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  1. RIP in Bob and condolences to the Crites family https://www.humphreyfuneral.com/obituary/Bobby-Crites JJ
  2. Can't always remember which streaming service they are on, but here are a few: Bridgerton - A rompy, 16th Century English series Expanse: A good Sci Fi series for those who like this genre MindKillers Warrior Nun Thanks JJ
  3. DoubleJ

    It's On

    The Orange Stomp is a must buy*!!!! Don't lose that recipe, @oldtimer *All of the hot sauce offerings that Oldtimer concocts are must buy but the Orange stomp is something special. Thanks JJ
  4. DoubleJ

    Safe Space

    If there is a endless supply of hot sauce, I will make a pilgrimage to this safe place!!! Thanks JJ
  5. Thank you, Jim!!! I thought the ceiling sloped a bit wasn't 100% sure. Thanks JJ
  6. Hi What are the dimensions of the listening room that is next to the anechoic chamber/ Engineering lab at the Hope facility? @JRH Thanks JJ
  7. Yep, It's on the museum website: https://www.klipschmuseum.org/dope-from-hope-2 Thanks JJ
  8. LOL!!! @Tarheel I thought those were the directions to Rodney's place!?!?! Thanks JJ
  9. I have a question regarding to the venue Where is it in relation to the Super 8 Hotel? (Only chose this location because it's the only reference point I'm familiar with other than the Hope Plant). Thanks JJ
  10. For some reason, I can't view the pictures posted by SeaDog!?!? Tried, FireFox, Chrome, New/Old Edge but all I get is broken image on the site the pics are hosted on. Judging from the comments, some are able to view the pictures. @Seadog
  11. Hmmm. My Klipsch decoder ring tells me that these are '77's not '69's?!?!? "R" in the serial number is 1977. Thanks JJ
  12. I'm waiting to see how you are going to fit those in that Priority Mail envelope!?!?
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