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  1. As far as I can tell all these new II models have the same binding posts as my CWIVs and other Heritage IV models. Pretty cool.
  2. I own CWIV and have never heard Forte IV, but I feel like most people who have heard both usually say the FIV seems to have deeper or more impactful bass? I dunno but I do know CWIV has amazing bass. I was using a pair of subs for a while but not much anymore. CWIV and a decent integrated is all one needs for two-channel music bliss.
  3. What makes that site any more credible than anyone here? It sounds like you just found a guy who told you what you wanted to hear. Plus that dude hasn't even got his hands on a Forte IV or Forte III... And the Forte I may have deeper bass than a Forte IV on a spec sheet from 1985, but testing proves otherwise. The Forte IV has some of the deepest bass of any Klipsch speaker ever made. Deeper than the Cornwall even.
  4. Fixing that had to make a dramatic difference!
  5. That actually a really good binaural recording! At least the Chesky Records version is, I thought there was only oner version to be honest. Great recording! One of the few records where sub bass isn't summed to mono. So a true stereo bass setup gives advantages with it.
  6. I turned those cheap Klispch subs off and fell in love with my Cornwall IVs all over again....lol Even as well integrated as they are, they're still too slow and can't keep up with that quick and light paper woofer on the CWIVs. Everything is noticeably snappier. livelier and tighter with the subs turned off. For anything other than modern pop recordings, I don't think I'll use them much anymore. Still on the lookout for a small-ish footprint fast sub that can keep up with the CWIVs. REL T9/x pair is still at the top of my list after much research. Though the aforementioned SVS and Rythmik subs are also on my radar.
  7. I've always found binaural recordings to sound just fine on a standard speaker setup.
  8. This thread turned out to be a dud! Is no one into stereo bass setups around here?
  9. Nah you're good. I missed the last sentence of his post that you were actually responding to. That's my bad
  10. He was definitely agreeing with you..I don't understand why you're being snarky with him... EDIT: Ah nevermind, I see you were more responding to his last sentence in that post.
  11. First off, I'm not talking about just having two subs. I'm talking about having two subs that are NOT summed to mono. I achieve this with my setup by using the stereo pre-outs on the back of my audiolab 6000a Play. These are not strictly sub-woofer pre-outs, just regular pre-outs. This amp offers no bass management either, so that is managed on the back of each sub. Now, let's talk recordings that actually take advantage of such a setup. Which isn't as easy as you may think. As with most modern recordings, all sub bass is summed to mono in the studio. But not all recordings. The Chesky Records binaural recordings are such recordings that are not summed to mono. Macey Grays "Stripped" record is a great record for such a setup. On most songs on this record, there is a standup bass located stage right. And it's very obvious on a stereo bass setup, as the right side of the room is pressurized. Amber Rubarths "Sessions from the 9th Ward" is another Chesky binaural recording which is good for stereo bass. One of my absolute favorite records for stereo bass is: There's many great tracks on this record that take advantage of stereo bass. Track #3 being especially good, with an upright bass on each side of room playing a different passage. Also the first track features an "octobass" a 16ft tall bass violin that requires two people to play. It's positioned dead center in the room though, so no cool stereo bass effects, but cool nonetheless. So what do you guys got? Any good recordings for stereo bass?
  12. You're saying the lower octaves of bass aren't important to you? I couldn't imagine living with less bass than a pair of Cornwall IVs with no sub. I enjoyed CW IVs for months with no subs, but now that I've added even a cheap pair of big box store subs, I'd have a hard time going back. You don't realize what you're missing until you hear it yourself in your system. Truly an "ignorance is bliss" scenario haha. You owe it to yourself to get a couple subs on your La Scalas. Even a pair of the aforementioned Klipsch SPL 12" subs would add MUCH to your enjoyment.
  13. I gotcha. A 15" woofer. Is it the exact same driver the CW uses? From what I hear from other people, it doesn't reach as low or have the impact of a Cornwall. While being much more massive than a Cornwall. It just seems like a flawed design, in the case of the La Scala specifically.
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