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  1. Lizards like to cuddle for warmth. My sister had a friend that had an iguana, and it wanted to sit in my sister's lap whenever she visited. She had mixed feelings about that!
  2. "The Doing of the Thing : The Brief Brilliant Whitewater Career of Buzz Holmstrom", by Vince Welch, Cort Conley, Brad Dimock
  3. Thanks Marvel, that mike looks sweet (water) but I am not conducting any interviews right now, andI think since digital recorders have matured, I probably would buy one if I need to interview again
  4. Thanks guys. Now I think it is the recorder since output with the built-in mike is highly variable, I just have no other recorders around to cross check. There's always the record built-in to computer if I really need it.
  5. Hi, I have a RS Boundary Mike (clone of Crown PZM) that I've used for many years. It uses a 357 coin battery. I replaced the battery, but the mike barely outputs anything. It has sat up for several years, so I replaced the battery but still almost nothing. It used to be so "hot" that I had to use an inline attenuator with my cassette recorder, for interviews. I *think* this is an electret mike. Do they lose their charge over time, and can they they be re-charged? TIA
  6. JL you are spot on, except...I'd like to keep the Tek going (if it's safe). I rarely need a scope these days but looking to retirement I'd like to keep the Tek available without concerns. If I had a '63 Lincoln (and I wish I did) I'd pay for a brake job if it needed it.
  7. I have a Tektronix 502A scope, all tubes. A battleship of its day. It still works fine except for one little issue. The front panel is 60 v above ground. I am not equipped to work on tube gear. Anyone have an idea how this is a happening? I have the tech manual for it. TIA!
  8. Rogue River, Oregon. Still pictures just don't do justice to this river of many personalities
  9. It might be. I asked the property manager and he didn't know. I'm not sure if there is a transformer on-site. I don't recall seeing a transformer vault or a transformer on a pad. when next there I will see if I can find where the incoming line terminates on the property. This is a fairly rural area and about two miles from the nearest highway. Thanks!
  10. For many years I've seen a two conductor set-up on power poles in northern California. The poles have a PG&E label. I know they're not DC. I am wondering why a single phase supply is being provided anywhere now. The label says "high voltage" but there is no indication of what that might be. Any ideas?
  11. Well, that falls into personal preference or taste. However, that deliberate resonance will be a permanent part of the speaker and any music that excites it will reveal it, whether's appropriate or not. I knew someone who rebuilt jukeboxes, and he said that his customers wanted the "jukeboxy" sound, not "hi fi."
  12. from the grid. Just for back up
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