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  1. Sorry I missed this, I don't check in on the Klipsch forums as much as I used to. Probably something to do with the fact that I haven't purchased audio gear since November 2021, just been so content with my CWIV and Audiolab 6000a Play combo. I mentioned this in another thread, but I believe I was one of the first, if not the first, people to recommend you getting into a Klipsch Heritage speaker. It's cool to see that you've gone and picked up another pair! Though if I remember correctly, you live in a pretty small apartment, has that changed? A lot of people recommend subs with the Heresy line. But I would absolutely try placing them closer to the wall just to see. I actually use two subs with my CWIV if the mood strikes me. I've got two cheapo Klipsch subs hooked up to the pre-outs of the Audiolab and crossed over at 40hz, so they just pick up where the CWs fall off. I enjoy them with the subs too, but they lose their speed and precision with the subs enabled. I'm very much interested in a pair of Klipschs new subs, either a pair of 10s or 12s, but due to their massive size, it would damn near require a rearrange of my entire front stage lol.
  2. Hey I know you from Steve Hoffman Forums! I believe I was the first guy to recommend the Klipcsh Heritage line in your thread for your search for new speakers! Welcome!
  3. As far as the original topic, in regard to getting more bass out of a Cornwall IV, the answer is simple: get them as close to your front wall as possible. The inside corner on my CWIV is 2" from the front wall, the outside corner, because of a fairly aggressive toe-in, is 17.5" from the front wall. I would urge anyone wanting more bass out of their CWIV to try a similar positioning. Most people I See with Cornwalls seem to neglect the "wall" aspect of the "Cornwall" name. These speakers are literally not designed to be pulled out 3-5' into the room like your average speaker. That is, unless you love shouty mids that overpower every other band in the FR.
  4. Jesus they are literally so huge though lol. Even the 10" RP would be a massive upgrade from my pair of Best Buy special 12SW subs, but even the 10" RP is 25" DEEP! But I would have to push my speakers closer together to be able to align the front of the sub even with the cabinet of the Cornwalls, being positioned on the outside of each speaker, which is how I like my subs positioned. The 10" is rated down to just below 20hz, which is incredible! Also a good bit cheaper than the 10" REL T/9x I was considering a year ago.
  5. I'm considering a pair of these new 12" subs to go with my Cornwall IVs....that 5-year warranty basically eliminates any worry I had about reliability.
  6. That Denon is no slouch. The money would likely be better spent on an extra sub.
  7. Give a man a record, he can listen to it till it wears out. Give a man a bowl made from a record, and he can eat cereal for the rest of his days.
  8. I tend to use db-C, with the mic right in front of my forehead facing the front of the room/in-between the speakers.
  9. I like 90db with 95db peaks at the listening position. I just tried listening to 40db like OP....that does nothing for me whatsoever. Cornwall IVs.
  10. His custom config Cornwalls are gorgeous too. Personally I feel like he should have pushed those Cornwalls closer to the wall (mine are 2" from the front wall). I told him this and he said he experimented with lots of placements. Still, I don't feel like he really got the most optimal placement in his room.
  11. I'm running an Audiolab 6000a Play on Cornwall IVs with great results. The 6000a Play is just out of your budget but the standard 6000a (non-Play model) I believe is right at $1k, and some would tell you to spring for the non-Play model anyway as the streaming functionality with the DTS Play app on the 6000a Play leaves things to be desired.
  12. As far as I can tell all these new II models have the same binding posts as my CWIVs and other Heritage IV models. Pretty cool.
  13. I own CWIV and have never heard Forte IV, but I feel like most people who have heard both usually say the FIV seems to have deeper or more impactful bass? I dunno but I do know CWIV has amazing bass. I was using a pair of subs for a while but not much anymore. CWIV and a decent integrated is all one needs for two-channel music bliss.
  14. What makes that site any more credible than anyone here? It sounds like you just found a guy who told you what you wanted to hear. Plus that dude hasn't even got his hands on a Forte IV or Forte III... And the Forte I may have deeper bass than a Forte IV on a spec sheet from 1985, but testing proves otherwise. The Forte IV has some of the deepest bass of any Klipsch speaker ever made. Deeper than the Cornwall even.
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