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  1. No 8's jersey reads a lot like PWK's favorite word...
  2. 102 dB average with peaks to 106 is the loudest I can tolerate in my primary listening room.
  3. boom3

    Lets see your pets

    clockwise from left Riot, 3; Hiro, my avatar, 17 (today) Jade, 6; Saki 17( today)-all rescues
  4. boom3

    RIP Robert Hunter

    my favorite poet
  5. Go ask Eric When he was just small...
  6. The Arizonas are mylars...at those prices...wow
  7. A side note...Wendy Carlos uses Cornwalls as her monitors
  8. Don Keele worked with Newman at Electrovoice and with PWK at K&A so I feel pretty confident that they met through Keele or at a convention
  9. BeFuddledinMn said: "Second, does the introduction of the new mumps tractrix midrange on the Cornwall IV in addition to the Forte III, implicitly confirm the obsolescence of the k-400 to k-700 series of exponential horns?" The K400/401 was sized to fit in the existing top hat of K-horn (sized to fit the original K-5 series). Everyone agrees that the K401 is too small. To change it to a larger horn would require making the top hat significantly bigger, which would change the proportions of the Klipschorn. It seems that Klipsch was not willing to do that. As far as "obsolescence" goes, Klipsch has been moving to tractrix for a while in other products. So, yeah the rest of the exponential horns are being slowly obsoleted, but the proportions of the Klipschorn seem to restrict that system to the K-401 for the foreseeable future. I don't know what kind of crossover design Roy used to tame the K55/401, but from Stereophile's review, which of course was botched, it looks less jagged than the response Heyser measured in 1982. Of course, it is risky to compare measurements between two different set-ups seperated by 37 years of time.
  10. I see a shift to the low-fi by many people out of convenience and a continued minority high-end market, some of which, as we all have observed here, spins off into the la-la land of pseudoscience and any price the traffic will bear. Which leaves the middle, where most of us started out, POOGE'ing our Pioneers and Kenwoods and Brand X speakers...and working our way up to better stuff.The middle I see starved for components that are actually good values-there are some but the market tries to ignore them or use them as loss leaders. When Stereophile describes a $15,000 pair of speakers as a bargain, you know "where their head is at." And yes, I am talking about the infamous Klipschorn review...not taking issue with the product, just the perspective. What kind of blows my mind is that there are so many ultra-high-end brands out there now. But there is a market to support (most) of them and a magazine corps that will yap their praises and would not be caught dead reviewing a speaker under $1K or an amp under $3K. It is debatable whether this reflects growing income disparities in the West in general, or that this "cost disparity" is just a coincidental echo driven by the rise of cheap and easy digital media.
  11. which brings up the point...when is Klipsch going to offer active electronics (including DSP) for the Heritage line?
  12. Our four cats have scratching posts, and each other, for their amusement. The grille cloths have not been clawed in many years..
  13. another cat entranced by Klipsch sound, on a spread placed for her comfort atop a Cornwall
  14. Were you bringing this to my attention? If so, thanks; if not, sorry for the presumption Scott
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