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  1. I really like the Atlas II it has great depth and a very wide soundstage, very holographic in nature. I did change out the 12au7 and 12ax7 tubes with some of the best 1950 era tubes i could purchase. When I don’t have time to get the Atlas warmed up I use my pharaoh integrated amp, it runs cooler and has NOS Brimer tubes in it. The only issue I have come across is the noise floor. The Atlas is dead quite but the Pharoah does have some tube rush. After talking to Nick at Rogue he said the gain on the Pharoah is high by design so very sensitive speakers will reflect that, but once the music starts it’s not noticeable I run 4 separate systems through my la Scala II speakers and my order of best sound is the following with 1 being the highest: 4 - Yamaha CX-A5200 SS preamp-> ATI AT-2004/AT-2007 SS Amps 3 - Pharoah Tube Integrated Amp (tube pre, SS amp) 2 - Yamaha CX-5000 SS preamp-> Elekit TU-8800 Amp (tube amp) 1 - Rogue RP7 Tube preamp -> Atlas Magnum II Tube Amp I also run 2 rhythmic subs via a Antimode Dual Core II to fill in below 50 hz and the blend in seamlessly with all my systems. I have some AL5’s on the way and am looking forward to hearing them as I believe Mr. Delgado has changed the mid and tweeter along with the crossovers.
  2. Thanks guys, yea the rabbit hole is deep SAC/MAC/TAC Cold War vet
  3. Hello all, long time lurker but first time posting on this forum. To start of with a little history on my post topic. I’ve always enjoyed music, and during my 23 years in the military (Air Force (AKA flyboy) that’s for the vets on the forum, btw thank you for your service, I grew to appreciate fine audio gear. I started of with a inexpensive Fisher late 80’s multipeace rack system, then graduated to Carver separates in the early 90’s with some DBX gear thrown in. When surround became a thing replaced it all with B&K equipment bought from Tweeter in Virginia. All along this time I went through a myriad of Bose floor standing speaker to include 901’s, 601’s and 501’s (I didn’t know any better) but finally settled on some Bose 10.2 speakers I got for a steal. Fast forward to 2009 and a year after I retired I went to the local hi-fi shop (I now work there) and purchased a pair of Klipsch RF-63 speakers.....OMG awesome sound and what has followed is purchasing the following, rc-62Ii, Rs-52, Rs-62ii, Rs-52ii, rc-64iii, and 2 years ago a pair of la Scala II walnut speakers. Now I was good until I bought the la Scala, then it was “they sound better with tubes”. Heck before you know it Rogue audio Pharoah, then RP-7, the Atlas magnum II amp, but no, let’s go all in, hand built tube amp (I really enjoyed this) and now in 3-6 weeks a brand new pair of La Scala AL5’s my dream speakers. I can honestly say music has never sounded better and the knowledge I have gleaned from this forum over the years is priceless so thank you all. Here is a list of my current system, please advise on any improvements I may gain in your experience. Rogue Audio RP-7 Pharoah Atlas Magnum II Yamaha CX-A5000/5200 Sony HAP-Z1ES OPPO UDP-205 HA-1 Tavish Audigio Phono pre-amp Music Hall MMF 7.1 Elekit TU-8800 Antimode 2.0 Assorted Ashley PEQ/EQ’s Luxman AS-55 Kramer VS-88a selectors like my topic says Klipsch can be dangerous, but oooooohhhhh soooo good
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