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  1. The following can be found used and possibly under the OP price point, they only have one set of multichannel inputs though: yamaha CX-A5000, CX-A5001, and CX-A5002 i have both a 5000 and 5002 and they are rock solid units.
  2. Oops sorry, the 2nd photo is upside down
  3. Yes, I have a Pharaoh powering a pair of la Scala AL5’s, I originally bought it for my la Scala II’s which I sold to get the AL5’s. It sounds phenomenal with a wide and deep front stage and excellent imaging, the only drawback is you may hear tube hiss as the Pharoah has a very hi gain by design, I rectified the issue by buying a gold point volume control and putting that between my sources and the balanced input on the Pharoah and dialed back the input volume using the goldpoint attenuators. Now I can get the volume knob on the Pharoah to the 11-12 o’clock setting and the room SPL is at around 80db, before at the 7 o’clock position on the volume knob I was hitting 85db room SPL. Rogue has released the Pharoah II which may have less gain by design, I would call Nick at rogue and tell him what your driving, they are great up front honest guys and will give you the skinny on the new design.
  4. Here is mine, La Scala AL5’s LCR, Fortee IV’s surround, RS-62 II surround back, RB-61 II front height, and 2 rhythmic 15” sealed subs.
  5. Not to leave well enough alone…..then there was three and Fortee IV’s for surrounds. End game has been achieved 😁🥳
  6. I did this for a while when saving up for my heritage 5.1 setup. 3 RC-62II’s up front dedicated just for HT use. They did sound pretty good for stereo also.
  7. Luckily just four legged, poodle and French bulldog, but they love music
  8. Yep, critter deterrence already planed 😁
  9. After 40 years, audio nirvana has been achieved, except for the temp rack as I’m still waiting on parts. 😁
  10. Thanks for the advice folks, all my cabinets are hand made by me using 80/20 aluminum and premium domestic and exotic hardwoods. After thinking about it, I will temporarily modify me existing double rack that the tv sits on, move my equipment to a single width rack. This one is my turntable rack trimmed out in rosewood.
  11. Help guys, la Scala AL5 arrives today but the parts for the new tv stand I’m building are back ordered till August. Is it safe and/or advisable to place the tv on top of the new center lascala temporarily? Stupid COVID bug. The tv is a Sony 65” OLED weight about 70 lbs
  12. My friend has a pair of 1974 Birch Klipschorns for sale, he is asking 3500 for the pair, local pickup only. Located near Glide Oregon. If interested please contact me and I will get you his contact info Smitty
  13. Thanks guys, my third AL5 comes in on Monday, and can’t wait. Currently listing to “echo’s” by Pink Floyd and the sound stage with my Rogue Atlas is making me “Comfortably Numb”. I’m in Sutherlin Oregon, pictures coming soon. 😁😁
  14. So I put the Fortee IV’s in place of my Rs-62 II’s and what a perfect match to my La Scalas. I had to drop the Fortee’s volume a touch but I did configure them as full range (large) speakers and they fill in perfect, so well in fact I dropped my sub volume by 3db for a smoother base presentation. I’ve been experimenting with 4 channel stereo and I really like the sound. Now it’s a waiting game for the Scala center to arrive.😁😁😁
  15. Once you go heritage you’ll never go back. Replaced my RF-63’s with La Scala Ii’s, then upgraded to AL5’s last summer. Just replaced RS-62 II’s with Fortee IV’s and have a third La Scala AL5 on the way to replace my RC-64 III center. Best move I’ve ever made.
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