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  1. My center's mid/tweet baffle is titled 10 degrees to aim at the ears of seated listeners, not their ankles as would be the case if the baffle was perpendicular to the floor
  2. Yes you can build a center from Klipsch parts, I did. Two K-1077 8 inch woofers, the K-401 horn, PV5 driver and Crites CT125 tweeter. Bob Crites told me that best results would be to use a K-401 horn instead of the K-601 horns in my flanking Cornwalls. He was right since the center channel is predominantly vocals. A grille that matches the Corns covers this in normal use. The CRT based TV is long gone replaced by a flat panel.
  3. Glad you have a cat to appreciate the Klipschorns. Cats and Klipsch products have a well documented synergy. I roger what Chris said above. The Khorns need room to sing.
  4. I am finally ready to buy a measurement system. I need a calibrated mike, a signal generator and software to display frequency, impulse and distortion. I've looked at various reviews of the packages out there, and I need something better than 1/3 octave resolution. It would be nice if it is Mac compatible, but I have a Win laptop so that's not a deal breaker. Any recommendations welcome and TIA!
  5. "Delivered after that date" I think is the key phrase. The four digit units were probably existing unsold stock in the distribution pipeline.
  6. https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/326 The man had a lot of stuff...
  7. I despise Word but I have to use it at work. I use WordPerfect for all my literary and personal writing, as do many writers and journalists. I am sad that there has not been a Mac version in a very long time, but I can run WP in my Parallels Windows on my iMac. I gave up on PS and their silly subscription model long ago and use a UK program called Affinity, which is full-fledged suite of image apps. A lot cheaper and more user--friendly as well.
  8. Thank y'all. "The Faubourg Marigny of New Orleans: A History"
  9. My book signing at Faubourg Marigny Art and Books (FAB) 600 Chartres (corner Frenchmen) on 9 November. The mime helped out for a while, then went to work the freer-spending drunks on Bourbon. Said he could make $40 an hour on good night. Some of the tourists on Frenchmen did not tip him after taking selfies with him, which is bad form. I gave him some bucks for his time. AFAIK, this is the last bookstore in the parish downriver from St. Ann street. La Librarie on Chartres closed closed this year, sadly missed. FAB is a great store with a wide selection and the owners were super to me. Since the book is a history of the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, I wanted to have a signing there, but the store was closed for a few months, for remodeling under new owners,
  10. The worst candy I ever tasted was a hybrid, Gummi Worms soaked in vodka. Jello shots I am OK with, but Gummi Worms have to be chewed, and it was like eating fishing lures. Reminded me of the time when some Italian friends gave my parents some candy from the old country. I was about 5 and of course I helped myself. A few minutes later I was heaven' up. My parents realized these were liquor-filled. Liquor-filled candy wasn't legal in the US until much later so no one suspected they might be filled with booze.
  11. No 8's jersey reads a lot like PWK's favorite word...
  12. 102 dB average with peaks to 106 is the loudest I can tolerate in my primary listening room.
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