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  1. Just to add more fuel I use Crown Just not the old stuff, it was never meant to be HiF Just indestructble. K2 is fantastic for home use
  2. I have a bit of skill But am no Techi I get by on most problems with the bit of knowledge of that I have acquired
  3. Looking for a second system Do 🚫 t wish to buy new age unserviceable gear Maybe late 70s Kenwood would make me happy ?? Ideas please
  4. Yes highly subjective .. Are Jubes the best given the price point.. Or .. Do 3 ways kick butt in actuality I am on the side of 3 Way, myself
  5. Klipsch only please Points for: Footprint (low) Bass Mids !!! ..attack, percussion, detail Highs ?? aaahh at my age don't hear above 6k HZ WAF (lowest) Mids are where the music lives 🙂 I am pretty happy with my KLF 30 Gotts to be 3 Way for me... I have my fireproof suit on .. So ..
  6. The amplifiers that we hear as Different All have vary levels of coloration and distortion ....
  7. The ideal amp is a straight wire with Gain thats not what we buy tho the Mac sound, etc
  8. Larger amplifiers ate necessarily about Loudits more about reserve power and bass control I runn 200wpc for this reason Never get about several wattsbutits the peaks. !!
  9. You are not alone there may be some mid range detail missing Butt how would you know ?? 😀
  10. As I have posted before No need for fancy Wire/Cable I use 12g THHN
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