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  3. There are accelerometers made for shipping high value items that report location, sorry I do not have a model at hand...
  4. I replaced the caps in my 86 Corn IIs but left the autoformer and inductor alone. The factory boards are crudely made, shockingly so. The cap replacement is the most cost effective way of making permanent fix. Replaced all the caps with MKP types-the tweeter and mid caps with WIMAs (the little red rectangular units favored by guitarists) and the 68 uF woofer shunt with a Solen. The recapping really made no diff to the sound, nor did I expect it to. Recapped for long-term stability, once & done. Esthetically, I've certainly seen better crossovers than the stock. One caution about replacing inductors. The DCR of the stock inductor should have been factored into the system design. I'd be astounded if Klipsch did not do that given the level of engineering talent (Keele, Gillum, Hunter, Delgado, etc) they've had over the years. Replacing stock inductors with "lower DCR" types may upset the system's alignment. Another reason I left my stock inductors in place.
  5. Ummm...why the tape on the level controls?
  6. If we go back to PWK's original paper on the Klipschorn (which is in my storage unit right now) , it looks to me like he set the taper rate not for the physical length of the horn as it is, but as it would be if it was a straight horn. In other words, for the horn "magnified" (my term) by the corner .
  7. One of my favorite authors, William Manchester, wrote an excellent and very balanced biography of MacArthur, "American Caesar". Also, he wrote the best book on the individual experiences of a man at war, "Goodbye Darkness" in which he interweaves his story of being a Marine in the Pacific theatre with his dealing with PTSD after the war.
  8. Interesting that Paul never tried (that I know) to one-up the Patrician. I did read a Dope from Hope where Paul wrote that if he went to more powerful drivers, deep nulls would show up in the response not to mention even bigger cabinets. PWK never understood (nor do I) why a home listener would not be content with a maximum output of 121 dB.
  9. One nuance of the design video deserves some comment. The Klipschorns, when tucked into corners, look smaller than they appear straight out of the box. Emphasizing the "stance" by the riser (which protects that nice veneer from vacuum cleaners and feet) and pulling out from the corner (not my notion of proper operation, enclosed back not withstanding) makes them look bigger, more in-you-face.
  10. Could this extra "mystery length" be the width of the front panel where the two paths join?
  11. I wonder if horns are subject to the "end correction" practice (?) (theory?) that is used to fine-tune vents and T/Ls. The end correction for vents is usually assumed to be the length that is equivalent to the circumference of the vent. In other words, the mass of air existing the vent is, for some distance, still about as compact as it is inside the vent, and therefore the effective vent is longer than the calculated vent, meaning the vent tube must be shortened. I would think this would not apply to the Klipschorn, unless we count the distance across the front of the bass bin where the two horn paths converge.
  12. Yes. I donated my fathers South Dakota National Guard 1938 yearbook to the SD Historical Society.
  13. Do you have link to official announcement for a Cornwall IV? Can't respond to the poll without knowing what it is, a quick search of the forum turns up only speculation...
  14. We wound up getting the Sennheiser PXC-550, which is as I understand it is at lighter version of the Momentum, configured for travel. I've worn them for several hours with very little fatigue. The sound quality is very good but I am reluctant to offer opinions based on 63 year old ears that don't respond over 13 KHz any more. I did download the CapTunes app that lets you EQ and add effects. The major downside is that to use the EQ and effects you have to play your locally stored music through the app. Just using iTunes on your phone you get the headphones' intrinsic response, which is fine. My custom EQ via CapTunes has a gentle rise above 8 KHz to compensate for my hearing. The noise-cancelling feature has not really been tested yet. Hopefully this weekend we will try it with the mower and the next week in air travel. The telephone function works well, but the first time I used it I started to scratch the back of one ear and disconnected my call. The controls are tiny and not all that intuitive. The swipe up/down for volume is convenient as is the talk-through feature and music pause when headphones are removed. These are not only Bluetooth but Near Field Communications (NFC). Just remember that these have microphones that can go hot at any moment, so they can pose a privacy risk like any connected device. The voice that announcements sound like the voice of Marina Sirtis ("Counselor Troy").
  15. "Class! Class!" (sound of ruler smacking desk) I kicked over a hornet's nest, but I did not intend for it to spin off into politics or riffs about socialism. I was and am angry and disheartened about my part of America being passed by in its hour of need. I am pretty conservative, as I suspect are most of the members of this forum. Some of you know I am a New Orleans historian. Let me make one more point and then I will rest my case about this tragedy. Pre-Katrina: New Orleans had a large population of people who lived in inherited housing with little or no insurance. Besides tourism, medical services, and crime, New Orleans had a small economy relative to its pre-K population. Post-K: A large number of people left never to return. The cachet of New Orleans-"America's most exotic city"- induced outside investors to bring big money in, and encouraged natives with money to invest in gambits they would never had tried pre-Katrina. In the Panhandle: Most people lived in houses they owned or were buying. Very little "legacy" housing. Bay county had a robust industrial base (and still does) and a port that seems to be holding its own. It also has 2 military bases, one of which was severely damaged, with no appropriation yet to fix it. My point is: If not for outside investors swooping in to get a piece of New Orleans, that city would have been reduced to a medium-sized town with a lot of rot around the edges. Bay county has no such cachet. True, the same developers who want to pave everything from Destin to Tampa with strip malls and condos are looking hungrily at the situation. but there is no lure like N'awlins can offer. The Government did not rescue New Orleans. It was outside money. With no government will at the state or federal level, Bay county and parts of Gulf Co. are just going to just rot. The "jack o' lantern effect" of a few restored houses on otherwise empty blocks that we see in parts of the "Nint Wahd" of New Orleans will become the norm here soon.
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