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  1. Looking at the info on speakers, the pictures clearly show you can take off the end caps to use banana plugs. https://www.klipsch.com/products/rp-5000f-floorstanding-speaker
  2. HI, I'm probably the last person that should be giving advice on this subject but I have had the same issue but with different equipment. What pretty much solved the problem for me was the order of powering down/up the devices: 1. Power on the Pre-amp 2. Give it a minute or two (I use a Peach Pre-Amp) 3. Power on Amp (ST-70) When finished listening, reverse the order: 1. Power Off the AMP 2. Give things a minute or two to power-off 3. Power Off the Pre-amp Also, not sure if the proper order is different for Tubes vs SS!?!?!? Thanks JJ
  3. @randyh That isn't entirely true. I purchased a Klipsch Soundbar from an Amazon Reseller and had issues with the remote after 40 days. I had the sales slip and proof of Registration and when validating the warranty with Klipsch support, they said the Amazon merchant I purchased it from wasn't an approved Seller of their products on Amazon. I didn't push the issue because a new remote was only $10, from Klipsch. Thanks JJ
  4. If buying from Amazon or any other web source, make sure that the retailer you are dealing with is an authorized Klipsch seller. If not, no warranty from Klipsch. https://www.klipsch.com/authorized-online-dealers Good luck!!! Thanks JJ
  5. Hi, Not the best solution but works good enough for me with my CW fronts. KLF C7 Thanks JJ
  6. Hard list to come up with because there are many favorite tracks: -Fletcher Memorial Home -Astronomy Domine -Sorrow As for albums: -Relics -DSOM -Meddle Thanks JJ
  7. I'll take these if they are still available. PM coming shortly Thanks JJ
  8. Has anyone seen @Coytee around?!?!?
  9. Hi, @Cathedral Guitar A few years ago, at one of the Pilgrimages in Indy, there was a room configured for three channel with a Belle as a center. Attached are the details.. Thanks JJ 3rdChannelDelay.pdf
  10. Wow!!! Had to double check the date of these last two posts!!! @garymd @Allan Songer Great to see both of you posting now and again!!! Hope All is well with you and yours!!! Thanks JJ
  11. @Tarheel What is the make and model of your new Zero Gravity Chairs? Thanks JJ
  12. I won't be able to attend but want to send in some money to go towards where ever things appear to be short. (I'll leave it to the committee to decide where it's best spent) What email address do I send the PayPal funds to? Thanks JJ
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