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  1. So basically if I want new X/O's at this point PM Dean for info. Got it. Thanks.
  2. ???…How is the question not relevant to the focus of the thread?
  3. How does one find out more of the offerings, prices, ordering info of this and other products of Dean's?
  4. In my main system presently, in addition to La Scala's, I rotate between Bozak 302's and AR3's, plus(I don't know if they would be considered "classics" but I love them)Boston Acoustic CR8's. I also own a pair of Allison One's but because of their placement requirements I don't have the space for them right now. Also a pair of KLH Model Six's which I've had for a long time and try to get into the system on occasion, at which time they always pleasantly surprise me.
  5. Yup that's what I use for my LS's. Pretty great sound, right?
  6. Geez whatever you do don't get rid of the 500B. It's a jewel, appreciating in value every day. A great receiver(assuming properly updated) and about as perfect match with the LS's that I could think of. I've owned and liked Decware. Excellent company, excellent amps. But those Fisher amps/receivers from their golden period are special like very few others.
  7. McIntosh MC2105. I foolishly sold mine last year while I was in the midst of buying madness acquiring McIntosh tube gear(MC30, MC225, MC240, MX110, C11) within a few month period. Figured that was it for solid state, and I had a MC2120 as a spare that I couldn't seem to unload(people don't like vintage ss Mac with those meters). Well, it became clear to me over the last few months that I really wish I hadn't. This amp is special and so seemingly tailored to my listening preferences, and so perfectly matches up to the MX110z(or C11) pre, not to mention arguably one of the best looking amps out there, that it became evident that I needed to reacquire. Search on, and this week a local Bay Area musician(played prominent roles with both Santana, Eddie Money & Chris Isaak) was selling one for a pal of his in financial and health straits. He was able to provide a full(and colorful) history of the amp, and the cleaning up/checking up on it to get it back into shape. It was local, it was selling for a great price(IMO), and he agreed to deliver it. A no brainer. Back here today, looking spiffy, and being used to drive a pair of AR3's. My La Scala's are driven by the MC30's, and that's a combo I ain't planning on changing anytime soon.
  8. That's a beautiful amp. A review on it here https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/amplifier-reviews/integrated-amplifier-reviews/melody-action-ultra-mda2-and-everest-211/2/ states "It’s very neutral and analytical, but never clinical and its timbre is spot-on natural. The bass, nearly always an aspect in which tube amplifiers perform less well than transistor amplifiers, is fast and tight and beautifully articulate, and with perfect pacing, it’s neither slow nor hurried. The bass is a little lean compared to the Ayon’s ..." If this is true, it sounds like it would be a perfect match for the Cornwall's that I'm familiar with. The McIntosh amps(MC225 and MC30) that I prefer to use with the Cornwall's or La Scala's tend to be more old school tubey with quite full bass. Again, for me, a bit much with the CW's but just right for the LS's.
  9. I haven't heard the CIV's although pretty much everything that I've heard about them are extremely positive. As I indicated, it really just boils down to one's preferences as does everything else in this hobby. My amps are all 60 year old tube amps, give or take, as are my preamps. I listen to mostly vinyl. Therefore, I have what I would consider an abundance of warmth throughout my audio chain, and perhaps it's just the neutrality of the LS's which to my ears play better with these electronics then the Cornies, which are just a little too bass heavy and thick sounding. I have used the Cornies with more neutral gear, as well as some solid state over the years and did find that to be a better match. But for me the LS's just do everything right within the confines of my room and my gear. FWIW, I also use restored Bozak 302's and AR3 speakers with my tube gear, and both of those speakers do fall on the warmer side of neutral, but are both smaller then the Cornies and the results are not quite as extreme as I find with the Cornies.
  10. Presently a pair of Decorator 1’s from ‘77. But I’ve also owned verticals and II’s in the past. All good just prefer La Scala’s sound more.
  11. I own and love the 240. But like the 225 it's a very old amp, and will need a complete restoration by a trusted tech before it's used. I wouldn't even bother testing it in it's present state. If it's in an antique store, I'm guessing it hasn't been used in a long time.
  12. Decware amps are great. I've used a few different one's over the years(not the Torii Junior, however). That said, if you can find and afford a 225, not only are you getting arguably the best sounding of the classic Mac tube amps, but it's a piece of history that will only appreciate in value over the years. Of course, it will need to be restored by somebody who knows how to restore McIntosh classic amps (assuming it already hasn't been) unless you are able to do it yourself. I own a 225 and use it regularly with my La Scala's and it's a wonderful match.
  13. La Scala's are the most honest speaker that I've ever owned. Paired with a reasonably good tube amp, they're magic on pretty much every recording. And I'm talking completely stock, as my '77's are. I have other speakers which are equally enjoyable (AR3's, Bozak 302's, Allison One's) but at this point the LS's would be the keepers of all of them. I can use any amp with them, they're easy to place, and sound great with any music that I've ever played on them. I own Cornwall's, but they would be the first to go of all the one's I mentioned. To my ears, they're pleasant but very overrated.
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