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  1. I had to double check the dates of this thread Hope all is well with you, Guy!!!! And with you as well, Boomac Thanks JJ
  2. How about "the Rock" AWR 650-SMs' I bought a pair for my parents a few years ago and they blend right in with their garden/rock garden. Thanks JJ
  3. Thanks for all the Pics, everyone!!!!! Felt like I was there. Thanks JJ
  4. Thanks Picky!!! It's been too long since we have had a PICKY report!!! Thanks JJ
  5. I'm waiting for Willand to throw in a George Foreman grill and a spray can of Flex-seal
  6. Dynamite
  7. I use DougsTubes but I'm usually not buying NOS tubes so I don't know if he has a wide assortment to choose from. Thanks JJ
  8. Hi Larry!!! Hope all is well!! I hadn't fired up the Khorn rig in awhile and Holst-The Planets was the first CD I played , this past weekend Thanks JJ
  9. Thanks for the info. How about ceiling height? The area I've been thinking turning into a HT is about the same size as yours. The major issues I have are low ceilings (approx 7.5) and floor jacks in all the wrong spots. Thanks JJ
  10. Nice looking setup!!! What are the dimensions of the HT area? Thanks JJ
  11. Was it the KI-396s' that were setup outside during the plant tour this past pilgrimage? Thanks JJ
  12. Thank You Rodney and your supporting cast!!! The ribs at the Klipsch plant lunch were Excellent!!! Being from the Upper Midwest, we usually have to drown our BBQ'd meats with sauce but the rub on those ribs warranted no sauce. I've only been to Hope twice and I still can't get over the Southern Hospitality (I'm from WI so anything south of Iowa is Southern). Everyone is so friendly and complete strangers make you feel like you have known them years. Thanks again Rodney for opening up your ranch for Klipschstock 2016!!!! JJ
  13. There were a lot of people that put a lot of time and effort in to making this Pilgrimage happen and it was greatly appreciated!!!! There were also Klipsch Employees that took time out of his/her busy day to do the tours. Please standby, can't find where to attach a picture
  14. Please rescue these ASAP..They weren't meant to be tables
  15. I say keep it a secret until the day of the event, like the other Pilgrimages. Adds to the suspense!!!! Thanks JJ