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  1. I have to replace my disc player for my study system. My trusty Oppo got whacked by Micheal and I have a mix of CDs, DVD-As (sigh) and blu-rays.
  2. Do you mean the grill panels or the cloth? The grill panels are plastic similar to Sintra, and the fabric is by Duracrest. Think Bob Crites can supply the fabric these days, if not he knows where to find it. Sintra is a rigid PVC foam with smooth skins on each side. https://sintrapvc.com available from many sources, including local sign companies. It is a pain to cut with a hand knives and I recommend a variable speed scroll saw with fine blade, low speeed to avoid melting the plastic.
  3. The outer foil connected to lowest potential is a RF practice. Makes no difference at audio frequencies.
  4. boom3

    Shelf life of lubricants

    Really depends on the storage conditions. If kept in a climate controlled environment, I'd say petroleum based lubricants can last indefinitely. If they are stored in sheds or garages that get hot in the summer and freeze in the winter, the lube will probably be less than optimum after a few years. I just used some Radio Shack tuner cleaner on the battery contacts of one of our maneki-neko (waiving cat figures) and despite being at least 15 years old it was still good.
  5. I replaced the 1.5 uF and 3 uF caps with WIMA units. https://www.wima.de/en/ there are several US dealers. These are well-regarded in the guitar amp and tube community I used a Solen for the 68 uF. I did not touch the mids. There is not much you do without major cabinet surgery since the driver of the mid almost touches the inside of the back wall. but I rotated the woofers. I just replaced the caps. I did not rebuild the entire crossovers which were rather crudely put together in the first place.
  6. boom3

    Cornwall II - $1200 - Gilbert AZ

    The CW II uses the K601/K52H mid crossed over at 600 Hz. The CW III uses the K701, crossed over at 800 Hz. The CW III woofer is higher on the baffle board to reduce "floor bounce" anomalies. When the CW III was announced, our forum went through a lot of hand-wringing about the midrange change, but I have yet to see any measurements that quantify the difference. If you can see these in person and take them home yourself it sounds like deal (Crites is big plus). If they have to be shipped, insist on using Craters & Freighters so the cabs don't get crushed (voice of experience).
  7. boom3

    So JBL is joining the retro bandwagon.

    I hope the new L100s have real crossovers and not just two electrolytic caps. The original L100 was the epitome of the boom-shriek school. I hope these have been reengineered.
  8. My Corns are 86s and they are MDF.
  9. boom3

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Hotel Peter and Paul, New Orleans. Renovation of a church complex built in 1848. Beautiful inside and great service.
  10. boom3

    Corinthian Bells wind chimes

    We have three different sets. The largest tubes are about 40 inches long. One set uses copper pipes and has a very different sound from the aluminum ones.They were demounted before the hurricane and will go back up after everything is put to rights Dtel, If you want to hear and see some very good chimes first hand, drive over to NoLa and visit American Aquatic, Elysian Fields at Royal. They always have several great chimes on hand, not to mention fountains, garden decor and plants. Tell'em Scott sent you.
  11. boom3

    Wet Dusting (Not Cleaning) Vinyl

    Back in the day, Watts of England made a nifty device called the Watts Dust Bug, which was a plush roller at the end of a thin plexiglas arm that fastened to the turntable deck with a suction cup. You put a few drops of the Watts fluid on the Bug and set it on the record before you set the stylus down. The Bug tracked just like a stylus and swept the grooves clean ahead of the real stylus. An occasional cleaning and drying was all it took to maintain it. Watts sold another device called the Humid Mop which I think was used to clean the Bug. I just washed the Bug a few times a year with Dawn and rinsed and dried it thoroughly. Any dust from a cleaning cycle could be flicked off after the Bug fluid had dried. Alas, the Dust Bug seems to have passed away with the CD age. It is so simple and effective that I wish it could be revived. I also used one of the original Discwasher brushes and I never thought it did as well as the Dust Bug. Besides, the Dust Bug intercepted dust that arrived during the playing cycle, which an off-board brush can't do.
  12. boom3

    Damaged Cornwall II

    I hope you get satisfaction. A similar faux pas happened with my first set of Corns, crushed edges. The seller and shipper went through a round of finger pointing and all I got was a refund of the shipping fee. Next time I bought pair it was from aForum member and we used Craters & Freighters, and there was no damage.
  13. A 50 in parallel with a 6.2. Parts Express is your best source for these incremental values
  14. Chris thanks again for the test results. Your first directivity plot looks like a Chinese Mandarin in a big robe, with his hands tucked into his sleeves. The second, if turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise looks like the robot from Lost in Space.
  15. boom3

    Dahlquist DQ-10

    Also, I had installed one JVC "ribbon" tweeter in one of the DQ-10s with its own crossover at 12 KHz and disabled the piezo on that channel. I learned two things: My own hearing ends above 13 KHz and the difference between the ribbon and the piezo was surprisingly small, perhaps because of my age-limited hearing bandwidth. I did notice better reproduction of anything with sharp transients, like cymbals, small bells and gamelins.