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  1. We have indirect LED lighting in our living room that is programmed to cycle through colors. In some of the phases, I can tell there's a significant UV component because certain inks ands dyes in the room start glowing.
  2. I should have added that the "copper" portions were embossed and foiled (or printed with high-quality metallic ink). Not cheap I am sure. I have some older letters from PWK that had the printed 'three horns" image.
  3. For a while in the mid-70s, Klipsch had stationery that mimicked this badge.
  4. I clicked 100% because I am content that my ears will never be any better than my primary system. However, I wish I could could have better amplification than our Pioneer 7.1 receiver in that system that drives 4 Corn IIs , a home made Klipsch-based center and feeds a Rhythmik 12 sub; more like the transparency of my Sumo Electra II & Polaris II combo in my secondary system here in my study. If I was 20 or 30 years younger, that would be a priority but it's not. The only one of our many music systems that is inferior to my own hearing is my garage system using a 70s RS receiver (cheap Pioneer in drag) driving RS Minimus 7 speakers.
  5. 1. Scanned in 2003 using my old HP 5300 which was limited to 1200 dpi optical. I don't recall what dpi I scanned this at, but the original TIF file is 4980 x 4790 and is about 72 megs. 2. Yes 3. About 1 inch.
  6. much prettier than the usual copier pictures we saw in the 80s!
  7. I've done some direct scans of 3D items, like coins and "flat" flowers, also used it as a surrogate microscope; scan at highest res and them use Zoom feature in my photo app de jure. By this method, I was able to show an engineer some galling on a fastener. He suspected it but we had no microscopes over 10X around. Here's a Bird of Paradise with some black cloth behind it (lid of scanner up)
  8. I got both doses of Moderna. First produced no reaction at all. Second gave me flu-like symptoms for two days
  9. Always liked their ads, although I never heard the legendary and well-reviewed Model III, designed by James Bongiorno, also famed for GAS and Sumo designs (I use his Electra II preamp). He was generous with his time and while alive, would answer questions on the Yahoo Sumo/GAS forum. I don't recall his opinions on Klipsch products. The little alien in the center of the ad is my fave. Recognizable in this mage are the Ohm Model A, the Great Heil and the original Quad ESL. Rectilinear ad 1973.pdf
  10. Thanks, found a stream from California that is all theatre organ music. Soothing in the evening Also, for some reason, found fire dispatch from Jefferson parish, LA
  11. Yep, the midrange does not cleanly cut off at 600 Hz-no DSP here. Yeah, the PV-5D will go down to 100 Hz in a "bullhorn", but bullhorns accept levels of distortion that we can't accept in hi-fi. A bullhorn or any other voice PA is designed for intelligibility, not fidelity.
  12. The larger baffle makes the transition from woofer to midrange much smoother than with a Heresy. The baffle of the Corn is 24 inches, larger than the wavelength of the 600 Hz crossover point, so it supports loading very well. An interesting comparison is with the Klipschorn, whose width is just little wider than the wavelength of the first crossover of 450 Hz . The original crossover point of 400 Hz had a wavelength just little larger than the system's width. That difference is probably insignificant, and I suspect the crossover point was raised to reduce strain on the midrange.
  13. "A Hero on Mount St. Helens" Melanie Holmes; University of Illinois Press, 2019. The author relates two intertwined subjects: Mt. St Helens and why it blew up (again) and the life and work of David A. Johnston. He was the young vulcanologist whose famous last words "Vancouver! Vancouver! This is it!" have become one of those memorable quotes of science. She explains these complex subjects very well, and also relates the bureaucratic issues and media circus that surrounded the watch over the mountain. Johnston saved lives by running off the curiosity seekers and media who wanted to stand next to him in case "something happened." Since this is the Klipsch forum, I'd also add that Alan Hovhaness's "Mount St Helens" symphony is a fantastic piece of music and great way to show off your system.
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