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  1. Bummer I once watch a packet meant for me go back and forth between two postal centers For over a month. 🙄
  2. All of my stereo is at least 25 years old My experience is the best equipment just is a spec race Quality be dammed
  3. I had a bike Shop for many years, as a side biz I had a chance to buy an XLCR back in the early 1990s My mistake in going for a Wide Glide instead. 😟
  4. Uuugghh. Uli Behringer is a rip off artist of other people's engineering
  5. Also re: xfmr hum .. Sometimes a hose clamp around the laminations works to quiet that
  6. Macrotech is an older generation. Late 80s early 90s. ,--- K1, K2 have much more in the way of speaker protection Certain K Models may also have switching power supplies to lessen weight
  7. South of Rochester, New York. 40 miles or so
  8. Who cares about specifications anyways. ..?? It's not what I listen to. 🙂 Half the time I am using an anemic Crown D45 for an amp
  9. Crown ..always tested over rated specs. Sometimes considerably like 10%
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