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  1. My guess is the warranty card and possibly some of the documents you took a picture of. I've never seen the "Only Klipsch" brochure before. Thanks JJ
  2. DoubleJ

    British Whodunits

    My favorite Miss Marple actor was Margaret Rutherford. She only played the part in movies (4), no TV series that I know of, Thanks JJ
  3. Sad news, indeed. Larry was my go to guy when I had questions on which recordings to get for classical music. He was my car pool buddy to and from the airport for quite a few Indy pilgrimages. My "Classical Music" collection grew quite large over the years due to Larry's Pilgrimage sessions and posts on Klipsch forums. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had to cancel my trip to one Larry's forum parties in which also missed out on meeting Gary and Thebes. I will have to fire up my recording of Holst's "The Planets" tonight which I listened to while the others were listening to it live. Rest in peace, my friend. JJ
  4. The "woofers" are big enough" Thanks JJ
  5. @richieb PM sent Trusted seller but more like Leland Gaunt from Needful Things.
  6. Had to look at the thread dates to make sure someone didn't revive an old thread of Craig's. Glad you stopped by to give us an update on you goin ons!!! The PointToPoint modified ST70 you did for me is still performing quite well. Take care, my friend and don't be a stranger. Thanks JJ
  7. Received mine as well!!! Thank you for using "Dope From Hope" for the shipper name. Living in a small town and receiving a package from "Love Injection" would have raised some eyebrows Thanks JJ
  8. When did you sneak in the 396s' @richieb? I would love to see a picture of how you have this all setup!!! Thanks JJ
  9. Thank you, @Coytee That's the picture I had in my head and the year sounds about right. Thanks JJ
  10. Nice!!!! Eventually, I may end up on the same path. Hearing them at an outside venue (Klipsch Pilgrimage) , I've put them high on my wish list. One thing I can't remember was whether or not they were playing on their own or teamed up with a big ole horned sub. Maybe Roy can remember for me!?!? @Chief bonehead Thanks JJ
  11. Thanks, Travis!!! It looks like if you log into Kickstarter, you can communicate with those involved. (All emails were from no-reply accounts) JJ
  12. DoubleJ

    Hot Hot Hot

    Had to look up the scoville for the Yellow 7 Pot Pepper because I haven't heard of it. I've tried just about every hot sauce creation you have produced, Oldtimer, so based that, how much heat do the new recipes bring compared to your earlier offerings? Thanks JJ @oldtimer
  13. A question regarding the September 18th cut-off date for address verification/change. I have an email that states I've verified my mailing address but I have my "Doubter" cap on today so I'm convinced that the publishers don't have my confirmed address. Is there a way to "Double" check that all is well with my order?!?! Thanks JJ
  14. Ah great, now we have to break in a new web admin!! Good Luck on your next chapter, Chad. Thanks JJ
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