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  1. "A Hero on Mount St. Helens, the Life and Legacy of David A. Johnston" by Melanie Holmes excellent and very moving. "Barbarians to Angels The Dark Ages Reconsidered" by Peter S. Wells. an interesting premise not well supported by the book's structure or arguments "Destiny of the Republic" by Candice Milland a superb account of the murder of president James Garfield, killed more by his doctors than his assassian BTW Garfield was one of our smartest presidents and who knows what he might have accomplished if not for his early death
  2. Roger Russell, formerly of McIntosh, died at age 85 on 30 April. https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/pressconnects/name/roger-russell-obituary?pid=198659990 He was a man of many interests: http://www.roger-russell.com
  3. Terry is the only person in driving distance (of me) I'd trust within anything critical. He's a E.E. and tuned up (no pun intended) my two Trans-Oceanics as well as my Scott 333B tuner. If a genie appeared and gave me a Marantz 10B, I'd take the day off and drive it over to New Orleans to have Terry check it out..
  4. Aplogies for the slow response; not on this forum as much as I was. I will find out.
  5. I know someone ( a E.E.) but he's in New Orleans
  6. the whiskered Paul makes me think of Gandalf
  7. I have some 40 yr old CRC hermetically sealed caps that are still just fine. Pity I did not buy up a stock when CRC went out of biz. CRC caps were the caps of choice for aerospace gear, and IIRC they mentioned their caps were used on the Voyagers, still rockin' in the interstellar void.
  8. Heat, mainly...usually not an issue in home loudspeakers. The electrolyte in electrolytic capacitors slowly dries out whether they are used or not. Most 'lytics start high in value and slowly sink down below spec, even in "good homes." Dean is correct when he says sealed film and foil caps can last 50 or more years.The operative word is sealed, as in hermetically sealed in metal with metal to metal or metal to glass seals. in 50 years of audio, I have encountered exactly one (1) crossover cap that was "audibly bad" and it was about 30 years old (a non-polar lytic). Now, I have replaced old caps with ones that were "'audibly better" as well as giving peace of mind stability due to more modern construction.
  9. I'm seeing the face of an eagle
  10. Thanks for all the expressions of sympathy. We still have two cats, 8 and 5 years old. Both fairly blasé about music, but get interested in cat videos from YouTube
  11. My avatar cat, Hiro, passed away last Saturday at the ripe old age of 18.5 years, surviving his sister, Saki, by three weeks. This is the full image of my avatar pic, which I will keep as a memorial to my Klipsch-Kat
  12. This is the AK6 (current model) but it should be close enough to determine the"envelope"
  13. Their destiny is strawberry daiquiris
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