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  1. thank you Backfire. As a former tech, this is exactly hat I was looking for. I may PM you later with questions thanks again
  2. Thanks for the replies, however, let me re-phrase the inquiry: If one has two tube amps identical in every way, except for one output transformer having a lower secondary resistance than the other, which will be abetter match for Klipschorns?
  3. So, in matching tube amp to Klipschorns, what is the most important factor in getting a satisfactory result? Is it damping factor? Power output? Amplifier class (SET vs P-P)? I realize each has its advocates, but I am just curious as a life-long SS user.
  4. "Fusion power is the power of the future, and always will be"
  5. boom3


    How I feel after hours of sitting in the same chair whilst teleworking from home...
  6. On the Gulf Coast we like French dressing on pizza.
  7. The Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and Dissipation Factor (DF) varies between caps, so the capacitance value per se is usually not the significant factor . I recapped my B3s with WIMA caps and noticed no audible diff. I recapped really for long-term stability. Most electrolytic caps start out about 10-20% above their labeled value and then drift downwards, with ESR and DF increasing over time. Film caps of any type usually keep their values for life, although if exposed to heat from vacuum tubes or in a car, they can be damaged. I tested some 40+ year old caps recently, they were right on their 2% tolerance. I don't have an ESR or DF meter but I doubt these particular caps (CRC metallized polypropylene hermetically sealed) are much different from the day they left the factory. Mylar caps have higher DF & ESR than their poly brethren and therefore I avoid them.
  8. B&O used a variant of the moving iron called micro moving cross, that had a cruciform piece of ferrous material that the stylus moved over the four poles of the coils and fixed magnet. It was most famously used in their SP-12 line. I had a SP-12A in my vinyl days and I loved it. It was slightly rolled off at the top, but with bright speakers it sounded very neutral. The test reports of the time noted its exceptionally low distortion.
  9. As Paul said long ago, "Yawns or goosebumps?"
  10. I've seen Tuba Skinny for years and I keep thinking I will see myself in one of their many Royal street videos
  11. Can't really beat Tuba Skinny
  12. AC contractors generally charge about 5X list (Mouser, Allied, etc) for motor run caps (not including labor). Just sayin'...
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    Carl Sagan, clip from the original COSMOS
  14. I am a published author. Send me a PM with your e-mail for more info
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