon for $60! I have many other pairs of speakers that I love and use, but the La Scala's are truly special, and since I live in a small house that won't accommodate Khorns, they will always be here.
  3. Time to let go of my La Scala's. They are in very good original shape, cabs are showing typical amount of older age use but still good. All original drivers work perfectly. This will also include two of Dean Westcott's crossovers: Type A with Jupiter Flat Caps, and Universal's. The original Type AA's are also included. I love these speakers, but I have too many large speakers, and these are getting less play lately, so better that somebody else who will use them regularly gets them. Not interested in this time in selling anything separately. Everything is going together. I'm interested in mostly vintage speakers, turntables and amps. The speakers and turntables can be completely original or restored, but amps would need to be fully restored. While I would prefer trading for other gear, cash and trade, or all cash, might be possible. I live in Oakland, CA on the San Leandro border.
  4. My Cornwall's can sound good on either SS or tube. Presently have them with a McIntosh MC225, but have also used a McIntosh MC2105 and 2120 and those sounded just fine also. My pre is McIntosh C11. My La Scala's though are much more pleasing to my ear with all tubes.
  5. Owner of '77 LS's and '77 Cornwalls. I like the LS's better. More honest, sound better with tubes, don't mind it not going as deep as Cornwalls. The LS's have Type A crossovers built by Dean with Jupiter Flat Stack caps. But I like my Cornwall's just fine, and with 5 amps in use, I can rotate each pair, plus 3 other pairs, within a minute. The Cornwall's are a little richer, and I prefer them with the original Type B crossovers more then the Crites that I also have. Will probably have Dean build something for them as well at some point.
  6. An update to this post. Over the last year, I bought two of Dean's X/O's: Type A's with Jupiter Flat Stack caps, and his Universal. After swapping them around for a few months, I've decided I prefer the Type A's. The La Scala's are against my front wall, and I feel no need for any additional bass that Universal might provide. And the sound with those wonderful caps is much more natural and closer to the sound of the AA's described above that I really liked. And that will end any attempt of further mods for the LS's. They're perfect for me, and contrast nicely with my other speakers which presently are all acoustic suspension's.
  7. I use a C11(and MX110z) with several vintage Mc tube(including a 225) and SS amps, and my La Scala's and it's a wonderful combination. If you're confident that the restoration was done properly and the price is affordable to you, go for it. You'll never lose money on a vintage Mc piece(unless the price your paying is way over current market) so if you don't like it you can easily unload. A 225/C11 with Khorns is as good as it gets.
  8. That is a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have anyway to connect to my speaker outputs on my amp, which is the only way I want to connect a sub to the system. It's one of the reasons I was considering REL.
  9. Thanks. Two T7's now is really not in the cards. It would exceed the amount that I have budgeted for now, plus in my room there is barely enough room for one. Which REL are you using, and are you using with CW's or some other Heritage model?
  10. Currently MC225 with ‘77 CW’s and MC240 with ‘77 LS’s. Have also used MC30’s, MC2105 and MC2120. They all sound great with both speakers. Just need to be certain the older stuff has been fully and properly restored by a reputable tech within the last few years.
  11. This would only be for 2 channel music. I was considering the REL T9 but I don't want to spend that much. But interesting that you found that a 10" was a good fit for the CW's. I doubt I'd use any sub with my CW's, but good to know.
  12. Thanks guys for the really helpful comments. My main concern is that I've had the opportunity to use a couple of older subs in the past, borrowed from friends, and they never did anything from me. Could definitely just be a problem of the wrong sub, or my failure to integrate it properly. Which is why I was thinking that if I'm going to commit, commit with a high quality(or whatever quality a $1000 will get me) sub once and for all, figuring if I don't like it, I can sell it. One reason I was considering the REL was it's sold through Amazon, and I can return it if it's not for me after a few days. As for the Klipsch suggestion, my hesitancy is getting a product that generally isn't highly regarded, is much less expensive then the option usually recommended, and that the major complaint is that they tend to be somewhat boomy. Like I said, I kinda want this to be an end of discussion purchase where I can definitively say I gave it a good shot and it wasn't for me, if that ends up being the result.
  13. I'll let you know. I'm getting closer, mostly out wanting to try a quality sub out and once and for all determine if it fills in some hole that I don't know that I have. Have you ever tried a sub out with your LS's? And if not, why? Obviously I'm not in disagreement with you that I think they sound just fine as is, but what with the overwhelming opinion here and elsewhere that one is somehow missing a great deal by not adding one I'd be interested in your dissent. As I value your comments/opinion, Maybe you can help talk me down once and for all😉
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