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  1. OP here, hi! After living with the CWs and trying everything (within reason), including using the cardboard boxes they came in as room treatment, I realized they don’t make the kind of sound I prefer. Not with my current system anyway. I did gain a new appreciation for my Dynaudios — I feel like they sound better now, so I’ve got that going for me :). Upscale Audio graciously agreed to take them back without too many questions (“did you try putting them against the wall,” etc.) The CWs are beautiful, and really make Gillian Welch sound like she’s in the room, but they’re just not the right speaker for me. I’m out $450 for the return freight fees, and spent a couple hours arranging that freight but I don’t feel too badly about that. It was good to be able to try out something very different than I have. Off to their next home..
  2. Still here, hoping they will break in. Will post an update once I have news. Thank you everyone for all the suggestions!
  3. If it’s the room, the Cornwalls are going back — I like the room just as it is. The room doesn’t cause my Dynaudios to sound like the kick drum is coming from the neighbor’s speaker.
  4. Good call! Double checked just now, and they’re tight. Triple checked with an ohmmeter on the banana connectors on all four pairs.
  5. I’m not about to start my system from scratch just to try to make it fit the newcomer component. I love the sound of my Prima Luna tube amp. Replacing things other than the Cornwalls would be terribly expensive, and with an unknown end result. If I can’t make these work, I’ll return them and make sure I replace them with something I can go listen at an audio dealer (which we have plenty of) less than a 2 hour drive from where I live.
  6. There could be really nice speakers somewhere in the Cornwalls, but... If my choice is between keeping the Dynaudios which sound better in my system at $0 and keeping the Cornwalls that currently sound worse at $6k, well, it’s not really a choice.
  7. Excellent advice, thank you. I’m definitely planning on keeping them and playing more music at least until my replacement speaker cables arrive and I can test if that has the desired effect. I don’t consider myself a “bass head.” My old Dynaudio x32s these are up against were the skinniest floor standing Dynaudios in the lineup. I guess it’s the mellow mid-lows smoothly pouring out of the x32s I’m missing here. Could be my Prima Luna amp is just not a good match to the Cornwalls for whatever hard-to-grok reason.
  8. To be clear, I don’t have an issue with imaging. It only disappears if I switch the speaker cables (invert phase) on one of the speakers in an attempt to fix my issue with bass.
  9. Hmm.. searching this and other forums, other people new to Klipsch have had a similar problem with “missing” bass. Is it possible my having gotten used to the dynamic, musical lows & mid-lows on my Dynaudio x32s (which were half the price of the CWs when I bought them), I just have a different definition of “impactful bass” from folks who are longer term Klipsch fans?
  10. If either of those were the case, the woofers would not have moved when I performed the inverted phase test with an AA battery.
  11. Yes, I forgot to mention I’ve been switching between Cornwalls and my Dynaudio Excite x32 floor standers, which have no trouble with lows and mid lows. Those are rated 4 ohm, and they sound obviously better to my ears. Great bass, excellent imaging. The tracks I’ve been using to figure things out: No Time for Caution from Interstellar soundtrack These Days from Jackson Browne’s For Everyman Drunk in LA from Beach House’s 7 Blinding Lights, Chromatics remix Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
  12. In an effort to stimulate the economy, I bought a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IVs. I was stoked to receive them, but upon hooking them up to my system, I was shocked by what seems like completely absent mid-lows / lows. I’ve been fiddling with all parts of my system, but without much success. Looking for advice on what else to try before I send these back. Setup in order: RoPieee 2’ basic USB cable Denafrips Aries II 20” iFi RCA. I’ve got custom built RCA 20’ RCA replacement arriving next week. Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated w/ “Tung-Sol” KT120s, well warmed-up. 40+ Watts / channel should be plenty on what are often referred to as “easy to drive” speakers. 10’ generic 16 gauge speaker wire w/ bare wire connections. I’ve got a pair of Canare 4s8 with spades for amp and bananas for speaker arriving next week. Cornwalls 15’ x 19’ furnished living room What I’ve tried so far: AA battery test for speaker polarity. Speaker polarity is fine. 4 ohm and 8 ohm speaker connections on the amp. Bass absent with both. All the speaker placements. Listening position is 13’ from the wall by speakers, speakers are 10’ apart center-on-center: Against the wall flat. Against the wall toed in slightly. 10” off the wall flat. 10” off the wall slightly toed in. 3’ off the wall flat. 3’ off the wall, toed in with all the angles, including where their center lines cross 3’ in front of listening position. Reversing phase on one of the speakers. This results in some of the bass (still nowhere near what’s expected) appearing, but imaging is completely gone. I’m just hearing music from each speaker with a really crappy sound stage. Can’t place instruments or vocals. Reversing phase for one channel in Roon DSP. This was a great way to A/B test phase reversal by switching back and forth to make sure I know what I’m hearing re: sound stage and bass. Roon: Reversing phase on both speakers. Reversing phase on one speaker. Tidal MQA source material; both scaled up, and not scaled up. Tidal 44kHz/16bit FLAC; both scaled up, and not scaled up. Parametric EQ. I can make things sound different, but bass is still absent. Listening to them standing up, sitting down, walking around the room, and jumping up and down in frustration. I have a flickering hope that the 13 gauge -equivalent Canare speaker cables will make a difference, but I have a hard time believing they would correct such a glaring lack of mid-lows and lows. I’m not about to play the lottery with swapping out the crossovers or reinforcing the internal bracing — I’m ok with tinkering, but oh man, I’m expecting prettier music from a $6k pair of speakers out of the factory. I feel like I made a mistake buying these without hearing them in person. I live in SF, and for some strange reason Klipsch doesn’t have dealers who carry the heritage line anywhere within a 2 hour radius of this major market. I relied on Steve Gutenberg and other reviewers who explicitly said the bass is there, and plentiful. The sales guy I ordered these from said they’d be a good match for my system, and to burn them in for 200 hours. 200 hours is ridiculous — how is anyone supposed to play 200 hours of music before the return period expires? Now, sure, maybe the sound will change over the initial 200 hours, but I don’t believe it will change that much. Anyways, any advice would be appreciated.
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