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  1. DoubleJ


    I won't be attending but will still donate funds for the cause!!!! Thanks JJ
  2. DoubleJ

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    @oldtimer Put me down for 5 bottles of whatever you are making that is similar to the Red Menace, please!!!
  3. DoubleJ

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    @oldtimer Do you have any of the Red Menace left? I made the mistake and brought a bottle to the hunting shack and my two nephews shamed me in giving up my last two bottles. Thanks JJ
  4. DoubleJ

    Red Menace

    I received my shipment of 5 bottles of the Red Menace on Friday....By Monday I've polished off one bottle by myself Perfect "heat" for my Scandinavian palate..!!!! When I first saw the size of the bottles I was thinking to myself "there's no way am I going to use all that"...I'm now glad I ordered 5 bottles. I'll be out in a month or two Thanks Oldtimer for offering this to us!!! This stuff is more addicting than Girl Scout Cookies!!! Thanks JJ
  5. DoubleJ

    The Return

    I'll take five (5) as well!!! PM sent just in case it's easier for you to track the numbers
  6. DoubleJ

    Jupiter AA circuits... SOLD

    @Budman Russ, I do believe you have pair or more of just about everything/anything Thanks JJ
  7. DoubleJ

    What pre/pro do you use?

    I use the Fruit: JM-Peach - For the ST-70 and K-Horns JM-BlueBerry W/Creme- For the Belles/Music Hall 2.1 TT (I also swap in a Scott 299C for the JM-BB from time to time) Thanks JJ
  8. DoubleJ

    WBT: Badges for 1984 Cornwall

    @jimjimbo is correct. People were preying on the uniformed buyers (Those not knowing that the badges at that time could be purchased direct) and selling at triple the price. I've been on this forum for 17yrs and the forum software has changed many times so I don't even know if the thread exists anymore that touches on this very subject. Thanks JJ
  9. DoubleJ

    WBT: Badges for 1984 Cornwall

    One of the issues when Klipsch did sell the copper badges was that people were buying them for $8-10 from Klipsch and turning around and selling them on ebay for $50-100. Thanks JJ
  10. DoubleJ

    What are your most memorable Klipsch moment(s)?

    Can't say it was a "memorable" moment but it was the moment I saw my first Klipsch. Back in the late '70's, there was a higher end Audio Store chain in the Minneapolis/St Paul area called Audio King. They always had the latest and greatest of everything audio and they had a few dedicated rooms setup with two channel demos. There was one listening room that seemed off limits because there was always someone manning the door to the room and it wasn't a salesperson. As luck would have it, there was one day that no one was manning the gates so I was able to sneak in and see what was in the secret room. The first thing I see is a pair consoles and my first thought was "WTF!! Why are there consoles in this room?!?!? So I walked up to one of them and tried to open the top to see what it had in there. Maybe an 8-track player?? and a record player???. Hmmm..Top wouldn't open so I proceeded to feel along the edges to find some kind of release mechanism. About the time I gave up trying to open this thing up, I hear "What are you trying to do, son?. Busted. So I responded "Ah, nothing". The salesperson laughed and told me to sit down and be prepared for one of the best audio experiences of your life (I was only 15 at the time) and maybe even in your lifetime. We listened to music for over an hour and he was right, it was like nothing I have heard before. The Klipsch speakers in this story were none other than, Klipsch Belles. It took me 25+ years to finally get a pair of my own!!! Thanks JJ
  11. I'm trying to remember if I was at this one?!?!? i can probably piece it together if this was the year, you @richieb and your wife had the BMW bike and were caught in a huge rain storm. I remember fini had a lot of his family with him and I saw him in a picture or two so I must've been there. IB_Slammin (Terry) had the tunes cranked too loud so I didn't spend much time in the Farm Thanks JJ
  12. DoubleJ


    PM sent Thanks JJ
  13. DoubleJ

    What I Got Today!

    @babadono I see that you used Kerdi Board and was wondering how easy it is to work with as opposed to Duroc and/or other cement board type material. oopss I meant @A1UC Thanks JJ
  14. DoubleJ

    Best place to buy new tubes

    Tube Depot
  15. DoubleJ

    Rock Speakers for Backyard

    I bought one of these speakers for my Mom and Dad to put in their screened in porch a few years back. Their screened in porch is quite large (840sq ft) and is fully screened (no windows or glass sliders) on 3 sides. I did some testing to see how much coverage we could get in the yard so Mom could listen to music while outside as well. The results were surprising as we could get audible sound at moderate levels (about 30% volume) from 1 speaker. (The only real issue was that is was a bit loud if you were in the porch) I'm thinking, if strategically placed, you could probably start with two and expand from there if needed. Thanks JJ