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  1. Did I mention that I had 4) C Chorus 2 stacked D'Appolito ?? Slammin. 😀
  2. Many, many Studios use this set up for Playback For one Ocean Way in both locations ,😇
  3. Sooo.. What about my K2 at the bottom And a D75-2 onnatop ?? That's my setup There is hardly s 1070-1980s Studio That did not have that Playback set up. 🙂
  4. What ??! My Forte 2 we're killer in the low end.
  5. 10-4 on the vintage Kenwood Do not forget Pioneer The 1970d stuff is Great. ,🙂
  6. Bigger .. Mo Better.. For Me ...Crown K2. 🙂 It's the only way I.B. Slammin (Terry). 😇
  7. I used to have that Combo Perhaps we should discuss. 🙂
  8. Check Audio Classics for Used equipment If nothing it will give an indication of prices for mint/ used equipment. ,,🙂
  9. I have to ask .... If OB is so great Why do Mfgts bother with the expense of an Enclosure ?? Was Helmholtz wiring ??
  10. RF 7 #1 vintage Still wondering why I did not like then ...🙄
  11. I had 7s Quickly sold them for KLF 30 They just did not sound right to me. Low output also
  12. I purchased a Klipsch DVD player 10 years ago or so .. Sent it back 7 times in 10 months I use it just as an amplifier for the display these days ...What I am hearing here is that things are no better. ,🙄
  13. Never heard a set of Klipsch that I did not like. 🙂 Favs tho ate my KH and KLF 30
  14. Interestingly enough... Perhaps due to Bidenomics My Jolida CD player is selling for more than the $1200 it was new. 🙄🙄🙄
  15. That's BAD Room dimension wise. ,🙄
  16. 1990 something..I purchased some Forte 2. In State, picked up at a NYS Thruway Exit This was on a recommendation from a friend waaay Downstate NY w0w. !! Like my JBL 4430 for mixing But For fun listening It's KHorns Or KLF 30. 🙂
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