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  1. I'm guessing this is the same sale?!?!? https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/rockford-klipsch-rf7-speaker-pair/6926224894.html Thanks JJ
  2. Yep @K5SS, @oldtimer adds in an unknown addictive ingredient to all his creations that is of the same ilk that the Girl Scouts use in their cookies. Thanks JJ
  3. On Book #4 of "The Remaining" series by D.J. Molles. Not sure if it's me "reading" more into it but it seems like a blatant rip-off of the "Walking Dead". Despite that, it well written. Thanks JJ
  4. DoubleJ


    Sorry in advance for cluttering up you For Sale Post....BUT....:) For those who were at the Pilgrimage two years ago, is this the same model that was playing outside during the plant tour? I know they were 396's but don't recall the SMA-II being part of product id?!?!? Thanks JJ
  5. I have one room (13X22) which contains a 6.1 HT and two (2) channel set-ups. On one short wall I have the HT front 3 speakers (2-CW, C-7 center) and an old style Water heater SVS PB sub woofer. On the opposite short wall, I have the K-Horns. Between the K-horns is a CW Rear Center for the HT setup. The second two channel rig, I have a set of Belles. The Belles are on a long, short 1/2 wall that separates the main room and the kitchen. I have a swivel rocker that is positioned just right so all I have to do is "spin around" to bounce back between 2 channel K-horns and the HT setup. There is a couch on the opposite wall facing the Belle set-up. None of the set-ups are ideal but works for me. Thanks JJ
  6. @Harleywood What is the make/model of the stand you are using for your gear? Thanks JJ
  7. DoubleJ

    What I Got Today!

    @A1UC Merchants must love to see you coming You buy coolest stuff!!!! Thanks JJ
  8. I won't be able to attend this year but I sent some money for you to use however you see fit!!! Thanks JJ
  9. It's a Boomac siting!!! Hope all is well with you and yours, my friend!!! Thanks JJ
  10. Yep, Texarkana has an airport and has rental car services. The tough part is timing the one or two flights per day from Dallas/FT Worth. Thanks JJ
  11. DoubleJ

    Over 5000 Posts

    Hmm, Member since 2001 and only 696 posts..697 now Thanks JJ
  12. @vectra I'll take all three (3) lots if they are still available Thanks JJ
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