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  1. Are you referring to replacing the tweeter completely? Is that a thing? I just got CWIVs in June...do people replace any of those drivers? Jesus how much is an upgraded driver on a $6K+ pair of loudspeakers lol. Or 3k+ in the case of the Heresys
  2. @Joecoulsonis that center channel a little too tall to go on top of the furniture? Meaning it blocks the TV a little bit? If not I'd have that thing resting on top! That's a really nice piece of furniture though!
  3. That's a hell of a piece! Where'd you get that? Price? What all is inside it?
  4. Ok so I just tried this for the first time and I agree! It also pushes that "new Cornwall smell" into the room a lot more. 👍
  5. Ahh yes another single man I see LMAO. Me too haha
  6. Are you talking about inside the speaker cabinet?
  7. I'm curious about it myself haha. My Onkyo A/V reciever TXNR757 already drives them to volumes I'll never reach and they sound a amazing. Yeah they're CWIVs. I did bypass the internal DAC of the Onkyo with a Schiit Modius though. I may end up with a Bifrost2 before it's over with.
  8. Ah ok that makes more sense to me. Thanks man. Thank you sir! One day!
  9. I have an Onkyo TXNR757. So all this depends on being able to utilize pre-outs in my AVR for the left and right mains? I mean I do intend to upgrade my AVR in the near future but not before I get all the Schiit gear. Until then I guess I’ll have to reach behind my speakers and plug in wires from the AVR when I want to watch a movie.
  10. Kinda lol I’m still confused as to how this would be wired up though…would it even be possible with my current A/V receiver which does not have pre-outs? I’m looking at a Freya+ for a preamp to feed two Aegirs in dual mono. The Freya+ does have HT bypass according to their literature. But that aside, I was under the impression that in order for an A/V receiver to process all the Atmos stuff it had to be fed a digital signal.
  11. So here’s what I ended up with! And it’s perfect. I’ll easily be able to fit the Freya+ where the center channel used to be and both Aegir monoblocks on each side of the center channels current position. Center channel also sounds much better now that I’ve taken it out of the cubby it was in. Thanks @billybob!
  12. Interesting...thank you sir! What does it mean by "no not ground one of them"....how would you even do that? I mean if you only use the top two red outputs how would you ground one of them?
  13. I have a question regarding running these Schiit amps in monoblock mode. Do you utilize both sets of binding posts on the amps when running them in mono? Or do you just run one wire pair to your speakers and use the jumpers on your speaker terminals?
  14. One thing I notice it doesn't have is an HDMI input/output. Can the P6 still passthrough Atmos, DTSX and all that jazz without HDMI passthrough?
  15. I suppose this would be my most practical solution as well. Thank you sir. Ah I see. Would it be a problem if I never made the mistake of actually trying to feed a signal from both amps simultaneously? I think I'll go with the switch device above, but just for curiosity.... Hell yeah sounds nice and streamlined. Is that an integrated amp? EDIT: Nevermind I see it's a preamp. Looks very damn useful too, those sub pre-outs alone have me considering it haha.
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