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  1. So I put the Fortee IV’s in place of my Rs-62 II’s and what a perfect match to my La Scalas. I had to drop the Fortee’s volume a touch but I did configure them as full range (large) speakers and they fill in perfect, so well in fact I dropped my sub volume by 3db for a smoother base presentation. I’ve been experimenting with 4 channel stereo and I really like the sound. Now it’s a waiting game for the Scala center to arrive.😁😁😁
  2. Once you go heritage you’ll never go back. Replaced my RF-63’s with La Scala Ii’s, then upgraded to AL5’s last summer. Just replaced RS-62 II’s with Fortee IV’s and have a third La Scala AL5 on the way to replace my RC-64 III center. Best move I’ve ever made.
  3. Here is my current setup showing my existing system.
  4. Thanks for all the replies folks, bit the bullet and have 1 la Scala AL5 on the way with 4-6 weeks estimated delivery. Might sound nuts but also got the Fortee IV’s on the way to us as surrounds. I’m thinking this is probably now my speaker end game and could not be more pleased. 😁😁😁
  5. Thank you Islander, your advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for all the inputs guys, sounds like I’ll be ordering a third la Scala, do you all think Fortee iv’s for surround would be a good setup timbre wise, or just leave well enough alone?
  7. Hello All Currently I have the following setup for my Home Theater and would like some advice: Front Left/Right - la Scala al5 Center - RC-64 III Surround - RS-62 II Rear Surround - RS-52 II Front Height - RB-61 II Subs - 2 Rythmik Audio 15” Subs During this pandemic my job was not affected so I was able to Save a bit of cash and am contemplating doing the following; Option 1: get a third la Scala for the center and two fortee IV’s for surrounds, and remove front presence and surround back speakers (5.2) Option 2: get a third la Scala for the center, keep all else (9.2) Option 3: get a Cornwall IV for the center, 2 fortee iv’s for surround and relegate RS-62’s for rear surround, remove front height (7.2) ‘Option 4: same as option 1 but keep front presence and move RS-62 to rear surround duty (9.2) My audio knowledge gleaned from 40+ years of experience has me leaning towards a full heritage lineup for timbre, but I’m not sure how the Fortee or Cornwall in option 3 would fit in with the Scala speakers. I do know with my current setup that the Reference line does struggle to keep up with the Scala s, yes even the big ol RC-64 Iii, which is leading me to this question along with the mismatched timbre. This is all being driven by the following; Yamaha CX-5200 Preamp Ati AT 2007 amp Ati AT 2004 amp Oppo UDP-205 Room size is approximately 26’ wide by 23’ deep 9’ ceiling Stereo listening is done with other gear utilizing the la scalas Any advice/Experiences is greatly appreciated
  8. ‘The masters voice” French bull dogs love AC /DC
  9. I find keeping any equipment with top vents covered by acrylic covers really extends there service life not to mention as my wife says “they look like museum pieces, kinda like you”. No dust, no accidental knocking the tubes around and aesthetically pleasing to boot. 😁😁
  10. I have a dedicated room for all my upper end gear, here is a picture of the front end and home theater system. I have spent many years configuring my system and as it is now I can play any source on any amp via balanced matrix switches. La Scala AL5, RC-64 III, RB-61 II, RS-62 II, RS-52 II, DIY Rythmik Audio 1510 subs. Tubes only play to the La Scala.
  11. Here is mine, Rogue Audio RP-7 preamp, Atlas Magnum II amp, Rogue Audio Pharoah, Elekit TU-8800, and Tavish Adagio Phono pre with tube rectified power supply.
  12. AL5’s have arrived, could not be more pleased and signed by the man himself on both the top hat and bass bin on both pairs of speakers. Now to figure out who to will them too.....nah I’ll have em buried with me 😄😄
  13. So I had a break this weekend and figured it was a good time to pack up my la Scala II’s for the gentleman who’s buying them, got them moved and setup for him and he’s loving them, my girls got a good home. Anyway came home and setup some temp speakers turned on the system......and what the hell did I do!!!, it’s listenable but hurry up shipping I need my AL5’s like yesterday!!!, just don’t know what you got till it’s gone.
  14. I really like the Atlas II it has great depth and a very wide soundstage, very holographic in nature. I did change out the 12au7 and 12ax7 tubes with some of the best 1950 era tubes i could purchase. When I don’t have time to get the Atlas warmed up I use my pharaoh integrated amp, it runs cooler and has NOS Brimer tubes in it. The only issue I have come across is the noise floor. The Atlas is dead quite but the Pharoah does have some tube rush. After talking to Nick at Rogue he said the gain on the Pharoah is high by design so very sensitive speakers will reflect that, but once the music starts it’s not noticeable I run 4 separate systems through my la Scala II speakers and my order of best sound is the following with 1 being the highest: 4 - Yamaha CX-A5200 SS preamp-> ATI AT-2004/AT-2007 SS Amps 3 - Pharoah Tube Integrated Amp (tube pre, SS amp) 2 - Yamaha CX-5000 SS preamp-> Elekit TU-8800 Amp (tube amp) 1 - Rogue RP7 Tube preamp -> Atlas Magnum II Tube Amp I also run 2 rhythmic subs via a Antimode Dual Core II to fill in below 50 hz and the blend in seamlessly with all my systems. I have some AL5’s on the way and am looking forward to hearing them as I believe Mr. Delgado has changed the mid and tweeter along with the crossovers.
  15. Thanks guys, yea the rabbit hole is deep SAC/MAC/TAC Cold War vet
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