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  1. My partner built this. A second after I took this pic, the cat flipped the Shuttle off the table. Put back together, it is now safely in a shelf.
  2. I'm a member of that forum, however, it''s been so long that my password management system doesn't hold my PW or the account I used. I e-mailed the webmaster early this week asking for a reset but got no answer. I know that there are members on this forum that also have accounts there, so if anyone has a better address for the webmaster than: webmaster@classicspeakerpages.net I'd appreciate knowing it. Thanks in advance
  3. maybe she's listening to...Def Leppard!
  4. I've seen metal and plastic. Given its function, the phase plug is usually so sturdy that resonances are not a problem, and even if they were, they'd be swamped out by resonances in the horn. What really matters is the precision with which they are designed and manufactured.
  5. Our ears are much cleaner thanks to our ear camera/removal tool, our model is by Suear but apparently the same device is offered under many names. No connection with the sellers. Because this allows you to have direct vision of what you're doing, it is far safer (IMO) than just sticking something in your ear "in the blind". This is just an example: https://www.amazon.com/Removal-Cleaner-Camera-Otoscope-Android/dp/B09NDGHV2K?crid=8VURZJI7JV2F&keywords=suear%2Bear%2Bcleaning%2Bcamera&qid=1671975095&s=hpc&sprefix=suea%2Chpc%2C94&sr=1-1&th=1
  6. James Dale was the organist at the time (1989) and I have a CD of his
  7. Thanks, very interesting article.
  8. A weighted, slow response in my study at the loudest volume I care to use, 96 dB peaks. Interesting spread of dynamic range: "Tramsta Chunky" techno vid: 88-96 dB (8 db spread) "Jupiter" on pipe organ, 80-96 dB (16 db spread) "Kansas City Kitty" 1929 via YouTube: 86-90 dB (4 dB spread reflecting the equipment of the time and the desire for uniform volume level) In my primary listening room (with the Klipsch equipment) I found that 102 dB average with 106 dB peaks is the outer limit.
  9. I had the Stereomaster 333B Tuner some years ago. I had it professionally serviced but the engineer could not find an IF transformer for the AM side, so it was defacto FM only. Even with rabbit ears indoors it was very good. I'm attaching the test report my engineer generated after servicing it. 333B edit.pdf
  10. I forget that not everyone has Apple privileges. If you can read the article, please do so. There is a picture of some engineers using the chamber in the 1950s. One of the men is Arthur Janszen, who was a pioneer (at least in this country) of electrostatic speakers. There's also an interesting digression about the Guinness Book of World Records.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/23/magazine/quiet-chamber-minneapolis.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=The New York Times Magazine
  12. "Stop looking at lower powered tubes and forget solid state. Nothing beats the nearly religious experience of seeing and hearing a glowing pair of tubes in your system."
  13. Re: Wines of Our Youth: I recall Boone's Farm Strawberry at an all-day concert in 1975 in Memphis. My cronies were fonder of Mateus rose, in those oval bottles. These days I only drink whites, red wines set off my allergies. The other wine of yore was Mogen David aka Mad Dog 20/20. Consumed with typical teenage exuberance, that usually led to running into the bathroom/woods to get sick and swearing never to touch it again. Let's not forget that quintessential teen party concoction, Purple Jesus Punch. Recipes vary, but all guaranteed to knock your head off and your stomach out.
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