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  1. I have it running La Scala AL5’s and now that it’s at about 25 hrs the unit is really settling down, at first I had to turn the Treble down and the bass up a bit using the tone controls, last night I zeroed out the treble and reduced the bass. I had read prior to purchasing that the A-S3200 takes about 50 hrs to break in and it’s seems to be following that. The one thing I really like about the A-S3200 is how quiet the noise floor is (the La Scala’s pick up everything) compared to my tube gear. At max vol with nothing playing I can’t hear anything from the tweeter with my ear against the gril. My tube amps, well that’s another story. I have Rythmik Audio 15” subs also attached to the preout and it drives them very well, just waiting on the heritage sub release to finish my speaker end game (and upgrade the La Scala’s once Chief releases the upgrade kit)
  2. Great news about the upgrade being available, not so good for the ol walllet 3 AL5’s to upgrade and a new heritage sub to boot, but it will be worth it!!!
  3. Hopefully they will release an upgrade option to the a Scala AL5’s like they did for the Forte III to bring them up to date as the horn looks to be the same front dimensions as the current one. Now that and one of the new subs would be my end game.
  4. I too have a CX-A5200 paired with a 7 channel and 4 channel ATI amp(s), for movie watching there phenomenal, I’m looking for a 2 channel solution to relieve my tube amps of duty during the hot summer months. Too bad the c-5000 and m-5000 are unavailable at the moment but I think the A-S3200 will work great. I have installed that same setup for a customer who also runs La Scala’s (in his bedroom believe it or not) and after 50+ hours of burnin he reported it really opened up.
  5. I tried but when I ordered them I was told they were not in stock and they were not sure when or if they would be getting more so I opted for a A-S3200 and it should arrive by early next week. Thanks for the info as now I have an idea what to expect from the 2200’s big brother.
  6. Hello all i have recently come across a very good deal on the above preamp and amp and am curious if anyone has heard this combo. I currently run 4 different systems consisting of Luxman, Rogue Audio, and Elekit preamps and amplifiers. As summer is soon approaching I’m looking at going solid state as they run cooler. Don’t get me wrong I love my tubes but want something I can just flip on and listen in the summer months. I have done very thorough searches in the net and can’t find any comments on this combo so I’m hoping any forum members may have this combo and provide some insight. thanks in advance folks
  7. I’m currently using 3 La Scala AL5 speakers as L/C/R and a pair of Forte IV’s for surround duty. I’ve reached my endgame (well until the heritage subs come out)
  8. Naming hmmmm. PK-RD Mercury PK-RD Venus PK-RD Saturn PK-RD Jupiter Paul Klipsch-Roy Delgado Pauls vision, Roy’s creation
  9. I have a very good feeling these subs will get very popular very quick once there released, I myself know of at least 6 people who own heritage speakers who will be all over these (once they hear them/mine). They already are very impressed by the imaging my La Scala’s can produce in the listening demos I have held. Mr. Delgado I believe has knocked it out of the park and PWK would be proud
  10. Thank you, who would you suggest I contact to request this addition for production models.
  11. Hey folks One last question if you guys don’t mind, did the plate amps for these subs have XLR inputs by chance, my current subs do so that is the cabling I use. Not a big deal as I can convert to RCA, but I do prefer XLR for its balanced and noise rejection properties. Than you in advance
  12. Thanks to all you folks for the information, it’s got me pretty excited about the forthcoming subs and the knowledge and your shared experience at sub fest have answered most of my questions. I will definitely buying one if not two of the “large” subs (gotta find a wall stretcher first) 😁. I’m hoping when the time comes I can have Mr. Delgado sign my subs like he did my Scala’s. Thanks to you all again
  13. To the folks who attended the sub fest, I have a couple of questions, I’m not sure if there was an NDA for the event but it’s not a matter of if, but when I will be purchasing one if not two of these new subs, so here goes; 1: What size is recommended for the La Scala AL5 2: Are these going to be powered, and if not how will the crossover I am assuming that will be included connect. 3: if a separate amp is required, what power is recommended. i currently run 3 La Scala’s F/C/R and Forte IV’s for surrounds, but usually I just do stereo listning. I do not plan on using these new subs for movie watching (I have Rythmik subs for that) the subs will strictly be used for stereo. thank you in advance (we’re do I sign up for pre-order, yeah I’m that ready)
  14. I’ve been down this rabbit hole myself, tried RC-64Iii with La Scala’s, short answer third La Scala, I agree with the others a third Forte for your center is best. Nothing else will work as well.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion Shakeydeal, they image perfectly after many..many months of tweaking the imaging is so good my wife puts her ear up to the center AL5 because she swears it’s playing when it’s not. I also get great depth and on some tunes it makes me jump a bit in my seat as the sounds appear to come from above or behind. I tried your suggestion when I first got them and in my room the center collapsed.
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