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  1. That's a new one to me??!? Was/is there a lacquer that would be of a "Gloss" finish? Thanks JJ
  2. I've updated the clock which ties the room together, much better. Thanks JJ
  3. OR= OAK RAW OO = Oak Oiled OL = Oak Lacquered Thanks JJ
  4. DoubleJ


    Gotta add one of my favorites, Gary Numan, to the Mini Moog list of users!! Thanks JJ
  5. @oldtimer Thank you for the quick turnaround on the shipping!! Arrived safe and unfrozen For those of you that are a fan of oldtimer's hot sauces, this rendition should be on your shelf, ASAP!!! Thank you for sharing your creations with us, Brian!!!! Thanks JJ
  6. You know I'm always game for your Hot sauce creations!!!! PM Sent!!! Thanks JJ
  7. Hi, I'm just guessing, but the "5" may be an "S" what would make them '78's. Thanks JJ -Hello, I have a pair of Cornwalls, serial# 175203. Do you know what year these were made?-
  8. It was -25F this morning at 4:00AM and now its a balmy -19F Thanks JJ
  9. 757 posts, joined 7/2001. @wstrickland1 you have nothing to be ashamed about Thanks JJ
  10. Audio Goal(s): -To actually fire up my systems and listen. (It's been months) There has to be some kind of punishment for this gross neglect!! Thanks JJ
  11. You took it out of the wrapper!??! Shame on you That's what the $75 dollar version is for!!!
  12. I plan on purchasing both books and have signed up for notifications using the same three e-mail addresses for each item. Did not receive a notification email to any of the three email accounts stating that the Reg edition was in stock and ready for purchase. (I was notified by reading this thread that book was in stock) Not trying to create frustration for anyone, but your blanket statement of "The notification will come the same way as the previous items. No one who signed up for that has missed out on anything. Stay tuned" is not correct and that things do in fact fall through the cracks sometimes. Let's hope that I'm the exception and others can simply lie back an relax and wait for notification. Thanks JJ
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