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  1. sold

    PM sent Thanks JJ

    PayPal Payment Sent Thanks JJ
  3. What I Got Today!

    @babadono I see that you used Kerdi Board and was wondering how easy it is to work with as opposed to Duroc and/or other cement board type material. oopss I meant @A1UC Thanks JJ
  4. Best place to buy new tubes

    Tube Depot

    Hey Christy, Is there anything special you want noted on the PayPal transfer for those who can't make the Pilgrimage but still want to donate? Thanks JJ
  6. Rock Speakers for Backyard

    I bought one of these speakers for my Mom and Dad to put in their screened in porch a few years back. Their screened in porch is quite large (840sq ft) and is fully screened (no windows or glass sliders) on 3 sides. I did some testing to see how much coverage we could get in the yard so Mom could listen to music while outside as well. The results were surprising as we could get audible sound at moderate levels (about 30% volume) from 1 speaker. (The only real issue was that is was a bit loud if you were in the porch) I'm thinking, if strategically placed, you could probably start with two and expand from there if needed. Thanks JJ
  7. Take a look at the photo and than look at Mike's edit to the picture (Flipped the pciture)
  8. Nice!!! How did you manage to get those amps' to stay on the shelf like that? JJ
  9. Paragon System E preamplifier

    I had to double check the dates of this thread Hope all is well with you, Guy!!!! And with you as well, Boomac Thanks JJ
  10. How about "the Rock" AWR 650-SMs' I bought a pair for my parents a few years ago and they blend right in with their garden/rock garden. Thanks JJ
  11. 2017 Pilgrimage Pics

    Thanks for all the Pics, everyone!!!!! Felt like I was there. Thanks JJ
  12. Thanks Picky!!! It's been too long since we have had a PICKY report!!! Thanks JJ
  13. FS: Cambridge Audio 751BD---$450.00

    I'm waiting for Willand to throw in a George Foreman grill and a spray can of Flex-seal
  14. tubeworldexpress.com/

    I use DougsTubes but I'm usually not buying NOS tubes so I don't know if he has a wide assortment to choose from. Thanks JJ