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  1. That's the serial number. There is a decoder chart posted to this forum as a "sticky" or pinned note. The serial numbers were stamped into the cabinets until the addition of paper labels (and maybe beyond).
  2. It's the same self-perpetuating delusion seen in marketing of all high-end products. "If a product costs $XXXX, it must be good, and it must be good because I spent $XXXX on it." Ultimately, it's not science, it's dollars to validate egos. The auto industry knew this-practically invented it-long ago.
  3. Years ago, in either AudoXpress or Speaker Builder, there was an article about a an "AC hater" who created a motor-generator using a car alternator to power his hi fi rig. He was surprised/disappointed to find that car alternators (being 6 phase AC machines with rectifiers) put out a noisy version of DC. Noise on AC mains is very real. The better quality amps whose power supplies I've examined with a scope turned up to highest gain show some residual noise, but it is-supposed to be-below the inherent noise of the amplification.
  4. Hey, DC is the purest of all, right? Solar/battery with restive voltage divider down to V+ for SS or multiple arrays up to B+ for tube amps. None of that naughty AC or transformers for me!
  5. The Hi Fi industry incalculated people with what I call the 20/20 obssesion-20 Hz-20 Khz performance of all components. Klipsch honestly rated the K-77 (the original) as going out to 17.5 KHz. Other manufacturers stated their domes etc went out to 20 KHz "and beyond". No mention of distortion, efficiency, polars, but on axis those units could be made to respond to 20 Khz. It's an essential educational experience for a would-be audiophile to listen to sine waves through a wide-range speaker, hopefully with someone else to turn the knob/click the mouse, and the subject guessing what frequency he/she is hearing. Most folks are very surprised how far off their guesses are. In my case I need to warm up my trusty HP 204C oscillator and connect it to one of my JVC ribbon tweeters and have a pal turn the dial to see where my old ears give up now. Last I checked (about 10 years ago) it was 13 KHz.
  6. I recall that RCA rated their early 1960s top-of-the-line console stereo at "500 watts". I found the amp schematic in the RCA Receiving Tube Manual and it was 50 watts, RMS-still a solid performer for the time. I think the 500 watts was max draw at the wall plug
  7. Here's the Avedon patent... Avedon Design Patent on T35.pdf
  8. The FTC used to have a requirement to specify RMS power at stated bandwidth and distortion. What happened to that?
  9. Cool. Where did you get the Klipsch sign?
  10. Jade keenly interested in the Munich 2016 Silbatone vid.
  11. $300K could buy instruments for a school band, or endow a community orchestra, or fund musical scholarships, plowing it back in where it could do the most good If had 300K and I want to spend it on myself for music, I'd pay Tuba Skinny to come play for me several times, or maybe buy them nice tour bus
  12. "Cruising for Conspirators, How a New Orleans DA Prosecuted the Kennedy Assassination as a Sex Crime" by Alecia P. Long, University of North Carolina Press, 2021. Some of you know I am a New Orleans historian, and I researched this case myself some years ago. Professor Long has done great job of presenting a sprawling and sometimes incoherent saga in a clear concise way.
  13. Yeah, we looked at the Yamaha literature and we will probably go with speakers facing outwards (not up) at least to start. It will be interesting to see what effect the "cathedral ceiling" will have on those channels. Thanks to everyone for advice.
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