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  1. boom3

    Lets see your pets

    Thanks for all the expressions of sympathy. We still have two cats, 8 and 5 years old. Both fairly blasé about music, but get interested in cat videos from YouTube
  2. boom3

    Lets see your pets

    My avatar cat, Hiro, passed away last Saturday at the ripe old age of 18.5 years, surviving his sister, Saki, by three weeks. This is the full image of my avatar pic, which I will keep as a memorial to my Klipsch-Kat
  3. This is the AK6 (current model) but it should be close enough to determine the"envelope"
  4. Their destiny is strawberry daiquiris
  5. The purple is positive, the blue is negative. I respectfully suggest you get a friend to label this for you, may save you some frustration.
  6. The K401 midrange mouth is too small, that's the root cause, and the topic has been discussed in this forum for years. This is why the Jubilee uses a much larger midrange horn.
  7. boom3

    Snapmaker 2.0 350

    Thanks but the speaker aspect is just one of the things I'm contemplating. As we've learned with other hobbies before, buying such a machine (and the home shop wish book items that were its predecessors) creates an expensive domino effect of having to buy more and more accessories, move stuff out of the garage into a shed we would have to buy, you see where this is going.. no conceivable ROI in my lifetime. If I could find a biz model that would even break even it might be worth try. My speaker experimentation days are almost over anyway. I do need to research how the Snapmaker is as a CNC machine, most info I've seen is discussing its 3D printing capability.
  8. boom3

    Snapmaker 2.0 350

    I am considering buying a Snapmaker, for various items for the household and perhaps to sell. Two of the things I'm looking at are replacement driver diaphragms and horns. I realize that a horn shape might be difficult to print, especially for anything above tweeter size. Also realize that the plastics available for 3D printing might not be suitable as diaphragm replacements for phenolics. So, anybody with speaker-specific experience with a Snapmaker? Thanks
  9. As the can of worms opens ...the K401/K 55 (whatever) combo begins to have issues at the outer edge of the top range, and the reduced crossover fixes that to an extent. Also, IIRC, the K-77 as last updated (the Philippine version?) was more robust mechanically that the original ElectroVoice T-35/K-77s. The Khorn midrange transition has been discussed many times here and no doubt our pals will chime in shortly.
  10. Pretty sure those are old AR domes...the polar plots will be interesting, to say the least
  11. I've had friends who were pro wedding photographers years ago and some of them reported that the families took the proofs to another lab and had internegs made so they could print them themselves and avoid paying the photographer for the rest of the package. My experience is that if you post your intellectual property to the internet you lose control of it, unless your are a big media company with lawyers who devote their time to sending takedown notices to YouTube. An expensive game of whack-a-mole.
  12. To me, the special part of this composition is how many of the kids are off the ground at the same time...great shot!
  13. We have indirect LED lighting in our living room that is programmed to cycle through colors. In some of the phases, I can tell there's a significant UV component because certain inks ands dyes in the room start glowing.
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