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  1. I've seen Tuba Skinny for years and I keep thinking I will see myself in one of their many Royal street videos
  2. Can't really beat Tuba Skinny
  3. AC contractors generally charge about 5X list (Mouser, Allied, etc) for motor run caps (not including labor). Just sayin'...
  4. boom3


    Carl Sagan, clip from the original COSMOS
  5. I am a published author. Send me a PM with your e-mail for more info
  6. In my case, in a quiet house I can hear an ant pass gas. In a noisy bar or restaurant (remember those?) I sometimes struggle to understand what the person across from me is saying.
  7. Many people here in FL still in denial, like our Guvnuh
  8. That reminds me of a long-standing question of mine. Instead of "flat" response as measured by a microphone, why not design a speaker to have the inverse of the F-M curve, so as to be "perceptually flat" ?
  9. I hunt them relentlessly. They like to build nests near electrical outlets and inside the shades of outdoor lights. I also had a major hornet nest in a palmetto clump and had to call a professional to deal with it. They are more aggressive than wasps. All the sprays I used to use on wasps are losing their effectiveness. One day in the shop, one attacked me and I grabbed a can of 3M 90 spray adhesive (great for attaching carpet to speaker boxes). I let him have a facefull of that and he crashed. I have since relied on that as my go-to spray since it jams their wings, coats their nests, and they can't develop resistance to it. The only downside is the residue it leaves on the house. There is no fix except to leave it to dry out in the sun for a year or so and then scrape it off. Inside a house, hairspray also works well; I had a bee colony in the HVAC air handler closet and with a can of White Rain Extra Hold, I dispatched the few bees that got inside the residence. I had a pro come out and relocate the hive.
  10. boom3


    Is this a scene from "Mildred Pierce"? The man raising his coffee cup looks like the department manager from Miracle on 34th Street, Porter Hall
  11. boom3


    Hi Amy, glad to hear from you!
  12. I connected my trusty HP 204 oscillator to a JVC ribbon tweeter and started at 5 KHz, on axis about one meter away. After I could no longer hear the signal, I looked at the dial, 13 KHz is where the old ears faded out. Not bad for 64. The last time (about 10 years ago) my ENT tested my hearing, his test (which stopped at 8 KHz) indicated my hearing was much better than the average for 50+ men. He said that many of his male patients had worked with loud machinery most of their lives, I have been an office worker most of my career, and that explained the difference. By way of comparison, when I was 18, I connected a similar HP oscillator to my Koss PRO 4AA headphones. My ears gave up at 18 KHz.
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