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  1. I would imagine the sense of scale is the biggest difference between the two. They should have similar timbre. I recently went from R-28F towers to a pair of Cornwall IVs. I wanted a pair of 8000f for a while too though. Super happy with the CWIVs though.
  2. Yeah perhaps he sent them back and deactivated his account here lol..... Nah I think he'll be back in a few days and he'll be amazed at the transformation they've made. I've yet to meet someone who couldn't get into CWIVs. Even if it didn't happen immediately.
  3. I’m curious if the OP is enjoying the speakers more after a few days usage....I know mine seem to have opened up quite a bit. More bass response and an overall smoother presentation. I don’t know if I accomplished this from break-in or from position/placement. Maybe a little of both?
  4. On the third day of my CWIV ownership, I have become more and more impressed with the bass I'm getting out of these speakers. I haven't read through this thread yet (I'm about to) but before I do I'm going to go out on a limb and say that your experience has been exactly the same. I'd be very surprised to hear you still had a lack of bass. These speakers are breaking in beautifully. I've also experiemented more with toe-in and placement. I'm in love with these speakers. EDIT: So I just read the thread and it seems maybe you aren't having the same experience as I am. I want to add that it's not your amp. I'm running my CWIVs from a Best Buy Onkyo A/V receiver with amazing results. I'm feeding it an analog signal from a Schiit Modius DAC so I'm running the receiver in direct mode with no internal processing going on. So no EQ either. I'll also add that my room is likely what many of you would consider too small for Cornwalls, 10.5 foot wide, 16.5 foot in length and 7 foot ceilings. Pretty damn small really. All the same they sound incredible. I'm gonna be honest here: I was not impressed with the bass I was getting out of these speakers Friday afternoon when I took delivery. Yesterday it was much better and today it's fantastic. I've probably put 20ish hours of music through them since Friday afternoon, even playing them when I wasn't at home. Don't give up on your Cornwalls yet brother!
  5. I couldn't agree more! I actually toed them in a little less yesterday afternoon, just experimenting and I've found the sweet spot for my listening postion. Listening this morning has been a treat like no other. The BASS is so much better today than it was Friday afternoon. Last night, with the help of some booze and pot, I had what I can only describe as a religious experience listening to these speakers. Incredible. This morning, listening to the DMB Crash album, an album I believe to be one of the most well recorded mainstream albums ever, is an incredible experience. I'd like to remind everyone that I'm running these from a mid-tier Onkyo A/V receiver (TXNR757) being fed an analog signal from a Schiit Modius. I have a hard time believing they could even sound any better than this! But I'm sure they can.
  6. Pretty much every review I've read/watched said they were NOT speakers for bassheads. I literally just had a pair delivered yesterday, and I agree with those reviews. I'm not having any issues with imaging and staging though. And even on the bass, it's there when the track calls for it.
  7. Here is the placement I finally decided on....they still don’t appear perfectly symmetrical to my eyes but it’s close enough....for now lol. The more aggressive I got with toe-in, the more incredible they sounded. With this revelation in mind, eventually I may just place them on either side of my head and listen inbetween them lmao. Jk. They came from Amazon on a pallet wrapped up in black plastic. The speakers are impeccable, not a single scratch or cause for concern. Grills as well. Im also into high end headphone audio, and I always give people shit when they buy multi-thousand dollar headphones and then throw the boxes away! So with that in mind, I’ll be breaking the boxes down these Cornwalls came in and I’ll be keeping them forever!
  8. Yep I vote for the 504C as well. It's the best RP center that Klipsch makes.
  9. LOL well maybe I'm just broke.....I finance all kinds of big ticket items though. I can much more easily digest paying a few hundred bucks a month for a year rather than paying thousands at once and emptying my savings.
  10. This is true. Corey I think suggested even getting a personal loan from my bank, which probably would have been the cheaper and smarter thing to do, but it's just so damn easy to buy in Amazon and not have to fool with banks etc. Personally I think Paducah HT should look into some financing services.....there's plenty to choose from.
  11. I inquired about purchasing from Paducah but they don't offer any sort of financing options. I needed at least a year to pay off the cost of the Cornwalls, as I imagine many people would. So I had to get them from Amazon on my Amazon store account.
  12. I'm thinking the 504c would be the cost no object center that will tonally match your towers. That said, finding in-walls to match the timbre and tonality of the your front stange may be trickier. Or hell maybe it'll be easy, I just don't know how the Klipsch in-wall offerings are voiced.
  13. Thanks guys, I certainly will. I don't even have fancy electronics but I'm still looking forward to hear them from my mid-tier Onkyo home theater receiver. The Cornwalls will be displacing R-28 towers and a pair of 12SW subs. I may use the towers as rear surrounds for theater listening and I may still use the subs (though in a different location, as they won't fit in their current location, along with the Cornwalls). I'm feeding the A/V receiver with a Schiit Modius DAC through its "CD input" analog input. I feel like it sounds better but I don't know about the integrity of its analog signal path. Causing me to take my own hearing with a grain of salt haha. Honestly even when I do upgrade from Onkyo I dont have current plans to get a set of amp/dac separates. I've been eyeing the Marantz SR6015\7015 and the Denon X3700/X4700. I've been hoping for measuremnts before I bought either Marantz as last years models did not measure near as well as the comparably priced Denons.
  14. Wow what a room! Do you have any subs? Any need for them?
  15. CoryGillmore

    RC-64 III

    Oh wow yeah that's a lot of money to avoid putting a TV on top of the speaker haha. I'm having a pair of Cornwall IVs delivered this week but I'm not ready for a 3k TV stand haha.
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